Monday, April 13, 2009


My classmates at Sultan Ibrahim School Pasir Mas. L - R (sitting of course since I am standing) Tuan Haji Azmy Omar Al Ahmadi, Tuan Haji Ab. Rahman Ismail.

Between the three of us we have been keeping a secret. It is now more than 40 years on and the secret is still intact. We haven't forgotten about it since it is still fresh in our mind. Everytime we meet we will mention it and contemplate on telling the persons involved as we guess they wouldn't mind about it. Their anger if there is still any would be gone by now. The last time I broached the idea of revealing the secret to the persons concerned, the other would restrain me from doing it.
On Sunday the 12th of April we met for breakfast at Tuan Haji Azmy's place and took the above photos to remind ourselves that our secret is still a secret to our other classmates.
Hopefully one day we will reveal the secret to the persons concerned and I believe they will just laugh about it.
I will reveal the secret once we decide that it has been long enough and we just forgive and forget among the persons concerned as we are getting old and may not live long enough to ask for forgiveness. Afterall what we did was in the line of duty.
To those classmates of mine of the batch of 1968, can you guess what is the secret about?


Hussin said...

Sallam Zawi,

40 years should be long enough. If any of them still cannot laugh at what happened 40 years ago then there must be something really wrong with him/her and we should pity them.

I had a secret that I kept for more than 30 years about how I managed to help my friends when I delayed my hostel master by diverting him while he was making his surprise checks to catch those smoking in our hostel.

I brought up this story at our reunion a few years ago and sought forgiveness from my hostel master in front of everybody. Luckily, everybody took it in the right spirit and I was very relieved after that.


Gurindam Jiwa said...

There are two types of secrets:

1. Too good to keep.

2. Not worth keeping.

He he...

Akmal said...

Pak Zawi,
40 tahun? Huih!
keep it a secret...or blow it off lah... Either way, it would be fun if it is me :D
Of course, you'll have to brought up that there is something that friend of yours don't know about and you and your other friends are apparently keeping it safe; and even have fun on it lah.
But of course, that friend of you will say that you are one terrible fella lah heheheh :D

Pak Zawi said...

Thanks for the revealation of an almost similar situation. The only difference is that I was on the side of the law and and our combined action resulted in a public caning of the whole group involved. There was a long period of animosity but over the years we are good friends again. I wanted to reveal it at the last gathering but as I said in the blog, we feared it may have embarassed them. Maybe I will start telling to everyone of them individually because that was one episode in their life where they prefer to forget.

Pak Zawi said...

We have kept it for 40 over years! That speaks volumes about the secret.

Pak Zawi said...

We will only reveal it if we have consensus, otherwise it will remain a secret.
It is not really about the safety of the secret but more the embarassment that it may cause on the persons involved as the incident will remind them of their folly during their young days.

Kama said...

Pak, my take on the issue: If it's a secret that can smear or diminish someone's current reputation or one that can cause him/her untold embarrassment or even ruin his/her marriage, then it is best left untold. But if it concerns one of those teenage follies that can be laughed at 40 years on, I don't mind knowing, just to share the laughter.. :)

INTAN RH said...

Salam singgah. Kena speaking ke blog ni tp sy nak guna bahasa melayu. Sy ada ramai kenalan di KB, sbb sy pernah keje kat ctu 10 thn lebih.. Melalui blog maya gini, sy blh tau perkembangan di sana :)

Gurindam Jiwa said...

I agree with KAMA.

May be you can test the water by try mentioning lightly what they did that caused the caning in the first place. If the reaction is negative, then just sleep on it.

The monkey on the back can get heavier with time. But we also have to weigh in the consequences. If it is not worth it, then just let Allah handle it.

Covert_Operations'78 said...

Salam, Abang Zawi!

If it involves schoolboys, my guesses are as follows:
1. You played a trick on someone, and nobody knows who the pranksters were; or
2. You got someone into trouble whether with or without justification; or
3. It involves a girl and somehow you guys stopped this girl from going out with a particular guy; or
4. Someone was involved in some mischief, e.g. smoking in the school toilets or puncturing a teacher's car tyres, and you ratted on them to the teachers.

I agree with Hussin entirely. If they can't look back on it and laugh, they must live very pitiable lives.


Covert_Operations'78 said...

Ah okay! Now I see the subsequent comments! You did the right thing and resulted in some of your friends getting caned! And being 50 years old and dignified husbands, fathers and grandfathers today, you are not sure if they would like to be reminded of their youthful folly!

Mia's Mom said...

Salam Pak Zawi,

Well, 40 years, huh? Dahsyat tu...! Can it possibly due to some feeling of guilt? Though it's in the line of duty?

Azmy Omar said...


Hey I am quite surprised to the response of the topic.

Hey you guys, actually we are not afraid of leaking away our secrets..NOT after 40 years, but the embarrasment on the guys involved in the incidence that kept our secret intact.

I too feel that it is time to reveal the secret BUT come to think of it... some secrets SHOIULD remain as such!

Awie.. nice of you to write a posting on this informal 'Re-Union'.

We should do this more often. To you guys we have benn classmates since 1963 when we sat for our MSSEE. I guess not many know what MSSEE stands for.. It is - Malaya Secondary School Entry Examination. Failed in this Exam, we would be dropped out! You see the standard we would have to achieve.

The one who did very well in our class then in 1963 was Dato' Kamarudiin Jaafar (PAS Sec. General). He was sent to MCKK in 1964 for his secondary education

The 3 of us stayed back in Pasir as. We 'could not' be seperated until form 5 in 1968. Then we were on our own. I went to SIC for form 6. Awie went to Serdang College of Agriculture-present UPM, (after a brief stint at form 6) and Ab Rahman went to Teacher's College.

Yeah those were the days!

Awie keep writing. I REALLY like this one!

tchersally said...

Salam Pak Zawi,
your n3 reminds me about a secret that me n my darling had been keeping for 18 years..kekekeke..long before we got married..haha..dont get d wrong idea..*wink *winki..

guess it is time for u to reveal it lah..40 long years..gosh..get it out of your system lah Pak Zawi..sementara si polan bin si polan masih berpeluang to know the truth..

my secert?? hmm..i guess u just gave me the idea for my next n3..hehe

Pak Zawi said...

I presume they will just laugh it off as a folly of youth. We will tell them first before I tell you all the secret.

Pak Zawi said...

Selamat singgah.
Tak payah speaking. Kalau tulis kot BM saya respond ngan BM. Kalau loghat Kelate respond nyo Kelate la. Datang la melawat lagi ke Kelantan. Banyak dah berubah.

Pak Zawi said...

I will do just that. Test the waters. Don't worry the monkey on the back ain't heavy at all as we didn't feel guilty of doing our duty as a good student. I was a prefect at the school.

Pak Zawi said...

Your second comment answered it. Smart lawyer you are. Yeah we doubt that they would like to be reminded of their youthful folly. I did this post after seeing the picture of the three of us together at a breakfast get together at Tuan Haji Azmi Omar's house.

Pak Zawi said...

Mia's Mom,
It is not the guilty feeling. It is just to let them know how they got themselves caught before they pass away and perhaps have some laugh together.

Pak Zawi said...

Tuan Haji Azmy,
You really added something to my short post.
Thank you.

Pak Zawi said...

Keep the secret for 40 years. Let see whether you can match our 40 years. I may not live another 22 years but my children will know if you manage to break our record.
Yeah we will be telling two of the 3 of them. The other one has not been in contact with any of us for sometimes.

Mat Salo said...

Apa secret-secret ni bang? Bak kata orang Indo, selingkuh ke?

Bang, come by my blog ada I war-war kan my sister buat "lagu Klate". Ha ha. The song is generating a lot of airplay, in the Klang Valley stations at least. BTW, I'm back in Indo.


mamasita said...

Adoi Pak Zawi!
Janganlah bikin kitaorang suspens! Whats the secret? hahaha
40 years? Lamanya!

Azura said...

ya lor... i want 2 know too la d way looking at d pictures 3 of u guys...papa u look d youngest...sorry la other fellows...i think my dad still maintain d youth

Pak Zawi said...

Mat Salo,
Biasala masa kanak kanak sekolah dulu bila jadi prefect kenala buat tugas, sebab tu disiplin dulu dengan sekarang dikalangan pelajar berbeza.
Ya Pak Zawi segera ke blog Mat.

Pak Zawi said...

Sabar dulu kalau ye pun mau tahu. Kalau Mamasita datang ke Kelantan cepat la Pak Zawi kasi tau.

Pak Zawi said...

That was the biggest compliment from my own children. Don't forget to give me a nice gift for my next birthday OK?
For once I forgot that I am almost 59 with 7 grandchildren with the 8th due in April.

Gurindam Jiwa said...

Buah jambu tiga serangkai,
    Jatuh sebiji di tepi longkang;
Apa ilmu Pok Zawi pakai,
    Cucu tujuh pun napok bujang.

Pak Zawi said...

Pak Zawi tak reti berpantun ni. Saya cuba juga ya.
Naik perahu ke Kuala Muda
Perahu sarat buat peria
Kalau nak tahu kenapa nampak muda
Hidup ini mesti sentiasa ceria.

Pak Zawi ada silap dalam kenyataan cucu kelapan akan datang dalam bulan April, sebenarnya bulan Julai. Azura call memberitahu tentang kesilapan.

sherry said...

Salam Pak Zawi.

Lama tak 'jumpa' kan.

Btw, 40 years old secret..lama tuh..i were born in 1968..Seusia saya dah that secret...

Pak Zawi said...

Selamat 'jumpa' kembali. Memang dah lama dan kini dah tiba masa rahsia ini di ketahui mereka terlibat dan mungkin juga pada umum (classmates dan schoolmates lain)

probakti said...

Salam Pak Zawi,
It's true life begins at 40.So its not a sin to expose whetever life we have been through after that.Let others know and understand cause they also live to learn!
I heve been living in PM in the early 70's (See my blog on PM in the coming months)
Send my regard to Sdr Hj Azmi Omar.We were close friends at Adabi

Pak Zawi said...

Wassalam. Been to your blog and left my footprint there.
It is true life begins at 40 but this is a secret and it has no life. Anyway I will reveal the secret in one of my future blogs after I have informed the parties involved who are my good friends now.
Tuan Haji Azmi will read your comment so I guess he will be too happy to get intouch with you again.

Azmy Omar said...


Sorry to use this blog.

To probakti.

I am delighted to get your note. Feel free to contact me at this email addresses; OR

True.. we were good friends at Adabi.. but I was there for a while.. only for 5 months, way back in 1971. I left to do my degree at UM then.

See you!

Anonymous said...

the only secret i wish to know is how do you keep yourself so youthful (as compare to your two classmates) tak-kan you banyak years detention

Pak Zawi said...

There is no secret at all. I'd prefer to look elderly and healthy lik Pak Su Man sitting on my left side than to look young but not healthy.

Anonymous said...

Betapa setianya antara kita.Rahsia disimpan sekian lama tanpa diketahui oleh sesiapa.Sifat seperti ini jarang-jarang berlaku pada manusia dihari ini.Ciri-ciri sifat sepeti ini harus dimiliki oleh semua orang apatah lagi sekiranya sesuatu perkara itu melibatkan maruah dan harga diri seseorang.

Paksu Man.

Pak Zawi said...

Pak Su Man,
Lamanya Pak Su Man nak sampai ke blog ambo. Semoga sentiasa berkunjung kemari ye.


assalamualaikum pak cik zawawi. sya selalu juga baca blog pak cik. n i think u like 2 watch muay thai. so on 20th Apr dlm buletin utama ada berita psl i think pak cik mesti pg tgk.


about ur 40 years old secret. i think any1 have their own reason. mayb pakcik ada reason pakcik sdr y u keep that secret from ur friend.

Pak Zawi said...

Manusia biasa,
Ya Pak Cik memang pergi tengok pertandingan hari itu.

Pak Zawi said...

Manusia Biasa,
Adalah sebab mengapa kami simpan rahsia tu begitu lama.


assalamualaikum pakcik, apa khabar? sya ada perkara nk minta pendapat dpd pakcik. ini mengenai hub sya dgn gf sya. hub kami x dipersetujui oleh fml kami. but i love her so much. she older then me. kami pun dah berbincang even fml msh xsetuju kami still lg berjumpa but kami xkan berkahwin selagi belum dpt restu dri diaorg. sya cuma nk minta pendapat pakcik camner nak tambat hati fml kami.

Pak Zawi said...

Manusia Biasa,
Ni kes berat dan blog ini bukan untuk tujuan ini. Maaf ya kerana saya tak nak layan perkara gini.

Pak Zawi said...

Manusia Biasa,
Duan sila email saya dan saya akan cuba beri pendapat mengenai masalah awak. Forum terbuka ini tidak sesuai untuk perbincangan sebegini. Kita mesti matang untuk mengetahui dimana sesuatu perkara itu harus dibincangkan.

probakti 21 said...


Sdr Zawi, (we are at the same age level,i guess) Thank you for runiting me with Sdr.Tuan Haji Azmi.
We shall get in touch soon.

I reckon that there are stiil too many common things we have to share in the future.Be at your convenient,please drop in at my humble hut at Tapang.

Anyway,seleke ke blog kedua kawe di with new tile: New Kota Bharu".

Terima kasih sekali lagi!

Pak Zawi said...

I am so happy that you are reunited with Tuan Haji Azmy. Thanks to the internet many lost friends are found.
I have visited your second site. It is good to write as much as we can about the state as it will more people to know about the state.

zewt said...

Salam Pak Zawi,

Dah lama zewt tak singgah kat sini. :)

Zewt berharap dapat tangkap gambar dengan kawan-kawan sekolah zewt selepas 40 tahun. Tapi, kita tak ada sebarang rahsia lah ... :)

Pak Zawi said...

Selamat datang. Pak Zawi pun dah tak aktif blog hopping macam dulu. Sekarang ni kalau terlalu lama mengadap komputer mata mula berpinar.
Dah dapat anak ke? Semoga bahagia hidup berkeluarga. Pak Zawi akan ke AZAIG lepas ni.
Zew mana ada classmates yang 40 tahun bab Zewt masih muda kan.