Friday, March 7, 2008

Run Up To GE 12 Pasir Mas 6th March 2008

Yesterday 5th March 2008 The Barisan Nasional Party (Read UMNO) had another gathering of youth on motorbikes. The same venue was used as the first time they had this kind of gathering on the 23rd of February to announce their candidate for the election.

The number of attendees today seems to be much bigger. Beside bikers they allow trishaws to join in the gathering too. Since this event was organized by the youth wing, most who attended are also youth. Personally I doubt that they are all UMNO youth as the lure of a free T shirt and RM10 petrol money must have attracted everyone else too be they fence sitters or even opposition inclined youth. All you need to be to qualify is to have a motorbike which are mostly the kapcais. Trishaws will do too. The petrol money is doubled the previous amount of RM5. The T shirt is a white one with the picture of Haji Ahmad Rosdi on the front. That should help Ahmad Rosdi to be recognized beside his posters portraying his face all over Pasir Mas now. I doubt that they would be wearing the T shirt much after today since he doesn't look as pretty as Maya Karin or the now married Datuk Siti.

After some boring speeches by the contestants exhorting the youth to support their candidates in the coming election. The crowd was asked to rev up their engines to make a din as a sign of support. Not much din was created by such small machines.

Most of the candidates were there except for Datuk Rahim.

Immediately after the speeches Ahmad Rosdi left in his gleaming black Sangyong SUV to probably another function. The bikers too started leaving the school compound where they collect their RM10 petrol money at the exit gate. Pillion riders collect the same amout too. From there they were instructed to ride in convoy to Pasir Mas town about 5 km away making a din and a nuisance that may have cost their candidates a few votes as their behaviour is exactly similar to mat rempits. The blue flags with the BN logo draped over their white shirts with AR's face on it easily identified them to the party responsibled for this ruckus. This clearly showed how silly some leaders to be can be sometimes. Instead of endearing people to them, they are doing the direct opposite.

Other functions usually attended by these BN candidates were Parent Teachers Association meetings which seemed to be held around this election period. There was clear instruction that the PTA's are not to be used as a platform for election campaign. But if you are in power, who cares?

Later in the evening PAS had a ceramah about 2 kilometers from my home. A large crowd was anticipated. It turned out to be a tame event as the crowd puller Datuk Ibrahim Ali was not able to attend. Many left immediately when his representative took to the rostrum to make a speech on his behalf. The other candidates couldnt hold the dwindling crowd to remain till the end of the ceramah. Compared to the politicians of old, the present crop of politicians doesn't seem to be able to possess sufficient skill in public speaking.

All the candidates on both sides are moslems but non seems to be using the mosques as a point to meet the voters. Why don't they joing the congregation performing the five daily prayers and at the end of the prayers shake as many hands as possible and plead for their votes. Make it a point to pray at different mosques for each prayer. Thats the best way to reach out to some of the voters.

Here are some pictures of the above events and some banners which was recently put up which I found to be amusing.

All sort of banners were displayed including political ones.

A Post in Pasir Mas town.

An Islamic Pawn shop next to a PAS post

One Chinese village support BN while the other village next to it support PAS

Datuk Rahim's company develop this property

Can you see the armoured vehicle?

Collecting petrol money at the exit of the school compound.

Can you read the message?

Below is the response to TGNA's reference to orang utan

A few surprises maybe in store for Gua Musang. Tengku Razaleigh may just scrape through with a reduced majority. Paloh will be safe in BN's hand but Galas may fall to PAS for the first time. Dabong is suspect. All the teachers sent to Gua Musang as punishment for being suspected as PAS symphatizers had really gone all out to change the mind of the people where they are located. Even the orang asli who were sure votes for BN will be voting opposition for a change. Who says election in Gua Musang is dull?
The prediction for Kuala Krai.
Parliament Kuala Krai - PAS
DUN Mengkebang - BN
DUN Manek Urai - PAS
DUN Guchil - PAS
DUN Dabong 50:50 If the 'cah keting' among BN occurs it will tilt to PAS.


pB said...

Salam Pok Awi

nok tanya sikit lar
jangae maroh deh

haribulae n3 tu memae gimik kor??

Bakpo pB kelih n3 tu bertarikh 3 June 2008 ...

kbguy said...

wow, Tuan Zawi getting hot with the election. Orang sibuk campaign, dia sibuk buat luputan. That's great. I get to see everything in the confort of my home. Keep up the good job !

How was this Hj AR's campaign ? I doubt he is a good speaker. Patut lah dia guna tektik kasi duit. RM10saja ? Janji duit hutang buat kontrak kat pembekal harus dibayar woi !

I don't like the idea of getting those "mat rempit" alike to go round town and make noise. That's a nuisance. Tak payah permit ke ? Macam gathering haram jugak ! I have a feeling some of those young guys tak de lesen pun. Tak undi pun ! That's the problem with this people.. I mean new contestant.., from somebody whom not many people know of (like Hj AR), suddenly dah buat orang tak suka. How to win like that ?

Zawi said...

Ambo silap pada tarikh hok lepas jadi bila post jadi yang kedua lepas hok lama. Takpo Pok Cik baiki la semeta lagi.

Zawi said...

I tried to be fair in my reporting. How do I look from your view?
When you are with the government lesen, permit, topi keledar semua tak perlu hahahaha. Dapta baju dan duit sepuluh ringgit untuk kerja sikit tu cukupla.
AR kasi kain sarong kat guru-guru sekolah. Saya nak auction saya punya undi to the highest bidder la.
Kalau kalah mungkin project yang tak siap terbengkalai la.
The mat rempit that they engaged to roam around town are really a nuisance. I will not vote for him just because of that.

lunacy said...

pak zawi,
BN guna tektik "politik duit" ye? hmm.. belum pun merintah kelantan tapi kesan negative dah nampak..

hopefully, the kelantanese and the malaysian will vote wisely :)

kbguy said...

Zawi, I pity Pasir Mas people lah. Actaully, both the candidates pun tak sesuai to contest for parlimentary seat. Kalau macam tu, dua2pun main sogok duit. Lets be fair.. I think we are here to pinpoint their weakness b4 we cast our vote. Maybe AR dah terikut2 peraigai KJ. Lagu pun, dia di pilih based on last minute change. Orangnya amat sibuk, asyik pergi luar dari Kelantan. Busy man le.. banyak business dan meeting. Macam mana nak settle problem kat kg Tuan Zawi, katakan problem temeh remeh. Problem sendiri pun tak terhandle.
On the other side, IA tu party hopping. Dulu kat byelection Pasir Panjang, and previous PRU11, dia parti Bebas. What happen if pengundi yang tak suka dia, yang undi PAS dan kutuk IA ? Sekarang nak atau terpaksa vote untuk dia pulak ? I am afraid this people will shift to BN. In my opinion, this 2 guys tak sesuai jadi peminpin. They are business man.
Betul tak ? Sikit2 main duit.

jaflam said...

Thanks for the ground news. Kelantan will be the hottest state for this election .... let see if the Blue flags can out run the Moon.

My place is like a mini Kelantan case since PAS is quite strong here. Let see the color after 8 March ???

Hussin said...

Sdra Zawi,

Bukan politik wang ker tu? Walaupun sikit. But that is how it started, dari sikit lama-lama jadi banyak.

Wah nampaknya dah berani buat prediction. I hope you are right. It would definitely make my day.

Keep the report coming.

pen said...

Salam zawi...
walaupun sy x kena sbenarnyo kita ni sssatu parlimen jah..ambo ore pasir mas jugak..ore kg loni duk sabah..EG kali ni x dapat blk ngundi..jd saya harap la cik zawi ni dapat tunjukkan lebih banyak lg gambar psl pilihanraya i pasir mas..tambah2 lg di dun chetok..ambo puah doh cri gmbar2 suasana pilihanraya di chetok...x dok pn d internet..jd saya harap demo dapat post d blog demo la..x pun xlh tlg send ko email saya ko..lgmana?.saya rindu nk tengok suasana pilihanraya d kg saya..

UncleJ said...

well written piece again, pak zawi..good job!

biasalah BN guna tektik guna mat rempit dgn dibayar rm10 seorang....semua nak kena sogok baru boleh jalan, menang sorak je lah kalau mcm tu..isk isk..

seronok baca prediction pak zawi tu..tapi kali ni saya rasa PAS sapu bersih sebersihnya kelantan..not even one seat will go to BN...

Akmal said...

Salaam Pak,
This is one of the things I simply don't understand about this GE; they used Mat Motors! So far that I can tell, they are defaming their own name. The reason, well, that puts me in blues. Most of these Mat Motors are mat rempits, I am very sure about this. I guess we are the first in the world to do this...
You said it, this will surely cost this fellow 'some' votes.

Zawi said...

Kalau bagi RM10 bukan politik namanya. Duit minyak tu. Kalau tak kasi duit minyak macam mana nak berarak motor. Politik duit kenala banyak sikit.
Wisely means?

Zawi said...

Sekarang dah jadi trend la semua nak kena upah. Naikkan bendera nak kena upah, berarak nak kena upah, jaga pos nak kena upah, hadir ceramah pun kena upah juga. Hari ni banyak bank di KB habis duit RM100 dan RM50 kerana hari ni last day bank buka di Kelantan. Semua bank sudah agak withdrawal besar akan berlaku dan stok duit banyak. Semua withdrawal besar besar RM300 ribu atau lebih. Malam ni semua orang sibuk cari mereka mereka yang nakkan duit. Tapi ada syaratnya. Democracy Malaysian style hehehehe.

Zawi said...

D Jaff,
I often wonder why they want Kelantan so much? Read here for the possible reason:
Mini Kelantan eh? Then it is quite fun ya. Hope it will be a clean fight.
What color do you think it will be?

Zawi said...

Kalau sikit politik wang juga ke? Ingat banyak bau kira politik wang. Tak apa asalkan jangan lebih dari had yang dibenarkan. Nak lagi kalau dari party Barang Naik. Imagine taht bugger standing at the gate with a bagful of money.
Buat prediction based on hearsay je. Maybe wrong. Take it with a pinch of salt OK?

Zawi said...

La kita ni sekampong ko? Kawe asal Chekok. Boleh kawe gi Galok esok ambik gambar nak kasi demo tengok suasana di kampong. Siannya ko demo.
Demo suko ko tak suko DUN Chetok dah kiro milik PAS dah. Tok Rahim takleh lawan Ustaz Halim.

Zawi said...

Thanks for the praise. That is all that I can do.
It is dangerous to use these young people as they can be easily incited to do something bad. So far there has been nothing untoward happen, but it can take a small incident for it to turn ugly, even a genuine accident involving one of them. They are irresponsible to use such people.
No way PAS can have a clean sweep of Kelantan. There are a few constituency where the BN is so dominant, like Paloh in Gua Musang where settlers resettlement were purely from UMNO stock. It is OK to let some parties win some seats. We need the check and balance in any situation.

Zawi said...

Desperate people do desperate things. If they dont use the mat motor they will never get a crowd. So far they have never managed to organize any big well attended ceramah. This is the only way for them.
I believe some of the elderly supporters disagree with the Youth Wing for using the mat motor.

Linken Lim said...

Personally I doubt that they are all UMNO youth as the lure of a free T shirt and RM10 petrol money must have attracted everyone else too be they fence sitters or even opposition inclined youth.

The March 8 general election could be the "dirtiest ever".

Perhaps,it is about time our 'half cooked','half past six' leaders get a taste of how they have been treating others, give them a chance to be opposition !

Zawi said...

linken lim,
I agree with you that they are not totally BN supporters as the lure was too enticing for young people like them. The organizers wanted a crowd so they get their crowd. I dont think they care a hoot whether they are really their supporters. It was just an attempt to show that they can gather a crowd.
The people in power are cooking up something every minute of the day to ensure a win. Lets give them a shock.

Emir Ramli said...

Pak Zawi, well done. Thanks for sharing your view and story of election "fever" Pasir Mas...


zaitgha said...


My wish and pray that Kelantan stay with PAS...i think money politic is everywhere but no one have done it so blatantly open except the Be End...and the used of Mat Rempits, they are just being irresponsible and now i just cringed when i saw the many posters of Selamat, aman,makmur...

Selamat Mengundi to you and all your readers....

Zawi said...

Sekiranya tak pulang semoga terubat rindu. More pictures soon.

Zawi said...

They stole from the Rakyat by inflating the cost of projects and then use the money to bribe people into voting them.
They are irresponsible indeed when they use the mat rempits which can easily lead to trouble.
Kelantan will definitely remain under PAS and with a bigger majority, InsyaAllah.
Selamat mengundi to you too.