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Due to unforseen circumstances I had to miss the day 2 fight. So there will be no pictures of that day's event. Anyway the result of Day 2's fight is available here.

Here are the Day 3 fights in pictures.
The VIP in attendance at today's fight was The Timbalan Ketua Polis Negeri Kelantan who is a fan of Boksing Kelate.
This old man sang a few hindustani numbers dikir barat style to entertain the crowd before the event was started.

Rokit Ahmad of Taman Bakti Rantau Panjang was scheduled to fight John Smith of Denmark. John Smith's non appearance was not well received by the spectators as Rokit being a Gold Medallist at the Sea Games was the crowd's favourite against the international competitor. In place of John Smith they had to replace with Semang from Hadyai Thailand. They were made to stand side by side to see if they are of the right size. Though Rokit was taller Semang was better built and thus considered a match for Rokit.

The opening fight was between Taufik Adura of B - 13 Rantau Panjang whose opponent was Alias Hj. Umar from Sungai Golok Thailand just across the river.

I think this picture is of Taufik Adura with a high kick which didn't seem to connect. Taufik managed to down Alias in two rounds.

Alias was felled by Taufik Adura in Round 2.

Alias was counted out.

Mohd Azhar Mohd Nor of Felcra Bukit Tandak faces Aiman of Gerak Khas Pasir Putih.

Aiman was brought down by Azhar but he rose to fight and give a bloody cut on Azhar's forehead.

Azhar's head was bleeding but his cornerman managed to stop the bleeding. So the fight was continued.
Aiman brought down Azhar and he won the fight. Here is the jubilant Aiman. Later Aiman sportingly went to Azhar to see his condition. Of course Azhar was OK.

Next to enter the ring was Aik Salsaloon of Kelab Salsaloon Pasir Putih. Aik was scheduled to fight Olie of B-2 Teresek Pasir Mas on the 4th day. This fight was brought forward to the 3rd day in place of the fight between Yap Sotong of B-2 Teresek Pasir Mas and Dek Jan of Sat Suria Tanah Merah.

Aik Salsaloon is well known for the fight against Wan Dik last year which cost Wan Dik's life.

Aik Looked relaxed before the fight. Aik is on the draw card to fight at the TM-WMC KL INTERNATIONAL MUAY THAI CHALLENGE on the 7th and 8th Feb at the Badminton Stadium in Cheras. Aik will be fighting against Che Pa of M-150 Kota Bharu Kelantan. I will say this will be an explosive fight.

Aik entering the fight arena. He has the film star look and should be considered for a suitable role in a film.

Olie of B-2 Teresek Pasir Mas. He has the physique but many see him as not well prepared to face Aik.

Here Olie was at the receiving end of Aik's powerful kicks.

Sure enough Olie fell unconscious to Aik in round 2.

Aik gave Pak Zawi a pose after winning his fight.

Next to enter the ring was the popular Rosik Lokcing of Tasik Berangan Pasir Mas.

Rosik wore his glittering robe to enter the ring. The crowd loves it when he fights as he is very entertaining.

His opponent was Mat Sik of M-41 Manik Urai but from what I saw Mat Sik was wearing the fight short of M-150 Kota Bharu. Maybe he now fights for M - 150.

It was quite a bruising battle and Rosik had a cut under his right eye as early as the first round. After a medical check, he was found fit to continue. Most of the spectators know that Rosik is a very stubborn fighter and will not give up easily. His right eyes was so puffed up that it was reduced to a slit throughout the remaining rounds.

Under the rule of Boksing Kelate, a fight is considered a draw if non of the fighter is KOed. This pervented the often disputed win by points which will never be acceptable to either party.

Next on the card is the crowd puller Rokit Ahmad of Rantau Panjang. John Smith of Denmark couldn't appear because he was said to have had an accident and so Semang of Hatyai took his place. People love to see Rokit fight and they came in drove for tonites fight. The place can be condired as full house.

Rokit was like a warrior when he entered the fight area.

As expected Rokit lived up to his billing as the top fighter. He was the agressor most of the time in the short lived fight. He brought the opponent down in the first round.

Here Semang was seen coiled on the canvass. It was a knee blow that sent Semang out of the fight.
Even the VIPs wanted a picture with the champion.

The crowd.

The crowd went home contented. They were happy to see good fights.
For the fight result, go here.

Pak Zawi reporting from Pasir Mas for Boxxtomoi Muay Thai Magazine.

DAY 4.
Compared to DAY 3, the Day 4 events lack the lustre. There were not that many great fighters and the crowd knows it so they stayed away from the event.

The day's event started with a class C fight between Hafizol Ismail of Kelab Rokit Ahmad Rantau Panjang and Man who replaced Shah Fadzil Mohd Sayuti of Dulang Mas, Bukit Bunga. This was a junior fight.
Though Hafizol was clearly the taller of the two, Man was the tougher and better fighter. Rokit had to throw in the towel to save his fighter from being mauled by the superiority of Man.
I didn't pay much attention to this fight and lived to regret when I didn't take that picture of Rokit throwing in the towel to save his boy.
The next fight was between Pak Su Wae of Felcra Bukit Tandak who will fight Izzudin who replace Azwan Abdul Rahman of Geliga Batu, Lubok Jong, Pasir Mas. Pak Su Wae is still young though he preferred to be called a Pak like Pak Zawi.
Izzudin suffered a cut on his head from an albow blow by Pak Su Wae. Pak Su Wae was so concerned of his opponent that he had a close look at Izzudin's head.

Izzudin had to have his cut treated by the medical team.
The next fight was a fight between two veterans as both of them were above 50 years old. Awang Ikan from Kemahang Tanah Merah against Sukri Mara of Pasir Mas.

The crowd love every moment of the fight between the two as they held back nothing to fight for a draw after five rounds. At the end of the five rounds both appeared on the verge of passing out due to exhaustion. It was a well deserved draw for them.

The fourth fight for the night was between Yap Sotong of B - 2 Teresek Pasir Mas and Dek Jan of Sat Suria Tanah Merah.

From what I heard, baby faced Yap used to enter the ring with white powder on his face. Not this time around anyway and Pak Usop who compered the show chided Yap's corner on that.

Yap and Dek Jan crossing legs.

At 32 years of age, it was quite a fight for Adek Jan to win over Yap who is nearly half his age. In his days, Adek Jan was a fighter to be respected.

The last fight was a fight between Anuar Lompini of B-13 Rantau Panjang versus Alexander of Australia. Alexander wasn't there and they replaced him with Alek of Thailand who brought along a belt. The winner of the fight will get to wear the belt. The fight lasted the distance of five 3 minute rounds and was thus declared a draw. With that Alek kept his belt.

I don't think the last fight deserve any coverage so I just keep my camera off.

For the result of the 4th day fight please visit here.

Soon I will be taking the train on my way to see the mother of all fights at TM-WMC KL International Muay Thai Championship at Cheras Badminton Stadium. Why not join me there?Pak Zawi reporting from Pasir Mas for Boxxtomoi Magazine.


boksingkelate said...

Marvellous, tip top teko.

VersedAnggerik said...


penuh dgn aksi-aksi mendebarkan!

Zawi said...

Terima kasih.

Zawi said...

Memang mendebarkan. Kadangkala belum puas tengok mereka berentap, tup, tup dah kena sebiji terus membawa KO atau TKO akibat pukulan siku atau sepak yang tepat ke sasaran. Seeing is believing like my son who wasn't a fan until after he saw last night's event. Now he bought himself a Tomoi short and shirt. I dunno if he will go beyond that.

freestyler said...

abang zawi, nak tanya sikit, kat kelantan ni, kat mana ada gym untuk boxing? gym yang ada punching bag.
terima kasih.

Zawi said...

Kalau sebut Gym rasanya belum ada diKelantan. En. Farek boss Kelab M-150 ada tempat budak budak Tomoi dia berlatih di Padang Bongor di rumah dia di KB. Sekitar Pasir Mas ada beberapa tempat yang lebih kecil di MZ Repek, Rumah Abang Soh Baling, B-13 di Rantau Panjang dan beberapa tempat lagi yang saya juga belum pasti sebab kebanyakan berlatih di kawasan mereka. Di Gua Musang ada di Aring, di Kuala Krai di Pahi dan Pasir Putih pun ada. Datang ke JKR Tumpat pada 20 hingga 22 Feb pada belah malam bab ada pertandingan disana. Awak boleh jumpa dan berkenalan untuk mengetahui dimana yang terdekat dengan tempat anda.

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Al Firas said...

Assalamualaikum bang Zawi, bang Zawi taw dk kat mana nk training muay thai kt bachok.. Sya dh lma cari,tpi x jumpa.. Saya tinggal di bachok kg. kubang golok. Kalau nk pergi kt m150 tu agak jauh bagi saya.. Saya baru berpindah ke kelantan april lepas, sya dgr2 kelantan mmg popular ngan tomoi.. Masuk tomoi nak bagi sihat skit,nk bagi fit.. Sebelum ni mmg malas nk bersenam.. Boleh email kan tmpt tomoi tu di harap boleh membantu