Monday, July 14, 2008

The Official Opening Of Sukimi Group's Headquarters.

Duli Yang Maha Mulia Tuanku Al-Sultan Ismail Putra ibni Almarhum Al-Sultan Yahya Petra the Sultan of Kelantan officially opened Bangunan Sukimi in Jalan Telipot on 14th July 2008. Bangunan Sukimi will house the Headquarters of Sukimi Group of Companies. Sukimi Group of Companies is an integrated petroleum company founded in 1997. The company's turnover for 2006 was RM300m and for the current fiscal year it is expected to reach RM500m.

Bangunan Sukimi a day before the actual event when a full dress rehearsel was carried out.

A fulldress rehearsel was carried out on 13th July 2008.A section of Jalan Telipot was closed for a few hours from 11.30 AM.

The company logo infront of the building.

The Chairman of Sukimi Group of CompaniesDato' Seri Hj. Mohd Shariff bin Haji Omar and President Dato' Hj. Ahmad Sukimi bin Hj. Ibrhaim.

The Chairman and President listening to Datin Hjh. Wan Rozyanis on the last preparation before the event.
The Deputy President Datuk Hj. Nik Mahidin @ Nik Din bin Nik Mustapha.

Dato' Hj. Ahmad Sukimi with his new lubricant products.

Tuan Hj. Awang Che Seman A board member of Sukimi discussing with Datin Wan Rozyanis another board member while Is and Ahmad Fadzil look on.

A beautiful bouquet of flowers in the Boardroom.

A oil painting hanging on a wall in the building.

The model of the independent oil terminal in Pantai Senok Bachok will be built at a cost of RM300 million in 2008 and will be fully operational by 2010. Multinational companies like Exxonmobil, Shell and Caltex have agreed in principle to use the facilities to distribute their products in the east coast and Southern Thailand.

On the day of the opening ceremony final touching up were still being done.

Work on the royal dais is still being done.

More power was needed for the outdoor due to the many fans being run to cool the hot weather at noon.

The soundmen doing their last minute check.

En. Azimin Mahmood is the only master of ceremonies known to emcee at any function where the Sultan is involved. He is very well versed with the language of the 'istana'.

Some of the invited guests.

The arrival of Tok Guru Nik Aziz Nik Mat the Chief Minister of Kelantan. Ahmad Rizal is seen paying respect to TGNA.

The arrival of the motorcade escorting the Sultan.

The Sultan alighting from the car.

The state anthem 'Selamat Sultan' is being played.

The Chairman listening to Tok Guru.

The Chairman 'memohon sembah' to present his speech.

When the Sultan pressed the big palm sized button, the letters D A U L A T T U A N K U were revealed one by one with bangs from fire crackers.

Then colourful ballons started cascading down.

HRH the Sultan signing the plaque. All the other cameraman are on the otherside. Am I on the wrong side? Anyway I like this angle better.

These crystal vasses costing RM20,000 and RM15,000 respectively will be presented to the Royal couple. You dont have to buy the vasses, you just bring the cash.

Congratulatory bouquets from well wishers.

The Raja Perempuan Kelantan cutting the ribbon to the entrance of the building. I was the only cameraman taking a shot from this angle.

Briefing the Royal Couple about the Independent Petroleum Terminal to be built at Pantai Senok in Bachok. The same place was reserved for Petronas to land their gas until they decided to bring the gas to Kedah via Thailand. Never in their wildest dream that one day Kedah may fall to the opposition too.

The chandelier lighting the staircase.

The Royal Couple went upstairs to inspect the upper flloor of the building. While they were upstairs Tok Guru Nik Aziz had a detailed briefing of the Independent Petroleum Terminal from the Engineering Consultant.

Tok Guru Nik Aziz took a keen interest on the project as the terminal will serve all of the oil companies. So far Exxon Mobil, Caltex and Shell had expressed intention to use the terminal. Three approvals are needed before the project can proceed. The first is a licensce from the Federal Government. The second is the Environment Impact Asessment from the Ministry of Environment and the third is the approval from the state Government for the land. With the keen interest shown by Tok Guru, the last approval is regarded as good as given.

After the Royal Couple left for lunch at The Renaisance Hotel where some entertainment will be held and the corporate video of Sukimi Group will be shown. Sukimi Group had reserved a table for the press but from what I heard the table was not taken. Either the press people didn't know or they prefer to have it at Bangunan Sukimi as it was more convenient. Everybody else were treated to lunch at the office either inside or outside.

The workers immediately dismantled all the equipments as the motorists had been inconvenienced long enough by the road closure.

To Sukimi Group of Companies and their staff, the people of Kelantan have high hope of your ability and may Sukimi Group of Companies be successful.

Read more about Sukimi to Build RM300m Oil Terminal In Kelantan.


Zabs said...

Salam Zawi,
Sayangnya minyak diperairan Kelantan tidak disalurkan kepantainya. Jika tiada pilih kasih, Kelantan juga boleh mempunyai industri hiliran untuk gas dan minyak sendiri. Walahua'lam.

Zawi said...

Inilah akibat permainan politik. InsyaAllah dengan terbangunnya Terminal Petroleum Bebas ini nanti akan berlaku juga pembangunan di Kelantan dan terbuka sedikit peluang pekerjaan.

kbguy said...

Hebat ! kau hebat Tuan Zawi ! and congrats buddy... this one is really well written and well covered. I was thinking about visiting the launch, but couldn't make it due to some work load. Since yesterday night, the road already been blocked for some last minutes preparation. But anyway, thanks for the good job done ! This is really great, better than the official media coverage.

Btw, I'm glad that Sukimi group has acquired this project. At least we can have some growth in Kelantan and job oppotunities for our children and their future. I feel proud as a Kelantanese to see this project take off successfully. At least from Kelantan to rakyat Kelantan.

Frankly speaking, this Sukimi's group of directors seems unfamiliar to me.What's their background and are they cronies to any particular party (BN or PAS) ?
I heard they are closed to federal govt but are not politician. Only acquired Federal Govt's project all the while, and contributors of funds to federal govt. In that case, they should have no problem in acquring licence from federal.

Whatever it is, let's hope the project will take off succesfully.
Congrats to Sukimi Group for the official opening !

rauhunt said...

Pak Zawi,

Very good reporting and has likewise very attractive shots to view at.

I'm glad that Sukimi group has acquired this project. At least we can have some growth in Kelantan and job oppotunities for our children and their future. I feel proud as a Kelantanese to see this project take off successfully. At least from Kelantan to rakyat Kelantan (kbguy, 2008)

Like the phrase "from Kelantan to rakyat Kelantan"

Thanks n congrats to Sukimi.

Whilst wishing this project will be very successful, I also hope it is a feasible plan to stimulate Kelantan n Kelantanese economically; regardless of under what circumstances might this occur.

cakapaje said...

Salam Pak Zawi,

MasyAllah, terima kasih bebanyak about this entry, I really like and appreciate it. Sepatutnya, ada orang yang hebahkan lagi berita ini.

Zawi said...

Thanks for the appreciation. Journalistic reporting is different. They cant afford to put so many pictures.
These people are businessman so they will try to walk along a thin line to accomodate both divides of the political line. It is definitely a very difficult path for them to follow so as to keep the politicians happy and not give them problem.
They supply diesels to many government agencies and compete against Petronas via open tenders. I havent heard them do any other project than that so far.
They deserve every success as they have done quite well so far.

Hi&Lo said...

Pak Zawi,

Congratulations to Sukimi group. May the company grow from strength into a giant of world renown.

We must have faith in ourselves. The economy must be private sector driven to reflect reslience and entreprenuership.

Pak Zawi, if you may recall, I am always proud of Kelantanese for their endeavours and rising to the challenges.

What a great coverage you have done. You are great in communications. Hope Sukimi recognises your talents in this department.

jaflam said...

Salam Zawi,
All the best to Sukimi group and hope their marine facilities and tanks farm will be fully utilized for the benefit of the north east corridor.

I used to mange the Sg Udang Port in Melaka and believed if properly managed and developed the Sukimi marine facilities and tank farm will be a profitable and another growth catalyst for Kelantan.

Zabs said...

Salam Zawi,
Datang kali kedua, kerana ada gambar tambahan selepas perasmian. Liputan yang cukup menarik.
Namun tiada kelihatan wakil dari kerajaan Persekutuan atau Petronas., ada ke?

Zawi said...

I was sceptical that anybody will appreciate this post. Salam Pantai Timor did carry a story about this company based on newspaper rport about the company's plan to build the independent petroleum terminal. I went a step further by covering the event. Fortunately for me I was invited to attend the event. Infact I started blogging about it the minute I found out that it was to be opened onn the 14th of July.

Zawi said...

You are right that the company my be private sector driven. They know how to do things better. For instance the HQ only cost the company RM1.4m to build.
Thank you for having such a high esteem of my fellow Kelantanese.
I doubt that any of them has seen my blog about their company so they wont know. I will visit them oneday after I have compiled my photographs. They have their own photographers with better cameras covering the event.

Zawi said...

D Jaff,
Everything is still in the planning stage. I think they will start off with two tanks of 3 million litres each since they were talking about 5 million litres load per month. It is only wise for them to start small and build up the farm so that there wont be any excess idle capacity. I guess they have the right personnel withe the technical knowhow.
They must have calculated the right volume as they are close to the foreign oil multinationals such as Exxonmobil, Caltex and Shell. Let us pray that the terminal will be built and commissioned.

Zawi said...

yes when you first commented it was incomplete yet as the official opening wasn't done yet. It was later in the afternoon that I updated the post.
You are so sharp in your observations. Datuk Seri Sharif can represent the Federal Government as he was a Deputy Minister before.

Ushar said...

Salam Pak Zawi,

Very good coverage (just like a pro-journalist or may be you're..) & good shots too. Another Malay successfull story published....Proud & jealous to see Kelantanese excell in business. Keep on posting Pak!

U.Lee said...

Hi Zawi, I spent half hour going thru your very well taken photographs.
Really enjoyed seeing the Royal function, the pomp and ceremony....which we don't see here, ha ha.
Guess thats the beauty of a digital camera, huh? Just klik away...
Have a great week, Zawi, Lee.

Hannan said...

salam pak zawi :)

congratulation to the sukimi group!

well, it's something to be proud of as a kelantanese!

p/s - nice ride DYMM Sultan.. maybach :)

Zawi said...

Beung just a humble ex government servant trained in agriculture, being compared to a pro journalist is complimentary of the highest order. I am happy that you like my shots. We are all proud of Dao' Ahmad Sukimi. Even at a comparatively young age of under 40, This Dato' is on the way to greater heights. Let us give him all support we could muster. Let us pray too that all the authorities both at the state and federal level will see his effort as part of nation building.
Thank you for your comment.

Zawi said...

Dear Lee,
Thank you for spending that much time on my blogsite. I really appreciate it. Royalties add certain aura to an event. That is why some companies didn't mind spending a fortune to have them grace the event.
Yes, the digital camera is godsend. I just clicked away and later discard those that dont meet my standard. The other beauty is programmes like Photo Manager of photoshop can help you to edit the pictures so cropping and adjusting the color tones, brightness and contrast is possible. Quality can be enhanced through such programmes. The problem is I ended up liking them all and pretty soon my hard disk will be full to the brim.

Zawi said...

Salam kembali. We are all very proud of Sukimi. It should be an icon for all other Kelantanese to emulate. They did it through the hard way and success is thus sweeter. Dato' Ahmad Sukimi went through the ups and downs and i guess there will never be any down for him to face. InsyaAllah he will bring the Sukimi Group to greater heights.

Zawi said...

My apologies for misspelling you nick.

Zawi said...

Upon check back I found that I missed responding to your comments. My sincerest apology for the slip up.
Thank you for the kind words. It will spur me on to try harder.
I will suggest to Dato' Sukimi to adopt the phrase 'Dari Kelantan Untuk Rakyat Kelantan'. Unfortunately Sukimi Group's operations covers the whole of Malaysia and probably the whole world too someday, I doubt that it can be appropriate. Maybe for the Kelantan operations, yes.

arejae said...

Salam Pak Zawi,
wah..happy bercampur terharu baco posting nie.thanks pak zawi and Congrats to Sukimi group.

Zawi said...

Terharu bakpo pulok? Gembira je la kerana seorang anak jati Kelantan mampu membawa pembangunan ke Kelantan.


pak zawi,

another well executed coverage. I was with exxonmobil few tears back. Ada jugak dengar citer pasal oil and gas in kelantan ...keloil, but not sure what happen to the company. Hopefully with the setup of Sukimi thing will be much better.


Zawi said...

jalan rebung,
Oh you were with Exxonmobil before?
Sukimi Group will do what Keloil failed to do.

Pak Idrus said...

Zawi, You narrate very well this important event.

It is a private enterprise like this that would bring prosperity to the state. I wish the best to the entrepreneur of this oil company.

Have a nice day.

Zawi said...

Pak Idrus,
Thank you for the kind words.
Kelantan definitely could do with more of such companies to develop the state at OUR own pace. Accelerated development can only bring problems to the state in the form of illegal immigrants who contribute to the increase in crime.
Its almost midnight there so I would like to wish you good night.

Akmal said...

Alhamdulillah. I can expect more rapid development coming around, and of course, more opportunity. Perhaps they'll expand their wing to education or any other fields one of these days, who knows? :)
Anyway, I am now seeing an even brighter future of Kelantan :)

Zawi said...

As if to answer your prayer, they have already formed Institute Teknologi Multimedia as one of their subsidiary companies.
Maybe the should delve into medical to and Dr. Akmal will be the future head?

arejae said...

Pak Zawi, terharu sebab dah lama dengar kelate kito ado minyok aka as emas hitam..tapi tok pernah nok buleh hasil. nie baru nok buleh hasil.ehehe..tok tahu sebenarnya words hok nok pakai.ehehe.. :)

Zawi said...

Minyak yang akan dikendalikan bukan datang dari telaga minyak di Kelantan. Minyak adalah minyak yang telah di tapis menjadi minyak petrol, disel dan gas di lain-lain refinery untuk diedar di Kelantan dan kawasan sekitar. Sebanyak 5 juta liter sebulan akan datang dari mana mana refinery di dunia. Selama ini minyak diperolehi dari Kilang penapis minyak Petronas di Kerteh untuk bekalan di kawasan Pantai Timur.

uncleawang said...

Pak Zawi,
Satu Kemajuan,Tahniah.
tersangkut juga nama Awang(board of Director hehehe..).Just for info:In Sarawak Petronas refinery or Terminal soon will be handle by Assar (syrikat milik cronie Sarawak CM).bukan petrol je..banyak lagi..kepala bukan kelapak sawit,Port terminal etc etc.

matdaq said...

tgk ko deputy chairman tu mace kenal jah.

rasonya mace nik din kg baung bayam - ayah komposer yg agak terkenal suatu ketika dulu, nik mazri yg mana lagunya dinyanyikan oleh kump. fotograf pernah top dulu. Lagu yg saya maksudkan ialah "jangan kau ucap selamat tinggal".

BTW, his other son was my mate during our college years.

Congrats to Sukimi Group for the opening of new HQ at Jalan Telipot. If i was not mistaken, its was opposite Telipot Mosque.

Zawi said...

The Awang who is the board of director is a schoolmate of mine.
Oh they are privatizing the Petronas Terminal? I bet they were sold to the cronies at a nominal sum after charging the depreciation of the plant and putting a token sum as residual price. From that point onward they will make tons of money at the expense of Petronas. The terminal will become an independent terminal and will serve the other oil companies as well to make more money. See how easy it is to make money when people need your loyalty.
Thanks for the info.

Zawi said...

Yes you are right about Nik Din. He was the former PA to Datok Ariffin Said since Datok Ariffin was the Deputy MB of Kelantan.
Since you are close to his son, ada chan lla nak cari peluang business ngan Sukimi Group.
The HQ is not far from Mesjid Telipot but not quite opposite it.

senok said...

Salam Pak Zawi dio tue...molek sungguh entri sedak doh di website sy tue...

pakat2 sebar mende nie...

Zawi said...

Kalu ada gambar Pantai Senok tu ko kemah. Buleh ko hantar mari so ko saya kalu awak dok di Pantai Senok gak?
Terima kasih la maghi jalan tempat ambo.

senok said...

meme ambo asal ore pantai senok,

ado gambar area pemecah ombak jah..area wak kwsn industri tue takdok lam simpanan

try rujuk sini

Zawi said...

You ni Raykinzoku. Tak perasan hingga u bagi link tu. Heard about you from Haji Alimin Omar of Muzium Kelantan and often visited your Raykinzoku site. No tel ambo: 019 9125647, lets get in touch. We could do more for Kelantan.

senok said...

pak zawi, eh sy buke Raykinzoku tue..dua insan berbeza hehehe..

matdaq said...

Pak Zawi,

kalu pak zawi nok tahu, Raykinzoku ni ADO Kota Bharu. Dale rama-rama ADO di pejabat tanah tu, salah seorang darinya adalah raykinzoku

Zawi said...

Terima kasih atas maklumat.

huda said...

Salam Pak Zawi,

I'm proud to know that Kelantan is going to have an Oil Terminal after all these years. By the way I never heard about Sukimi until my last trip to Kuching when someone mentioned about it and I searched high and low just to know more about Sukimi. As a proud Kelantanese, I'm also looking forward to help Kelantan to be one step ahead from other states. By the way, if you don't mind, can I have Sukimi Official website? Thanks!

Zawi said...

Welcome to my humble blogsite. This seems to be your first comment on my site.
I havent found any website on the Sukimi Group either. What there is, is only on their website of their subsidiary Sukimi Oil. I doubt that they have built the website yet. If you need any more details why not just write in to their headquarters? I will get you their address if you want it.
It will be a slap on the face of Petronas should the Independent Oil Terminal be built in Kelantan as the other oil companies will cease to use Kerteh as their collection depot for distribution to their retailers in the North East Region.

Gurindam Jiwa said...

So ... hok mano satu Ray KinZoku tu?

Yang in-charge of Bahagian Pembangunan Masyarakat ke?

huda said...

Salam Pak Zawi,

I appreciate if you can provide me the contact details of Sukimi. Well, basically I'm looking forward to see the growth of O&G in Kelantan. Last trip to hometown, I saw Carigali Hess office at the airport which puzzled me. As far as I know there was no O&G company in Kelantan. Well maybe I was not in Kelantan long enough to explore. But maybe there is a chance for me to go home and explore business opportunities (^^,)

Zawi said...

I have see Carigali Hess's workers boarding helicopters so they must be working on the well off the coast of Kelantan.
Bangunan Sukimi
Lot 83, Seksyen 23,
Jalan Telipot,
15150 Kota Bharu,
Kelantan DN.
Tel: +609 744 7911
744 4911
Fax: +609 743 7911
743 4911

President - Dato' Hj. Ahmad Sukimi Ibrahim
CEO - Nik Hasfizul Safuri bin Hassan
Hope that helps.

Zawi said...

Saya pun tak kenalla mana satu Raykinzuko tu. Cuma ada seorang blogger yang beritahu dia tu ADO Kota Bharu.

Gurindam Jiwa said...

Pok Zawi,

I'm giving you the answer. The clues are all over the place, his blog, here, there, and everywhere.

Just call him Tengku Ray.