Friday, February 6, 2009


History will be made soon whenBoxxtomoi Muay Thai Magazine solely dedicated to Tomoi will be out soon. This is the cover of the magazine. Get it free by purchasing the ticket to the MC-WMC KL International Championship on the 7th and 8th February at Stadium Badminton Cheras. Only 5,000 copies available. Read more about the event here.


Mat Cendana said...

I know Zawi is taking the Wau Express from Pasir Mas to KL at 7PM today. At 9.30PM, I sms him, guessing that he should be approaching Kuala Krai. I was surprised to receive the reply: "Pasir Mas station"!

The train has been delayed due to a landslide in Pahang. That mean Zawi won't be arriving at 8-9AM Saturday as scheduled but "later".

*LATEST: Just received another SMS from Zawi - The train is expected to arrive at 10PM. That means he'll reach KL towards noon.

zingtrial said...

Hi!You have a nice blog.Liked reading through it .Thanks for sharing.Wishing you well

mamadou said...

I look forward for the launch of this magazine. Anyway how much the price of this tomoi magazine???

J.T. said...

Hi Zawi

I am back to occasional blogging. How have you been keeping?

I am guessing this magazine you have featured is about Thai boxing. I used to remember catching a fight or two from a Thai channel in the 70s but never really took a liking to it. So I never sat through the whole thing. It was weird, though, to watch Gomer Pyle (the comedy series) speaking in Thai (dubbed, of course). :D

Zawi said...

Thanks to you, I was contacted by my friend Mohd Azmi before he left for Kelantan and we went to watch the Tomoi Championship together.
The train was delayed and reached KL Sental at 10.30 AM. Didn't sleep much on the train due to the constant movement. Just cant get used to it.So I will be flying home instead of taking the train again. I guess it may be my last ride ever because a sleepless night is bad for my hypertension.

Zawi said...

You really made me happy with your praises. It really motivates me to keep on writing as there are appreciative readers like you out there. Thanks for the wishes.

Zawi said...

The magazine is out. It's maiden issue is only 28 pages. They are not for sale yet but at the moment they are thinking of pricing it at an affordable RM4.00. Due to your interest I will keep a copy for you. When will you be coming back? I can send it to your home in Malaysia if you give me your address.

Zawi said...

It is so nice to have you back even occassioanlly. I am doing OK thus far. Only that I am now contributing to two magazines (Qiadah and Boxxtomoi Magazines). Hopefully I can manage my time well enough to carry on blogging, otherwise my blogging may die a slow death.
Just like the wrestling mathces, tomoi may not be everybody's cup of tea too. I guess it may take some cajoling and exposure to the real fight before you can take a liking to it.

Anonymous said...

zawi.. macam mana event kat kl? memang berbaloi lah kalau datang jauh-jauh dan balik dengan kepuasan.

Zawi said...

KL event memang hebat. Segalanya dibuat secara professional siap dengan lampu-lampu laser, spot lights, music dan smoke machine ala wrestling kat TV. Peninju pula hebat-hebat belake.

Covert_Operations'78 said...

Salam Abang Zawi!

Alaaaa.... forgot to collect my copy of the magazine. Anyway, I will write a separate piece on the Muay Thai Challenge, from the point of view of a novice. I thought it was great! Except when Abbas Ahmadi and his opponent just glared at each other for all of Round 1, lah. Jeering and all already, hee hee. Our photos won't be that clear, though. Still, it was good to see you in person. And I still don't think you look 58! 50, maybe.

CO78, Over!

Anonymous said...

kalau betul event kat kuala lumpur dibuat secara professional dah tiba masanya kat kelantan dibuat macam tu. aku dengar kebanyakan pekerja yg uruskan event kat kl tu pon kebanyakannya amatur dan sukarela.

Zawi said...

I was really happy to have met you in person but I am truly sorry I could n't spend more time with you and you BF and friends. I can send you a copy of the magazine if you just email me your address.
The fight between Abbas and his opponent could have been more fun with more action but he had to be cautios as a single lapse of attention could lose him the match as did happened ultimately. Such a way of fighting doesn't endear the crowd and many were disappointed.
Will be most happy to read your take and I will do mine after yours is posted so I can link mine to yours. Dont worry about the pictures as you can link to other blogs with more pictures.
Thank you for making me feel so young. Actually I don't mind looking 58 years old but will be happy if they can add another 8 yrs to whatever age the almighty has decided for me.

Zawi said...

Anon of 10th Feb,
The same professionalism will be done for Kelantan. Yes they use volunteers for event. Just wait for my post to see how they do it. Some pro are involved too of course.

kbguy said...

Wow ! i missed your posting alot. I have been bz since early this year buddy..

Zawi said...

I know you are busy. Akmal told me so. Nice to see you back.

nadya said...

pak zawi,
was good to meet you in KL. tapi kejap sgt la nak borak pun x sempat.

hope to see you in KB MT event.

i hope the images you took during KL fight will do justice.. and i hope you have fun too.

im a bit disappointed with abbas fight as well, but i hope he will put up a more awesome one in the future.

i would love to see seenatochai n chawalit fight, but the insident when seenontochai dislocated his arm is unpredictable. he said to me he wanted to come and fight in mlaysia again.

take care pakzawi.. looking fwd to read ur story n photos from KL event.

Zawi said...

Likewise I enjoyed meeting you for the first time. Under the circumstances, it was good enough for a start. We will get better opportunities to 'borak-borak' in the KB event.
I wont be making another Tomoi post in this blog as I think Tomoi there is already too much of it already. I may put some pictures here and send my take on the event to Kawanboxx or share the pics on Boxxnet which is something I have yet to learn to do.
On the second night my sons Azrin, Azuan and son on law Lokman came to watch the event. They really enjoyed themselves there and now Azrin is a fan of Tomoi which he wasn't before that. We were unanimous that the Chowalit/Seethanonchai could have been the best fight if it lasted the distance.

Anonymous said...

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