Saturday, March 8, 2008

Run Up To 12th GE Pasir Mas, DUN Chetok - 7th March

Lunacy is a Kelantanese in Sabah. He longed to see the goings on in his Kampung Galok which is next to my kampong of Chekok in the Chetok constituency. Chetok is one of the state constituencies under the Parliamentary constituency of Pasir Mas.
DUN Chetok is a straight fight between Dato' Ab. Rahim Abdul Rahman of BN against the incumbent Ustaz Halim Abdul Rahman of PAS. Ustaz Halim isn't expected to face any problem against this challenge as he had been serving the constituency very well the way the people there want him to be. He is very close with the people on the ground and will not discriminate those who didn't vote for him.
I went over to Galok just before the Jumaat prayers and performed mine at Masjid Hujung Galok which is still under construction. The construction of this mosque is solely based on donation and thus takes a long time to complete.
The Imam directly exhort those who attended the prayers to vote PAS as it is considered the only party that adheres to the Islamic laws. I find the way he does it as too crude and may not be attractive to those who regard politics as seperate from religion.
It was raining most of the time so the photos didn't turn out well.

If only they would accept contribution from the Federal government, this mosque would be ready in no time especially during such election tme.
They are so creative.

Guess which party are they referring to.

The junction to Tok Uban in Chetok.

This poster is a cheeky one I found near the moslem cemetery in Chekok

During Pak Lah's time the people are asthmatic

How high is high enough?

In the evening I went out again to take some pictures of posters that I have misssed. Most are self explanatory.

The above picture showed the level crossing in town. During festive holidays this crossing create massive traffic jam in town. Both parties promised to construct an overhead pass to fascilitate crossing during the recent Pengkalan Pasir by election. Since PAS won, the party started the construction work this year and scheduled to be completed next year (2009).

Incase they are accused of not keeping to their promise, they put up a large signboard saying that they have started working on it on the other side of the railway track.

Reverse psychology.

Colorful flags.

This is their promise.

The Kelantanese from outstation are arriving.

My neighbour Dato' Abdul Fatah Haron contesting in Bukit Tuku State seat.


awang said...

Pak Zawi,
Election fever still on...I wonder whether we are allowed to take photo while cast the vote just like VIP....I'm trying to do it tomorrow,,,,cuba-cuba lah besok.

kbguy said...

Whatever it is Tuan Zawi, everything will ends by midnight today, I mean the campaign. Than it will be the day to cast our vote. After that we'll wait and see. Where will you be at ? I think I'll just stay at home and watch for the annoucement from the TV. Any other source ? I remember last time, my friends will sms the result one by one. Kelantan's result was the last, as they need to do the recounting. Then we also have the unofficial result. This time I don't think they allow to release the unofficial results.

Zabs said...

Salam Zawi,
Selamat mengundi.

Zawi said...

You can always try. The worst they can do to you is a no. They best way is to ask the polling officer to take your picture casting your vote. Tell him you want to use it on your blogsite. I think he will do it for you.

Zawi said...

Yes everything ends tonight. Ceramah ended last night. Tonite will be important to get the fence sitters. Ofcourse you know how they do it la.
Tomorrow I will be out for a while to try ang get a few pictures to illustrate my post. After that stay home to monitor the results from TV and via the net.
U log in to your gmail tomorrow night and we can use the chat to exchange info on the result.
We can use the unofficial result while the actual result is out.
I think my earlier prediction is not correct anymore as many gentlement agreements among the leaders are not followed by the voters on the ground. I suspect AR may win Pasir Mas due to the above reason.

Zawi said...

Thanks. Selamat mengundi kepada anda juga.

Anonymous said...

Pak Zawi,Salam mlm Sabtu,Saya solat Jumaat di Masjid Jamek Kuala Lumpur hari ini.Seperti sedia maalum JAWI tidak megizinkan khutbah Jumaat diperalatkan,Tetapi tazkirah sebelum Jumaat amat menarik.Penceramah seorang lecturer dari UIAM berjaya mengupas isu ini dgn ilmiah dan merujuk Al Quran dan As Sunnah.Intonasi nya lembut dan berhikmah,Mesej nya menyentuh rasanubari.Hebat lecturer ini difahami berasal dari Kelantan Darul Naim. Rio.

Zawi said...

Salam kembali.
Tempat saya sembahyang tu adalah sebuah mesjid kampung. Bila saya tanya kawan-kawan di kampung saya yang cuma bersebelahan dari kampung itu, mereka mengatakan memang Imam mesjid itu memang caranya begitu. Beliau kelulusan sekolah pondok tetapi seorang yang Hafiz Al Quran.
Kalau dah pensyarah tu memang lain la cara penyampaian nya. Bertuah betul saudara Rio dapat mendengar ceramah dari beliau.