Friday, July 11, 2008

Pesta Nasi 100

Nasi Seratus - Visit Kelantan Year 2008

It is as good a time to visit Kelantan now as any. As an event for the Visit Kelantan Year 2008 which some Federal leaders dubbed as 'Tahun Merawat Kelantan' (see how silly some leaders can be) called Pesta Nasi 100 will be held from 12 - 14th July 2008. The location is at the Sultan Muhamad IV compound.

I saw this poster on my rideabout in KB.

I took a closer look at it.

Nasi 100? I can't even name 50 of them. I will list them all when the Pesta begins.

This is where the event will be held, right in front of Stadium Sultan Muhammad IV.

Hopefully all of the other Kelantan Bloggers will carry this news so as to spread the words around to make this event as a main event for Tahun Melawat Kelantan a success.

Some money should have been spent on TV air times to make this event known to the whole country. There is only this much that posters in Kota Bharu alone can reach.


Brumbemom said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. It is very odd to me to look on your blog and see the date is July 11, since it is only July 10 here. I am honored to be "blogging" with someone from across the planet. :-)

Zawi said...

Likewise I am honoured to have this visit from you.
We are on the opposite side of the planet and hence the different time zones. Thanks to the internet that keeps us close together.

drizzter said...

nasi khabu biru
nasi khabu kuning
nasi khabu putih
nasi belauk ike ayo
nasi belauk aye gular
nasi air
nasi kukuh
etc .... rugi la tokleh kelik loni ..:-)

kbguy said...

yalah, Zawi, cakap pasal date, kamu tinggal comment kat blog saya kata kamu go Borneo Mall pada 28 july ? kamu dah terlampau ahead of time ke ?
anyway, nasi 100 starts besok. jom jumpa disana..

Zabs said...

Salam Zawi,
Looking forward to your Nasi 100 N3. Dah setua saya pun, hanya beberapa jenis Nasi saja yang telah dicuba.

Zawi said...

Tak cukup lagi seratus tu.

Zawi said...

Hahahahahahha, I getting senile. See you in KB. Saya nak pegi malam kot bab ada persembahan. Baru best ambik gambar.

Zawi said...

I missed all of the previous events so I havent tried as many myself. It will be interesting how they concoct up so many kind to make it to 100 in numbers.

farah aminuddin said...

wow? pesta nasi in KB? huh..i wish i could be there :(

Zawi said...

Thank you for visiting my site.
You can come by the morning flight and return by the evening flight or better still the next morning flight after sampling as many nasi as you can and the potpouri of cultural shows put up for the event.

drizzter said...

ambo bubuh dah ETC tu haha


salam pak zawi,

Best jugak event ni. 100 nasi !!!Hope to get the updates (ala discover channel) very soon.
Pak Zawi nak try semua ke ??? heheheh


cakapaje said...

Salam Pak Zawi,

100? Wow! And you can only name 50? Me...let's see: Nasi Tumpang, Kerabu, Dagang, Beriyani, Putih, Ayam, Daging Merah, Tomato...Hmm, I guess that's all. Do, keep us updated on this.

ps. You ought to tell kerpie about this as he is a nasi freak :)

Zawi said...

Kelakar awak ni.

Zawi said...

Rizal (jalan rebung),
Saya cuba buat update terbaik mengenai nasi 100 tu. Cuba semua? pecah la perut ambo.

Zawi said...

After seeing your list, I am beginning to doubt myself that I can even name 20 of them.
Please tell kerpov to come and take e peek.

jill said...

First time visit :)

I'm your blogging "twin"! Thanks for commenting on my blog.

How cool is it that we can communicate and interact all over the world? Love that!

Zawi said...

Welcome to my humble blogsite.
All we need is just a small effort to get in touch with people all over the world. Thanks to the internet and a common language to communicate.
We are not the only two who chose Life As I See It albeit with some monor variations. Hope to blog about it soon.
Have a good day.

uncleawang said...

Pak Zawi,
Macam tu lah..kan bagus dapat juga saya lihat gambar apa yg berlaku di KB.Hebat tu...Nasi 100.
Kami di Sarawak banyak event by end of July..TUNGGU!!!.& try my new lens 14-45mm f2.8.

Akmal said...

Alamaaak! Ada event ke? Melepas!
Please take loads of picture. I haven't heard any of such event before.
Man! *grumble*

Zawi said...

I am back in Kota Bharu so you wull definitely see more events happening here. Anyway i still have a few posts about Sabah that I will still have to blog.
New lens? 14 - 45 mm with f2.8 wow. Will definitely see great pictures from you.
Anyway I just uploaded new pictures into my Flickr.

Zawi said...

Don't worry i will take alot of pictures. KBGuy will be covering it too.
This event has been going on for a number of years. The problem with the organizer is they are poor in publicizing things. Nothing on National TV at all so how to attract visitors?

Rusdi Abu Bakar said...

i miss my home town very much!!!

sao said...

nice outing you have.

Zawi said...


Zawi said...

Whenever I have the opportunity I will just take a ride around on my motorbike and observe things around me to find something of interest to blog about. Blogging about the Pesta Nasi 100 helps to publicise it.

rauhunt said...

Pak Zawi,

I'm wondering if you're going to put 100 of pics here as well:-)

farah aminuddin said...

pak zawi,
i dont think i can make it =p
as u know the flight ticket isnt that cheap. hehe..
and second sem just a week from now.
hehe.but im looking forward to read your post regarding this event =)

Zawi said...

I won't be putting that many hehehehe. Tell me how many picture do you want to see?

Zawi said...

I have taken quite a number of pictures of the event. Rest assured there will be plenty of pictures. Give me a bit of time to resize them and select the interesting ones.

YeeBody said...

Heh..Heh...As usual, my kind of contribution to make you think 'out of the box'.
I'm very sure at least two more types of nasi they would never serve for visitors to sample:
1. Kerak nasi - the nasi that comes from the bottom of the pot. Its hard but tastes good with any dish if its not burnt.
2. Nasi kangkang - that cursed concoction to make husbands obedient to wives, at all times and during all seasons. Would you know the reverse type that would make wives obedient to husbands instead?

jaflam said...

Salam Zawi,
Interesting Pesta and look forward for your report on it.

My favourite will still be Nasi Dagang ikan aya.

sj said...

hi zawawi

how i missed kelantanese food and delicacies , the thought of it brings a flurry of memories of our school days where we can buy nasi kerabu at 11 am from a family behind the hostel...i can't remember exactly the name , was it the ahmad or the nasir family...and are they still around ?

at the school canteen my fave was lepat pisang...and the top on my list of kelantanese food is i wish i could go to the food pesta that you are advocating and eat to my heart's content .

all is not lost tho'...during the summer months of july and august there will be at least 3 malaysian festivals organised by different malaysian organisations so i won't miss the annual chance to savour the laksam...otak2 muar...and other delicacies .

last week i had a first taste of nasi bukhary...very delicious indeed to say the least but i don't know much about its origin , do you ? it was cooked by a malaysian family now emigrated to saudi and she is visiting her daughter doing her phd at leicester univerity this food a malaysian phenomena ?

don't forget to blog the laksam...kuih lompat tikam...kueh puteri berendam...and the variety of sorts that the food fair has on offer...

any more highlights of kb like sic...sun too resto...syam tom yam etc etc ?

regard to long lost comrades .


Zawi said...

The nasi you mentioned should make it to no 101 and 102. I will ask the organizer to make sure those dishes will be made available in the next Pesta.
Do some research for the antidote for your second nasi and you will be making big money my friend. You can even forget about you viagra business.

Zawi said...

D. Jaff,
The report is coming soon. Will be busy this morning covering the preparation for the official opening of Sukimi Group of Companies Head Office today so may post it later in the day.
Nasi Dagang Ikan Aya is definitely delicious. Somehow I missed taking photo of nasi dagang. Will look it up again today. Can't disappoint you man. At least will let you drool over the picture.

Zawi said...

I too remember the nasi kerabu from behind the hostel. It belongs to the family of Abang Mat. Maybe related to Nasir too.
Pesta Nasi 100 is all based on nasi or beras based food so not much will there be of kuih except those that are made from rice.
Check on my older posts like Food of Kelantan for some pictures of Kelantanese food.
Heard of nasi Bukhary but never tasted it before. I will check if any is being promoted at the Pesta.
Give me time and I will cover those places you mentioned.

Pak Idrus said...

Zawi, this is an innovative project and should be support by all. A wider publicity should be made so that people would come to see and sample this unique opportunity.

Is this going to be an annual affair, if it is so then all blogger should help to publicized it to the world.

Have a nice day

Zawi said...

Pak Idrus,
The event Nasi 100 has been going on since 2001 and this is the 8th edition. Despite that not many people know about the event. It is in the calendar of event for Visit Kelantan Year 2008.
Most visitors are locals. I believe this event should be held during the school holidays as more tourists will visit Kelantan.
You are right, bloggers should help to promote the event and carry the story before the event. Prmotion through blogs can be very effective as many blogsites such as yours have very big readership encompassing the globe.
Thank you for the suggestion.

mamadou said...

Assalamu'alaikum Ayoh Awi

Sungguh menarik banyak aktiviti do Kota Bharu ada Pesta Nasi 100? Sangat menarik dan mencabar tu untuk ditonton dijamah. Alangkah bahagianya kita punya banyak nasi untuk dinikmati.......

Salam peratauan

rauhunt said...

Pak Zawi,

I'm not too demanding. As pakcik Mamadou said sangat mencabar untuk ditonton dan dijamah. Couple pictures might be good enough for me yet I'm sure you'll put them in massive numbers

Zawi said...

Perkara begini pasti membuatkam Mohamad teringin untuk segera pulang. Sabarlah dan akan tiba masanya nanti.

Zawi said...

Untuk mengubat rindu saya telah upload banyak gambar dalam flickr saya. Cuba click kat My Flickr diatas sidebar saya akan dapat lihat banyak gambar gambar di Pesta Nasi 100. Mungkin saya tak akan letak gambar banyak kali ini dan akan provide link ke sana je.

pB said...

salam Pok Awi

100 jenih nasik

nasi hujae panah
nasi lemok
nasi kerabu hitae
nasi kerabu kuning

nasi minyok
nasi dagae

hu hu
stakat tu hok tahu ....

tunggu jelah n3 baru ttg nasik nie

Zawi said...

Pak Zawi terpaksa blog mengenai Sukimi Group dahulu bab tu berita panas dan melibatkan pembangunan Kelantan. Lepas ni OK la buleh concentrate pasal Nasi 100 dan Jalan Gajah Mati akan menyusul selepas itu. Ini bermakna 3 blogs akan terjun dalam masa terdekat. Tak kira la pembaca sempat baca atau tidak. Sekiranya ianya menarik, insyaAllah orang akan baca.
Dah tau ke sapa telefon PB tempuh hari?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

whoaa, how i missed this entry really is a puzzle. Pesta Nasi 100, sounds like heaven to me already, pak Z. orang lain "live to eat" but i "live to eat rice". cant live without it. oh, and i should be able to list at least 50-60 types.

Zawi said...

Did you see the pictures in my flickr on nasi 100? Lots of pictures in there.
They count each nasi based on the lauk. So it is easy really to make the numbers. Wait till i blog about it la.

arsaili said...

salam kenal...I went to KB and tourism authority told me abt nasi 100..but tak sempat nak tunggu sabtu...miss the event

Zawi said...

Salam kebali.
Semoga anda merasa senang semasa anda berada di Kelantan. Harap datang lagi ya.