Sunday, July 27, 2008

Kadar Molek 25 Sen/minit

Too many events happening in Kelantan without many realizing it. The latest being the launching of the new product from the telecommunication giant Digi. Kadar Molek 25 Sen/minit is a new product and why Digi chose Kelantan to launch it? The Digi's Head of Corporate Division said that Kelantan is a big market and thus is valuable to them.

I was at KB Mall Kota Bharu making an order for a telephoto lens to expand the horizon of my photography at the Sony Center there when I saw the decorations by Digi. I wasn't aware what the event was about until I saw small noticeboard showing the programme for the day.

The Digi mascot. There were two of them. Must be stifling hot even in the air conditioned place.

Since the opening ceremony was a couple of hours away I went to Dataran Stadium Sultan Muhammad Ke IV to follow up on my unfinished coverage of Karnival Halal Kelantan 2008.

By the time I reached KB Mall again I saw a row of the police out riders bike and the super bikes. It seemed the super bikers were incorporated into the programme of the launch at the same time to promote Visit Kelantan Year 2008. Must be another win-win project between the State Government to organize events to make Kota Bharu the happening town.

The police bike used as outriders for the big bikers.

How mean they look. Heard they are very docile and quite safe to ride on. They are so balance that taking your hands off the handle bar is possible. Some bikers even stand up when riding them even at speed.

Even the ladies of the super bikers enjoy posing with the pretty pulut semangat girls while waiting for the arrival of the royal guests.

The arrival of YAM Tengku Amalin was accompanied by traditional music from traditional musical instruments.

YB Takiyuddin the Kelantan State Exco for tourism welcoming the guest of honour with other dignitaries from Digi looking on.

The pulut semangat girls leading the walk.

The venue of the event was the concourse of KB Mall

YB Takiyuddin showing YAM Tengku Amalin A'Isyah Puteri the way.

Digi's Head of Corporate Division delivering his address.
YB Takiyuddin delivering his speech.

The royal guest manage to sit through both speeches.

The spectators watching from the upper galleries.

When they called upon YAM Tengku Amalin A'Isyah Puteri to strike the gedombak I was not prepared and through my haste this is all that I got for the action. Please focus your eyes and see if it will become better.

The wayang kulit was performed with the characters chatting about Digi's latest offering. I didn't stay on till the end of the even't.

For all of you who are already contributing to Digi, its time to convert to the new package and those who have yet to be converted, its time to convert. I will stick to my present service provider even though I don't even know how much they are charging me per minute. After all my monthly bill is less than RM100.00.


uncleawang said...

ifmSalam Pak Zawi,
Wow..upgrade lens nampak??berapa panjang.70-300mm??
Banyak-banyak big bike tak nampak pun kapchai Pak Zawi ??
Btw..I always enjoy viewing yr blog.Have a nice day(Tak hujan kah sana?)

kbguy said...

1. hmm, so you are buying another lens now. It should be around RM1k, right ?
2. I am using Celcom. My montly bill around Rm250 per mth. But I don't know how much ther are charging me per minute.Maybe I will get extra line. Will go there tonight.

Zawi said...

Wassalam. 18 - 200 mm f3.5 - 6.3 je. Tak payah la tukar lens nanti melainkan kalau tak culup light.
Kapchai saya dok belah saya berdiri.
Sini hujan petang ringan rigan je. Thanks for the comment.

Zawi said...

The lens when bought loose cost me RM1650.
You better get another account with them as a flat rate of 25 sen/minute must be cheaper. Now Celcom will have to fight them to stay relevant otherwise people will migrate.

Zabs said...

Salam Zawi,
Saya pun masih kekal dengan service provider saya sejak 10 tahun lalu. malas nak tukar2, lagi pun bil saya sekitar RM100 saja.
Lensa baru, wooowww, saya masih tak tambah lagi ni...
Laporan berwarna-warni. TQ.

Zawi said...

Salam kembali. Tu la saya tak nak migrate bab number akan bertukar. Lensa baru order dan cuma akan tiba dalam masa seminggu. Saya perlu lens telephoto kerana banyak burung dan tupai disekitar rumah saya yang saya gagal nak capture dengan lens 70 mm. Kalau zabs tak memerlukannya buat apa nak tambah.

Akmal said...

So that's what I've been hearing on the radio.
I have two numbers actually, but the idea of having many numbers doesn't fit me well. I have Celcom University Pax which is a load cheaper that any other services, which will serve me well up until I am 25. 1 cent/sms to all Celcom number, and 15 cent/minute call, if I am not mistaken. Beat that. But hey, I think the simcard is dead already anyway haha. So I'll stick to Maxis, although the 'lots-of-spamming' is off-putting.
And yes, 200mm is going to serve you really, really well :)
Have a nice day.

Zawi said...

Alhamdulillah you have reached Kuantan safe and sound.
Just stick with what you are comfortable with. Just be aware of your budget and call only when you need to.
Yes the 200 mm should be good enough for NOW. Who knows I may need the 500 mm later especially when I realized that the limit of the 200 mm is already reached? All the more so when the image of the birds around the house are all captured and I may have to venture deeper into the jungle hehehehehe.
Enjoy your study.

Pi Bani said...

Dahsyat juga effect gedombak tu ya? Sampai bergegar camera dibuatnya... :)

Zawi said...

Saya memang menunggu komen mengenai gambar tu tapi tak sangka yang Pi akan menjadi pengomennya. Ingat photographer lain akan ketuk hehehehe.
With your kind of humour you will definitely be the livewire of any gathering. Glad to know and have met you Pi.

Rusdi Abu Bakar said...

Salaaam PW,
Ambo tiap kali tgk gambar2 dalam blog PW ni mesti gelepar nok balik.
Saye sunggu External Hard Drive ambo punoh, habih gambar. gambar dalam tu +-5K keping.
200mm sedak doh tu utk PW nok cover majlis indoor.

Zawi said...

Sayangnya gambar tu. Cuba bawa balik la HD tu mana tau ada pakar forensic di KL buleh bedah.
lens tu 200 mm ngan f3.5 jer. Cukup untuk ambil gambar burung outdoor sekitar rumah. Tak cukup besar rasanya apeture untuk indoor. Kalau mampu nak gomo 100 mm f2.8 satu masa nanti untuk general use. Sedapnya f2.8 100mm. Yang Sony pun dah RM2600.

Gurindam Jiwa said...

Too many events happening in Kelantan without many realizing it?

Need more and longer lenses?

Perhaps it is time to hire reporters and cameramen?

“Kelantan Common Man Daily Happenings” by Pok Zawi?

With that much investment, don't you need to get the money back?

Let's set a target. In three years time, the newspaper should start trading at the Main Bourse.

Hah. How 'bout that?

Zawi said...

Who would pay a citizen reporter like me? The pleasure of having readers like you reading it is payment enough. Thats the kind of reward that I need.
My time in this world is numbered and I don't have any other worldly pleasures except for the occassional overseas travel which will require me to use the extra lens. So the rest of what little money that I have I can spend on small pleasures like buying an extra lens for my camera which I can use to take photograph for your pleasures hahahahaha.
Unless Gurindam Jiwa wants to start the newspaper then I will be your stringer for Kota bharu hahahaha.

Gurindam Jiwa said...

Pok Zawi, that rm1 something that we pay for a daily newspaper can't even pay for a glass of teh tarik nowadays. Let alone a reporter's salary. It's the advertising ... advertising, adSense, adSense, oopsss, he he. That's what pays The Star's journalists an annual bonus equivalent to 10 months salary. 10 months!?

And today's world dictates that at the end of the day, we have bills to pay.

Between Dato' JaffPoint and me, the two of us can't even cover Bandar Baru Bangi. Not that we really tried.

Although, between you and Raykinzoku, the writings of the two of you about Kelantan are enriching, fullfilling, and informative, along with a breath of fresh air. There aren't many places where you can read about Hari Beruk Sedunia. Although I could tell that you sometimes like to challenge your readers with your spellings. ;-)

Speaking of numbered days, it is the same for all of us. Regardless of our age and health status. Let's do'a for Raden, while we're at it.

Me, starting a newspaper? That'll be the day! But I salute Dato' Hussamuddin for his exemplary achievement. Did you know that I met him once at YB Che Lah's Eidul Fitr Open House in the United States in the early 90s?

Well, I'm here still trying to get used to the new word LAISI.

Zawi said...

I have been keeping away from having adverts on my blogsite because I feel infuriated by the pop ups in sites full of advertisements. Even my pop up blocker can't block some of them. It is for my readers sake that I am abstaining myself from adding all the nonsense and nobody has told me yet how much I can make by having the adverts on my blogsite. Let us see how things develop.
The Star reporters getting 10 months bonus? I should have asked my Star Reporter friend to pay the lunches when I took her around Pasir Mas to do her articles hehehehe. I must consider stringing for The Star then to make some monies.
I am enjoying Ray's writing too. I guess contributing to making Kelantan better known to the world is making me very happy already. What you did with D Jaff for Bangi, I will be doing it for Pasir Mas in my new blog My Pasir Mas. I may have to ask for sponsorship from my MP for Pasir Mas.
You will have to forgive my poor spelling as when I am drafting under Mozilla Firefox only will the spelling checker be activated but not when I am using Internet Explorer. I will try to be more cautious later and refer to my 2 volumes of Living Webster Dictionary.
Dato' Hussamuddin Yaacob's family has been in the publishing business for sometimes. He is rich enough to start Sinar by dishing them out free for a month.
Yet to go and meet your friend Che Lah. Who knows we could cook up something for Kelantan?
Kerp stated using the acronym LAISI in one of his comments in my blog and I kinda like it. So I will try to promote LAISI for short. Dunno if it will turn up when you search for it. I will give it a try.
Either myself or my daughter are in contact with Raden. We owe that much to her for support when my daughter was diagnosed with the same disease albeit at a different location. My prayers are always for her to get well. Thank Allah for they have started her chemo treatment since the day before. Since she is living in Dengkil, it will be easy to visit her at home from my daughters place in Puchong.
Thanks for this stimulating exchange.

Gurindam Jiwa said...

The Star's journalists also recently got a 14% increase in transport allowance. Says Rocky here. So she should pay for the fuel, when you take her around Pasir Mas. The lunch you can pay for, because food in Kelantan is still way cheaper than it is here in the metropolitan West Coast. In Kelantan, you can buy lunch for the entire shop's patrons for less than you'd pay just for yourself here, in KL or Bandar Baru Bangi.

That MP for Pasir Mas, he's looking for sponsorship himself, since he is an independent. Although those millions that he is currently making in Dubai should be able to cover his expenses. Oh, his house is only about a hundred meters from YB Che Lah's house in Taman Mimi.

Did you know that the MP's personal driver, Raj, was my Mom's neighbor? Yes, we both came from the same squatter village in KL. Our families have known each other for more than 40 years. At the village, he's called Rainor. We only moved apart two years ago due to the government's Zero Squatter/Squatter Relocation policy. We still trade visits during Hari Raya and Deepavali. Sometimes I would have the Deepavali dinner at the same table with Dato' MP in the squatter house. Raj and his wife are both great cooks.

Raj now lives at his own house in Taman Koperasi Polis near Taman Melewar, although he still maintains the rented PPR DBKL low cost flat that he inherited from the squatter relocation exercise. But he always cast his vote in Pasir Mas.

When Dato' MP was in line with the establishment during Dr. M's era, my Mom would always receive 2 bags of sambal daging (beef floss?) from Raj/Rainor, courtesy of Dato' MP, every Hari Raya. It's the famous Sambal Daging Mok Su We Timoh from Kampung Laut. Of course, we the poor recipients would call it "Sambal Daging Ibrahim Ali," instead. Dato' would ask his driver to distribute those sambal daging packages to whomever the driver deemed fit on this side of the peninsular.

Then Dr. M retired. Dato's cashflow was no longer as free flowing in as before. Dato' stopped the traditional sambal daging distribution.

However, those regular poor recipients would still receive those sambal daging packages every Hari Raya until today.

You see, Raj/Rainor cannot bear looking at those familiar faces come Hari Raya with his empty hands. So every year, Raj would place an order of those sambal daging
from Mok Su We Timoh, and pay for it from his own pocket.

Hey I thought there is a spellcheck button in Blogger. Nevermind.

Let me know if you are in Puchong going to Dengkil, but I would need advance notice.

Have a great day. Wassalaam.

Zawi said...

Did the spelling check on my latest two blogs. Thanks to you for alerting me the many mistakes which otherwise would have remained as mistakes hehehe.
Oh my MP needs sponsorship himself? He is still making millions from his investment in Dubai? I think he won't be an MP again after the next GE. Frankly he didn't win the last GE on his own steam. It was support from PAS that helped him to win and the many fence sitters like me. I know his house in Taman Mimi and Rusdi Mustapha is from there too.
I think Raj should stand in the next election. He would make a better rep than his master.
Don't wait for me to visit RG. I won't know when myself. My next trip to KL on 15th August will be a rush job cos of our cousin's wedding function for his daughter on the 16th and immediately after that we will proceed to Pulau Redang Trengganu.
Have a good day.


elo uncle
we were in kbmall later that same evening & i guess is rite - u definitely would blog 'bt it :)
tp kami datang towards the end of the event so we didnt get to see the royal guest & the welcoming gimmick & watnot...

Zawi said...

little dewa,
It was by chance that uncle know about the event at KB Mall. Otherwise I would have missed it too. Hopefully my coverage did manage to let you know a bit how the opening ceremony was conducted.
I guess many will convert to Digi because of the low rate.

NaNa said...

Salam Pak Zawi,

Happening jugak Kota Bharu sekarang ni.

I notice that there are a lot of things going on there which were not given much coverage by the media. Kalau ada pun, at a small corner somewhere. Nasib baik ada blog Pak Zawi. Somehow it has become sort of like the gateway to kelantan now. We always get the latest news.:)

By the way, puteri bongsu Tuanku Sultan Kelantan is so sweet. A typical Kelantanese.

Zawi said...

There is only this much that I can cover. My being located in Pasir Mas make all the more difficult as very often I don't know what is happening there myself unless I happen to go to KB or overheard over the radio.
The even organizers are not really bothered to put up some banners in other towns, what seems to matter to them are only the people of Kota Bharu.
Yes I agree with you Tengku A'Isyah Amalain Puteri is very down to earth. She used to play footsal with my wife's cousin inlaw as one of her team member.