Sunday, March 9, 2008

Kelantan Is Saved

Unofficial Result. PAS won 31 seats and retains Kelantan, Allahu Akbar.

When the election result was streaming in, I was looking in disbelief at the Malaysiakini unofficial result that PAS had already won 31 seats in Kelantan and Penang was already in the hand of DAP. My ex teacher from the Pasir Mas school days and now residing in Johor called me to congratulate me on the success of the incumbent state government to retain Kelantan with an even bigger majority. He knew that I was supportive of this government even though I was a member of the other party opposed to it. I could guess his happiness at having heard that DAP has taken over from Gerakan in Penang. Congratulating him on that and throw him a caution that the DAP must not neglect the Malays of Penang. He assured me that the DAP won't neglect them. It will be detrimental to the whole intention of bringing the BN government if the DAP choose to be another UMNO which they had been unhappy with all these while. The DAP being similarly race based is still looked upon with suspicion by the Malays. It will be detrimental in the long run if DAP doesn't improve its image as multi racial party like the PKR is.

Today 9th March 2008, the mood among the supporters of the current state government is in a state of euphoria. Who would have thought that PAS would be returned with such an overwhelming majority, 39 to 6 for BN?
In my post on nomination day I made the following prediction:

PAS - 33
BN - 10

I can't predict the other two seats.
Well, I wasn't far off wasn't I? The prediction was made on nomination day and based on gut feeling.
So what next? It is time to walk the talk. Those who have found power must walk the talk. State like Penang which be governed by the DAP for the first time must tread carefully lest they maybe accused of the same thing that of favouring a specific race and thus damage once and for all the good faith that were accorded to them.
Time for me to grab some sleep.
Thank you God.


LadyZ said...

Alhamdulillah.... Allahu Akhbar

Zawi said...

As Sheih call it, Kelantan is the last bastion or the last frontier. Hopefully Pak Lah will now wake up from his sleep amd let others take over so that his SIL can be kept in check.

Zabs said...

Salam Zawi,
Alhamdulillah. Alah Maha Besar.

Anonymous said...

Alhamdulilah.. the most powerful suara rakyat ever!!
am too excited to sleep :)

-lunacy, sg

Zawi said...

Salam zabs,
Alhamdulillah. Allah Maha Besar. Now TGNA is ready to handover the rein of Kelantan to a younger leader and the transition will silence all critics that he is there to be MB till death. Whatever decision he makes will be accepted by all.

Zawi said...

Alhamdulillah. The rakyat has spoken. They have used the ultimate weapon they have, via their votes.
Dah tengok gambar di DUN Galok yang saya buat khas untuk anda?
Buleh ko beritahu nama demo dan nama orang tua tuan hamba di Galok? Mungkin saya mengenali mereka, sebab kampung hamba di Chekok je.

Nor Haniza said...

Salam Pak Zawi and others.
Actually, its official now that PAS won 39 DUN and 12 Parlimen. BN maintained GMusang & Jeli. I wait all night till 5.45 am for the result. At 4.30 am, I heard a loud dikir barat 'Kelate Teraju Perubohe' on the road and decide to try capture some pic from my backdoor but the quality is not good. So many people on small lorries, cars, bike and walking chanting Allahu Akbar and dikir along. I cried because the feeling is so intense and those people on the road are so dicipline.

We at Dar Nur al-Zahra' have our free holiday today.

kbguy said...

Lets hope our new leaders will work hard and fair to all.

awang said...

Salam Pak Zawi,

Zawi said...

nor haniza,
Wassalam. I went to bed at 12 midnight when there was no more new updates on Malaysiakini. I guess the staff had all gone home by then. Anyway the unofficial result that PAS has won Kelantan was known as early as 9.30 PM on their site. Many other unofficial surprised result were known too.
You were lucky to have witnessed the euphoria of winning the election in Kota Bharu. Please send me the pictures to my email for me to put on the blog however porr the quality is.
Enjoy the gift of a holiday today.

Fauziah Ismail said...

Salam Pak Zawi
I haven't got home yet since reporting for duty at 8am Saturday. Interesting, yet shocking, results for some states.
The people have spoken. Only, let's hope the message gets acrossed.

Mior Azhar said...

Pak Zawi,
Alhamdulillah. And Kedah, Perak and Selangor too. Who would have imagine such a result..

a malaysian in riyadh said...

You're being too modest in your prediction. But understatement is always better than overstatement. TGNA said in Islam everybody is equal. Coming from him .. I'm sure all Malaysians feel reassured. May Kelantan gets better and better. Well done Sir.

zaitgha said... lets see how the opposition works for the next 5 years....the real hard work just begin for them

love your GE posting Pak and take care and enjoy your kopi or teh tarik....i hve a party to take care off...

Zawi said...

Yes, the people have spoken, we know they got the message but the PM may put the blame solely on his fallen team mates and absolved himself and his son in law of any blame. Meanwhile he will put in a new team and rule the country with his son in law to rape the land of whatever remains.
The voters should have replaced the representative in Kepala Batas, Pekan and Rembau to ensure no more continuity of the plundering to re established.
Will the new state government be able to stop the award to Scomi to do the 3 billion monorail and retender the project? If half a billion could be saved, it goes along way to help the public for some other much needed infrastructure.

Zawi said...

mior azhar,
It was indeed unprecedented. The PM could have boasted to the world that he brought his coalition to the best election performance in 2004 and to the worst performance in 2008 all in a span of 4 years. A record of sort beside his sleeping habit.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

pak Z,

the result proves that 'Pade doh' is completely a gimmick, irrelevant and now its gone as swiftly it came.

Zawi said...

I was just guessing based on my gut feeling. It was not based on any statistical data at all. Just by the words of friends opinion in the area.
With sincerity,Kelantan can be developed for all to live without any quarters feeling deprived of their right to exist and live in peace.
Would you be happy if KM becomes another KL?

Zawi said...

Now who is the opposition? In states like Penang, Kedah, Perak, Selangor and Kelantan the oppositions are the BN. Yes I hope they will work harder to make their presence more relevant now otherwise PKR which represents everyone irrespective of their race or religion will be the party of choice soon. They wrote off PKR too soon and now regret it for letting its leader free from the Grand Palace of Sungai Buloh.
Oh you are having a vicctory celebration or something?

Zawi said...

Anything from the SIL doesn't sell to anybody else other than the FIL. Pade doh muka dia. Nasib baik Chegu Bard tak sapu dia dari muka politik Malaysia.
If his FIL resigned from all party posts and vamoosh to Perth with shame, he will be marauded by the other hyenas.
Do you know that he is now a monkey like us too?
This is his blogsite: Despite his so called Oxbridge education, he just learnt the art of blogging. A late developer I would say.

Maverick SM said...

I had all along believed that PAS with Tok Guru around will win. They did and with resounding victory.

PAS had proven that it can govern with fairness and justice for all.

Zawi said...

He is a wise old man. His decision to filed a non member like Dato' Ibrahim Ali was met with strong resistance from some quarters within his party and the outcome proved his wisdom.
His next wise move will be to have a smooth transition of power to next inline and allow his son Nik Abduh to compete for a place in the Dewan Negeri or Parliament.

KNizam said...

power to the blogger ! hehe :)

H J Angus said...

Kelantan folks are steadfast.

It is good to have states with different government models different from the BN model and now after 50 years Malaysians have finally developed a little politically.

Hopefully, the EC will now be cleaned up so that we will not need buses to be detained and passengers harrassed.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

hehehe...yes, i have been to his website and being a chicken shit he is, there was nowhere we could leave a comment. cant blame him, he could forsee the outcome if he had it opened for the public to say a few things. a sad case, for the rembau folks especially.

Zawi said...

Welcome to my humble site.
Now even the non believers are beginning to believe and embrace the medium. Its the only medium where the freedom expression are really free in every sense of the word unlike the MSM who have to dance to the tune of their owners.

Zawi said...

h j angus,
In a war, never run down your enemy to such an extent and use extremely unfair tactics that even your frineds symphatize with your enemy. This is what happened not only in Kelantan but all over Malaysia.
The EC is one of the dirty tactics tey use and people dont have confidence in their impartiality anymore. EC must be totally revamped.

Zawi said...

He will never dare to open up his site for comments even with moderation. Why? Cos he will have his hands full trying to delete comments that will never be published since they are all against him. He is a liability to the Barang Naik Party. The sight of him made many people puke.

NaNa said...

Pak Zawi,

It's a wake up call to the leaders... the voters are more matured now. They are not easily swayed by empty promises. They want to see results and if the results are not there, they shift.

As for Kelantan, let me quote what my mum just told me "mana ada menteri besar negeri lain yang mengajar agama pada rakyat". Regardless of what the federal govt said, the people of Kelantan are happy with the current administration.

Alhamdulillah. Hopefully things will get better now that there are checks and balances.

jaflam said...

Salam Zawi,
Kelantan became stronger and PAS has spread its strength across the country, having 3 MBs InshaAllah. Making inroad in all states including Johor, I was happy to see kampung & school mate finally made it in Muar after tirelessly over two decades fighting the Islamic cause.

The bigger challenge now awaits the BA to stay true to their cause and promises and not to be intoxicated y the power given by the Rakyat. By the way N26 Bangi won by Dr Shafie from PAS.

Zawi said...

You spoke for the rest of us. I dont have to say more.
View this site:
Some leaders have no shame and will cling to power with the thinnest or win and to know that the win comes from Sabah and Sarawak which is isolated from the rest of the country doesn't lend much credibility to it.
Have a good day.

Zawi said...

D Jaff,
Though I am happy that PAS has spread its wing to other states, I am still sad to see that PAS Trengganu has failed to recapture the state. What is wrong there? Can't they learn a thing or two from the neighbouring Kelantan?
Yes the challenge ahead for BA is very big indeed. Can they live up to their promise? There are many obstacles in the forms of regulations from the Federal government that may hinder them in implementing some of the promises. That itself is a challenge which can be put to use to discredit the state government.
Alhamdulillah for Dr. Shafi'e win in Bangi.

Nor Haniza said...

Assalamualaikum Pak Zawi.
Regarding the pic, since the quality is too bad (I use dig-cam and my house is quite far from the road although there's only a field separating them), only dots of lights can be seen in the blackness of the morning, I just clicked twice and later delete them. So, I'm really sorry.

Puteri said...

Time to walk the talk indeed! It is now time to fulfill promises! No more BS!

Rajan Rishyakaran said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Zawi said...

Your statement:
"PAS regime of Nik Aziz is known to murder murtads (apostate Muslims) in Kelantan. Between 1999-2004, PAS regime had murdered 903 Malay Christians under the Syariah laws"
Any proof to substantiate that?
Its news to me. I will not refute that until you provide some proof.

Zawi said...

nor haniza,
It is OK. There are many pictures posted by others already.

Zawi said...

You are spot on. Let them work. Now it is easy to garner support when everybody is working towards the same gaol.

MindSpring said...

Well done to all bloggers for this fantastic outcome.

Do come and visit my EC analysis at Mindacergas

yeappie said...

What are you smoking? Unless you can back up what you have said, do not just be blowing smoke in the air. Tok Guru has brought honour and dignity to the office he serves.

MindSpring said...

Rajan's comment has prompted me to write this as an annex to what I wrote in MindSpring - Coping with political change

Three points I'd like to make:
1. In the most general terms and as seen in the times of the caliphate, Muslims and non Muslims co-existed peacefully. Muslims were ruled under the Sharia while the Non Muslims were ruled under the laws of their religion.

2. In so far as matters of religion and GOD is concerned, GOD has said in the Quran chapter 109- to you your God and to me my GOD. And in Chapter 2 verse 256 - let there be no compulsion in religion.

3. And this is probably the most controversial statement I have to make, it is that by far the greatest challenge facing the "Islamic" parties is to make clear the difference between Melayu and Islam. the day the Malays embrace the concept that Malay is not Islam and Islam is not Malay, we will have a superb platform to build on. All the things we resent exist in the Malay culture but not in ISLAM. In Islam Corruption is haram, not in Malay, cheating/short changing/ ali baba is haram but not in Malay (Quran Chapter 83).

I contend that is not our role to impose Islam on to others but for us to show the exemplary virtues of Islam so others want to come into it.

As the Prophet Muhammad PBUH used to say over and over again, "My job is to preach, GODs job is to convert."

Zawi said...

rajan is a fake. He came in as an anonymous. I am keeping his comment there just to let people see what sort of distorted information such people can blurt out. If anybody feel offended by such skewed minded person, I will have it deleted. Just say the word.

Zawi said...

mindspring (Ashraf),
As I have said to yeappie, people who wrote under anonymous condition are gutless irresponsible people. The words of such people doesn't count.
Your statement on Malays and Islam arent really controversial as Malay is a race and Islam is a religion. Prior to embracing Islam the Malays were either of different faith or doesn't have a faith at all. It is not right to equate the Malays as all moslem. Some prefer to act as moslem despite the fact that they are not due to peer pressure or being afraid to be out of place in the society where they live in.
Thanks for the explanation.

Berisman said...

On my back to KL,I met a BN YB for DUN Kelantanat KB airport.I asked him how he saved from The Tsunami? He replied'"Berkat du'a abe dan amdo dok dalam Masjid Ar Rahman!"

When I asked UMNO veteran why BN lost so much,he replied,"Sapo seko?".Now we all know who really scored!

yeappie said...

Pak Zawi,
I am a Kelantanese, a chinese, and a buddhist. I am offended by this outrageous/offensive comments from a low life who muddied the water for his own ego. Please trash his comments.

Zawi said...

Pak Adib,
Sapa seko?
From the nomination day I have made a prediction that PAS will win at least 33 seats and BN will win the about 10 seats. They just refused to read the signs which laymen like me could see as clear as daylight. They were too confident of their ability to do a miracle with money or other means called cheating. Those blessed with army camps are of course spared the tsunami. Is it by any chance that he had an army camp in his constituency?

Anonymous said...

salam...Pak Zawi..i'm new here...

i've read what has been commented by mr. Rajan. I'm very dissapointed with him as he said such bad thing to TGNA. where did he get the infos? there are no such thing occured in Kelantan.

May be you could say n prove something to him to deny the things he said.

Tq, Pak Zawi.... :-)

Zawi said...

He is a trouble maker. I told him to give proof and he never came up with anything. I know its all bullshit and no sane person will take him seriously.
He doesn't even have a website for us to know more about him. Just ignore him. If you feel offended and want me to delete his post will will be too glad to do it. In the meantime I want everyone to see what a liar he is.

Zawi said...

Since you are ashamed to see his comment and requested me to trash it, it is with pleasure that I am trashing it now. Thank you for making the request and we shall remove the eyesore forever.

MiraShaza said...

Bukan saja dipanjangkan rzeki PAS utk terus bertapak di Kelantan tapi jugak mengurniakan lagi anugerah untuk penaklukan penuh ke atas Kedah..
Semoga hari-hari yg berikutnya akan lebih baikk..

Zawi said...

Selamat datang ke nlogsite hamba.
PAS cuma perlu menunjukkan contoh terbaik untuk diterima oleh seluruh masyarakat.
Terima kasih atas komentar anda.