Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I have refrained myself from posting anything political on this blog but politics is a part of our life now. So this is life as I see it... the dirtier side of politics.
From the look of things in Perak, some of our so called yang berhormat are not worthy of being called as such. They are selling their soul for an undisclosed sum, not cheaply though. The going sum is anything above RM5 million. Some people said it is RM10 million and can go up to RM15 million. It is so immoral of everyone involved be the person who sells their soul or the buyer of such souls. How much lower can they go to achieve their selfish objective?
Where are they getting their money from?
I doubt that they are using their own money. They are ill gotten money from jacked up contracts or fiascos such as the PKFZ, comissions for the dubious procurement of sukhoi jets, submarines and the like.
So now the trend is set, if you can't win an election, just buy them over after the election. Don't worry about the cost, the rakyat will bear it.
Latest has it that the one who hopped into PKR has been kidnapped and may be coerced into hopping back into UMNO. He was a trojan horse after all. What kind of man he is.
What despicable acts from the so called leaders of this nation. Oh how I hate politicians!



salam uncle
hope u r in the pinkiest o health, sure thing la kan aft the bekam session :)
nway, mcm tu ka the politics scene these days? since dtg sini we've decided 2 shut off apa2 saje berkaitan politics msia, it makes us sick 2 the stomach!

Zawi said...

Little Dewa,
So happy to see you come back. How is your little one? I hope he can adjust to the life there.
I am sick of it too. It seems they will stop at nothing to get what they want. I have never wanted to pollute my blog with political postings butI just cannot stand it anymore.
Please keep away from politics if you can avoid it. It is not healthy. I don't know what will become of our country. The future of the nation is unknown as long as we have such people leading the nation. To them the end justifies the mean.

Hussin said...


We are not allowed to pray for something bad to happen to a fellow human but how I wish I could. Maybe I could after all if I stop considering these people as humans. I do not know how they could sleep and face the people.


Zawi said...

They are all the same. Lacking in morality and conscience. How to regard them as leaders?

Azmy Omar said...


Easy way out and to be fair - GIVE BACK THE POWER TO THE RAKYAT.

Once over. Keep quiet and go to work. Yang berhormats are chosen to work... and work they MUST.

razihan said...

abg wi
politik mainan dah sekarang tida ketulusan,matlamat untuk parti tiada hanya matlamat untuk diri sendiri,tiada akauntibiliti,
kalau ada dalam USD 20 bilion malaysia akan bertukar parti or kerajaan baru mengikut sumber CIA.Musim pancing memancing dah berlaku.

kerajaan PR diperak mendapat mandat untuk memerintah selama sepenggal tetapi BN pula kacau daun.Mengambil ucapan seorang tokoh politik cina menyatakan selagi lembu makan rumput selagi itulah politikus akan makan duit 2...Beli membeli sudah lama mengikut sejarah semenjak era tahun 1960 lagi.

kenapa masa rasuah seks oleh exco pkr heboh dipaparkan dalam media perdana kerana mengatakan bahawa mereka kotor dan wajar di singkir

namun BN telah membuat pusingan U turn mengambil balik mereka dan menawarkan RM 50 juta untuk lompat parti menyertai UMNO

UMNO sacara totaly takut kepda pr mereka menggunkan SPR untuk kepentiangan sempit mereka

Temuk said...

Salam Sdr Zawi
Hampir setahun para politikus kita nampaknya hanya SIBUK & RAKUS dengan kebahagiaan PERUT mereka. Asal boleh hidup senang, tak kira lompat2 parti. Samalah, lompat A ke B atau B ke A. Saya benar-benar MUAK & MUNTAH dengan gelagat mereka. MEMALUKAN, MEMBOSANKAN, amat MENYEDIHKAN. Bila masa mereka sempat tadbir negara & membawa kebahagiaan untuk rakyat, terutama yang di kampung-kampung? Balakah ini, sekalipun ia tak sama dengan apa yang berlaku di Gaza?


I feel so disgusted over Malaysian politics. Maybe it's time to change home country.

Zawi said...

Sometimes things just don't happen the best way because lots of political maneuvering is involved. Everything is done to accentuate personal political need rather the people's need.
Such is the ways of politics of Malaysia.

Zawi said...

Media massa memainkan peranan mereka mengikut kehendak tuannya ia itu parti politik yang memegang saham terbesar mereka. Nasib baiklah kita ada media alternative. Saya membaca media massa untuk hiburan sahaja tetapi jarang mengambil serius mengenai kandungannya.

Zawi said...

Apabila pemimpin menghadapi masalah peribadi kerana pertuduhan yang mungkin menyebabkan mereka terjebak dalam kemaluan besar, mencari kuasa adalah penting untuk menutup kesalahan tersebut. Mempunyai kuasa mutlak adalah penting untuk survival mereka. Tanpa kuasa tersebut mereka akan kehilangan segalanya.

Zawi said...

If you have al alternative place why not? Not many of us have that luxury. On top of that how sure are you that the new home is going to be better?
Let us just change the government.

Gurindam Jiwa said...

Assalamu'alaikum Pok Zawi,

Lama tak komen. Sibuk sikit. Ramai benar kawan-kawan sakit, beranak, sekolah baru buka, PIBG, bini habis pantang, dsbnya...

1. Anyway, you write "politics is a part of our life now." No, politic IS part of life, dulu, kini, dan selamanya...


Jual nasi lemak pun ada politik, inikan pulak nak jadi wakil rakyat. Cuma yang halal, tetap halal; yang haram, tetap haram. Yang dianggap bermoral tetap dianggap bermoral; yang dianggap tak bermoral, tetap dianggap tak bermoral.

Sebab itulah perjuangan perlu berasaskan pendidikan. Bukan berasaskan isu atau semangat. Isu datang dan pergi, semangat naik dan turun. Pendidikan untuk sepanjang zaman, boleh menangani segala isu, dan mampu mengawal apa-apa semangat.

Pendapat saya...

2. Perkataan "kemaluan besar" tu mungkin boleh tukar kepada perkataan keaiban besar, kot. Ataupun mungkin sengaja guna perkataan tu? He he...

3. I see that you now face the reality of having to maintain more than one blog. I used to have to maintain 3 blogs, and it was like having to split your head into three. So I now maintain my ONE, with postings set to different categories and tags; which is even easier for searching and indexing, especially with overlapping contents. So the maintenance is much more manageable.

Other blogs I maintain now simply because they are for totally different body/owners.

Happy Blogging...

mamasita said...

That BN took back the government in Perak in this manner is really disheartening.
Nothing to rejoice actually. That Nasaruddin Bota guy memang takde maruah langsung! Lompat ke PKR entah2 dah dapat imbuhan.Lompat balik dapat another bigger imbuhan..makan both sides!
What kind of a leader is this? Shame on him.Yang 2 ekor lagi tupun memalukan UMNO.We don't welcome such leaders!!
Best buyer wins?? And they are still Aduns?? Dato Seri Najib?? Please wake up! Please!!!Don't you realise they are shaming our UMNO?

sherry said...

Pak Zawi.

Tengok tajuk "Malaysia On Sale",
Teruja saya kat Kuantan. Ingat bolehlah tambah point Bonuslink @ Credit Card ke apa...

Covert_Operations'78 said...

Salam Abang Zawi,

In politics there are no permanent friends or foes. Those of us, the true patriots who stand by the best, most honourable, and most dedicated candidates and want to serve our Country the best we can, could only wring our hands in despair as we watch Perak descend into madness.

Rumour has it that the katak was offered RM40 million to jump back in the UMNO waters. Gee, no wonder LHDN won't give me refund on my 'PCB terlebih bayar' last year!

Also, I believe that it is not just the prospect of the reward. Some parties are very smart, they go by the "carrot and stick" approach.

Carrot: "If you quit PKR, even though you remain as an independent but BN-friendly candidate, we will give you RM20 million, plus your brother-in-law gets to keep his factory, and your kids get to go to IPT, fully sponsored.... blah blah blah"

Stick: "If you decline our offer, we will hound you, press corruption charges against you, deregister your uncle's business, withdraw your brother's business licence, give no assistance to your children, keep your wife in the same position at work in the civil service until she retires, send our men to investigate your office and hand them 'waran geledah' every 2 weeks...blah blah blah".

Which one will you choose?


Zawi said...

Politik cuma sekali sekala akan masuk sini, ia itu apabila ada isu-isu yang dekat dihati saya.
Ya betul seperti cakap tuan. Maintaining more than one blog is quite a problem as such My Pasir Mas is quite neglected.
Doing the other blog using Wordpress which I am less comfortable is also making it difficult to me.

Zawi said...

When the next GE comes, BN will defintely suffer the wrath of the people when they will vote BN out of the government. That is the only way to make them realise the folly of their act. Instead of endearing themselves to the rakyat, they are antagonizing them more.
Using the carrot (finacial reward) and the stick (threat of prosecution) as Dato' Sak said it defintely works on the elected rep but not on the rakyat.

Zawi said...

Semua sale sekarang :). Termasuk wakil rakyat. Dengan harga yang bersesuaian, jiwa dan raga boleh di beli. Pastinya mereka tak ngaku. Tak ada duit terlibat. Hehehehe bodohnya rakyat kalau boleh terima ungkapan tu.

Zawi said...

RM40 million? Wow banyaknya. Patut la dia senyum panjaaaaaaaaaaaannng.
Let us forget about politics for now. We will work for the next General Election. We will tell them how we feel about them.
Let us go and watch Tomoi and forget about the world's problem.

Mat Cendana said...

This is an unexpected post.
As I had sms to you, I'm following it very closely. Was really stressed out and deflated last night.

The post by Sakmongkol helps to explain it - just like what "Covert Operations" mentioned, it was "carrot and stick".

But when it comes to the "stick" part, I'd say they are probably easy targets - or at least not too difficult. The fact is, they had compromised themselves in the past, had made themselves susceptible to threats.

BTW in the course of research, I had found this interesting post - the nitty-gritty of how it happened. It is said that Ezam had a hand in it:

On another matter - about Wordpress... Why don't you use Windows Live Writer? By using it, the interface will look the same regardless of whether you're writing for Blogspot or Wordpress. Easy to include pictures, links and a lot of other things.

Mat Cendana said...

I had forgotten to add this:
Compare Perak to Kelantan of 2004. The margin was even thinner. But Nik Aziz's government held on!

Says a lot when you compare the integrity of the Pas candidates as compared to PKR and Umno.