Saturday, August 29, 2009

My New Paintings

Immediately after considering the first painting done and having it delivered by courier to Zendra in USJ, I started on several new projects. With encouragement from friends especially my mentor Cikgu Mazeri Othman @ Deen, I felt the urge to hone my skill further by attempting to do a portriat of my grand daughter Balkis and also of a landscape of a traditional Chinese wooden house located not far from my own home. It was indeed an ambitious attempt and I could feel the folly of doing a portrait and lanscape using oil which I have never tried before.
Thus far this is what I have produced which of course is far from being successful. Well I will keep on doing it till I get the feel that they were done. Then only will I stop doing it. Whatever the outcome, my daughter Azini has agreed to keep the portrait of her daughter and my friend Zack from Seremban has declared his intention to have the painting of Rumah Tepi Sungai without even seeing the sketch. Some people just have the confidence in a new artist like Pak Zawi.
These are the the product thus far.


Rumah Tepi Sungai

After finding that I could not complete the above two paintings, I started on painting more still life based on the heliconias. I called the first one Heliconia 2 and the second one Heliconia 3. My wife has decided that she wants Heliconia 2 to keep in the house. At last she has found the confidence to hang my painting on the walls of the house.
Heliconia 3 will be up for sale to finance the purchase of new canvass and oils for new projects. Hey Pak Zawi survives on a small pension and has just enough to live by. There is not much room to splurge on such things though it is now considered as my passionate hobby. Thanks to zendra who has parted with her fortune to buy my first painting of Heliconia. When I saw the other paintings in her gallery which she bought from Bali, Pak Zawi immdediately offered to replace the painting with Heliconia 2. Zendra declined as she had from the beginning decided that she wanted Pak Zawi's first painting with warts and all. Well it was her money and she can decide whatever she wants to buy with it. See the other fine paintings in her collection here.

Heliconia 2
Heliconia 3

Feeling the positive vibes in me, I began painting The Yellow Catleya based on the photgraph of the orchid I found at my good friend Tuan Haji Azmy Omars's house in Pasir Mas.

Yellow Catleya.

These are the people whom I have painted for and will be painting for:

1. Zendra of USJ (Delivered)
2. Mek Yam of New York (completed but yet to deliver)
3. Oldstock of Johor Baru ( Landscape - started)
4.Zackrey Mohd Nor of Seremban (started)
5. U Lee of Toronto Canada
6. My daughter Azura of Amanputra Puchong.
7. Awang Goneng of London
8. Aminah Harun of Subang Jaya - heliconia
9. My son Azuan of Shah Alam.
10. Yanie my daughter in law of Enstek Labu.
11. Dilla of Seri Kembangan Selangor - Catleya
12. My good friend of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. (10 paintings!)
13. Dato' Jaafar Lamri of KL - Fishing boat.
14. Zaiton Ab. Ghani of Seremban - An abstract
15. Azini, my daughter in Labuan - balkis (touching up)
16. Teoh Yew Aun of USJ, Selangor - nature
17. HJ Angus of Johor Baru.- Sunrise of KB water front. (I must go and watch it one day)

Hey that is quite a list. So please don't feel disappointed if you find Pak Zawi has not updated LAISI and couldn't find time to visit your blogsite. Pak Zawi will be fully occupied.
Selamat berpuasa to all my moslem friends.
Should there be anybody else interested please email me and indicate to me what kind of subject that you prefer. No portrait of yourself please as I wont be able to ensure you will retain your age. Pak Zawi can also be contacted at Mobile: 019 9125647 Home: 09 7903785.


Oldstock said...

Salam Pak Zawi,

I see that you still remember my request. You're in popular demand lah!

Take your time, no hurry.

Bila dah asyik melukis ni, jangan la pulok terlupa hobi yang lain tu Pok Wi (gardening, photography etc.).

Pi Bani said...

Bila pula nak buka "Galeri Pak Zawi"?

Pak Zawi said...

I will never forget your request. I think your preference is for a landscape painting. I am waiting to find a nice scenery in Kelantan to paint for you. Me in popular demand? I wish to think so cos it feels nice.
Gardening seems to be out at the moment as I have no place around my home to cultivate anything. I am ordering a few sets of Hydrophonics DIY to use in the house compound. As for photography, it complements my painting. I will shoot the subjects I want to paint.
I will tell you when your painting is ready.

Pak Zawi said...

Pi Bani,
I haven't a clue when Galeri Pak Zawi maybe opened. I don't have any painting to show. Maybe when I am gone my children may convert the house into a gallery. Ain't it usual that an artist become famous after they have left this world?

Kama said...

wow, the colour combination for the cattleya is enticing. simpanlah for peseni punya art exhibition nanti. ni tunggu lepas raya nak pi jumpa 'orang-orang berkenaan'..

Zendra said...

Wah berderet orders Pak Zawi. The list should start with #2 lah. #1 - already fulfilled.

Anonymous said...

utk cucu sepang x ada ke papa??

Pak Zawi said...

OK it will be reserved for the PESENI Exhibition if you think it is fit for that.
Thanks for giving me the hint.

Pak Zawi said...

Point noted. I will redo the list. Thank you.

Pak Zawi said...

Hahahaha ingat Yani tak tengok pun blog papa. Ni dah tengok dan request, papa masukkan la dalam senarai. Yang lain dah buat request melalui YM tu.

MY HOMESTAY said... tempahan..Insya Allah akan jd terkenal suatu hari nanti!


Pak Zawi said...

Semua tu adalah suntikan semangat. Bukan niat nak jadi terkenal pun. Kalau setiap rumah kawan kita ada lukisan kita terpampang kat dinding mereka, akan lebih eratlan persahabatan sesama kita kerana seperti sebahagian dari kita berada bersama mereka.

kbguy said...

What a good idea for a retiree to do during the fasting month. So, you are at home nowadays ? If Balkhis is not around, you have to keep yourself occupy. Maybe I should drop by to watch you paint and have a chat some day.
Btw, the drawing of Balkhis looks nice. Practice makes perfect.

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Zawi, outstanding! Hey, you are good, my friend. I am impressed.
Lagi tiga or empat paintings, itu la dia....boleh dapat the senyum like Mona Lisa's.

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.
Have fun Zawi, and have a happy hari Merdeka.
Best regards, Lee.

Pak Zawi said...

Apa lagi nak buat kalau tak ada kerja lain hehehe.
Drop by anytime. I am always home.

Pak Zawi said...

I am not a perfectionist so i don't mind producing something less than perfect.
Painting is fun especially when done with the selection of music by U Lee of A Moonlight Rendezvous playing in the background. Thanks for the music my friend.

jaflam said...

Well done Pak Zawi, with the list of clients waiting for your works it means you have created your followers. The works will definately get better with every painting but then every piece of work has its own aura and meaning.Enjoy and keep up the strokes.

Pak Zawi said...

Thank you for the encouragement. Coming from an avid art collector, it really makes me very enthusiastic to plod on.
I hope one day i will be good enough to add one painting to your great collection.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Zawi, terima kaseh for the kind compliments, ha ha.
Maybe I put some panas numbers, get you all shook up? Ha ha.
Have fun, my friend.
Fedex da hantar just only. Lee.

Pak Zawi said...

The present selection of oldies numbers are just fine with me. They are really soothing music and I can imagine in my mind's eyes my friend Lee dancing in the background.

Maria said...

Dude! You're famous now! You should start charging the megabucks and start saving for your villa in Phuket. :D

Pak Zawi said...

Am I famous? These are my friends who would like to keep a memento of me before i pass on hahahaha.
Can't charge them megabucks bcos i am not good yet and they are friends so i will just accept anything they feel worthy of the paintings. Let us not kill the goose that lays the golden eggs hahahahaha. A small hut by the beaches in Narathiwat will do for me as long as things are safe over there.

Dilla said...

Salam Uncle,

I never knew you have talent to paint. That, with your superb writing skills may produce some extraordinary publications yet!

The Yellow Catleya is gorgeous! I'd love to have that hanging on the wall of my new home!

But I'm not sure I can afford it though.....

Keep up the marvelous work Uncle!

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan Al-Mubarak.



Pak Zawi said...

Wassalam. Ramai yang tak sangka uncle boleh melukis termasuk keluarga uncle sediri sebab uncle tak pernah tunjukkan bakat ini kepada mereka.
Lukisan uncle tak la mahal sangat. Uncle selalunya terima saja apa yang di offer. Ramai yang minat Catleya kuning tu tapi ianya nak dipamerkan di Balai Berita dalam bulan November nanti.
untuk Dilla uncle akan lukiskan yang lain, juga bunga catleya dan Dilla offer saja apa yang termampu, uncle akan terima je. Uncle akan masukkan dalam list nama Dilla ye?

Maria said...

Well, if you want it near the beach, you'll have to live with the fishermen. Hey, then you could really paint those boats!

Their villages are pretty photogenic, though I'm not sure how it would be to live there.

Pak Zawi said...

You buy the boat and convert it to a houseboat. It will be as good as any house on land. I will definitely paint it for you (paint the boat).
Hey the fires in California, are they anywhere near to your parents?

Patricia said...

Wah, Zawi, you are a man of many talents! Syabas on your lovely work :)

Pak Zawi said...

I think God has been very kind to me. I seem to be able to do many things that I have not been trained to do. Time to go for real art class now if I were to improve.
Take care.