Friday, September 13, 2013

Guilty Feeling

The last post I did on this blog was done on

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Back On The Treadmill

Yes, it was such a long time ago. I really feel guilty for not continue to blog as I have so much to write about. There are too many reasons why I didn't continue blogging but there is no point in delving them as it will definitely be a bore. the point I want to say is..I am blogging again. It matters not if there wont be anybody to read it, but it serve the purpose of preserving this blog Life As I See It... LAISI for short. Hopefully my future generations will peek into this blog to see some of the things I wrote even after I am long gone.
Earlier I have had problems logging into this site as I couldn't key in my password due to the presence of the newer LAISI which I constructed after I lost access to the original LAISI. Now that I have regained access, I am going to delete the newer LAISI in order to avoid further complications when senility starts encroaching into this tired old brain.
The travel bug is biting me again. Since my last post on my trip to Eastern Europe, I have travelled to Jogjakarta in November 2011, Surabaya/Malang in Oktober 2012 both in Indonesia. Revently barely 3 months after my heart operation in March 2013, I took a trip with my family to Hong Kong in May 2013. Nexton my list is a cruise on Star Cruise Libra with the famous compere Aznil Haji Nawawi. 

Next on my agenda will be a trip to Yangon Burma with my wife in February 2014 followed by doing the Umrah with my wife, my daughter Azura and her husband Ridzuan.
Hopefully my coming back to blogging will bring some cheer to those who care to visit this site. It should keep me occupied too as I feel I need to wean myself off from too much of Facebook which had kept me away from blogging thus far.