Saturday, August 2, 2008

Of Gatherings and Weddings.

We had a small gathering of Ex students of Serdang College Malaya who are residing in Kelantan. Most were from the batch of 71,72 and 73. It was Wan Yusoff bin Mohd. Nor who started the idea of the mini gathering. He called me to start calling all Ex Serdangs and propose the gathering to be held at 11.oo AM at Syam Restoran Jalan Hospital, Kota Bharu. The time of 11.00 AM is definitely too early for lunch but we thought it would be better as we could talk before the crowd come should there be a crowd at the place which is more popular for dinner than lunch.

The new look of Syam Restoran from the front.

The main room can be set for 20 tables

The smaller room.

Syam restoran have more seating places upstair but I didn't check it out.

The reason for the gathering was simply because we had not had such gathering for sometimes. So we started calling those that we have on our phonebook and request the next person to do the same. Over a period of 4 days we managed to inform about 14 people who agreed to attend. Good enough for a start.
A few of those who attended were mates that I have not met since we parted ways after graduation in 1972. Wow that long huh? Most others we did meet on and off. Since most are above 56 by now, we have all reached the mandatory retirement age of 56 years. Some still carry on some business just to keep themselves busy.

The followings are the people who attended:
1. Tuan Haji Muhamad Omar
2. Tuan Haji Adzmin Ismail
3. Tuan Haji Che Kob Ab. Ghafar Ab. Rahman
4. Tuan Haji Kob Ab. Ghafar Abu Bakar
5. Tuan Haji Mohamad B. Salleh
6. Tuan Haji Abdullah Hj. awang
7. Tuan Haji Nik Hassan b. NikMukhtar
8. Tuan Haji Nik Aziz Nik Yaakub
9. YM Tengku Ahmad B. Tengku Salleh
10. YM Raja Abdullah Yaacob
11. Tuan Haji Mohd. Nasir @Azman Wan Ismail.
12. Tuan Haji Nawi Che Yusoff.
13. Soh Joo Liang
14. Tuan Haji Ab. Malik Hj. Ahmad
15. Tuan Haji Mohd. Nor bin Haron
16. Tuan Haji Mohd. Isa H. Bakar.
17. Tuan Haji Mohamad Zawawi Ahmad.

The following pictures shows how much fun we had even though it was just a small gathering.

For my friend sj, Mohd Nor Harun is second from right

Should you know any of those persons in the list and need their contact numbers or address, please do not hesitate to email or SMS me for it at or 019 9125647.

After a good meal Tuan Haji Wan Yusoff, Tuan Haji Nik Hassan and Tuan Haji Nasir gave short speeches exhorting on the need to have regular meets to maintain the silaturrahim.


Recently I received two invitations from two very dear friends to attend their daughter's wedding. Both are from KL as I still consider Taman Tun t0 be still part of KL.
Both invitations came via beautiful cards which I can never dream of using for my own children because of the sheer cost of it. Take a look at them.

The first one on the left was slated for 19th July which was impossible as I was then in Labuan taking care of my granddaugther Balqis. This one came from my classmate Hajjah Zamariah Ismail. I couldn't do much about it.

The invitation replete with a map to show the location of the hall

How I wish I could be there tonight.
The second invitation was from Datuk Dr. Mahmud Awang Kechik, another former classmate of mine. The reception was being done at Kuala Lumpur Hilton, a place I have never been to and would definitely miss the chance of a lifetime to dine in style without pay a sen.


Hussin said...

Sdra Zawi,

I was at Zamariah's daughter's wedding. She was your classmate and you're 58? I do not believe she is 58.

Zamariah was my colleague when we were working in MISC in the 80's and 90's. She reserved 4 tables for ex-MISC staff and we had a mini Reunion of sorts.

She looked so happy that night, but I'm sure she would have been happier had you been there.


Akmal said...

Gatherings are always fun, especially when you get to meet long lost friends. 1972? If my math is right, that is 36 years, no?
I think you don't really need a long period of time to start missing a memory. Like Vladimir Nobokov put it, "I think it is a matter of love: the more you love a memory, the stronger and stranger it is".

Zawi said...

Hajjah Zamariah, Datuk Dr. Mahmud Awang Kechik who sent me the second card are all former classmates and we are all 58 years young. Dr. Mahmud maybe a year younger. I didn't tell you her age OK? You did the deduction yourself hehehehe. 'Its elementary my dear Watson', as Sherlock Holmes would say it to his assistant.
Only a couple of our classmate attended the function. I am happy to hear that she was happy for the occasion Of course she would have been happier if more of us were able to attend. But I was in Labuan.

Zawi said...

Simp;e arithmatics can sometimes be more difficult than a complex mathematical formula. You still seem to doubt your mental calculation that 2008 buang 1972 sama dengan 36 hehehehe. I once made a miscalculation with how long U Lee last came to Kelantan and it took him all the way from Canada to correct it.
Gatherings are fun as long as it is not done too often, too elaborate and too big a crowd. Had a gathering of my classmates of SIS 68 in 2005. That was where many of us met our classmates again after a lapse of 37 years. Did I get my arithmatic right?

kbguy said...

Tak kenal lah Mr Soh tu. Anyway, should be nice gathering you have. Semua dah jadi grandpa doh koh ? Time really flies...
Zawi, howabout you organizing a gathering for Kelantanese bloggers ? emm., on second thought it should be kelantan Blogger organizing it, better this way.

Zawi said...

Rasanya semua dah jadi grandpa, except those who prefer to remain a bachelor.
The gathering of Kelantan bloggers would be a good idea. I wonder if the owner of the blog Kelantan Bloggers is operating from kelantan at all. So if the owner is here it will be easy. We should ask Raykinzoku to organize it as being an ADO of Kota Bharu it should be easy for him. We will approach Ray for that.
It is OK about Mr. Soh. he is too quiet a man to be known even around Wakaf Baru.

jaflam said...

Salam Zawi,
Nothing like old friends and college buddies. Too many good memories and nostalgic moments..... full of laugh and make you feel younger too.

Zawi said...

Exactly. When we meet we forgot that we are now in our late fifties and behaved like when we were in our early twenties hahahaha. Best of all when we start telling old tales about each other and laugh upon recollection of them. Doing gatherings at small restaurants help as we could laugh and talk like nobody's business as the owner knows some of us being regular comers to the place.

- pB- said...

Salam Pok Awi

baru jumpa sekali..
mesti banyak kenangan yang terungkap kembali ..
zaman nakal nakal dulu ...

Restoran Syam ...
Feveret restoran tu ...

Suka sgt tomyam ....

Tapi itu dulu , zaman masa duduk kat Jln Hospital ....

Mr. and Mrs. Mokhsin said...

POk Zawi...Pok Zawi dulu blajar di Kolej Pertanian ko which then known as UPM and currently known as Univ.Putra M'sia? my uncle sorang pon bajar di sana gak,in fact he's now working with Kada...Abdul Aziz Wan Yusoff? and ada sorang nazir di sini pon bajar di Kolej Pertanianjugak,En.Ali nama nyer,org Perak,tp dah kawin ngan org Keningau and dah dok lama di Keningau ni...

Zawi said...

KBGuy pula minta PakAwi buat gathering of Kelantan Bloggers kalu pb balik 12 Ogos ni comel la bab rasanya nak buat hari tu kat Restoran Syam juga. Kelek deh?
Kalu dok di Jalan Hospital gak dekat la.

Zawi said...

Rasonya Abd Aziz KADA tu kawan Pok Zawi juga. Masa gathering tu kita tak leh contact dia so dia tak datang la. Kawan lain hok kerja kada ada belako tu. Che Kob tu GM KADA dan tiga orang Pegawai lain seperti Tengku Ahmad, Kob Hanifa dan Raja Abdullah.
Ali ni Pok Zawi tak berapa ingat. Ada seorang Ali yang saya tahu tak pernah jumpa tu ialah Ali yang aktiv panjat gunung dan berbasikal. Rasanya Ali ni lah yang Janna maksukan itu. Cuba tanya dia tentang Pok Zawi. Beritahu dia Pok Zawi ni kawan Nik Maseri bab Ali yang saya maksudkan ini adalah kawan baik Nik Maseri.

Zainal Abidin Husin :- said...

I was at both functions. At Dr mahmood function last night, he reserve 4 tables for SIS. The list of attendances if I recall were
- Mr & Mrs Pang
- Zamariah
- Hanisah
- Napsah
- Chong Chow Kar
- Noraini
- Ashari & Bro Fikri
- Dr Rohani & Yusuf
- Awang Seman
- Kamalul
- Wan Raman
A few more I can't recall their names... well it was 40 years ago!!!!
Jena SIS68

Zawi said...

The next time we meet please don't forget to remind me to give you a tight slap for not bothering to ask the names of your old classmates. Nobody expect you to remember all of them after 40 years but when you meet after 40 years you have the excuse to ask for their names again or at least discreetly ask other mates for their names. After 40 years even Suhaimi Jaafar remembers your name and pine to see pictures of your old home in Pasir Mas. I will be blogging about the old shops in Pasir Mas soon.
I am really sad since I couldn't be there myself. Can you send me some pictures so that I can place it in my blog for others to see.

izzahismail said...
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irwan said...

read the name of the groom and i was quite shock!! i thought i was the only one with the irwan nasir name!!! ha ha ha. no kidding!!! and i thought my name was unique only to me!!!

Anonymous said...

Che Kob Ghafar bin Ab Rahman sudah kembali ke rahmatullah tanggal hari Jumaat 9 Mac di Tune Hotel, London sekembalinya dari menunaikan umrah di Mekah. Al-Fatihah