Thursday, February 5, 2009


DAY 1.

Banner ditepi jalan dimana pertandingan dijalankan.

I am going away to KL on the 6th of February 2008 to watch the TM-WMC KL Muay Thai International Challenge 2009 at Cheras Badminton Stadium on the 7th and 8th February 2009. Beside watching the event I would also be covering the it for the new Boxxtomoi Muay Thai Magazine.

So before going there I will post some pictures of the recently held Pertandingan Boksing Terbuka Persatuan Negeri Kelantan held in Rantau Panjang for four days from the 27th to 31th January 2009.
Aman Putra preparing for his fight.

Ajan Putra is Aman's elder brother. He too is training for the fight. They were fighters from MZ Repek Pasir Mas.

More banners to inform the public about the event.

The ticket booth is just a hole in the plastic sheet.
Inside the ticket booth.

The stage with canopy barely covering it.

Two fighters being sized up for the next day's event because of non attendance from the scheduled boxers. Beside the height and built, they had to show their midrif to accertain fitness to fight.

The who is who in Persatuan Boxing Kelantan. Pak Usop (dark shirt) the President and Farid in white shirt as the Deputy President. Farid is the boss of Kelab M-150. Pak Mat Locing is on the extreme left. As his name implies, he is the time keeper.

A robe and a mongkon is hung on a wall

Aman Putra's oppenent being rubbed with tomoi oil. He felt ticklish while being rubbed with the oil by his helpers.

The mongkon being place before the fight.

Aman Putra receiving a punch. Both fight a gutsy fight and ended in a draw.
Ajan Putra (sitting) doing the wai kru with his opponent Mazlan of M-Zie Jedok Tanah Merah.

The fight in progress. I like the way Ajan Fight.

Mazlan was KOed by Ajan in the 3rd Round.

The winner with YB Fatah Haron who did the opening ceremony of the event.

What is a Boxxwarrior doing in Rantau Panjang?

I like the way this fighter did his wai kru.

This fighter was KOed in the second round with an elbow blow to the side of the head.

Another one going down early.

Che Pa of M-150 Kota Bharu being tested for his blood pressure before the fight. Anyone having high blood pressure condition will net be allowed to fight.

Che Pa fought with Shamsuri Shamsudin of Tersang Rantau Panjang.

Shamsuri grimacing with pain from a dislocated shoulder. His corner man came in into the ring and put the shoulder back into the socket. When I met Shamsuri after the fight, he didn't seem to have any pain from the dislocated shoulder anymore. Only his pride was injured.

Che Pa posing after winning the fight in round 2. He will be fighting Aik Salsaloon of Pasir Putih Kelantan in the coming big event in KL.

Even the ladies enjoy Muay Thai.

Faizal the boss of B-13 Rantau Panjang.

The youngest tomoi fan slept through the whole night's event.

The musician provide live music for the fight. Here is Roji the blind musician entertaining the crowd with dikir barat songs.

Light food is available inside the fight area.

First day's result can be seen here.

3rd days pictures will be posted tomorrow.

Pak Zawi reporting from Pasir Mas for Boxxtomoi Muay Thai Magazine.


BoxxTomoi said...

nice one pak zawi, apa2 pun jangan tukar blog ni jadi blog tomoi, susah saya cari makan nanti haha...I know you are good that why I rope you first ! said...

Salam Pak Zawi.

Wow. Wow. What a coverage. I just can't believe that it is actually happening in Kelantan. Way to go, boksing!

boksingkelate said...

Gocoh Kelate Gocoh, Kelate No.1.

Akmal said...

man, i will have to thank you for this great piece, it is of high time for all to get away from the political weirdness and craziness, gotta stop there, it makes me dizzy.
elbow blow? that's a sure blow! kena tu mau pening sejam dua.
I told you, watching people kick people gets those who are watching hyper. I mean, look at that lady!

Mat Cendana said...

I love the way things are so unpretentious... like the ticket counter, which is just a hole in the vinyl covering. Then the tikar etc. No need for fancy stuff - just the essentials and things that function.

Zawi said...

Mus Boxxtomoi,
Ini bukan blog Tomoi jadi jangan risau. Saya masuk dalam blog ni lepas dapat green light dari you. Cuma ini practice untuk Boxxtomoi Magazine nanti. Kalau bro suka cara begini persembahan saya, senang la kerja saya hehehehe. Tarok je gambar banyak banyak kakakakaka.

Inilah apa yang sedang berlaku di Kelantan sekarang. Kita je tak tahu. 20 - 22 Feb 2009 nanti pertandingan akan dibuat di Tumpat Kelantan dan perolehannya akan diderma kepada Tabung Palestine. Manakala 24 - 28 Feb 2009 di Pahi, Kuala Krai. Sepanjang tahun la ada event. Boxx Event pula akan buat yang terbesar di Stadium Sultan Muhammad ke IV Kota Bharu pada awal March 2009. Saya kira awal March la sebab pertandingan di Pahi masih on pada 28 Feb.

Harapnya kerinduan chegu untuk melihat gambar-gambar di Rantau Panjang sudah terubat. Banyak lagi akan saya paparkan dalam next blog.

That is why I posted this immediately soon after my post about Malaysia on Sale. I am up to my throat about politics and the dirty politicians some of which are holding the highest of office. Elbow blow iss the most dangerous of blows in close combat. The hard and sharp elbow can knock an opponent senseless and break skin resulting in bleeding. See some of them in the next blog.

Mat Cendana,
Nothing pretentious.How big a star the fighters are, they will accept whatever the organizer could afford to offer. There is not even a proper toilet and you just find a quiet corner to pee with your back to the crowd. Nobody complains.
The next time I ask you to join me, please do not decline especially if it is the one in Lemal which is just a stone throw away from your home.
Thanks to you now I found the missing words'a simple hole in the vinyl covering' that has been alluding me earlier. I will be mentioning about the zinc walls used to make the arena. All are practical things.

Covert_Operations'78 said...

Salam Abang Zawi!

Aman Putra & his opponent tu umur berapa? 12? How long have they been training? I feel kinda disheartened now cos I want to start but my friends tell me I am too old and too unfit to start training for muay thai already.

The photos are great, as usual! Had to laugh at the ticket counter. Very creative! I don't think the KL one would look like that though! :o)

You know, some outsiders will dismiss muay thai as a 'violent' sport, but there is nothing violent about a sport where the contestants undergo vigorous health checks and are informed and skilled adults/young persons who have undergone training. It's not like they do not know that they risk injury. To me, violent sports are things like deer hunting, bullfighting, dogfighting and pig wrestling. The animals have no say in the matter and are not willing contestants in the 'sport'. It is fun for the spectator but spells death or lifelong injury for the uncomprehending and frightened animal. THAT is violence. Skilled fighters signing up to compete in a tournament is a valid sport and a glorious art form.

Just my two sen's worth.

CO78, Over!

Zawi said...

You guessed it right, Aman is 12. He trained under the very eyes of his father Nazri under coach Shariman. You can join muay thai gym in ampang just to keep fit. I don't think it is too late just for excercise. You won't be fighting in championship ofcourse.
Fighting animals are more cruel. In Muay Thai, the fighters get to taste their own madicine. Ain't that more than fair?

uncleawang said...

A very good sport coverange & nice photos too.
Wow!!!terasa macam saya yang kena tumbok..memang hebat..macam dalam cerita..WongBak dari Thai.

hilmi said...

wow..that's interesting. thai kickboxing became quite famous in kelantan...hmm just to remind you, it must be fell down actually..not felled down. 'felled' is never exist in english term. just a minor grammatical error.

Zawi said...

Coming from you, I consider your praises are the highest accolade for an amateur writer and photographer can ever receive.

Zawi said...

Thank you for the correction. It was a rushed job as I was trying to do several posts within a single day before leaving for KL.
Thanks again.