Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tok Sangkut Benevolent Fund

Remember what I wrote in Doing Our Bit For Charity? To recap I mentioned about setting up a benevolent fund to help the beedy in a small village called Tok Sangkut in Pasir Mas Kelantan. To get the fund moving Cikgu Mazeri Othman @Deen who is also from the village has donated a painting with the title of Buah Seto Tok Ma. The beautiful painting was auctioned off and Puteri Kamaliah of the famous blog Kata Kama had won the bid after outbidding Oldstock of the blog Just Observations... For your information only the two of them bidded for the painting.
That sale cost Puteri Kamaliah RM600 which can be considered a small amount for getting so much pahala in the next life. On top of that she got herself a beautiful painting by Deen which was delivered to her via a courier company and should be in her keep the latest by today. Hopefully she will be very happy with the purchase as she bought 2 for the price of one, one of which is the pahala which only God knows how much she will be rewarded. The painting will be a good investment as Deen rarely sell his paintings as he is building up his own gallery in Pasir Mas called Heritage Gallery. Buah Seto Tok Ma was displayed at Heritage Gallery before it was delivered to the new owner in KL.
In this great month of Ramadhan, it will be extremely great to give out to the needy.
In his latest posting today at his site Exploring & Relaxing The Countryside Deen tells us of his 16 years old brother who is diagnosed with a defected valve in his heart. Read more details at the site. To meet part of the expense to have the operation done at IJN KL, Deen may have to sell some of his paintings to help his father pay for the cost of the operation. Even by selling his paintings may not be enough to pay for the cost. I will tell you more about how much is needed for the operation once I get the information from him.
Now there is all the more reason for you to chip in to help the boy live a normal life. Please help in whatever way you can.
More updates later....


Anonymous said...

Salam PakWi..cantik lukisan tu, ada bakat. Slam perkenalan. Semoga usaha murni PakWi diberkati Allah s.w.t


Pak Zawi said...

Salam kemabli dan selamat berkenalan. Kalu lukise Buah Seto Tok Ma tu cantik, ia adalah kerana bukan buah tangan saya kerana ialah hasil tangan Cikgu Mzeri Othman @ Deen.
InsyaAllah segala usaha murni akan diberkati Allah s.w.t.