Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Taking A Break

The earlier programme was for me to stay on till 20th Dec.2010 and I will only be taking the flight home from LCCT KL to Kota Bharu when my nannying duty is over. A twist of luck has given me an opening and my charges will be away for almost a week with their father. This is a much needed break for me and by noon today I will be flying home to Kota Bharu to be with my wife Fatthiyah. She had not been able to come along as my other daughter who had been recently transferred from Labuan to Kerteh, Trengganu is currently at home in Pasir Mas since her husband's attempt to find a suitable house to rent near the school where she will be transferred to has been a failure. Vacant houses in Kerteh is a rare commodity. On the waiting list for a Petronas quarters for whom the husband work, he is way down on the waiting list at number 82. The house they bought is nearing completion but being in Dungun, it will be an hour's drive from home to school. They bought the house in Dungun anticipating a transfer to the district they requested. So when the house is completed, they will have to rent it out to compensate their own rental.
I am so happy to go home to Pasir Mas even for just a few days. Looking after the three grandchildren in Puchong has changed my daily routine. I miss everything I am so used to everyday. Back home I have that small patch of vegetables plot which was providing me with fresh vegetables such as kangkong and the ladies fingers has just started to produce when I left it.
It would be OK if it was for just for a week away from home but this is a full month and this break is much needed after being here since the 21st of November which was more than two weeks already.
On the plus side I am happy to be here as I get to meet my other children and the grandchildren. Above all I am happy because while here, I have fallen in love again. I feel deeply in love with something which I intend to get my hands on. It was while on a visit to The Mines Resort that I saw it. I have yet to decide on the model but from what I heard, an Apple computer is good whih ever model that we decide on.