Sunday, July 20, 2008

Jalan Gajah Mati, Kota Bharu, Kelantan

This is my 100th post and I am dedicating this post to a certain Aida Rahim aka PB of Puchong, a new friend which I have never met. Read on and you will know why this post is dedicated to her.Of late I have been getting lazy and prefer to use more photographs not just to illustrate the blogbut also to tell the story. I guess it will be beneficial both ways as you the reader wont have to spend too much time reading and by glancing at the pictures, you can grasp the underlying story.

Jalan Gajah Mati (The Dead Elephant Road) Kota Bharu is a short stretch of road of about a kilometer in length beginning from Bulatan Jam Besar (Clocktower roundabout) heading west to the river bank of Sungai Kelantan. It intersects Jalan Sultanah Zainab where there is a traffic light to regulate the traffic there. It isn't far from Jalan Kubor Kuda (Horse Cemetery Road).
Borrowed this maps and the followings from Google.

I have yet to know how to capture the image so I have to use the orthodox way of photographing the image. Will have to wait for Akmal to return and teach me the technique.

When I tried to find out how Jalan Gajah Mati derived its name I was given this answer by the first person I posed the question to.

"In the olden days an expatriate caught his wife fooling around with his horse. He became enraged that he shot dead his horse and that is how Jalan Kubor Kuda came to be named. What do you think could have happened in Jalan Gajah Mati?".

That answer which was not exactly the answer, left me stumped and I refuse to make anymore inquiries.

This is the view from across the Bulatan Jam Besar with Wisma Yakin and Wisma Gerakan flanking Jalan Gajah Mati.
The view from the other side of the roundabout.
The round about at the east end is much transformed now with the addition of a tall pillar with an open holy book on top of it. From the holy book, water cascades down forming a fountain. The new state government has penchants for such object while removing all the sculptures resembling animals.
Anyway Jalan Gajah Mati is significant in my life. It was the road where my office was once located sometimes from 1995 to 1996. For nearly 2 years the office was also my home because my family lives in Gua Musang and return home only for the weekends until we moved into our present home in Pasir Mas in mid 1996. So much memory of Jalan Gajah Mati.

Looking westward from the roundabout you can never miss Wisma Yakin on the left which used to house the MAS town office. When MAS was the sole carrier plying the KBR-KUL (Kota Bharu - Kuala Lumpur) route Wisma Yakin was a hive of activities as the building also housed many travel companies due to the approximate location to the carriers office.
Wisma Gerakan which belongs to the Gerakan Party houses the Wawasan Open University.

This dilapidated building was where my office was located. The one in the middle was the office and now it is a coffee shop. Since it was the ex office of another sister company, it wasn't our choice. Location wise it was perfect as it wasn't far from the MAS office then and also from the Tourist Information Kelantan. The roof was made from singhora tiles like the one next door. The roof leaked so much that we asked the landlord to replace the roof and thus the leak stopped. This building is now an eyesore and the sooner it is torn down the better.

Two doors away in the same wooden block is this friendly chinese cobbler known as Abang Chuan. His shop is called Kedai Kasut Maju and is very popular with the locals especially the traffic police who frequent his shop to repair their long riding boots.

Abang Chuan is now 62 years old and has been a mender of bad soles for the past 28 years. He will continue working as long as health permits. Working keeps his mind active and meeting cistomers from all walks of life keep him happy. Abang Chuan will alway have an ear for anybody who may pop in for a chat.

Further down the road is another block of wooden shop which may soon give way to more modern buildings.

Nasi Sumatra Hj. Ismail opposite to Kedai Kasut Maju is a popular nasi Minagkabau joint. It used to be Nasi Minagkabau Osman Larin but it seemed a few months back the coffee shop was taken over by Hoover. The blind was rolled up and I can't see the sign. Lunch hour will see the place crowded with patrons who love the spring chicken served there.

Meena Curry House serves the best nasi daun pisang in town. The organizer of Pesta Nasi 100 should have invited him to participate in the event recently held in Kota Bharu. Next to it is Motor Station, a dealer of motor cycles spare parts.

This is the view from the junction of Jalan Sultanah Zainab. Seng Hup Letrik which used to occupy the corner lot has moved off to another premise in Langgar.

The other end of Jalan Gajah Mati after the traffic light is flanked by Amico a shop dealing with Sport souvenirs and Restoran Kak Ros below.

Next to Restoran Kak Ros is this chinese restaurant by the name of Chen Lee Lai.

Next to the chinese restaurant there is this peculiar wooden buildings occupied by some restaurant of sorts.

I saw this sign of a madrasah with the name of Madrasah Tok Mesir. This definitely need another research as to who is the Tok Mesir.

The last block of shop houses near the river seemed to be made into a residence as there is no sign of business activity at all.

This is the end of the road and this used to be a place bustling with activities. This was before the Sultan Yahya Bridge was built. This place was a busy trading places where the people across the river landed to sell their produce before moveing on to the Kota Bharu market to sell whatever was unsold here.

This was also the place where the people from the upstream of Kelantan River stopped their bamboo rafts to sell whatever produce they have to sell. Even the bamboo raft was sold to traders like Pak Wil who traded in bamboo to be used for fencing, to be weaved into dinding buloh for houses or bundled up to support floating raft houses.

I took a peek at the river at the end of the road and saw this dilapidated raft house where a man in skull cap was seen fishing for udang galah. Can you see the bamboo used under the raft to keep the house afloat? The bamboo needs to be replaced after it has lost its buoyancy.
Back to the traffic light after the Amico shop is this quite new building.

A new building that houses the Hidayah Printing. The owner of this printing house was curious about what I was doing and I told him about my blogsite. I told him to Google for Life As I See It and when I googled it myself I was amazed to find about another 10 blogsites that carry almost the same name. Now I remember mine has three dots behind it. I wonder if he found it. Will have to visit him one day soon to find out.

Next to the Hidayah Printing is another dilapidated Malay house that has seen better days. I guess this house is rented out as the upkeep is not so well done.
Then I saw a small sundry shop and went in to buy a drink. I bought a can of cold drink stored in a refrigerator. The owner of the shop is known as Hajjah Nab but is called Haji Nab by the locals.

While drinking my drink I engaged her in small talk trying to find out more about the place and a certain Mak Su Minah who used to sell the best pulut bakar in Kelantan. The pulut bakar was so popular that even the current Sultanah of Johor Tengku Elek Zanariah used to order from her through her brother Tengku Iskandar who lives in Pasir Mas. The Sultan of Brunei will send his men to buy the pulut bakar from Mak Su Minah too. In those days her pulut bakar goes all the way to London brought over by travellers going visiting their relatives there.

Hajjah Nab told me that Mak Su Minah was very meticulous in the preparation of her pulut bakar that only santan from kelapa parut was used. The container used to cook the pulut bakar was made of copper and was specially made to order from Trengganu.

Hajjah Nab showed me the lane to the late Mak Su Minah's house.

Entering the lane I saw this house which was once a pretty Malay house but now is slowly but surely being damaged through lack of care due to non occupancy.

Opposite it lies the old house of Mak Su Minah which seems to be still being occupied. I think the house was rented out to Restoran Kak Ros for her workers to live as I saw their vehicle coming out from the house.

Seeing Hajjah Nab again I pose her the question of what happened to those houses that seems to be falling apart.

She said when the original owners died, non of the children would occupy the house because they are living elsewhere and have their own houses or the house will be involved in inheritance and the best way to share is to sell the house and share the proceed among the heirs.

Currently the owner of Dynasty Hotel is offering the best price for any property being sold in the area. Pretty soon all the properties in the area will go to them and a new building will be built on the site once they have purchased a sizable area there.

I guess the same fate will fall if not has already befallen on the house of the late Mak Su Minah.

Hajjah Nab told me that I can get some pulut bakar which is now being made by Kak Lah, a daughter in law of the late Mak Su Minah. It is being sold by others at the Hoover restaurant in town but I must be early otherwise it will be sold out.
So the next morning I went early to Kota Bharu to see this lady called Kak Nah who was selling the pulut bakar made by Kak Lah.
Kak Nah told me that she had been selling this pulut bakar since it was priced at RM0.50 a piece. I bought two pieces from her at RM1.50 each and asked her for direction to Kak Lah's house.

She told me to go through Jalan Che Su by the lane near the tyre shop and ask for Abang Mat Shaari or just ask for Abang Mat Pulut Bakar and people will know and show me the place.

It was PB the blogger who hinted to me to do this blog about Jalan Gajah Mati after reading my post about Pakpayne's kampong. So I made a call to PB asking her for more details about her so that I will know what to say when I approach her auntie Kak Lah later. She was riding her on her motorbike with he Abear and couldn't talk. She promised to call later when she reaches her office.

True to her promise she called later after I have settled down to talk to her uncle Abang Mat and her autie Kak Lah which she called ummi. So now you know who called PB when she wrote about it on this entry number 371 .

Actually it was quite simple to find Kak Lah's house. This banana leaf lying on the table infront of the house gave me the clue. When I stopped my bike to inquire, it was Kak Lah who answered my query. Later Abang Mat Shaari came out to talk to me but he refused to be photographed.

This daun pisang is special in that it comes from a special banana variety known in Kelantan as pisang galo. Could it be pisang tenggala or bengala? Can anybody help me out on this? I am only a half baked agriculturist and no expert on bananas. This leaf is special in that it doesn't break easily when folded. So the gravy (if any) for kuih won't leak when placed in it. Abang Mat laments that even the price of the banana leaf has gone so high that it is not really worth the while to be in this business anymore. What more with the price of the gluttinous rice, santan and sugar which are the main ingredients used to make it.

The front of Kak Lah's house. The chairs are outside the house and that was where we chatted.

Kak Lah whom PB calls ummi which means ibu.

The pulut bakar she made. The hand phone is to give you a comparison of the size. The handphone is an old motorolla so it is quite big. There were four pieces earlier including two given to me by Kak Lah and I have finished eating a piece which was quite filling. I guess the only way to survive in this business is to reduce the size to half and sell it at RM1.00 a piece. The present size is too big to be used as a desert unless it is to be cut up into smaller pieces. That way the producer will make some profit and the consumer will not feel the price increase so much.

With that now you know why Aida Rahim uses the nick of PB as it stands for the words Pulut Bakar the food made by her famous late grand mother Mak Su Minah Pulut Bakar. Later I came to know that PB's father in law is Pak Su Li a former friend of mine when he was working for Kesedar.

Aida was the person who asked me to write this post about Jalan Gajah Mati which was then known as Lorong Gajah Mati and for that I am dedicating my 100th post to her.

Read how PB responded to this post and pictures of her late grandma, her mother and herself at her post number 375.


Zabs said...

Salam Zawi,
Terima kasih kerana kerana N3 yang menarik ini.
Jadi pB tu, Aida Rahim, cucu tokeh pembuat pulut bakar rupanya. Patut guna nama tu. Ingaqtkan peminat pulut bakar sahaja.
Pulut Kelate tak sama engan pulut bakar yang kita makan di KL rupanya.

Zawi said...

Oops! Did I blow anybody's cover? Anyway that is the price one has to pay for asking a half past six citizen reporter like me to do a story hehehehe. It involves some investigative journalism I would say.
Lain ke zabs pulut bakar KL? Rasanya pulut yang satu lagi di panggil pulut lepa di Kelantan dimana didalamnya ada inti dan ianya panjang bulat gtu. Tapi Kelantan inilah pulut bakar kami turun temurun. Bunga cengkih di bubuh didalam nya.

Mohd Adib Noh said...

My wife was born here.When we go back to Kelate, we must pulut bakar Ka Nah-selling next to Hoover.Thank for the post.I showed your posting to her.
Btw, my congratulations on your 100th post!

Pak Adib

Gurindam Jiwa said...

The method is called Print Screen to capture the entire screen of your monitor, or Alt+Print Screen to capture just the active window.

Press the Print Screen (or the Alt+Print Screen) button on your keyboard, then open your photo editing software (such as Photoshop), create a new document, and Paste or Control+V.

It is an old method since the beginning of Macintosh and Windows.

Try it, good luck.

Zawi said...

Pak Adib,
Kak Nah sells pulut bakar made by Kak Lah. Are you going to show Kak Nah the posting? Thanks, I will appreciate that very much. I was sitting next to her infront of Hoover asking her questions aboutMak Su Minah which led me to Kak Lah, PB's auntie.
Thank you for the greetings.

Zawi said...

Thanks for the info. Will try it out the next time I need to use it.
Though the method is old I didn't get the chance or need to use it until now. Used print screen to print it on my printers hehehehe.
Owe you one there.

kbguy said...

I heard the same story about Jalan Kubur kuda too. About Jalan gajah mati, the road used to be very small. I used alot of short-cut there during my childhood days, from jalan Tengku Petra Semerak to Jln Gajah Mati to Lorong minyok Gah (minyak gas). U know that road ? And also there is a Chinese School called Pei Chi primary School. The building still there, but soon it will be tear down...

kbguy said...

I would like to ask pb, is it her nenek too who use to sell the puluk bakar opposite Panggung Rani or somewhere along that road ? I am a small boy who use to buy there at night. Cos whenever I see puluk bakar, I remember about that lady who sells overthere. She make the puluk bakar over there on the spot. Get back to me if it's ok. Thanks

Zawi said...

Lorong minyak gah is definitely very popular. I don't know much about Pei Chi Primary School nor Panggung Rani. Wait for PB to respond about the lady who sold you the pulut bakar.

Akmal said...

You did it again. I can't wait pB's response on this one :) And yes, congratulation for your 100th entry.
Looks like Uncle Mazle Gurindam Jiwa showed you the way eh?
I am not very familiar with the road, except the location that the fact that it is a straight, short one haha. The landmarks, mostly are new to me.
Jalan Kubor Kuda? Kat mana pulak tu? Seems like I didn't had enough traveling around KB haha.

pB said...

assalamualaikum Pok Awi ...

first of all , ribuan jutaan terima kasih pB hulurkan ....

Membaca n3 ni , mengingatkan pB kepada semua yang ada di L.G.M

Menambahkan rindu pB kepada arwah MOCK. Rindu pB kepada pulutbakar buatan nya dan begitu juga pulut 'arong' , nasi kerabunya ...

Mengembalikan pB kepada zaman kanak kanak pB ...

Syukur kerana ilmu pembuatan pulut bakar ini tidak hilang apabila MOCK meninggal dunia.

pB buleh sikit sikit jah, tok leh bakar lamo sangat , tok tohae panah ...

Sayang apabila melihat rumah pusaka hanya menanti untuk rebah ke bumi ...
Banyak kenangan pB dalae ghumoh tu...

Keno ambak dengae putung kayu pun adorrrrr...
he he he
(arwoh mok tu bekek kak loh )

And one more, setahu pB ado kubur besar kat situ, so ,kito punyo assumption , kubur tu kubur gajoh.

Terima kasih sekali lagi Pok Awi ..

memae nitih air mato baco n3 nie ...

ttg soklan tu , pB tok pernah la dengar arwoh mok jual pulutbakar kat situ.
Tapi , pB buleh tanto ayoh nanti ...

ummu asiah said...

Pak Zawi..

Lepas ni mesti ada permintaan lagi..Alhamdulillah..membuka mata semua tentang keunikan sesuatu tempat yang mungkin kita tak akan sampai...dan unik juga tentang sejarah kehidupan dan keluarga seseorang...pB...baru tahu memang sebenarnya Pulut Bakar...sedap-sedap..kalau orghang kedah panggei pulut udang kot...tapi memang lein la rupanya..yang macam dok jumpa kat KL ni..tapi depa kat KL pun panggang setakat buat syarat saja kot..

Sekali lagi tahniah..if saya jadi pB @ AR mesti rasa terharu dan honoured yang amat amat sangat...

Zawi said...

Thank you for the congratulatory message. Nothing to shout about really. What is a 100 when others are in the thousands?
I have been waiting to see how PB would respond too.
Yes Mazle has shown me the way. I must try it soon then I will appear more uptodate on simple things like that hehehe.
Look at the map and you will see where Jalan Kubor Kuda is. That is why I purposely put in the extra map to show the location of that road la. Apa la lu.

Zawi said...

Kalu jutaan terima kasih pun cukup banyak apa lagi seribu jutaan? 1 Billion la tu kalu ikut kiraan cara Amerika.
Masa Pok Awi dok perhatikan rumah tu Pok Awi juga terbayang kanak-kanak seperti PB bermain dibawahnya kerana ianya tinggi dan selesa (teduh) untuk bermain. Lama juga Pok Awi berdiri di situ termasuk rumah dihadapannya. Pasti beribu kenangan peristewa berlaku dizaman gemilangnya seperti bila ada kenduri dsb. Balik nanti pegi la kelih.
Saya dengar Kak Nah sebut pasal kubur tu tapi saya tak pergi melihatnya dan tak tanya pula Abang Mat atau Kak Lah mengenainya.
Sememangnya tiada yang kekal didunia ini.

Zawi said...

Ummu Asiah,
Kalau tak silap saya ini adalah komentar pertama Ummu diblog saya justeru saya mengucapkan selamat berkunjung.
Sekiranya ada permintaan sedemikian dan saya mampu membuatnya InsyaAllah saya dengan sukahati akan mencuba. Yang pentingnya cerita yang nak dibuat mempunyai human interest untuk dikongsi bersama.
Pulut bakar Kelantan begitulah bentuk dan rupanya dan pulut udang itu lain bendanya. Sebenarnya ia telah dimasak secara kukus dahulu sebelum dibakar. Di Kuala Lumpur susah nak cari daun pisang jenis ini yang tidak mudah terbakar. Sebab itu mereka bakar sedikit sahaja. Nanti saya akan ceritakan dalam blog akan datang mengenai daun dan pokok pisang ini yang buahnya yang masak penuh dengan biji dan cuma dimakan oleh burung dan haiwan sahaja.
Rasa saya PB amat tersentuh apabila membaca N3 ini dan saya tak sampai hati nak telefon dia takut dia sedang sebak. Kalau macam Pakpayne pun boleh sebak, apa lagi insan seperti PB yang pastinya lemah lembut.

mamadou said...

Assalamualaikum Ayoh Awi

I have a mixed feelings about your 100th posts. First curious to know JGM as I always at that area when I was in KB but never get chance to taste the famous pulut panggang. Pulut Panggang is my favourite food as its our family favuorite food too. My brothers and sister all like pulut panggang. Then my feeling turns sad about the tales of our small trader, Kak Lah who facing the difficulty to continue in her trade despite the rising cost of glutinous rice, coconut and even the the banana leaf. A way need to suggest to her to continue her trade and the legacy the pulut panggang

pB said...

salam pok awi

bowoh ghumoh tu dulu ado orghe nyewo. Duo family ...

Kalu , kito dok atah ghumoh ni , berlari lari / ung'ga, memae akae dengar lah TATA (india muslim) hok dok bowoh tu tepik ....

Hi hi hi

Ghumoh hok depae ghumoh muloh mok ni , mok sdaro hok duduk (Yusoff Samae Mesin). Lepah mok tak dok , semuo pakat bralih tubek dari LGM tu ...

Barae barae nego , srumo orghe ata pah ko muko pintu ghumoh. Muloh mok oda sajo ... termasuklah daging , buoh buohae ....

Kat jae besar tu , kalu musing boh , situ lah air derah ....
N kalu banjir , air dalae lorong tu , sekak dado sokmo .....

Thx again Pok Awi

Zawi said...

Waalaikummussalam. Mamadou asal dari KB ke?
They will continue making the pulut as long as they can make some money out of it. If the cost of the ingredients and and materials used for make it continue to increase, they may stop because there is no way they can incease the price anymore. Some enterprising young businessman must come in to market their product with better packaging and branding to make it saleable at higher price to make it a viable. How about you doing it?
I have suggested that they reduce the size to half and sell it at RM1.00. Later if there is need to increase the price it can be increased upward. Afterall the present size is too big to be used as desert.

Zawi said...

Tak perasaan ada bilik bawah rumah tu.
Kalu Yusof Saman Singer Mesin tu mana dia nak dok situ dah bab dia dah kayo. Mesti nak dok kat kawasan comel lagi la.
Yo betul pasal arus deras situ sebab orang tua kat rumah Pok Awi ada sebut air dari bulatan jam besar terjah kat situ. Kalu banjir air memang dalam situ. Ofis saya dulu tenggelam air 2 kaki dalam tahun 1994 sebelum saya masuk situ.

arsaili said...

salam ...some photos are very PB d pulut bakar...what a history behind

Zawi said...

Wassalam. Its Kota Bharu so it is quite familiar to most of us Kelantanese. I guess everybody loves pulut bakar.

mattabak said...

Pak Zawi,
Gambar kedai yang ada Gen2 depe tu, raso2 keda Pok Mat...sapo2 yg tahu sila betulkan kalu saloh..ex-cook di Sun Too Restaurant ... Pok Mat(chinese Muslim) masakan keda dio marvellous tp masok lambat sbb sore dio jah masok...sapo2 nok maek keno sabar tunggu

Zawi said...

Ambo tak beso tu kedai-kedai situ. Kalu ambo gi sekali lagi ambo tanya la. Kalu masakan Sun Too gak mesti sedap ore tak kisah tunggu. Kita tunggu response dari ore Kota Bharu.


salam pok awi..
dr blog kakpb..
saya penah makan pulut buke pulut bakar muloh nenek kakpb tu..hok biaso2 jah.maklumlah duk jauh dr kota baru

salam perkenalan dr saya

Zawi said...

Pok Awi ucapkan selamat datang ko blok Pok ni. Seumor Pok pun tak pernah juga merasa hok gemuloh Mak Su Minah buat. Makan hok anak dia buat jah baru ni. Ore kato tak sama raso ngan hok gemuloh ni buat. Takleh bayang la lagu mano.

Anonymous said...

salam,bila lihat pulut bakar saya pun teringat masa mek saya membuatnya untuk jualan esok hari.proses untuk jadi pulut bakar memelukan kemahiran dan kepantasan.kerana banyak lagi kueh/makanan yg perlu disediakan spt bengkang ubi kayu,nasi impit,pulut pagi,nasi dagang,nasi belauk,nasi kerabu,apam balik,pulut lepa,tepung badak,tepung bungkus.memang hebat mek saya.pulut bakar disediakan dimalam hari lagi dan dibakar esok hari.biasanya saya akan merasanya sebelum jadi pulut bakar lagi.aromanya sukar dilupakan akibat bunga cengkih yg harum.kenangan masa kecil2 yg mana sekarang peluang begitu tidak akan berulang lagi.tqvm your article.razali, dusun buluh kelantan

pendita said...

Lamo dok japuk blok pok awi nih, stakat baco jah.. sokmo entry hok sedak baco.. ruponya mattabak kenal kedda mok spupu kawe tu deh.. keluorgo kawe panggil tok laki dio tu, che mat.. soho nga mee goreng.. sapa kerabat rajo pun suko mee goreng dio.. dulu tok sdaro sayo, muloh mok teh (mertua che mat) duk sittu.. jua nasi dage nga nasi blauk kat bangunan mara.. kecik2 dulu rajin gi sano..

sad, with a white hair. said...

Salam Pak Zawi,
Kelantan sure got many unique name and the history behind the name is mostly wonderful. There is a kampung in Tumpat named Kampung Bunohan, wow, that sure must have bloody history. What do you think, my fellow bloggers?

Zawi said...

Banyaknya kuih muih yang mak awak buat tiap-tiap hari. Awak sendiri pasti dah pandai membuat beberapa jenis kan.
Terima kasih la kerana singgah di sini.

Zawi said...

Confirm la kedai Che Mat bekas tukang masak Sun Too ye?
Saya juga nak try juga sehari dua nanti bila gi KB. Thanks for the info.

Zawi said...

sad, with a white hair,
What you wrote is giving me an idea on what will be interesting to write in my future blogs.
Thank you.

Rusdi Abu Bakar said...

tempat ambo beli ike peacock mulo tu hehehehe.
rindu sungguh ko kapung nish. meena nasi daun pise, roti canai mlm2 ookk aloh la teringat nyooo....

Zawi said...

Kelik nanti kita gi make nasi daun pisang dan mee goreng special Restaurant Che Mat tu. Lama dah tak make nasi daun pisang Meena tu.

sj said...

salam zawawi

when u next blog on pokok pisang i just wonder if u could possibly cover the favourite pisang of mine that i haven't had for...phewww...easily more than 20/30 years...miss it so much...other pisang i can find over here but not pisang restali .

Zawi said...

Will gladly do it when I do the blog on pokok pisang. I will describe in detail the taste so that you can feel it when you read it.

H J Angus said...

another excellent piece of writing on the local scene.

Suggest you save all your articles and can easily compile into a book on the Kelantan scene.

Just a little proof-reading needed and almost ready to print!

Zawi said...

h j angus,
Thank you. Coming from an accomplished blogger like you it is a compliment of the highest order. I will just carrying what I am doing and should a publisher deems it fit to be made into a book, I will be all ears to it. Agree absolutely that lots of proof reading and editing needs to be done before it can be published.

Anonymous said...

Salam mesra Pok Zawi.Kisah yg mengimbau kenangan syahdu lalu airmata ku turut menitis sayu.Entri 'nostalgia' nan indah serta tulusrasa manusiawi nya.Tahniah.

Zawi said...

Salam mesra kembali.
Sekiranya N3 ini menyentuh perasaan Rio begitu sekali pasti ianya kerana Rio ada kaitan dengan tempat ini atau keluarga Mak Su Minah.
Saya harap tiada apa yang tidak baik dalam N3 saya yang boleh melukakan hati Rio ya.

Anonymous said...

pok wi... pasal nasik meena kari tuh... err... kalau nok ikut la.. oghe kawase koto baru nih... rama hok duk k'kechek... gula dio... capur bewok tuh... meme ado la saing hok rajing gi blake keda dio... tengok ado bewok hok baru lapoh kulit dok rilek dale peti sejuk...

meme oghe kawase skitar tu pun duk k'khecek lamo doh bendo nih...

Zawi said...

Sebenarnya saya lama dah dok make nasi daun pisang tu bab ada dengar juga cerita tu. Lagi pula tuan kedai tu bukan Indian Muslim. Ada seorang pekerja dia ada buko kedai di Tanah Merah Jalan Jedok, nama kedai dia Yazid Nasi Daun Pisang. Saya pegi situ la bila kempunan nak make nasi daun pisang dan masakan dia sama la. Esok saya nak gi make la sambil menziarah abang saya kat situ.
Kita kena waspada la kalau tak ada angin mana pokok bergoyang kan?
Biasanya ore Kelate tak bias pasal makan di Kedai sapo pun asalkan halal.

U.Lee said...

Zawi, I regret to inform you our friend SHERA passed away unexpectedly yesterday.
For more details, come my blog, check out Chahya's blog address. Lee.

Zawi said...

Thank you. Only after posting my comment and condolence did I read in Cahaya's blogsite that she died from a tragic accident. In Thailand where a bigger vehicle is always at fault when in an accident with a smaller vehicle, less accidents occur because the bigger vehicle will always lookout for the smaller vehicle. Can't we learn something from them?

Mr. and Mrs. Mokhsin said...

POk late grandma's house is just 2 or 3 doors away from Kak Pb's grandma's house,eh..mcm berbelit plok ayat tu,hehehe...I used to buy that Pulut Bakar too...

to KB guy..I think the school that u meant is Pear,betul ker eja,situated at the back of the building yg ada Meena Curry tu...

Zawi said...

Kalau Janna beritahu awal boleh la saya ambik gambar sikit. Nanti saya tambah gambar tu bila saya ke KB kelak.

kbguy said...

mr and mrs moksin, ya la betul belakang meena curry house tu ada sekolah. ejaan tu saya tak pasti, kena tanya mr yeapie.
eh,eh, ramai juga jiran2 saya kat blog ni ya. I use to stay at jln temenggong, than moved to jalan tengku petra semarak. Near panggung lido. panggung rani just behind. Anybody remember "lorong tuea (tua) ? Opposite rani. Ok, next is Lorong Che su. I used to rent bicycle there for o.20 sen per hour. last time the road use to be call "lorong", than change to 'jalan" as it gets wider.

kbguy said...

talking about pulut bakar, i immediately went to pasar kg Cina to buy one yesterday. the lady there also cook it on the spot. Zawi, you can post about how to make one pulut bakat there. they'll show you. yummy but sweet.

kbguy said...

Anybody remember panggong Rex?
Odeon ? Lido ? hehe... nostagic building.

Zawi said...

You made 3 comments but I am going to ask your permission to reply in just a singgle answer.
Lorong Tua is very famous for the wrong reason. Only the older ones will know of its notoriority.
Since I am not from KB I cnt recall Panggung Ranee but remember the Rex and The Odeon.
I will check on the pulut bakar at the Pasar near Kg China. Since you have been there why don't you blog about it?

ami said...

i'm proud of you and impressed with all those significant words that u used to describe jalan gajah mati, or kota bharu generally..
jalan gajah mati is so meaningful to me. my late grandma's house is there too..
we played there, grew there. bought snacks at haji nab's shop.he3
and yes, i miss the pulut bakar..
and after all, i miss the atmosphere there..

keep on writing this kinda enty..u're the best so far..
heard from my sister, Janna..heh3..
i'm actually her younger sister..


p/s: xsabar nyo nok kelik klate!!

Zawi said...

Thank you for the encouraging words. My apology for the late response, I was away with my family for a holiday on Redang Island which I am going to blog soon. Please come back for it OK?
I have been to your sister's place in Keningau because she is a net buddy of my daughter Azini.
Actually I can only use simple words as I am not really that good in English and I am happy that you like it. I wil carry on writing as long as my mental faculty allow me to.

Anonymous said... memorable..
i heard someone call Pok Awi as wartawan rakyat?haha
yes, here it is..
like this blog vry much..
actually i'm also hve some desire to create my own blog..
but..huh time,study, research..
but for this time enough just to read ur blog..

mogo2 ado entri hk best2 lh pah ni deh pok awi..

-ananymous fr besut

Zawi said...

Anonymour from Besut,
I am indeed a 'citizen reporter' as I write about things of general interest to the ordinary people. I used to live and work in Besut (live in Gong Kapas work in Padang Saujana near Beting Lintang) circa 1981. May write about the place one day as my memory of my 2 years there still lingers strongly in me. My youngest daughter Azini was born in Hospital Besut and she is 26 years old now.
Why be anonymouus? Email Pak Zawi at and you can help me do some posts about Besut. I love Besut. Udang harimau costs RM7.00 a kg then.

Anonymous said...

i would like to thank u for this great blog :)
i jz realized jln gajah mati is so great!
Thx for the photo of Amico.
My father will b happy to c his yellow building(hidayah printing) too.

keep up yr job ;)


Amirul said...

That was a good scenery...
hidayah printing was my father's office.. Rosly..
did u know him..???

IQBAL KHAN said...

Thanks for the so amused to see these pics and refreshed my eyes and memory of course when i first visited this jalan and beautiful Kota Bharu city.To inform you that Pakistan Masjid located on Jalan Sultanah Zainab,was built by my grand father Hakim Ali Bahadur. again thanks for the posts. (Iqbal Khan,Pakistan)

Anonymous said...

Saya dilahirkan disitu 49 tahun yang lalu... di rumah roboh (sekarang ini)... betul2 di sebelah kedai runcit lorong tu.
Sedih tengok gambar2 n. Pulut Bakar di situ... 40 tahun dahulu ada yang panggil ia sebagai "Pulut Bakar Istana".

Ada maklumat lain tak? Siapa boleh beritahu?
1. Siapa Mek Jenab Intan Berlian?
2. Apakah penduduk yang tinggal di lorong gajah mati tu bersaudara?

Mungkin pB dan ahlami boleh bantu beri maklumat?