Sunday, April 4, 2010

Son, Thank You For The Help

I would like to dedicate this blog to my son Azuan. He took a week leave just to help me with my renovation work on the house.
I have been contemplating hiring a helper to do the next phase of house renovation. The next phase involved the laying of about 40 feet of 4 in diameter UPVC pipe for the outlet of the HDPE septic tank. This pipe is important in order for the new septic tank to function. it will only function properly if the outlet is able to drain off the overflow after the WC is used. Since the water collecting pond is located at the back of the house, the pipe must be laid in a trench to be dug up in an alley barely 24 inches wide. The width of the trench is only 6 inces wide and vary in depth from 14 inces at the outlet to 24 inches at the collecting pond. Only cangkul and penggali can be used for this job.
Unfortunately a helper is hard to come by in my area. Those who are available are either too lazy or too weak to work or they are drug addicts. So I have no choice but to slog on on my own.
It was a great feeling when I saw a text message from my second son Azuan inquiring whether I need him to help with my work. Of course I do, I shot back to him and immediately called him to find when he could be back.
He had read my blog about the injury to my right knee. He said he can approach his boss for a week leave based on compassionate ground to help me to complete my job. He showed his boss my blog and his leave was approved.
The wound healed well. The sutures were later removed.

He came back and helped me with the digging of the trench.
See how cramped is the work area.

While I dug with the cangkul, Azuan will move the spoils to the other side.

Some section which was concreted had to be broken down with a jack hammer. Thanks to an influx of china made power tools, such tools are affordable and can easily last the duration of a job. For RM350 ringgit, such a tool is really worth the money spent.
Azuan back filling the trench after the UPVC pipe was laid. The pipe on the wall is a drain pipe.

The job is done and Azuan asked me to pose for this picture.

Later Azuan helped me with the work on the second restroom.

All the old fixtures were removed from the restroom including the pedestal WC.
For Azuan's benefit since he didn't get to stay back till the new restroom was completed, here are some photos of the room.
New tiles were laid. we chose this pink tiles with subtle flower motif on it.

The new look of the restroom.
The red hot wash basin.
Sticker of flowers bought at Shah Alam Pasar Tani. Since they come cheap, it doesn't matter if they won't last. I can always replace them.
Azuan, thank you for the help. Without your help, it would have taken me longer to complete the job.