Wednesday, March 12, 2008

12th General Election - The Final Post

This is my final post about the 12th General Election. We all know the result and further discussions are of course available on the political blogs. I will continue to post my comments there as right from the very beginning I wanted to refrain from turning this site into a political one.
The need to inform readers about the goings on in Pasir Mas made me change my mind to temporarily use this site to disseminate informations about the GE in my beloved Pasir Mas. If I succeed in making you all happy and informed, then my mission is a success. It was impossible for me to be impartial as the pent up feeling in me of the injustices done was too much for me to hold back. To those whom I may have offended, I tender my sincerest unreserved apology.
Ahead of us is uncharted territory. Kelantan is the only state that has experienced changes in government on regular basis with about 18 to 20 years as the normal cycle. The trend is bucked this once. It is OK for Kelantan as we know we are in good hands. No one could say for sure about the other new states like the rich Selangor whose wealth itself can be a cause for concern. it is only too easy for someone to lose their level thinking at the sight of instant wealth. Not many can withhold the desire to be instant millionaires given the opportunity.
There is hope of course to go the straight path if we allow ourselves to be guided by sincere group of people in the form of Ombudsman which should immediately be formed. Let us show the Federal Government how to run a state using good governance as a tool to keep the country running and make the people happy.
When PAS took over Kelantan in 1990, they inherit the same staff from the previous Government. After sometimes, their mindset was changed to the same tune as the Government of the day. This was achieved by none other than the adage of leadership by example. If the leaders are perceived to be clean and examplary, the rest of the government servants will just follow suit. Humility is never a bad trait in a leader, it will endear him more to the rakyat.
With this post, I would like to close this chapter on the General Election in Pasir Mas and Kelantan in general. Thank you all for bearing with me.


rauhunt said...

Pak Zawi ..finally there will no more polictical entry huh ..hooray.

Zawi said...

This is your first comment on my site. So a word of welcome is due to you. There are more interesthing things than politics but politics involves our lives and our future generations.
For me promoting Kelantan to the world is now more important so that people will see the true side rather than the one projected by those intent to make the state look bad. There are its bad side of course and I will try to portray that as well so thet it can be made good. To be of service to my state definitely makes me feel good.
Next to come is of course the long over due post on etak. look out for it.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

nobody saw it coming, here in selangor but the previous state government had only themselves to be blamed. but as a mark of respect to the late datuk Zakaria, i shall skip from elaborating much.

that post-GE morning, it actually occured to me my own home state will be replaced by the inexperienced. but have i got to lose anyway. i'm giving them some beneficial of a doubt and let the new crops prove their worth.

hey, after all, pru13 is just 4-5 years away.

rauhunt said...

Thank you for welcoming me pokcik Zawi.

Cant wait for the post on etak. Missed that invertebrate soo much. Live in Trengganu never make me possible to find etak salai in such a classic cone wrapper made from chinese or utusan melayu newspaper. For what I know, etak salai can easily be found in Pasir Mas, specifically Salor, isn it?

Just read the breaking news in Malaysiakini. Innalillah. May Allah bless him

Gurindam Jiwa said...

“...the adage of leadership by example. If the leaders are perceived to be clean and exemplary, the rest of the government servants will just follow suit. Humility is never a bad trait in a leader, it will endear him more to the rakyat.”

...because fish rot from the head.

Kata Tak Nak said...

The election is over but all is not well. As much as the MSM would like us to think that there is a power struggle in states where BN are the opposition, the real power struggle is in UMNO, the dominant party of BN. Like it or not what happens to UMNO has a direct impact on our lives.

Zawi said...

Selangor and KL is so develop so any further developement can only damage the whole state. We need buffer zones in the form of peatland, lakes and jungles. Leave some to form the buffer zone.
All the new state government need to do now is to manage resources and reduce wastage. They must stretch the ringgit to buy more so that whatever money that are in the coffers can last for perpetuity. The sale of KL and Putra Jaya should be enough to sustain Selangor forever. Just manage the resources well.
Skill can be acquired, but not honesty. Who was Khir Toyo before he became Menteri Besar? Those people in the new government have vast experience managing business and what not. Give them a chance to prove themselves.

Zawi said...

I saw the news of Datuk Zakari's demise on Rocky's blog very early today. May Allah bless his soul.
Though I can post something about the etak now, I need abit of time to resize the photos.

Zawi said...

gurindam jiwa,
Welcome to my site. You seem to be making your debut comment here to.
Yes there is a Chinese proverb that says a fish rots from the head. So it is important to ensure that the head don't start rotting.

Zawi said...

Chegu (kata tak nak),
The spin they are producing in the MSM continues because they want to divert the attention of the public away from them. Another reason for the spin is to create distrust among the people in the newly formed government. Tok Guru Haji Hadi even denied making the assertion that Hudud Laws will be even implemnented in Kedah and yet they splashed that in the MSM. Such blatant lie. Just buy their papers and use it to line the toilet seat whenever you enter a public toilet with a pedestal bowl. That is all they are worth using for.
I believe when a more stable multiracial party is in place, UMNO will be irrelevant. Afterall they dont have a strong enough leader to lead them. The second liners are so dirty that the minute anothe party form the government, they will be hung and shot without trial.

Akmal said...

Salaam Pak,
No news better than the ones coming from those who are actually experience it. Now, we'll see what's coming. I am pretty sure it won't be the same with what we had.
As for the MSM, I don't know what are their objectives anymore;to spread the truth, or to spread misunderstanding, hatred and lies. For those who know internet and stuffs, have the advantages of alternatives. But what's about those who aren't?
I found out the news of the demise of Datuk Zakaria from The Star. May Allah bless him.
Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Pak a Malaysian living in Europe your report about GE really good. Thanks.

For family in Malaysia stop buying all newspapers since 1998 and now almost 10 years. We only read online newspapers and blog and compare it contents.

Life must go on whatever happen.


svllee said...

Dear Pak Zawi

Thank you so much for your postings on the elections, I know its difficult to stay impartial as politics pervades in all our daily activities. You have done well and am happy the outcome was what you wanted. How to pacify those who voted for the other side? Its with people like you who will need to lead by example in your daily lives to show them there is another side.


Pls continue with postings on Kelantan, I hope to make another visit someday and perhaps our paths may meet..

Zawi said...

As long as the MSM are owned by political parties, they will only carry propadanda news for the owner. Fairness is when they lets others set up their own TV stations, radio stations or newspapers. Then only will the rakyat will have access to alternative news sources.
We are lucky as we have the internet to get alternative news.
Have a nice day yourself.

Zawi said...

As long as the MSM are owned by political parties, they will only carry propadanda news for the owner. Fairness is when they lets others set up their own TV stations, radio stations or newspapers. Then only will the rakyat will have access to alternative news sources.
We are lucky as we have the internet to get alternative news.
Have a nice day yourself.

Zawi said...

I wish I could have given you wider coverage than the Pasir Mas that I covered. Hopefully one day there will be a citizen reporter covering the event in their constituency. This way everyone will have access to informmation on the happening in any locality they want to see.
The news on online newspapers other than Malaysiakini or Harakah only carry spin stories as a propaganda for the political party that owns it. Balatant lies are standard fare nowadays at the expense of its credibility.
Thank you for making your first comment on my blog. Hope to post more stories about home that maybe of interest to you.

Zawi said...

Thank you for the moral boosting words about my postings of the election. They are words that make the effort worthwhile.
Since the election is over and God has rewarded us with the fulfillment of our objective, it is time to go back to the kind of articles that I was most happy doing. Life will be back to normal now.
Just email me when you are coming againto Kelantan and I will make sure that our paths will converge somewhere. Nothing is easier than to meet up with me. Yesterday I met KBguy for lunch. If we make an effort, everything is possible.

Hi&Lo said...

Pak Zawi,

Am in Sabah. Oh, if only I have the opportunity to meet you.

Zawi said...

Wait till June. I maybe sending my grand daughter to Labuan by then. If you have the chance to visit Kelantan earlier, we could meet up here. I am keen to meet my fellow brother bloggers too. Met KBguy for lunch yesterday.

Nor Haniza said...

Salam Pak Zawi.

So this is the last entry on GE eh? Just would like to say thank you for all the interesting posts especially KB In Pictures (really like that one). Although we already know the result of 'suara rakyat', now most of us are still not convince how BA will lead in the other 4 states. After reading this entry from, I believed we will be more relieved and convinced.

"Pagi Ahad 9 Mac 2008 adalah pagi yang sangat aman.

Ia mendamaikan jiwa kita semua.

Malah pihak yang menang sudah pun membuat kenyataan awal bahawa kemenangan ini tidak akan disambut dengan apa-apa acara, khususnya acara jalanan, kerana menghormati kemenangan itu sebagai suatu tanggungjawab. Ini juga sudah amat berbeza dengan mood 1969.

Begitu juga dengan majoriti pengundi 2008. Mereka bukan lagi Melayu yang sengsara dengan penyeksaan zaman Jepun atau era komunis. Mereka bukan lagi Cina atau India yang diberi kerakyatan, tetapi mereka adalah anak Malaysia yang melihat negara ini dengan pandangan yang sama seperti pandangan Melayu.

Jika Malaysian Malaysia yang dilaungkan oleh DAP pada 1969 banyak bercakap tentang soal HAK, maka laungan Barisan Rakyat pada 2008 lebih banyak bercakap tentang soal PERANAN.

1969 hanyalah modal divide and rule yang selayaknya diperkatakan oleh golongan yang kehilangan kuasa semata-mata. Perlakuan membakar Tadika KEMAS atau apa sahaja yang bersifat provokasi kebelakangan ini, hanyalah perlakuan golongan yang tidak dapat menerima kekalahan. Apa rasionalnya untuk Barisan Rakyat bertindak sedemikian?

Bagi Barisan Rakyat, kita harus memandang ke depan, dengan wajah dan sikap yang baru."

For more:

Fauziah Ismail said...

Salam Pak Zawi
Whichever party is the government of the day, be it state or federal, it would like to believe it would be good. Those in power would make sure that they stay there. And the only thing that is going to keep them is to deliver what they have promised to do. The promises were what got them in office, among others.
A lot of work needs to be done to close the ranks. At the end of the day, we are not just Melayu, China, India dan lain-lain but MALAYSIANS.
Thank you for your Kelantan perspective. It was to me highly informative.

svllee said...

Hi Pak Zawi.. sure will if I come up to Kelantan one day.

Saya tumpang sikit, ya..

Hi Fauziah, I read your blog, very informative from the 'goings on' view from within your work place last Sat/Sun. Look forward to more of your objective views. Indeed, the nation has come a to crossroad in history, now, the people can choose instead of being told to, and I only have the freedom of the internet and alternative media to thank..(and of course the people on the ground ). Whatever side one has voted, it was a personal choice, and that choice can only be made by access to information from both sides.

Like you said, we have truly become MALAYSIANS foremost!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

eh, ye lah. make sense. between a culture-shocked dentist and a corporate figure, i'd go for the latter anytime.

Zawi said...

nor haniza,
Memang banyak perlakuan oleh orang yang tewas dalam bentuk tulisan bohong dalam akhbar dan membakar tadika Kemas seperti mana yang sdri sebutkan adalah merupakan provokasi untuk mencetuskan huruhara. Yang paling teruknya ialah mereka cuba menayangkan keadaan ini berlaku oleh pihak lawan.
Kita akan dapat hidup dalam aman sekiranya kita bekerja sama dan mengamalkan amalan memperkayakan jiran anda. Paling penting kerajaan baru yang terbentuk boleh mengajar kerajaan BN bagaimana untuk berbelanja secara berhemah. Mereka telah lupa akan amalan ini sejak kebelakangan ini.

Zawi said...

You are most right. To stay in power you must do things right. Read the signs of dissent and dissatisfacton and act on it. Denying the obvious is suicidal. Above all spinning things via the MSM intimidating your opponent doesn't work anymore. Let the newly formed government teach them a lesson or two on good governance. The Rakyat and the nation will thus benefit.
If a professional journalist like you could benefit from my reporting of the local scene as a citizen journalist, I consider myself to have done my small bit for journalism. Thank you for the appreciation. You really made my day. I will treat you Kopi O with roti bakar and telor separuh masak at the White House (Kota Bharu not Washington DC).

Zawi said...

Your being making it good in London and yet stil feeling proud of being a Malaysian is a solid contrast compared to those who are contemplating of abandoning Malaysia for a greener pasture outside of it. I am proud of people like you. Above all you desire to return to Malaysia despite all the negative remarks about the motherland. We will strive to make Malaysia a better place for all to come back to. Hopefully by the time you and your family returns, Malaysia has turned into a nation that is worth to call home.
Now you have finally found out why I am addicted to Fauziah's Xmatters?

Zawi said...

Culture shocked dentist from a poor background into an office surrounded by cash rich tycoons ever willing to please him was to much for him t resist. Can't blame him there. What's taking your Sultan so long to decide?

J.T. said...

Hi Zawi

I'm back! Actually, I have been around and kept dropping by to read your take on the elections. I just chose to be comment-less. :)

Kelantan has been tried and tested under a different leadership. As you mentioned, "we know we are in good hands."
Now, we wait to see if the other states can make it work under newly elected reps. We cannot expect miracles overnight but we can give them a chance to make changes for the better ... over time.

Anonymous said...

Good morning, Pak Zawi,

It is always an enjoyment to visit your blog when and when I have the time. Thank you. :)

I am so glad that Kelantan will remain under the same government for the next 5 years.

Personally, I feel that we need a place where we can call Home, where we can come back to rest, and to relax. Has anyone ever wonder why during each festive seasons or school holidays, Kelantan would be so lively?.. :D.. Yeah.. because everybody comes HOME..

Have a nice day.

mrs.lim :)

Zabs said...

Salam Zawi,
Saya rasa ucapan tahniah adalah sesuai untuk di berikan kepada anda kerana telah berjaya memberi gambaran yang cukup baik dan telus, terhadap apa yang berlaku di Kelantan dan di tempat anda, khususnya. Tanpa membuat rujukan kepada lain2 sumber, saya telah dapat merasakan bahawa kemenangan akan memihak kepada yang berhak itu. Terima kasih sekalai lagi. Jumpa lagi bila ada kesempatan, InsyaAllah.

Zawi said...

I am happy to see your comment. Its been awhile since you let your footprint here.
First the good news. Mrs Foo met Dr Bates by chance at Hospital USM's pharmacy (Hopefully Dr. Bates wasn't there for treatment himself). Dr. Bates consented to my request via Mrs Foo for an interview with Dr. Bates. I am supposed to meet him around 4 pm and promised to do it after the election. I am so excited about the whoe thing cos I am not a professional writer and will be putting the story about him on a personal blog and not one that will be read by the world. Knowing that he is almost a living legend among the general practicioners in Kota Bharu, I beleve he deserved to be recorded somewhere in history as the keeper of the good health among the people of Kota Bharu and its vicinity. Hopefully the MSM will pick it up from there after that.
Frankly I have faith in the new regime that has been shoved into the position of responsibility to run those states. They all know that such position is not their's to keep unless they live up to their promise. The previous government were too sure of themselves to be returned to power that they became cocky. Being the vultures that they were they would rather see the new government fail rather than succeed ao that they can have another turn at the feeding orgy.
Let us give the newcomers a chance to prove themselves. They have less than 5 yrs to do it before they are again judged by the people.

Zawi said...

mrs. lim,
Everybody is home now so the roads are pretty congested hahahahaha. It was more so during the election day as they came home to help keep the present state government in power. They have decided and let us pray that they made the right decision.
I think svllee who is a professional photographer in London maybe thinking of making Kelantan his home now hehehe.
Have a good day too.

Zawi said...

Salam kembali.
Saya cuba sedaya upaya untuk tidak kelihatan memihak kepasa mana mana pihak tetapi ianya amat sukar untuk berlaku demikian. Sekira zabs raya saya tidak keterlaluan dalam memancarkan imej satu pihak, saya kira dah OK la tu.
Saya merasa amat senang sekiranya zabs merasa puas hati atas liputan yang saya buat.
Semoga berjumpa lagi.

pendita said...


Ambo tok tau nak baso gapo nga Pak Zawi ni.. hormat sebab Pak Zawi banyak ilmu banding ngan ambo... Ambo duk Kg Kube Pak Amin... dekat la nga Kasa tu... skoloh pun kasa..huhu..Nok kenal la Pak Zawi nih..

Zawi said...

Kalu nak kenal gat mudah jah. Kita make pagi kedai mok doh dekat Esso tu. Mungkin kito kenal doh cuma demo tok seko ko kawe jah. Esok tok leh jupo sebab kawe ada 3 tempat kenduri nok gi pagi lagi. Hari Sabtu la comel.
Nasi kerabu kedai mok doh tu sedap jugo.
Ilmu ambo tak banyok mano serupa ngan orang lain jah. Nagji pun Pasir Mas jah.
Paling sene mari sembahyang jemaah di surau Abe Tah. Kalu demo buleh jadi Imam kawe buleh jadi ma'mun sekiranya Ustaz Wel tak gi sembahtang. Beres tu.

pB said...

Bilo nok sambung crito pasal makanae ????

He he he

Zawi said...

Cerito pasal makanae tu bermula dengan etok. Deraf ada dah cuma dok tengah polish ni.
Malangnya Lim Kit Siang buat hal pasal MB Perak dan darah saya menyelirat. Terus terganggu fikiran kerana marah pada dia sebagai seorang yang tak mengira sensitivity orang Melayu dan YTM Raja Nazrin Shah.
Sabar la semeta. Gambar semua ada doh.

Pak Idrus said...

Zawi, thanks so much. Your reporting is better then the MSM any times.

It is the dawn of a new era for our country Malaysia. Bloggers [Citizen Journalists] had played a significant role in the recent changes.

So let us continue to contribute positively to a new Malaysia.

Have a nice day.

Zawi said...

pak idrus,
Please dont compare me to the MSM. They are professionals. Since they have so much ground to cover compared to my just Pasir Mas, I managed to go more in details and with more pictures without much space constraint.
As more bloggers become citizen reporters we will get to read more news about specific areas being covered according to the location of the blogger. That will be great for somebody living faraway from their birthplace and yet wanted to know of the happenings in the place.
You are right, its the dawn of a new era. Hopefully the leaders at the national level learn something from it - the voters are their masters and not to be taken for granted but must be treated with respect.

Anonymous said...

dear pak zawi...i'm new here. pardon my english. (been trying so hard to improved) kalu saloh, sori ye... :-)

what's up with lim kit siang? i've read the news via utusan online. if the news was real. then, i felt very dissapointed with him for making such statement. and then i went to harakah daily where the news headline was "MB Perak keturunan Melayu akan dorong kakitangan awam kerja sepenuh hati - Ngeh" (
there were no statement made by lim kit siang. but from my point of view after read the news, there are no complications between PAS and DAP about who's going to be the MB in Perak. the Sultan has spoken rite? n everyone must follow n satisfy with the decision.

i'm very2 dissapointed with utusan, if the news was completely untrue. can u imagine how many people will affect by the news?

i'm confused...

Zawi said...

Thank you for dropping by. Everything is OK now. Lim Kit Siang has apologized and everything is resolved by now. Only the seed of doubt will remain. I am now more wary of DAP.
The mainstream medias like Berita Harian is controlled by BN. They will ofcourse try to make the most of it. Go to alternative media like Malaysiakini to get the truth.
As to the English, this is not our language. We are all learning. Just keep on practicing and we will improve. I am still learning myself.

tokasid said...

Salam Pak Zawi:

Ini kali pertama saya memberi komen sejak bermula kempen pilihanraya. Sering singgah baca posting Pasir Mas Pak Zawi dan suka dgn gambar2 pak letakkan di sini. memang meriah proses kempen di sana.

Lapuran Pak Zawi dan Sheih kickdafella setiap hari saya baca ketika tempuh kempen utk tahu perkembangan di Kelantan.Terima kasih pak.

Keputusan telah kita semua ketahui. harapan kita wakil-wakil yang di pilih untuk memikul amanah akan dapat melakukan dgn sabar. mereka akan di perhati dgn teliti oleh pengundi mereka dan musuh politik mereka BN.Tugas mereka tidak akan mudah.Banyak gangguan akan berlaku seperti mana Kelantan dan Trengganu 2000-2004 alami.

Saya berharap agar wakil-wakil Barisan Rakyat tidak akan melakukan kesilapan wakil2 BN yang lalu. Saya berharap mereka tidak membalas dendam kepada rakyat walau pun dulu mereka di tekan dan di fitnah pelbagai cara.

Saya juga berharap kerajaan Pusat Barisan Nasional tidak akan lagi menyekat peruntukan kepada Kelantan,Kedah,Pulau Pinang,Perak dan Selangor.BN harus ingat semua rakyat Malaysia berhak ke atas peruntukan tersebut.Jangan kerana politik rakyat Malaysia anda zalimi hak mereka. Cukup lah apa yang BN lakukan dahulu. Muhasabbah lah diri dan perbaiki. Tiada faedahnya enzalimi rakyat sendiri. Tidak akan tertanggung bebannya bila di Mahsyar nanti org yg di zalimi menuntut hak mereka dari ALLAH Azza Wa Jalla.

Harap-harap fajar politik baru ini akan membuat pagi dan siang arena politik Malaysia lebih matang dan cerah.

terima kasih pak.

Zawi said...

Dok TA,
Alhamdulillah segalanya selesai dan sekarang hidup kita akan kembali hampir normal.
Mereka tidak akan menyekat peruntukan kepada semua negeri kerana ahli mereka yang menjadi kontraktor perlu juga mendapatkan kerja kontrak, kalau tak dapat mereka tak boleh hidup mewah lagi. Adakala mereka yang bukan ahli mereka jua menyamar menjadi ahli mereka dan dapat juga projek projek.
Menzalimi rakyat akan hanya menjadikan mereka kurang popular. Memang betul sebagaimana yang Dok kata mereka perlu muhasabah diri mereka untuk mendapat sebab sebenar mereka kecundang. Selalunya mereka akan menyalahkan orang lain selain dari diri mereka. Inilah sebabnya mereka tak akan berubah, mereka tidak boleh menerima kenyataan.
Negeri Selangor dan Perak adalah negeri kaya. Adalah memadai sekiranya mereka mengurus harta yang ada dengan baik supaya tidak membazir. Mereka yang baru mendapat kuasa belum mengerti untuk hidup mewah dan sudah pasti tidak akan mencari kemewahan tidak seperti Pak Loh yang cuma pandai bersajak mengenai mencari Ghazali. Mungkin itu pun orang lain yang buat.

pendita said...

keda mok doh? hok mano eh? sebere jale esso ko? atau keda patti kat umoh pok su ta? payoh nok jupo buat maso ni, ambo kijo cheras loni... bule 6 ni kelik, buleh jupo bokalih... ore lain kecek english, kwe gi behe kecek kelate pekat...huhu... pokcik gak, wi suh jadi imam selalu, kawe ni banyok lagi kekurange dale diri, tgh belajar...sekian..

Zawi said...

Betul dah tu keda patti kat rumah Pk Su Ta tu. Jupa bule 6 seksok la. Kecek Kelate ni kiro perhubungan kito duo jah. Tak apo ore lain tak tahu.

Nightwing said...

Helo Pak Zawi,

Thank you for sharing the political thingy for the duration of 12th GE.

I am sure your readers are happy with what u have posted.

It is a lesson for Government and msm...may they take heed and not let history repeat itself.

Zawi said...

Thank you for liking the post though I wasn't supposed to delve into politics.
Unfortunately what I wrote are insignificant to the gomen as it is just from my perspective and my readership is just a small group of friends. I am most hapy if they are happy with the postings.
The current development in Perak isn't putting me in the best frame of mind to post my new post. I am really feeling very bad about these politicians who cant seem to work together to represent us. At such an early stage they are already making a fool of themselves and providing ammo to BN to hit them back.
All they need to do to get into a closed door discussion among themselves before meeting the Regent of Perak. I dont blame the Regent of Perak if he is pissed off by all these stands off among these politicians.

pendita said...

Sajo nok kongsi..Ni ado blog best... blogger ni abg raykinzoku..

Zawi said...

Terima kasih atas makluman. Saya telah letakkan sebagai favourite dan akan letak dalam blogroll saya.

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