Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My New Blogsite - My Pasir Mas

I have started a new blog called My Pasir Mas named after my home town Pasir Mas. It is Wordpress for this one.
The purpose of this blog is to write something about Pasir Mas to keep all those who have an interest in Pasir Mas to be updated with the current development and happenings over here.
Life As I See It or LAISI as kerp used to refer to it will continue to be what it is. LAISI will be about anything else other than news or happenings in Pasir Mas.
So friends please take a peek at my new website My Pasir Mas
URL http://mohdzawi.wordpress.com


Gurindam Jiwa said...

Gee, for a minute there I thought I was looking at my own site!

Congratulations, anyway.

Maintaining multiple blogs isn’t easy. So way to go Pok Zawi …

Zawi said...

I dont want to clutter up LAISI as I want to publish something new everyday on My Pasir Mas to keep fellow bloggers from Pasir Mas informed.
Thank you for the comment of encouragement.

Zabs said...

Salam Zawi,
Semoga blog baru itu akan dapat memuaskan hati, penggemar blog Zawi dari Pasir mas dan juga orang luar yang berminat dengan Pasir Mas.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

that kerp guy can be slothful at times he prefers to use abbreviation.

Pasir Mah kawe maghi!

Zawi said...

My Pasir Mas akan di update setiap hari(dimana mungkin)dimana berita terkini mengenainya akan dimuatkan. Saya akan mencuba membuatnya dalam dwi bahasa supaya lebih ramai yang dapat menfaat dari nya. Terima kasih atas sokongan.

Zawi said...

Thanks to you, I am so comfortable with LAISI. I googled for Laisi and found out that it is a name.
Maghi la jale kat Pasir Mah.

Daphne Ling said...

Hi Pak Zawi,

Erm, do you know what 'laisi' in Cantonese?



Zawi said...

I will not think about LAISI in Cantonese then. Diarhoe would be 'lausai' in Hokkien. Yet I wonder what are the meanings of LAISI in other Chinese dialects? The si doesn't auger well in any Chinese dialect hehehehe.

pBBBBBB said...

salam ...

cayalah Pok Awi ...

taaabik tabikkkk

Zawi said...

Salam. Banyok nya bbbbb. Tabik sekali pun padan doh.

Hussin said...

Sdra Zawi,

Tahniah atas usaha murni untuk memberi maklumat mengenai tempat asal saudara.

If LAISI is to be any indication I'm sure this new blog will be just as informative.


Zawi said...

Thank you.
I will do my best to be informative. That is my objective, to convey a message to my readers so that their time spent here and in the other blog is really worth it. There many people from Pasir Mas out there who are keen to know about the latest happenings on their home town and me being here with ample time to blog will keep them abreast of development.
Hpefully they will be better informed.

kc said...

i tried adding another blog but it went bust coz i dont have the time and most importantly - stories to tell. so for those who has multiple blogs and still maintaining it, well what can i say, u must enjoy writing so much! and have stories to tell...

Zawi said...

It is so nice to see you commenting on my blogsite again. Thank you for that.
I am blogging for the sheer joy of sharing something with my readers. You see I don't have any of those advertisements with irritating pop ups which even my pop up blocker fails to block.
I am not boasting when I say that I have the luxury of time to blog as practically I have nothing much to do after my retirement.
Sories to tell? I have loads of them after living in this world for the past 58 years. Only that the brain doesn't seem to be working as good as when it was younger and the body isn't as willing anymore with some joints aching and all that sort of ailments. The other half is happy too that I am never faraway from home other than the occassional outing to shot photographs and the bicycle ride to keep the joints alive.
I would appreciate it very much if people like you keep coming and put a :) to show appreciation about what I write and also :( as a sign of disapproval if it deserves that.

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