Thursday, September 6, 2018

I Am Blogging Again!

The shift to Facebook killed my enthusiasm to carry on blogging beginning from as far back as 2013 and hence my last post.
Several events rekindled my desire to blog again. The first event was meeting another blogger an old coot by the name of Pak Mat Fahmy, who is ailing from a stage 4 cancer of the lung. At that stage, it can be considered as terminal but the old coot was still his usual cheerful self. I had delayed meeting him after he was diagnosed as having the dreaded cancer and having treatment at Hospital University Sains Malaysia (HUSM) to the point that the hospital has refused to treat him anymore other than giving him pain killers to help him bear the pain.
My daughter Azura Mohamad Zawawi and family was home for the Merdeka holidays and while home she wanted to bring her children to the beach and asked me for suggestions as to which beach to go to. Remembering Pak Mat Fahmy, I suggested Pantai Irama Bachok which is near to Pak Mat's home. After all this is the cleanest and best maintained beach in all of Kelantan.
I called Pak Mat and ultimately received a location of his home via Whatsap message and went directly to his home as the afternoon sun was still hot for my grandchildren to be at the beach.
Pak Mat was a far cry from the Pak Mat that I last met. More stories about the visit to Pak Mat's house in my next posting.
The second reason why I am going to blog again is the comments from Unker Tommy Yew and Zendy Zee on my Facebook posting. They reminded me of our old blogging days. Those comment fired me up.
The third reason is Blogger allowed my to reset my password which I thought would be forever lost as I have forgotten all about it. Thank you Blogger! I am coming back with a vengeance and hopefully my old followers haven't abandon me for good.