Friday, April 24, 2009


Dato' Sak and Datin Mamasita

When the SMS came in informing me of the impending arrival of Dato' Sak and his wife Datin Mamasita I was skeptical that I could finish my business there and rush to meet them in Kota Bharu. The SMS told me the estimated time of arrival was 2.00 PM and we were to meet at the White House Kopitiam.

Somehow meeting this couple is more important than the small business that I can always continue the discussion later at another meeting. Afterall this is the first time I am meeting Mamasita after putting off several planned visits earlier. The latest aborted trip was the one on the 11th April 2009 or there about. Since the trip would allow Dato' to attend a Tomoi event being held in Kota Bharu, the cancellation by Datin didn't seem to go well with Dato' Sak. Anyway the cancellation was a blessing in disguise as they had the opportunity to see their eloquent Banun going for a debating competition in Cameron Highlands and bringing home the winner's trophy. Read about it here.
It was before 2.00 when I reached the White House Kopitiam as I don't want my guests to be waiting for me. Seeing the place closed for business, I sent a message informing them of such and told them to meet at Kampung Kraftangan infront of the Royal Guesthouse as Dato' Sak had satyed there on his previous trip. It was a nice small hotel that Dato' came to love very much due to the beautiful room, location and good free wifi.
They replied informing me of a possible delay due to the traffic on the way to Kota Bharu from Kuala Trengganu. With ample time on hand I wondered around the Kampong Kraftangan area. This is what I saw:

A wooden sculptor of a horse.

The sculptor of a cow made of drift wood. I regretted for not showing my guests later of this beautiful work of art.

Loitering around the Kampung Kraftangan compound I saw this two female tourists at a batik printing shop. My curiousity got the better of me and took in the details.

Zecsman Design is a one of a kind where tourists can learn about the basics of batik panting and paint their own piece to take home. Two forms of fabrics were available for guests to choose either cotton or silk and of course the silk piece is more expensive.

Zecsman Design benefited from being listed in the Lonely Planet. Tourists from far and wide know of the place and flock to the place to have a go. Unfortunately not many local tourists know or care to try out.
Batik Painting
Kampung Kraftangan
Jalan Hilir Kota
15300 Kota Bharu
Tel: +6012 9292822

This is the owner himself doing the sketching after the clients have made their selection of the design based on available samples. After the sketching is done he or his assitance will apply the liquid wax on the lines of the sketching. That way the boundary is laid and the colours will not encroach into the other compartments.
Zakaria Jusoh had been in business for the past 6 years. Earlier he had a 3 years training at Intitut Kraf Negara and worked at Pesona Batik for a year before starting this business.
Here you see Sabrina Willems and Jorinda Ballering both are 21 year old students from Holland. They had been in Malaysia doing some research for some two weeks already.

Jorinda doing her batik piece while Zakaria is guiding Sabrina. It will take them about two hours to finish and abit more to dry. I don't know if it will have to go through the other normal process of removing the wax and firming the colors. I think it will be done that way otherwise the colours will run down.
Slightly after 3.00 PM I received a SMS message from Dato' Sak announcing his arrival and asked me to meet him for a late lunch as Restoran Nasi Ulam Kg. Kraftangan or better known as Cikgu Nasi Ulam.
I have had lunch so I didn't manage to eat much. I was surprised to see Datin relish the 'budu' so much but not Dato'. I enjoyed the ikan patin masak asam pedas. It seemed I was the only one who took it.
Cikgu Hamid was not in when we were having lunch and but when he returned, he went straight to our table as he recognized Dato' from his earlier visit. We chatted and exchanged notes. Now we know how close Cikgu Hamid is with the palace as the royalties often come here for lunch. Even royalties from other states patronize this restaurant. When such royalties are involved, valets from the palace will come and serve and Cikgu will just provide the food. Even the crockeries come from there and a set is ket at the restaurant. The servings will be done in the airconditioned room at the end of the restaurant.
It was unfortunate that I couldn't accompany the couple on their shopping for tudungs at Bazaar Buluh Kubu located just around the corner. I have yet to charge my batteries for tonights event of Muay Thai Championship in Rantau Panjang. Dato' hadn't checked out from their hotel in Kuala Terengganu. If they had I would like to have me enjoy the event as he could remove the monkon of one of the fighters fighting that night. As it turned out, both fighters won their fights with knock outs in the second round. It would have been a fitting gift for Dato' Sak who loves Muaythai to open the monkon of either Zariman Yusof or his brother Zariman Yusof who goes by the name of Emi Sampuri. These two nak muays have the potential to become champions given their discipline and hardwork.
After waving goodbye to Dato' and Datin Mamasita, I headed for home with the fond memories of meeting Mamasita for the first time. This is a historic day as from today onwards, Mamasita will be wearing her tudung religiously.
From left: Pak Zawi, Cikgu Hamid, Dato' Sak and Datin Mamasita looking resplendent in her black tudung.


mamasita said...

Salam Pak Zawi.
Thank you for giving me so much honour..sampai jadi title for your latest posting.Wow..I am so very flattered.
You are too kind to use the word resplendent.I was sweating away and was quietly disappointed my makeup semua habis kena kesat and melted away..concealers and all! haha
And I have to confess to you that when we went to the Bazaar Buluh Kubu, my perspiration was so teruk that I had to take off my tudung or my pools of sweat would have flooded the batik shop! hahaha
Blame it on the hot flushes, hot weather and velvety tudung! haha
Thanks so much P.Z. We can't wait to meet up with you again! And salam pada Cikgu Hamid and dear Fatthiyah.
We plan to stay at least a night in KB the next time we come..InsyaAllah..thanks again for your very gracious hospitality.

Pak Zawi said...

If you were sweating I didn't notice it at all. I'd rather you don't wear too much make up under this weather. The next time around and just be yourself. Maybe a thinner tudung would help.
Does Dato' know of the route via Jerantut? It should cut your tavelling distance immensely if you come via this route. You could also enjoy a break in Gua Musang. It is a bustling town now. The next time around you come here you return via Gua Musang- Kuala Lipis - Jerantut - Kuantan. The change of scenery can be interesting. The road are OK now not the twisting roads like before.

Covert_Operations'78 said...

Salam Abang Zawi,

Woohoo! Great photos of Dato' and Datin!

Thank you for sharing the info and photos on the handicraft centre. Now my friends and I know where to go if we have to drive up to KB for court hearings again.

I don't get it -- both nak muays are named Zariman? Did their parents run out of names?

A great read, as always. Your blogposts are always something to look forward to.


Pak Zawi said...

Ee Lynn,
For starters stay at The Royal Gueshouse. Then you are staying next to the Kampung Kraftangan. If you love fruits, the fruitstalls are closeby too.
Did I name them both Zariman? The elder one is Zariman and the younger brother is Zarimin. I will do the correction. Which post are you referring to?

Kama said...

Pak Zawi, great piece on the duo's visit.

Mamasita!!!! Cho me lotte...pakai tudung!!!

Chahya said...

Salam 2u Pak Zawi.
During my almost 2-year stay there in Klate, White House tu among my favourite place...order benda yg sama je each time...roti bakar, telur half boiled.

And tumpang lalu:
Datin Mama! Wah! Hampir2 tak recognize...bertambah cantik,.. and ceria as always.

kay_leeda said...

Salam Pak Zawi,

I'm blog hopping from Kak Teh's. Thought I say a familiar face there and wallahh...I was right. That's a really nice pic you have of both Dato' and Datin :)

Akmal said...

Hullo pak :D
The weather is killing me; I'm not wearing tudung, mind you :D
Eh, ada those two patung ke kat kampung kraftangan? Then again, I haven't been there for quite sometimes already lah. Should try to be there sometimes later.
Anyway, I hope both Dato' and datin had a pleasant stay; with you accompanying, even for a while, what can go wrong? :D

Pak Zawi said...

Thanks for the compliment.
Mamasita memang comel. Pakai tudung lagi comel.

Kalau begitu Kota Bharu bukan tempat asing la bagi you.

Welcome to my humble blog. They are nice not just in pictures but also in person. I am sure glad to be their friends.

Harap dah pergi jengok tengok kuda dan lembu kayu tu. Cuba la ambik gambar ngan Nikon you. Mana la tu dia boleh jadi hidup.

sherry said...

Pak Zawi..

Akhirnya ketemu juga ngan Mamasita. You were sungguh bertuah dapat jumpa Mamasita dengan plan yang teratur dirancang..macam i dulu kena pakai redah aje..heheh..

Pak Zawi said...

Memang bertuah. Cuma masa tak cukup. How I wish I could be with them longer. Mana ada pelan. Dia adhoc je datang KB. Rasanya plan mereka sampai KT je. Bab tu datang KB day trip je.
You pula bila nak datang?

Patricia said...

Hi Zawi,

As usual, this was a great read, and so full of intersting information. When I next visit your area, I'll make sure I re-read your posts before I go!

And it looks like you had a great visit with Mamasita and Pak Sak. Isn't it great when blog buddies visit?!

Pak Zawi said...

Just tell me how long you will be staying when you visit Kelantan. I will draw a suitable itinerary for you to follow.
Well however fleeting the meeting among fellow bloggers, it is always memorable.

Oldstock said...

Salam Pak Zawi,

In Datin Mamasita's own blog, we cannot get to see a pic of her.

Nasib baik Pak Zawi ada include gambar. Cun jugak datin ni ye... heheheh.

Pak Zawi said...

There was one picture of her with her sister. She looks even more beautidul there. Just go to her older post. It is the pic of Dato' Sak that you may not find in her blogs.

mamasita said...

Thank you so much P.Z.
And thank you kepada semua geng2 yang baik hati yang menghulurkan komen2 yang sangat manis! Thank you to everyone!

Pak Zawi said...

You are such a popular figure. Writing about you brings life to my stale site.

AuntieYan @ Makcik Blogger said...

Salam pak Zawi,

Wah! seronok betul Pak Zawi melayan dua orang tetamu istimewa tu. Datin nampak sunguh ayu bertudung hitam.

Pak Zawi, saya berada di Kota Bharu pada 5 hingga 9 April, dan sekali lagi pada 20 hingga 23 April. Ada kursus di Panji.Teringat-ingat juga akan Pak Zawi....kalau lah, kalau.....saya kontek Pak Zawi, tentu saya juga mendapat layanan mesra dari pak Zawi... :-)...he!...he!...tapi saya rasa teramatlah malu untuk berbuat demikian, lagi pun memang masa begitu padat sekali, kami hanya ada sikit masa untuk melawat bandar kota Bharu.
Insyaallah....mungkin lain kali saya beranikan diri untuk hubungi Pak Zawi jika sampai ke KB lagi. :-)

p/s : Saya sempat juga makan di Restoren nasi ulam tu...sempat juga tengok kuda kayu tu.

Pak Zawi said...

Auntie Yan,
Cubala hubungi saya sebelum 7Mei bab pada 7 Mei dan selepasnya saya mungkin berada di Kulim untuk acara Tomoi disana. Mana la tau kalau ada kelapangan boleh makan tengahari ke di KB. No saya 0199125647, sms je la.

sad, with a white hair.a father. said...

Salam pak zawi,
The word resplendent is making my curiosity stirred. It's quite rare to find that word (for me lah). Pak Zawi must be an avid reader of English material to grasp such a strong command of English, quite a rare thing among kelantanese. Pardon me if I am mistaken, but really, kelantanese people a a genius lot. The prove must be our own Madihah the top score of SPM this year. Hope Pak Zawi will share a bit or two of tips to master English.

Pak Zawi said...

Thank you for your superflous compliments. My English is just a form 5 English learnt at the local secondary school in the small town of Pasir Mas. The school was then known as Sultan Ibrahim Secondary School (SIS).
I wanted to reply to your question here but I guess it will be too long so I will create a post soon to answer your question. Come back for the post soon as it will be dedicated to you.

WeBViDeOKLiP said...

lawa gile sculpture tu

VersedAnggerik said...

Pak Zawi,

Lates pics of Mamasita and her tudung is now up at my blog!

Cuma tinggal, blum jumpa U jer lagi! Hehehe....

Pak Zawi said...

I am coming to your place right over.
InsyaAllah when I get to ride along the coastal road through Terengganu to Kuantan we will meet up. I have been desirous of doing that ride where I will stop in every towns on the way. I used to ply that route traveling between Johor and Kelantan during my days in Johor between 1972 to 1978.
Kuantan holds some fond memories for me.