Saturday, March 22, 2008

Please Pray For My Daughter Azura

When Azura my eldest daughter called us that her third child will be a boy we were so overjoyed with it. This is God's gift to her after having given birth to two girls Nur Alia Jazleen 8 and Nur Farhana Jazreen 6 both of them I lovingly referred to as Budak Puchong.
Though she works in Kuala Lumpur, she prefers to deliver her babies at University of Science Malaysia Hospital in Kota Bharu. She intends to deliver the third child at the same hospital.
While still in Kuala Lumpur, a check at the hospital there showed that the baby was in a breech position. This is a bad sign as the baby's head should be pointing downward towards the cervix, the exit from the uterus. Her due date was barely a month away and in the breach position, the baby is definitely in the wrong position to join this world.
This is the age of modern medicine with all its sophistications, a breach position means caesarian delivery. The baby will have to join this world not by the normal way but a via a cut in the mothers stomach which will leave a scar for life.
The traditional midwife still plays a part in the delivery of a child. The important part played by the traditional midwife is in correcting a breach position. So far the taditioanl midwife has never failed to correct this problem in any of our family members including my own wife. The first attempt to correct the breaching position by a midwife in KL succeeded for a short while but the position reverted.
With the due date getting nearer, we asked her to come back to Pasir Mas to get it done by a midwife who was known to have been correcting the breaching postion of babies due for delivery all the time. The baby returnrd to the breeching position after being corrected by the midwife. She refused to make another attempt for fear that the umbilical chord maybe a factor in the failure.
Since Azura's husband works in Ipoh and cant be back yet, I had to take Azura to HUSM for the check up on 18th March 2008. We went there very early in the morning arriving at HUSM a few minutes past 8 am. There was already a long queue at the outpatient department but at the Oncology and Gynaecology clinic the crowd was quite normal at that early hour.
Since her appointment was with the specialist, it took quite sometimes for her to be examined. Having the child for more than 36 weeks means she was due anytime and by right the baby should be in the correct position for delivery.
The doctor who examined her decided to retain her for observation in the ward. She was admitted into Ward Akik on the second floor and was scheduled to be operated on the next day which was the 19th since there will be a holiday for Maulidurrasul on Thursday the 20th of March. A holiday on Thursday to be followed by the weekend on Friday and Saturday means three non working days. The hospital will be short of staff if the operation was not done on Wednesday before the extended weekend begins.
Azura (second from left) with the family members in the ward at Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia.
On Wednesday the baby turned and prepared to exit into this world. We were overjoyed, natural birth was possible. But the doctors needed to see how stable will the baby be in this position as attempting a normal delivery was dangerous if the baby turn to a position of breach again. An endoscopic examination was done to find out if the channel of delivery was ok. Then the worst thing happened, my daughter started to bleed. The kind of bleeding never associated with predelivery of a baby. Another examination was carried out by the gynaecologist on duty and Dr. Ramli Ibrahim found a 2 cm tumour at the cervic! It was this tumour that was bleeding. The baby had been turning away from the tumour. Thats the reason for the breech. Nature ensures that a certain signal is sent when condition is not normal.
Samples were taken of the tumour and sent to the lab. Since it was already evening, the lab staffs have left for home and tests can only be done on the samples by the earliest on Sunday. The doctor supervising my daughter is Dr. Kumar. So friendly was he that he was willing to share all the informations that he knows and answered every one of my questions and my son inlaw's question however silly some of them were. He undestood that under the circumstances, our minds were one of absolute turmoil. His answers eased our mind.
If the cervical tumour growth was malignant tumour, which means cancer, the following procedures will be followed: caesarian operation will be done to bring out the baby. As the trauma of childbirth will result in swelling of all the blood vessels and thus the operation to remove the tumour will not be done at the same time and must be done later by a specialist. Its not just the removel of the uterus but also the lymph nodes. The lymph nodes if not removed will be the entry point for the cancerous cells to invade the rest of the body. When that happens, nothing can be done to save the life of the patient. The operation to remove the uterus and the lymph nodes can only be done after about 2 weeks of the delivery by caesarian but not later than 4 weeks. Too early an operation means not letting to allow the swollen blood vessels to recover from the trauma and too late may mean the exposure of the rest of the healthy body part to cancerous cells which are already within the body.
Of paramount importance is the confirmation by the pathologists on the status of the tumour. Only by culturing the cells will the confirmation be made. The 3 days holiday wasn't helping matters at all. Now a week is necessary. If the tumour is cancer off stage one, removal of the uterus will more or less remove the cancer for good, otherwise chemotherapy is the only other available cure.
Chemotherapy with all the side effects is dreaded. In essence chemotherapy is like killing the cancer cells by burning them. To ensure all of them are cleaned, more than the infected cells must be destroyed. The side effects are too numerous. At a comparatively young age of 33, chemotherapy will result in so many undesirable effect without even the guarantee of obliterating the cancer. She could live better without a uterus and forgo all future chances of having another child.
With already 2 daughters and a son, my daughter's family is quite a family already. Saving the baby's life and her own life is of paramount importance. It doesn't matter if she can't reproduce again. My own is only a family with 4 children including Azura herself. So having one less children than me won't make her any worse. There are others out there who are not even blessed with a single child.
Dr. Ramli took another sample on the afternoon of 20th March. He can't wait for the lab result. He will do a microscopic study to satisfy himself that a caesarian operation was the better option and the sooner done the better.
At exactly 4.00 pm Azura was wheeled into the operating theatre with the blessing of all the family members including Jo her husband.
An hour later a 3.1 kg baby boy with matted black hair was taken out of the operating theatre with perfect body part. The child is beautiful. Thank you Allah for saving the child.

Two hours old Mohamad Aqil.

Half an hour later one by one the immediate family members were allowed to enter the room outside the operating theatre where Azura was lying on a hospital bed before being taken to the recovery ward. She was operated on while being conscious. Only her lower half of the body was under anaesthesia. She felt no pain at all while the operation was being done. Azura recuperating after the operation.

Lis and As looking at baby brother Mohamad Aqil

We stayed with her till the end of the visiting hours at 7.00 pm. My wife Fatthiyah was allowed to stay with her in the ward to be with her for the night to lend her support with whatever way she could. The painkillers helped Azura through the night.
21st March, we visited Azura again at the ward. She was feeling better. She problem, the baby was not suckling much since early morning. It was important for the baby to have the mothers first milk which is called the colustrum containing rich antibodies essential to ward off any disease attack on her. After 6.oo pm, we told her to change to the sitting position and allow the baby to suckle while being cradled in her arms. Alhamdulillah the baby started to suckle and slowly Azura's mammary glands started to lactate. Muhamad Aqil fell asleep after getting a stomch full of his mother's milk.
Aqil having the first feed of his life.

One day old Mohamad Aqil

To all dear friends, I beg you all to pray for my daughter's well being. Let the tumour be benign. If it is malignant, let it be in stage one so that an operation to remove her uterus and lymph nodes is all that is necessary for her to carry on living to look after her 2 daughters and the newborn baby boy.


Fauziah Ismail said...

Salam Pak Zawi
Congratulations to Aqil's Atok and Nenek, papa Jo and Mama Azura and the two sisters. Aqil is a fine looking boy. He'll probably be a heart-breaker one day.
To Azura, be strong and stay positive whatever the outcome of the results on the tumour.
Cancer is no longer unbeaten.

J.T. said...

Hello Zawi

First of all, congratulations to Azura and everyone in the family for the arrival of a beautiful child. My thoughts and prayers are with Azura.

You mentioned "Nature ensures that a certain signal is sent when condition is not normal." How true.
I do not know if it right to say, in this case, that "in adversity, there is opportunity".
If not for the baby's continual breaching in the womb, Azura would not have known of another problem so soon. Now, there is an opportunity to fix it and, I pray, give her a good quality of life.

rauhunt said...

Salam Pak Zawi,
Congratulations to you and your family for having the newest member. What a nice looking Aqil is.

I pray to Allah to provide Azura good health and hope all of you will overcome this obstacle.

Akmal said...

Pak Zawi,
Alhamdulillah. Congratulation to all your family for the addition of the new member into the clan. Aqil looks a real fine.
For whatever occurrences happen, there are always reasons. In this case, like what j.t. said; the continual breaching told you the other problem. I know how does it feels like to know a family having tumor.
To Azura, whatever coming, stay positive. My prayers for your well-being and strength to overcome all hinders.

U.Lee said...

Hello Zawi, Wow! Another addition to the Zawi clan. My heartiest congratulations to Azura and hubby, YOU and family.
He's really a cute boy.
Incidentally, my first son was born the upside down way, by caesarian. We sure got kelang kabote when heard he jumping out instead of diving out, ha ha, but bless the doctor, he just winked at us and smiled saying, "hey, no problems, no big deal, you have a naughty baby, prefers to come feet out". Love doctors with a sense of humour.
And the baby? A 9 1/2 pound boy!!! Always told my wife to jaga her love of kueh bingka...that is heavy stuff! Ha ha. Thus the result!
About your lovely daughter Azura, she will be in my daily prayers, but Zawi, men already gone to the moon, now maybe ada Chinese restaurant on the moon too, so no worries.
I am confident Azura no problemos...Azura WILL be fine.
You have the best doctors there and medical technology and curing have reached the stage I can't even spell the words let alone pronounce them.
Tell her a retired gentleman from Canada wishes her all the very best. My best regards and wishes to all of you too, Zawi. Lee.

Gurindam Jiwa said...

From the outside looking in, we can only offer our best wishes. May Allah bless your daughter with speedy recovery.

acciaccatura said...

InshaAllah.semoga azura dan baby aqil sentiasa sihat.

after 3 normal deliveries,i had arwah afifah through caesarean sect. scar masih ada, orangnya dah pulang.

Zawi said...

Wassalam. Thank you. I will convey your message to the parents.
Would like to avoid the chemo treatment on her. Dr. Kumar explained to us the side effects arising from it. I the C is in stage one, I think she will be OK. I wonder why her last pep smear didn't indicate anything.

Zawi said...

Thank you. Nature is very kind to us all. All we need to do is read it correctly and heed its signal. Often times we tend to ignore what nature is trying to tell us.

Rahman Hariri said...

Dear Bro Zawi, congratulations to the new entry to the clan! In the same breathe, my prayer for your daughter for her speedy recovery.

Zawi said...

Thank you. Aqil is the seventh grandson. More will be coming soon. InsyaAllah, she will be fine.

Zawi said...

Alhamdulillah. Thanks for the prayers. Azura will be happy to know you are rooting for her too.
How I wish you would do Gynae. I only have praises for those gynacologists at HUSM. They are a very dedicated lot. They seems to enjoy their work.

mrs. lim said...

Good morning, Pak Zawi. Congratulations !! :)

A mother of 4 msyelf, your post made me recalled all my past experiences. Giving first birth at the age of 33 ( after 8 years of marriage ), Doctor at USM called him "the prescious baby" and took all necessary precautions.

I am sure and have all the confidence that Azura is in good hands.

I believe in the almighty and I am certain He listens. Have faith.

May God bless all of you.. :)

Zawi said...

Yes, another addition to the clan. Will convey your message to Azura when I visit her this afternoon. On behalf of the family we tahnk you for the heart warming wishes.
Your boy jumped out that way and landed feet first? The doctor must be really good to be able to cushion his landing well. Well I guess it is OK to jump out head first or feet first as long as not something in between.
A niner with another half lb extra is definitely a big boy. Must have come after the father who is a towering 6 footer.
We tank for your prayers. It doesnt matter to which God you pray to as long as it is God. We will definitely need whatever prayers we can get.
She will be discharged by tomorrow to wait for the result of the lab test and she will read your warm wishes herself. That will definitely make her feel great.

Zawi said...

gurindam jiwa,
Prayers are all we all can offer her at the moment. Thank you for the wishes.

Zawi said...

I am sorry for the demise of Afifah. Al Fatehah for her. The scar is nothing compared to the loss of a baby. The scar will remind you that arwah was once a part of you. He giveth and He also taketh.

Zawi said...

Thank you for the congratulatory message and the prayers. He will decide of course.

Zawi said...

Sorry for the late reply and it is already long past noon here. Couldn't find time because the other siblings of Azura were arriving and her mother in law too.
I have great confidence in the Doctors of HUSM. I heard from Dr. Kumar that Dr. Nik who will be doing the next operation on Azura is the best around. Couple that with the best equipments there is in a teachibf hospital, Azura will definitely receive the best mediacl care. Only the will of God will make it otherwise. He will definitely listen to our prayers.

awang said...

Salam Pak Zawi,
Congratulations to everyone in the family.Aqil cute looking boy.I arrived JB this morning from Melaka and surfing net at hotel to do my web checkin as Im going back tomorrow by airasia.Both MKZ & JHB nice city.Akmal welcome me by SMSing while im still in LCCT last Thursday,btw TAKNIAH again to everyone of the family.

cakapaje said...

Salam Pak Zawi,

Ulungnya, tahniah kepada Azura dan Pak Zawi sekeluarga dengan selamatnya hadir Aqil di bumi ini.

Juga, tiada lain yang dapat saya nyatakan melainkan bersabar dalam do'a dan teruskan usaha untuk merawat Azura. InsyAllah, sahabat sahabat Pak Zawi kesemuanya akan mendo'akan yang terbaik.

Zawi said...

I am sorry for being unable to welcome you even by sms like what Akmal did. Conditions were not conducive for me to be more sociable.
Thanks is all I could say for the warm wishes.

Zawi said...

Terima kasih kepada ucapan tahniah dari saudara di atas kehadiran Aqil.
Kami amat berterima kasih atas doa-doa sahabat agar anak sulung saya Azura akan di beri perlindungan oleh Yang Maha Esa.

Zabs said...

Salam Zawi. Alhamdulillah dan tahniah atas kurnian cucu lelaki ini. Isteri saya juga ketika melahirkan anak ya bungsu melalui pembedahan begitu juga, di negara orang lagi.
Semoga anak tuan di dalam selamat dan didoakan agar dijauhkan dari segala mara bahaya. InsyaAllah.

pendita said...

Tahniah pak zawi dikurniakan cucu jate.. semoga lebih meriah nati dale famili... semoga kak zura selamat dan lekas sembuh.. sama2 kito doa... dulu bleh try iktiar dengan tok guru haji loh lubuk tapoh... loni allayarham sudoh tiada.. kehilangan yang amat besar..

svllee said...

Dear Pak Zawi,

Thank you for posting your daughters condition and your experiences. I am truly grateful for your frankness and openess in a time like this. Congratulations are due to Aqil being born safely! And prayers will be offered Azuras's well being and healing. Rest assured.

kbguy said...

Wow ! congratulation to the mother and the atuk.. the baby boy looks cute. Hope the mother gets well soon. May God bless her and the baby good health.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Ya Allah ya tuhan ku, kau lindungi lah Azura daripada segala jenis bahaya. Berikanlah dia dan keluarganya kesihatan.

Zawi said...

Alhamdulillah dan terima kasih atas ucapan tahniah dari saudara.
Petang ini Azura kelihatan ceria. Sakit dari pembedahan sudah mula reda.
InsyaAllah beberapa hari lagi lab test result akan diperolehi dan semoga doa sahabat-sahabat dan ahli keluarga akan dimakbulkan Allah dan ketumbuhan tersebut adalah ketumbuhan biasa.

Kak Teh said...

Salam, Apologies for this late comment - but my heart goes out to all in the family. Be strong and with the family's love and support am sure Azura will be alright. From this distance - our doa's for you and family. Like what Fauziah said, cancer is no longer unbeaten. Insyaallah. Salams from both of us to all of you in the family.

Zawi said...

Terima kasih atas ucapan tahniah saudara.
Pemergian arwah Tok Guru Tuan haji Lah memang sukar untuk di ganti. Kehilangannya adalah amat besar. Besar kemungkinan Pondok Lubuk Tapah akan tenggelam sebagaimana berlaku kepada beberapa pondok lain. Cita-cita untuk mendapat khidmat beliau untuk mencukur kepala cucu saya yang terbaru juga tidak akan kecapaian.

Zawi said...

I am thankful that the operation to bring Aqil to this world went without a hitch.
God willing, with all your prayers, nothing untoward will happen to my daughter and the operation to remove the tumour will too be a success.

Zawi said...

On behalf of the parents and the rest of the family, I would like to thank you.
Aqil looks cute as a baby. Hopefilly he will grow up into a fine young man.

Zawi said...

Amin, amin,amin.
Semoga doa Che'gu akan dimakbulkan tuhan. Terima kasih yang tidak terhingga.

Zawi said...

Kak Teh,
Such kind words from you will forever be treasured. You were never late.
In this age of advance technology, cancer at the early stages can be beaten. Hopefully her's is in the early stage. The lab result will be coming out in a few days.
Your doa will certainly help.
Please convey my warmest regards to Awang Goneng.

anasalwa said...

Aongratulations to Azura and each member your family. What a fine looking baby.
Doa is all I could offer from far.

Zawi said...

Thank you for the doa. We will need whatever form of help we could give, be it divine help.

jaflam said...

A/kum Zawi,
Shukur kepada Allah Azura dan M Aqil, selamat dlm pembedahan.

Kami sekeluarga berdoa agar Azura dikurniakan kekuatan dan keselamatan dalam apa juga dugaan Allah kepada nya dan semoga tumor yang dikesan tidak mendatangkan mudarat besar kepadanya.

Ya Allah lindungilah Azura daripada penyakit yang tidak dapat diubati dan dugaan yang tidak dapat ditanggugi. Amin Ya Rabbil Alamin.

Zawi said...

Alhamdulillah anak dan cucu saya telah melepasi dugaan pertama. Dugaan kedua akan dihadapi dengan tabah menyedari segalanya adalah atas kehendakNya.
Terima kasih atas doa yang D.Jaff pohonkan akan dimakbulkan tuhan.

YeeBody said...

I couldn't read through the whole of ur write-up. You described a very vivid picture of the going-on. And I am of the scary type of person. In case of videos or tvs, I just switched them off. In your case, the best I can do is, at its end, to offer a sincere prayer for the safety and well-being of your family – the Mother, the new member and of the caring grandfather. Wassalam.

Zawi said...

There is nothing much more for me to say anymore all I can say is to thank you for your offer of prayers.
Thank you again Yee.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

pak Z,

InsyaAllah all of us will pray for Azura's speedy recovery and to remain strong whatever the outcome may be. to stay mentally strong may do the trick, insyaAllah.

congrats to you btw, sir.

yeappie said...

Salam Pak Zawi,
Congratulations for the new addition of a fine young boy to your family. Our prayers are with Azura for a safe surgery and complete recovery.

J'da said...

I think Azura recovered from C-section faster than I did (for my 2 c-section deliveries). My due respect to USM docs that they can detect the abnormality from the bleeding sign itself.

We all also kenal Dr. Nik tu.. he is good - kalu tak takkan dpt jadi HOD, kan?

Doa utk Azura hopefully it is just a benign...

Nightwing said...

Helo Pak Zawi,

Hope everything is ok.

Your family will be in my thoughts and prayer.

NaNa said...

Pak Zawi,

Congratulations on the latest addition of the new family member.

And to Azura, be strong and hopefully things will be fine. My prayer is with you sis.

Pi Bani said...

Congratulations on the new addition to the clan. I'm sure we're all praying for the best for Azura.

zaitgha said...

Pak Zawi,

Apology for a late wish here...tahniah for the new addition in the family and my prayers are for your daughter....

take care Pak....

pB said...

Salam Pok Awi

firstly ...
TAHNIAH sebab dpt cucu baru.

Moga ibu dan baby sihat walafiat

pB doakan agar Azura dilindungi Allah dari semua jenis penyakit yang pelik pelik nie ....

Insyallah , semuanya akan selamat

"Jangae sak gho'bar'"

The Ancient Mariner said...

Pak Zawi,

Belated congratulations on the new addition to the clan. Our prayers for yr daughter for a successful surgery and complete recovery.

Mohd Adib said...

Pak Zawi,
My doa for your daughter.If you need anything,please contact my brother-in-law Dr Mohd Shukri Othman,the senior O&G specialist who hailed form Kangkong.Just tell him that you are my friend.

Pak Adib

Nor Haniza said...

Assalamualaikum Pak Zawi.
Comelnya baby. Tahniah untuk Azura dan Pak Zawi. Doa saya, semoga Azura semakin sihat dan dijauhkan dari penyakit yang tidak dapat diubati. Banyakkan solat hajat untuk kesejahteraan anak-beranak.

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum Pak Zawi,
I have been following your blog for quite a while, namun bila membaca coretan terbaru ini, rasa terpanggil pula untuk menulis.
Salam saya buat anakanda Pak Zawi dan saya harap beliau tabah menghadapi dugaanNya.

Quite right Pak Zawi, tiga permata hati sudah lebih dari mencukupi untuk menyeri hidup. Take this from me who had gone thru various procedures including 3 IVF attemps, but still not blessed with any. Doa saya akan mengiringi keluarga Pak Zawi.

Anak Kelantan di Lembah Kelang

sYaNa said...

Salam Pak Zawi :o)

Tahniah dapat cucu baru, comelnya baby :o)

Syana doakan agar Pak Zawi & seluruh keluarga tabah menghadapi dugaan ini.

Pak Zawi, if Azura has to go through any treatment, try give her juices & supplements to help her get through it.

Just to share with you:

a few years back my husband's uncle had throat cancer due to smoking. He had it at stage 3 and the doctor had to make a hole through his neck to enable him to breathe. While going through treatment, my sis-inlaw gave him lots of fresh fruit juices + vegetable juices to help boost his immune system. She also gave him supplements such as barley green and barley drink to cool his body. They seemed to help him get through his treatments.

It was one of our ways/ikhtiar to help him.

Take care.

zewt said...

salam pak zawi,

so sorry to hear about this. may God heal and keep Azura. Whatever the outcome, I am sure God is close with her and assuring her.

Also, good to know the baby is safe...

My prayers are with your family. When it comes to prayer for healing...there is no religion separation... right?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

salam pak Z,

how are things getting on over there, sir?

Zawi said...

I would like to apologize for the delay in making a response to your comments and also the others after you. The reason being with all the members of the clan converging on the home pc and only laptop, the internet becomes a scarce commodity. Add to the woes the two year olds and above are great Elmo lovers, their request for use are always on top of the priority user lists. Grandpa has to take the graveyard hours.
Thank you for your prayers. My daughter Azura seems to be recovering well from the delivery operation. The question of whether the tumour is benign or malignant is yet to be answered though. Till that is known, only God knows what the real situation is.
Thank you for your prayers.

Zawi said...

Thank you. Your prayers are most appreciated.

Zawi said...

We talked to Dr. Kumar and he has a very high opinion of Dr. Nik. He said he is a very meticulous surgeon and one of the best around. We have yet to meet Dr. Nik though.
Oh you did Caesarian too? U know very well how it feels to deliver babies that way. One of the doctors who did the actual op called herself Kakwan. She was a very jovial person and while doing the stiching up she had to excuse herself due to natures call. I guess that is what happens to doctors who are on call eh?
Thanks for your doa.

Zawi said...

So far so good. The baby is and mum is doing fine.
Thanks for the thought and prayers.

Zawi said...

Thank you for the support and prayers. We sure need em.

Zawi said...

Pi Bani,
Thank you. Really appreciate the prayers from you all. InsyaAllah the prayers will be answered.

Zawi said...

My apology too for the late response. Thank you for the wish and the prayers.

Zawi said...

1. Tengkiu for the wishes.
2. So far ibu dan anak seems OK.
3. InsyaAllah. Semoga dilindungi dari sebarang musibah.

Zawi said...

Thank you for the wonderful wishes. InsyaAllah all will be well.

Zawi said...

Pak Adib,
Thank you for the doa. I will get in touch with Dr. Mohd Shukri. Does he happen to be the son of Che'gu Othman Kangkong the artist cum cartoonist?
I was born in Kg. Kangkong but the family moved to Chekok when I was a few months old. Later I went to live with my grandad in Kangkong for my std 1 to std 4 schooling before joing the Special Malay Classes in Pasir Mas. I still have many relatives in Kangkong.
Thank you for the offer. We will need all the help we can get should the tumour prove to be malignant.

Zawi said...

nor haniza,
Terima kasih atas segala ucapan tahniah.
Kami juga sentiasa berdoa kepada Illahi supaya mendapat perlindunganNya.
Azura sudah makin sihat dari pembedahnanya dan bayi juga OK.
Terima kasih atas ingatan.

Zawi said...

Anak Kelantan Di Lembah Kelang,
Kerana ini adalah coretan pertama anda, saya ingin mengucapkan selamat datang ke blog hamba.
Anak dan menantu telah bersetuju atas nasihat doktor doktor bahawa sekiranya tumour tersebut adalah malignat, segala yang perlu akan di lakukan. Tiga cahaya mata yang telah dikurniayakan adalah lebih dari mencukupi dan kami amat bersyukur.
Teruskan usaha anda untuk mendapatkan cahaya mata. Saya akan mendoakan semoga berjaya.

Zawi said...

Wassalam. Terima kasih kerana kata-kata indah dari syana mengenai bayi.
Your tips on supplementary diets to boost the immunity system is definitely logical. At the moment she is taking jelly gamat which we have very great faith in. We will feed her with further food supplements as you suggested.
I am happy that your uncle managed to overcome a stage 3 cancer.
That will give me more strength to urge smokers to stop smoking. Its a deadly habit which they can do without.

Zawi said...

Salam diterima.
Azura and her baby are safe thus far. Hope to hear the final diagnosis on the big C.
Always believe that all religions want their believers to be good people. We are like minded on such things and religion shouldnt be a barrier. Prayers of anykind should help.

Zawi said...

Everything is OK. Sorry for the delay in the response to your comment. I guess I may have put you in an uncomfortable mind by my seemingly uncaring action or rather inaction. Too many users of the few internet fascilities we have here so I have to wait my turn. I am now relieved to have been able to respond to all comments. I hope nobody feels slighted here. All of you has been kind to me and my family with the wishes and prayers. Religions and race didn't seem to seperate us at all. I thank you all.

elviza said...

Salam Pak,

Sorry I am late, a bit caught up with many things lately.

Congratulations is in order. Never mind the scar, I have one of those too and it doesnt bother me in any sense. Hope Azura will feel the same way.

I pray for Azura and her family. I pray for the thing to be nothing but a scare. InsyaAllah

Zawi said...

Don't worry about being late. It is never too late for something like this. She isn't worried about the scar, she is only worried about the tumour should it be malignant.
Thanks for the prayers. We really need every possible prayers.

UncleJ said...

salam pak zawi

baru hari ni sempat jengok kesini..tahniah atas kelahiran cucu lelaki yg amat comel..

saya berdoa semoga azura selamat dan dijauhkan dari yg tidak baik...bersabar dengan dugaan Allah ini strong and positive always..

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

dont worry about us here Pak Zawi. all of us sure to pray for everything to go well over there, where your utmost priorities are. salam to all.

Zawi said...

Terima kasih atas ucapan tahniah anda. Doa anda amat kami hargai. InsyaAllah akan dilindungiNya.

Zawi said...

Thanks for being such a great understanding friend. I need to show appreciation for all the prayers offered.

Anonymous said...

salam uncle zawi,

I on behalf all E-Channel Affinbank (zura's colleque)mendoakan agar zura selamat dari kesusahan. We all just got the news from Abg Kamar.

Send our regards to Zura and hope that uncle can update us for anything new.

H J Angus said...

Hi Zawi
Congrats on another addition to your fine family and also sharing such intimate details.

I pray that Azura will get well after the op. Having great parents like you and a beautiful new son is the incentive to keep fighting on.

My son too (now 20 years old) was also a placenta previa baby and the last few hours before delivery were quite dramatic at the hospital.

Zawi said...

Annonymous from E Channel Affin Bank,
Thank you, thank you especially to Abang Kamar whom I know from Azura to be an avid reader of my blogs.
Azura and her baby Aqil is doing well. The result of the lab test will only be known sometimes next week and so nothing is sure as of now.
I will ask Azura to read these comments herself and make her thanks to all the caring readers especially from her colleagues at E Channel.
I will update on the result of the pathological test the minute we get to know about it. Meanwhile lets pray to Allah that the cervical tumour is just a benign one.

Zawi said...

h j angus,
Thank you for the wishes.
Actually having caesarian ops to bring the baby into this world isn't something unusual in the family. Azura's younger sister Azini delivered her baby in the operating theater but was prevented from doing so due to the late arrival of the anaesthetist. Her cousin Sharifah Haslinda gave birth to 3 babies the same way.
Its the cervical tumour is giving us the scare since it is not confirmed yet on the status of it being cancerous or not. Hopefully its just a benign one and we will thank the Almighty for it. Since cancer in its early stage is curable, we will advise her to remove the entire uterus and some lymph nodes to ensure that it will not recurr later.
Thank you for the thoughts.

zewt said...

hi pak zawi... any news on the big C yet?

Mior Azhar said...

Salam Pak Zawi,
My apology but to you and the rest of the family, Insya Allah tak de apa2. Just like Fauziah and Kak Teh said earlier, the Big C is no longer unbeaten.
Doa dari kami semua sekeluarga.

And that is one hugely cute cucu ler Pak!hpvwqkfj

tokasid said...

Salam Pak Zawi:

Its been a while since I last visit here.

Read about Azura just now. Should have read this days ago.

Alhamdulillah the caesarean went well and congratulation for the new cucu.

As for the cervical growth that Azura have ,lets wait for the Histopathological result.
It could be anything. It could be a fibroid at the cervix.

In pregnancy sometimes a benign growth can appear sinister.During pregnancy the blood supply are enhanced grossly over the region and the uterus. This increased of blood supply will made the benign tumour grow a bit and appears like a cancerous tumour.I have seen cases like this when I was with the O&G Hospital Melaka.

And of course we still cannot rule out the big C but I personally think the chances of it is very low.

My du'a to Azura, the new cucu and to your whole family Pak Zawi.


Zawi said...

Salam mesra,
No news about the C yet. They asked for 2 weeks before they could get the result and hopefully it will be out next week. As they usually say it, no news means good news. Thank you for the concern.

Zawi said...

Mior Azhar,
Nothing to apologize about the late visit. Will appreciate it just as much especially with the prayers from you.
The big C in its early stage can be beaten. Azura nd hubby will have to make a small sacrice though.
Thanks for the visit.

Zawi said...

Doc TA,
Yes the caesarean went well. Modern technology is so advanced, its no longer a big deal nowadays. Those medical team in USM are a great bunch. Truly proud to know them. One day I will want to blog about that teaching hospital. Hope to get the help of the hospital administrator. Unfortunately the former Deputy Director Tuan Haji Ahmad Ab. Rahman who was a classmate of mine has retired, otherwise it would be a breeze to blog about this wonderful hospital and its staff.
Pak Adib has mentioned about a senior O & G medical personnel by the name of Dr. Ahmad Shukri Othman who hailed from Kg Kangkong where I was born and later went to school to. Hopefully he will assist me with the informations to do the write up. Would be great to let the world knows how good the present crop of doctors are to be appreciated.
The fact that the bleeding from the tumour has ceased is giving us the hope that it wasn't cancerous after all.
It is nice to know that you yourself were from the O & G. Those experiences of yours are really assuring to us.
Thank you Doc for the doa. Have a good day.

maria a samad (kak ton) said...

Salam Zawi,

Tahniah to you & your family for the arrival of little Aqil.

My prayers are for Azura and your family.

I hope Azura will stay strong.

Take care.

Zawi said...

Kak Ton,
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Whatever will be Azura will be strong enough to take it. We have the best medical personnel and fascilities at USM. That is assurance enough to us.
Please convey my warmest regards to Abang Ruslani.

abanglong said...

a granny who blogs! bravooo :)
first time singgah nih. salam tuan umah :)

Zawi said...

Welcome to my humble blogsite. Being your first time here I sincerely hope you have found something of interest here.
Blogging is a universal thing and it transcends all aspects of age. With proper guidance even a young child who can type out his thoughts can blog, what more for the older generations. Anyway I am not the only grandpa who blogs.
Hope you enjoy the visit. Have a nice day.

idham said...

pak first time, hopped in from jedyoong.
sorry to hear about azura. Semoga Allah sembuhkan penyakit Azura.
Baby Aqil sungguh comel! MasyAAllah...

my prayers with u and ur family.

will be back.


Zawi said...

idham (Pakpayne),
This being your first visit, I would like to welcome you to my humble site.Thanks for jedyoong too for directing you to here.
Aqil is now 8 days old and quite healthy. The mum has recuperated too from the childbirth. Anyway there is nothing to indicate that she really have any cancer yet as the test result is yet to be out.
Thanks for the prayers. InsyaAllah she will be OK.