Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My New Blogsite - My Pasir Mas

I have started a new blog called My Pasir Mas named after my home town Pasir Mas. It is Wordpress for this one.
The purpose of this blog is to write something about Pasir Mas to keep all those who have an interest in Pasir Mas to be updated with the current development and happenings over here.
Life As I See It or LAISI as kerp used to refer to it will continue to be what it is. LAISI will be about anything else other than news or happenings in Pasir Mas.
So friends please take a peek at my new website My Pasir Mas
URL http://mohdzawi.wordpress.com

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Kadar Molek 25 Sen/minit

Too many events happening in Kelantan without many realizing it. The latest being the launching of the new product from the telecommunication giant Digi. Kadar Molek 25 Sen/minit is a new product and why Digi chose Kelantan to launch it? The Digi's Head of Corporate Division said that Kelantan is a big market and thus is valuable to them.

I was at KB Mall Kota Bharu making an order for a telephoto lens to expand the horizon of my photography at the Sony Center there when I saw the decorations by Digi. I wasn't aware what the event was about until I saw small noticeboard showing the programme for the day.

The Digi mascot. There were two of them. Must be stifling hot even in the air conditioned place.

Since the opening ceremony was a couple of hours away I went to Dataran Stadium Sultan Muhammad Ke IV to follow up on my unfinished coverage of Karnival Halal Kelantan 2008.

By the time I reached KB Mall again I saw a row of the police out riders bike and the super bikes. It seemed the super bikers were incorporated into the programme of the launch at the same time to promote Visit Kelantan Year 2008. Must be another win-win project between the State Government to organize events to make Kota Bharu the happening town.

The police bike used as outriders for the big bikers.

How mean they look. Heard they are very docile and quite safe to ride on. They are so balance that taking your hands off the handle bar is possible. Some bikers even stand up when riding them even at speed.

Even the ladies of the super bikers enjoy posing with the pretty pulut semangat girls while waiting for the arrival of the royal guests.

The arrival of YAM Tengku Amalin was accompanied by traditional music from traditional musical instruments.

YB Takiyuddin the Kelantan State Exco for tourism welcoming the guest of honour with other dignitaries from Digi looking on.

The pulut semangat girls leading the walk.

The venue of the event was the concourse of KB Mall

YB Takiyuddin showing YAM Tengku Amalin A'Isyah Puteri the way.

Digi's Head of Corporate Division delivering his address.
YB Takiyuddin delivering his speech.

The royal guest manage to sit through both speeches.

The spectators watching from the upper galleries.

When they called upon YAM Tengku Amalin A'Isyah Puteri to strike the gedombak I was not prepared and through my haste this is all that I got for the action. Please focus your eyes and see if it will become better.

The wayang kulit was performed with the characters chatting about Digi's latest offering. I didn't stay on till the end of the even't.

For all of you who are already contributing to Digi, its time to convert to the new package and those who have yet to be converted, its time to convert. I will stick to my present service provider even though I don't even know how much they are charging me per minute. After all my monthly bill is less than RM100.00.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Karnival Halal Kelantan 2008 - Updated

The main entrance to the Dataran. Note the discrepancy of the date as it is stated as the 30th July to be the last date whereas it is 29th July on the other banners.

The Karnival Halal Kelantan 2008 or Kelantan Halal Carnival 2008 was officially opened by the Chief Minister of Kelantan Tuan Guru Nik Aziz Nik Mat on 25th July 2008 at 9.00 PM. I think the event will be on till 29th July 2008. Being from Pasir Mas I missed the opening ceremony. I only found out about the event this afternoon while on my way to my sister inlaw's place in Taman Sari. I saw some activities in front of the Sultan Muhamad IV Stadium, quite like the Pesta Nasi 100. I stopped and check out and found out about the event. I wasn't aware of it and I guess most of the other Kelantan bloggers missed it too as it wasn't mentioned on their newly added Current Events In Kelantan spot on Bloggers Kelantan blogsite.

The lack of publicity made me nearly miss out on the event.

In my hurry I managed to take a few shots of the event. This is the back drop for the opening ceremony.
The organizer is Jabatan Hal Ehwal Agama Islam Negeri Kelantan and the manager is Institiut Pembangunan Pengurusan Johor. No local event manager can handle this? Could it be because of this that the publicity was that bad.

This picture showed the site with the white tents as the display booths.

This large globe will be the opening gimick and I think the globe will split open when the Chief Minister press the button or something.

I saw this two stalls displaying the halal products.

More report to come after I find the chance to visit the carnival or hopefully somebody will write something about it after opening ceremony tonight.

Visited the site again on 26th July 2008. It seemed the carnival had been going on since the 23rd of July 08 but many people doesn't seem to know about the event. The publicity was certainly lacking. Depending on banners alone won't be sufficient as there are banners of all kinds even of past events like the International Kite Festival which was done in May and still hanging to make it more confusing. Beside that there are other events like the launching of Digi latest package Harga Molek 25 sen seminit also in Kota Bharu on 26th July 08 at KB Mall. The launching was officially done by YM Tengku Amalin Aisyah Putri with much fanfare.

The first thing I saw at the carnival was the prize presentation being done to the winners of the ayam serama contest.

They have a very meticulous scoring system to decide the winner. Look at the was the points were scored by the judges and they were up for scrutiny after the judging were made.
To let you see what there is to see here are some pictures of the stalls at the carnial. I will add the descriptions later.

Hard gelatin capsules made in Pakistan. Most gelatin used to make such casules come from other animals than can be dubious.

You can be rest assured that these cosmetic products are made from materials that are halal.

Dinding Puoltry want to show the world that their chicken products are halal.

What has rubber tree leavesused to make such beautiful flowers got to do with halal status?

Kek lapis from Sarawak can be bought over the phone and delivery by courier.

Garam bukit anyone?

HPA is a wellknown name in herbal products

Hwa Tai don't want to be left out either.

Neither does the Pagoda brand of peanuts. Heard it goes very well with beer which is not halal.

I worked for this organization once. Developing and promoting such entrepreneurs were one of my duties.

This stall promote the famous minayak Dakam from Johor which is a good massage oil. They sell another product for sinusitis. I bought one bottle of the massage oil and a small bottle for the sunusitis which I found to be quite effective. I will keep on using and tell you more of their efficacy.

Beside show business The Rabbani group is also in the food business

Roselle is a nice drink.

Who will doubt on the sardines made by Pertima of Terengganu?

Perda brought along many of their usahawan (entrpreneurs) to promote their products.
Khaleefa promote the electronic Quran.

Now the secret is out from Secret Garden.
Sirim has some products too
They promise you that you can shed a kilogram off in seven days.
Soft ice cream made with the use of halal gelatin. The company Kasturi Klasik makes soft ice cream by the name of mingomingo and is offering business packages for prospective aspirants. Log in to their website: http://www.mingomingo.com.my/ to find out more. I like the taste of the ice cream and it cost a ringgit each.
There is still a few days to go so if you need to know more please visit the carnival as there are also some cultural shows put up to attract the crowd.