Sunday, April 27, 2008

It Is All Allah's Will (Updated 30th April 2008 The Final Updte)

My daughters condition took a turn for theworse yesterday when she started bleeding heavily. The earlier premise that the cancer had subsided when the doctors doing the staging saw it fit to remark that the tumour was almost normal. That gave us some false hope that the cancer was responding to the alternative medication that my daughter was religiously taking.

The bleeding was detected around Isyak and without further ado we made preparation for her to go to the hospital. Professor Dr. Nik Mohamad Zaki, the doctor who will lead the team of sugeons operating on my daughter had told Azura that she must go to the hospital immediately if she bleeds after being discharged from the hospital.

While on the way, she called Dr, Nik Mohamad Zaki to ask for his opinion and was immediately told to go to HUSM. By the time we reached there it was almost midnight. At the emergency registration we saw so many other cases that made us feel lucky not to be aflicted with their kind of ailment. An old man came in with breathing problem due to an attack of athma, another young lady was wheeled in a stretcher with shallow breathing which the father said happens everytime she was stressed. The father and her was operating a restaurant. Another young slightly plump boy had a metal ring stuck on his ring finger. He must have wanted to wear a ring so much that he slipped on his finger a steel bicycle nut that went in but the swollen finger refused to let it out. The constriction on the blood vessels by the ring was starving the tissues beyond the ring of much needed oxygen swelling it up.

At that graveyard shift, I wonder how the doctors and supporting staff can keep their eyes open and their mental faculty working. I really salute them.

Since the bleeding itself wasnt life threatening, they took care of those who needs attention earliest. By the time my daughter's was seen by the young lady doctor it was already past 1 am. later she was admitted to the ward to be observed until the next day when the senior gynaecologist will have a look at her.

The next morning she called home that she had been examined and it was confirmed that the bleeding wa from the tumour. That alone dispelled any notion that we had that the bleeding could come from her period though it was definitely unlikely as she had just given birth only a month ago and had been breast feeding the baby.

We rushed over to the hospital to see her being given blood transfusion to replace the lost blood due to the bleeding. This time she couldnt have the comfort of the executive ward due to the need for constant supervision by the burses and the doctors. My wife and me left for home to get some equipments that Azura need badly that is the breast pump. Not feeding the baby from the mothers milk was making her endure a certain amount of discomfort and even pain.

Another phone call from her was really discomforting. She was feeling that her eyeballs were bulging out after the blood transfusion was done. Her body seems to be rejecting the blood!

By the time we reached the hospital the transfusion was stopped and she was put on drip instead. She had felt better pertsining to the swelling of the eye balls and her bleeding had reduced substantially.

While I was with Azura at the ward I received a SMS from Mazlan aka Gurindam Jiwa. He told me he was around HUSM at that time. I replied telling him of my location at the Baiduri Ward and he said he will come down after visiting Kak Dah who was warded at Wad 3 Utara in the old block. Kak Dah was the very reason for his being in HUSM that day. Read more of his postings about Kak Dah here, here and here.

Thanks to modern technology, the handphone helped us to locate and identify each other and we soon met at the entrance to my daughter's ward. Mazlan came with Fadli Che Lah the Personal Assitant to YB Tuan Haji Che Lah bin Mat Nawi. During the coverage of the 12 GE, Mazlan had requested that I provide some news about his friend Tuan Haji Che Lah as well as it was his close friend. I couldn't commit to that request despite the fact that Datuk Kamarudding Jaffar was an old classmate during the primary school days in Pasir Mas and covering both of them would be a great service to old friends. Though my coverage may not win them votes, it will somewhat stave the craving for news by their close friends who are not fortunate enough to be at site.
Mazlan came over to Azura's hospital bed and he told Azura about the seriousness of Kak Dah's case. The cancer recurred even after her doing mastectomy to both breasts after an attack of breast cancer.
Mazlan had other things to do and soon we had to part. We hugged as if we were two lost brothers. Now I am waiting for him to send me the pictures of the two of us at HUSM so that I can post it on this post. Mazlan, when you this post dont forget to email me the pictures.
It is all Allah's will that my daughter had to suffer this dreadful disease called cancer. We are not asking why must it be her. It is all fated. He wants to test us.
It is Allah's will that Mazlan and me got to meet today at HUSM despite my daughter had been discharged from her first stint at the wards. He wants us to meet and establish further the silaturrahim that we started on the net.

Mazlan aka Gurindam Jiwa after visiting my daughter at HUSM

28th April 2008

Azura was bleeding heavily. When the doctor on duty was notified, they immediately called the doctor on call to examine her. The bleeding seems to come from the point where they took the tissue sample for the second biopsis.

A decision was made to suture up the gap as it wasn't healing up. Azura went into the operating theatre at 3.30 PM and came out around 7.00 PM looking very pale with very low blood pressure due to heavy loss of blood. I told Azura that the brothers are on standby to donate their blood because the siblings blood is the most compatible and thus overcome the problem of rejection. Though I would readily donate my own blood, mine is useless due to my acute case of hypertension.

For the first time I saw tears welled up in Azura's eyes.

29th April 2008

Early this morning Azura's husband came back from Ipoh. After a short rest he proceeded to HUSM so that my wife Fatthiyah could return home to go to work at her school.

The point that they took the sample was where the bleeding came from. The bleeding seemed to have stopped after being sutured up in yesterdays operation in the operating theatre. Only two stiches was needed but the two hours they took to do it shows how difficult it was.

Today they gave her 2 pints of blood to replenish those lost through the heavy bleeding. There seems to be no more reaction like the first time. The pale look is gone from Azura's face and it now radiates more glow. Doc TA will be happy to hear that. It seems they have a way of preventing the rejection of transfused blood. Alhamdulillah I am happy too as when the actual op is done, Azura will need alot more blood to be replaced. It will not be good if rejection occurs.

Dr. Nik Mohd Zaki came to see Azura and Jo her husband. Lying in the next bed to Azura is the teeager who had undergone 2 operations previously. Between the two of then Dr. Nik Zaki spent 3 hrs there. Result day to reconfirm the Ca will be on 12th May 2008. Since Dr. Nik Zaki will be sending his daughter for matriculation studies somewhere around the 12th and he needs a few days to settle his personal matters. A small sacrifice on our part as we want him to be completely free of problem for him to work on Azura. A marathon 8 hrs operation is not something to be done when your mind is elsewhere.

The hospital's blood bank seems to have ample stock but will definitely welcome any blood donors to replenish their stock. My two sons will definitely be donating as they are regular donors.

30th April 2008

Azura called me to say that she will be discharged today and asked me to be at the hospital by 11.00 AM. Since the medical bill wont be much she prefered to pay the bill instead of waiting for the guaranttee letter from her employer which may take time.

I left the house early with her younger daughter Nur Farhana. On the way I stopped at Rozaimi Optometrist to change the lens of my bifocal which wasn't giving me much help for reading since the reading lens was rated at 175 when I first did it some ten years ago. Now I am so used to using the one with the power of 250. A short test confirmed this fact that I should be using the higher power. I bought another reading glasses to use before the new lens is ready on Saturday. The new lens and the reading galsses cost me some RM100.00.

Suddenly I remembered that I didn't feed any coins into the parking meter nor use the card to pay for the parking. I have a card with a stored value of RM30.00 in my wallet. On rushing out, I saw the red coloured piece of notice that I now will have to pay RM10 if the payment is effected within 14 days. Only last week I settled a similar compound when I fell asleep at the dental clinic while waiting for my turn and the 38 minutes on the meter was spent sleeping instead of being treated. The nurse at the clinic didn't want to disturb me from my sleep as they must have thought that this old man must be too tired to have fallen asleep under such a condition.

When I reached USM, I wanted to withdraw some money at the ATM. The Maybank ATM was out of order and there was a long queue at the Bank Islam's ATM. Then I decided to get the appraisal done first to find out how much the bill for the 3 days hospital stint for Azura. With only RM45.00 left in the wallet I was short of money and tried to pay via credit card whose stickers was clearly displayed on the window pane. Ah they will accept credit cards only if the payment exceeds RM101.00. So I proceeded to see Azura to get some money from her.

It was when I was passing the ward's counter that Dr. Najib asked me I knew that Dr. Hasanah went to see Azura. Since I have never met Dr. Hasanah, I didn't recognize her when we passed each other earlier. What a way to meet a new friend whom you have already known each other via the blogs for sometimes already.

Dr. Hasanah gave some encouraging words to Azura. Later she walked with us down to the ground floor. She showed me the herbal plants known locally as the 'lidah jin' at the hospital's herbal garden which is known to be a very good anti-oxidant. She helped me to take a few branches to plant at my house. The leaves can be blended with green apples and then the filtrate can be consumed to bring an overall wellbeing to aging or cancer suffering people.

Since nothing is expected to happen before the operation day by Professor Dr, Nik Mohd Zaki sometmes after the result day on the 12th of May 2008, this will be the last update on this blog.

Thank you all of you my good friends.


Gurindam Jiwa said...

Assalaamu'alaikum Pok Zawi,

Early blogger you are. I just got back home in Bandar Baru Bangi at 6:20am. I need to take a nap before going to my sons school's Annual Sports Event, and I'm supposed to be a Refereeing Committee Member.

It was my first very own Blogger Meet, and it was a pleasure, alhamdulillah. Both of those photos are here and here. Revealing our secret identities, eh... :-)

My du‘a also to Azura. All of us need it, actually.

More later, insya'Allah.

Azmy Omar said...


I know you have a hard time, but Allah the most merciful and most gracious is testing you and your family. We all are tested; one time or another.

All I can say is: banyak bersabar dan banyak bertawakal. InsyaAllah penyakit ini dapat diatasi. Segala-galanya adalah di tangan NYA.

Kami akan terus berdoa agar Azura sembuh seperti sediakala secepat mungkin.

Awie, I have known you for more than 45 years now. We first met in 1963, took MCE the same year 1968, and even went on pilgrimage the same year 1997.

During our school days my house was your house (mi cassa su cassa). So don't worry too much. I will continue to follow your story and will pray endlessly for your daughter Azura.

InsyaAllah she will be alright.
Allah maha pengasih dan maha penyayang.


Rita Ho said...

Zawi ... I am sorry to hear about the turn of events. Stay positive and remain strong as you always are. Azura has amazing will power and a courageous attitude, both of which will see her through this battle successfully. All of you are in my daily thoughts and I will send good vibes in my prayers. Take care.

Akmal said...

Indeed, everything is in His knowledge an His might. This sudden turn of event is a shock, but He knows what is the best.
My du'a for Kak Azura and your whole family.
Take care.

Zawi said...

Walaikummussalam Mazle'. I did the post last night hoping to catch you early and I am glad I did.
It is definitely great to have met you in person as it gives us the right perspective to interact further. Take my word for it that meeting up at getherings are always a new experience. There will always be new friends to know and rekindle the spirit of friendshp with the old ones. MRT is a must go. I will take you to MRT at Kak Ton's place the next time I am at my son's place at Enstek which ain't really far from Bangi or when I am at my daughter's place in Amanputra Puchong. You will be surprised how gracious a host Kak Ton is when on every Tuesday she and her hubby Abang Ruslani will feed mee curry (as Daphne correctly observed) to bloggers who attend the event.
Thanks for the two pictures. Since you have provided the link to your pictures and thus reveal your identity, there is no harm in putting our picture in my blog. My identity has neber been a secret so it is not a problem to me.
Thank you for your doa. We definitely need all good vibes as Rita Ho said it in her comment.

Zawi said...

Tuan Haji Azmy Omar,
Please allow me to correct you. We met in 1962 as pupils in standard 6 SIS Primary School Pasir Mas. Its been more than 45 years of friendship. It was true that your house was my house but the reverse was not true as my house is located some ten miles away in a small village called Chekok. I will blog about our childhood days in my future blogs as I have not done what I promised to do with all those old pictures that you have given me.
Thanks for all those prayers. Really appreciate them.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I saw the pictures, which one is you? The one with the ketayap or the one in Batik?

The road to recovery may sometimes be slow and bumpy but recovery eventually comes. My prayers that this is just a minor setback.

cakapaje said...

Salam Pak Zawi,

Honestly, I do not know what to say except: bersabar dan sesama berdo'a sambil berusaha. Maaf.

Pi Bani said...

Am truly sorry to hear about the turn of events. It must have been quite a scary experience for your family. But as Chegu KTN mentioned, the road to recovery may be slow and bumpy. Just hang in there and stay positive. As per the title of my latest posting, positive thinking is the best medicine.

All I can offer Azura is my doa.

pakpayne said...

pak zawi...

prayers...and prayers....and prayers...for azura's recovery.

chekok - not far from kg kemubu, where i came from.

The Ancient Mariner said...

Hang in there, Pak Zawi. Many have beaten the big C before.

Our prayers and best wishes for Azura.

yeappie said...

Pak Zawi,
Take care. As always, our prayers are with you and your family.

Zawi said...

Rita Ho,
You have talked to her on the phone so I guess you can more or less gauge that she isn't feeling down much. Your good vibes defintely gets through to her especially from someone so faraway who made her feel that there are so many caring people rooting for her.

Zawi said...

Indeed Allah knows. It is just his way of affirming something that is in doubt.
Thanks for the prayers Mal.

Zawi said...

Che'gu Nazir,
I am 58 years old and my guess is Mazlan should be in his late 40's at the most. Do you still doubt that the man in the Ketayap is really me? I had to wear that ketayap to help Mazlan locate me from the many people at the hospital :).
We are fighting against it. We know people with a higher stage of cancer has been cured. There was a 15 year old girl admitted to the ward today suffering from cervical cancer and she was crying in pain, while my daughter is having it easy without much pain. That alone will give her strength to fight on seeing such a young girl suffering from the same disease.

Zawi said...

You don't have to say anything. Just pray for her well being.
Anyway her stage is still 1B1, which is definitely very early and God illing, it can be cured.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I thought so initially. You don't look 58. You should see me, I look 60 for a 52 year old man.

Zawi, I got to give this to you, you are a very-very strong man and from what I gather Azura is a strong lady too. This helps. It helps Azura more to have a strong father like you so keep on giving her strength.

Azmy Omar said...



Our standard six WAS in 1963. You must have forgotten the one-year lapse of Special Malay class that cause our age difference of a year to be in the sme claas of 63.

Mr Lian CHong Lai was our form teacher in 1963. And 1964 we were in form one. Remember Mr. Lesley Abraham?

You see. 1963 was when I first met you. Correct, correct, and correct

Thank you

Hussin said...

Sallam Sdra Zawi,

Semoga sdra sekeluarga tabah menghadapi ujian dari Yang Empunya dunia. Doa saya sekeluarga untuk sdra sekeluarga terutamanya Azura semoga dimakbul segala doa.


Zawi said...

Dont worry overmuch about us. Eversince we knew of the tumour, we were expectin the worst but hoping for the best. Azura and hubby Joe has come to terms with the situation.
Now that we know thw stage is at 1B1, we have high hope for recovery once the operation to remove the tumour and any related organs if necessary. We have faith in our doctors and under the circumstances the best medical care available. If others can pull through, why not Azura? All the doa from so many people definitely helps her alot.

Zawi said...

InsyaAllah, the doa from you is most appreciated. After reading your mention of Kemubu I called up Pak Su Man Hassan, a close friend of mine when in Kesedar. A few calls to his friend Pengetua Ahmad Mahmud who happened to be your close friends gave me abit more info about you.
Remember tha days when football was played between Chekok and Kemubu as well as Mata Air? Football was the game then. Bomohs were used to ensure a win.

Zawi said...

Yes many others lick big C before and without sounding arrogant, the doctors at HUSM are going to help my daughter overcome it too.
Thanks Captain.

Zawi said...

Thank you and pls continue to pray with us.

Zawi said...

Che'gu Nazir,
Don't be fooled by the photograph, I am really photogenic hehehehe.
How do I summarise my age? Chronologically I am 58 years old, my perceived age as appeared to some people I may look as 50 years old. If I were to be tested for physical fitness I am somebody of 80 years old. Healthwise I am almost there. For the sake of my daughter I will make her see me as a healthy 58 years old father as strong as a rock. Unfortunately she had seen me struggled to lift her 18 kg daughter when I had to move her to her bed when she slept on the couch while viewing Geng Bas Sekolah on TV.
I guess the two of us are in the same boat. If you follow TDM's advice, you could shave off a few years from your perceived 60 years by shaving off those white hairs on your face hehehehe. (Can still afford to laugh you know)

Zawi said...

Tuan Haji Azmy Omar,
Correct, correct, correct. Thousand apologies for the wrong correction by me.

Zawi said...

Tiada lagi perkataan yang boleh saya lafazkan untuk menyatakan terima kasih kami sekeluarga atas doa yang anda hulurkan. Semoga Allah akan memakbulkannya dan mencucuri rahmat keatas anda sekeluarga.

anasalwa said...

I'm sad to hear about Azura's condition, but I will continue to pray and dua for her.

Zawi said...

Don't be sad. We are in high spirit ourselves because the many wishes and prayers from friends near and far made us feel prepared whatever the consequences. Azura being in and out of the hospital several times has been exposed to other people even younger than her who are in worse condition than her. A few are suffering from the same ailment.
The confirmation that her 1B1 stage of the cancer helped her alot in assuring her that the cancer can be arrested before it goes beyond the cervical areas.
Thank you ana for the support.

AuntieYan @ Makcik Blogger said...

Assalamualaikum Pak Zawi,

Semoga tabah menghadapi ujuan Allah.

Sama-sama berdoa kepada Allah.

Raden Galoh said...

Salam pak...
I wasn't linked at home, and I didn't know about this turn of events...but my hunch was telling me to contact you and find out about Zura's condition. Hati saya mcm tak sedap gitu...that's why I smsed you and when you replied that the doc was confident it was Ca...i was saddened and speechless...

Sensing my my late reply to your sms, you forwraded Zura's hp no. Thank you and Alhamdulillah, I smsed her right away...cos I need to know from her how bad is her condition....

All these are fated with hikmah and blessings that we yet understand/see..Please stay positive and my do'a will continue for all of you...

Stay strong Pak. Salam to everyone.

sYaNa said...

assalamualaiikum Pak Zawi :o)

I'm sad to read the latest update but I'm optimistic and hopeful for the best. He knows best and He has planned everything out for each of us. Let's keep praying for Azura's recovery.

Take care, Pak Zawi :o)

Zawi said...

Kami akan meghadapinya dengan tabah. Azura juga begitu.
Terima kasih atas doa auntieyan.

Zawi said...

The reason I wanted you to SMS directly is that she has direct contact with you so that your 'good vibes' as Rita Ho said it will go directly from you to her. When I saw her yesterday the first thing she told me was your sms it.
Yes we will be strong. Thank you D.

Zawi said...

We were optimistic too but we were prepared for the worst.
You too take care.

tokasid said...

Salam Pak Zawi:

I'm sorry with the about turn of her condition BUT that doesn't mean that the lesion is getting worse and that doesn't mean that its becoming more malignant than ever. It might just be the same.
A friable cervix, esp post partum can bleed easily and when the do bleed they really bleed like a burst Kenyir dam.

But its the reaction towards the blood transfusion that I am not happy with and I guess the doctors will have to look into that. I know they are unhappy too for Azurah might need more transfusion later. I hope its just an incident which will not repeat itself.

Dr Nik will re-assess Azurah and the is a possibility that things might be brought forward if that is the best for Azurah.

Azurah can continue with her alternative medicine for it might help her build up her strenght and immunity, but at the same time she needs the gynae team as her primary health provider.

What happened is a real scare but I am sure most of the family and Azurah are used to it by now.
Our du'a will always be with Azurah in our solat Pak.

Zawi said...

Doc TA,
Sorry for not informing you earlier. Since I post this blog ealry I thought you would pick up from here. As of yesterday evening the bleeding has subsided somewhat. Azura calleh her mum telling her that she will be discharged tomorrow only. At 2 PM today she called again asking us to go to the hospital due due to fresh bleeding. I had to stay home to fetch Azura's eldest daughter from school at 3.30 PM.
I guess they have to reschedule the operation to an earlier date. Like you said it the blood transfusion maybe a problem and I have asked her brothers Azrin and Azuan to be on standby incase their blood is needed. I am suffering from acute hypertension for my own blood to be of any use. I believe blood from the siblings will be much more compatible due to their similarity of characteristics and thus reduce the chances of rejection.
I have been told by Dr. Hasanah that the Intra can induce the blood to thin and hence it must not be consumed when the operation nears. If that is the case I guess only Gamat Jelly should be consumed.
Under the present circumstances, we prefer her to be in the ward as medical attention is close at hand. If she were to be at home it may take time for us to take her to the hospital.
My humble gues is an earlier operation is better before she is weakened by the incessant bleeding.
I will keep you posted via SMS.

tokasid said...

Pak Zawi:
Its okay. Past few days the streamyx was a bit to slow to my liking and didn't browse much over the weekend.

Its good if your children keep on standby for the blood donation thing.That would be a great help for their sister.

Zawi said...

Doc TA,
We will do just that. I am happy that you agree.

changgeh said...

Definitely you're are a strong man emotionally.I don't know whether I can go through this myself.
Take it from me ,Allah is most gracious and most merciful and insyallah I'm sure she'll be through all this.
My doa for you and the family.

Fauziah Ismail said...

Salam Pak Zawi
A test from Him on you and your family. Be strong. Only He knows best.
My salam and doa for Azura.

kbguy said...

I'm lost of words. May God Bless her recovery as soon as possible.

Zawi said...

Under the circumstances I can't show any sign of wavering on my part as the leader of the family. I believe my wife is an ever stronger stuff. When you face is turned to the wal whatelse that you can do? You to would just face the adversary. There are no two ways about it.
Above all we have faith in Allah the almighty. Thanks for the prayers.

Zawi said...

Thank you again for the unwavering support. I am glad that I know you are praying for her to get well.

Zawi said...

You don't have to say anything. Seeing your nick here is enough to know that you care for us.
Thank you Lim.

jaflam said...

Salam Zawi,
It's the beginning of treatment and real battle with Cancer. InshaAllah with the effort, courage and strong support from all around her, Azrah will get through the battle with the love and Syifa Allah.

We joined other friends in Prayer for her strength and recovery.

Zawi said...

D Jaff,
Yes it is the beginning. Hopefully the doctors are by now ready and clear of the action they are going to take. The team leader who will operate had already explained to Azura the intended action i.e by removing the mouth of the cervix in the shape of a cone. Well they know what they are going to do so let us leave them to their job and on our part pray to Allah to grant us another chance for Azura to take care of her children.

Raden Galoh said...

Salam pok Awie...
Last nite after we smsed each other, tears welled and streamed down my cheecks. I just felt for all of you. I could feel as if it happened to my closest family members. Being far and couldn't offer Zura the moral support, it saddened me much. All I could to offer comfort to me and to hope Allah perkenan do'a I was to have a hajat prayer for her and for me too.

This morning reading your update, I weep again. hang on strong Pak...Zura needs you and we all too. We are with you and will always have you and Zura in our prayers.

take care and hugs.

Rita Ho said...

Zawi ... As much as it pains you to see Azura cry, the occasional tears will allow her to release some of the bottled up anxiety and emotions. Having been there myself, it is tiring and stressful to put up a brave front amidst our own fear no matter how strong and positive we are. A good cry when it comes is therefore very healthy and will make Azura feel better.

I am extremely glad that her doctors are bringing forward the cone biopsy. Azura and I had a good laugh over it the other day, so I know she will face the surgery well and come through shining.

Take good-good care yourself, Zawi.

Zawi said...

Raden Galoh,
Please keep on a happy note. With you feeling down wont help yourself. If you were to call Azura you can still hear her laugh. She must have felt lucky as on the next bed to her is the 15 yrs old girl who had her cancer operation already twice done and always crying. We feel lucky because there are others out there who are worse off than Azura.
Please feel happy and the good vibes will catch on to her.

Zawi said...

To have you call all the way from USA to cheer her up is more than I could ask a friend to do.
You are right, a cry once in awhile can be a good thing too to release tension and pent up feeling. Having gone through it all you know better than anybody else.
Lets be positive and make it a point that when you are back in Malaysia soon, Azura will be waiting to meet you in person.

Raden Galoh said...

Salam pak...
Thank you for reminding me. I'm not overwhelmed by the sadness...more of terharu actually...

I just put myself in her shoes and my empathy grows stronger... I know she'll beat it as I spoke to her yesterday, she's indeed a happy person...

my salam to Zura.

lunacy said...

pak zawi,
hopefully wif the love and support from you and family, Azura will stay strong to fight the cancer cell.

and may Allah berkati doa kita semua utk Azura, Insyallah .

Akob & Yasmin AFFIN UAT TEAM2005 said...

Dear Uncle Zawi


Send our Salaam to Zura. We will always do doa for her health. Insya Allah everything will be ok. Be patience.

Akob & Yasmin

Zawi said...

I know how you feel being one afflicted with one yourself though in a different place. It is extremely good that people who went through it all can support each other.
InsyaAllah I will convey your salam when we visit her at the hospital this evening.

Zawi said...

By the look of it she is willing to fight it out.
Berkat doa kita semua InsyaAllah dia akan selamat.

Zawi said...

akob & yasmin,
Waalaikummussalam. Zura will be too happy to get wishes from her colleague at Affin Bank. InsyaAllah she will pull through. Read my update of her situation soon.

mamadou said...

Saya amat terharu Ayoh Awi. Saya hanya mendoakan agar Azura dan suaminya Jo tabah menghadapi ujian ini. Saya fikir amat berat bagi mereka menanggungnya. Tawaqal lah kepada Allah. Siapa lagi yang layak mendengar rintihan umatNya yang dilanda musibah. Apakah ini ujian kehidupan yang Maha Pencipta mahukan kehidupan kita masa mendatang lebih bermakna lagi tawadduk. WaLlah'alam

Zawi said...

Betul seperti mamadou kata tu. Segalanya ada dugaan tuhan untuk menguji kita dalam segalanya. Ia nya harus menginsafkan.
Macam mana keadaan di Mali? Semoga mamadou dapat menikmati hidup yang bermakna jauh diperantauan. Teringin juga suatu hari nanti mengunjung ke sana, dimana tak ramai orang Malaysia mengunjungnya.

mrs lim said...

Good morning, Pak Zawi. I am shock to read about the turns of the events. However, no matter what is happening, stay strong, be united and have faith. To Azura, with all my best wishes, you will get well. :)

Our company was broken in on 24-4-2008 (Thursdaya). Luckily the old jaga was not aware, otherwise he might be hurt. We are still busy checking our losses.

edelweiss said...


Pok Zawi,

I baru baca ur blog.
Allah hu Akbar. Doa kami suami isteri sentiasa bersama Azura & Pok Zawi sekeluarga.

tokasid said...

Salam Pak ZAwi:

TQ for the update.Jo's presence is very much needed for Azurah.

Zawi said...

Mrs Lim,
Just came back from HUSM to fetch Azura who has been discharged today. The bleeding has stopped so I guess she will be ready when the operation is set to be performed.
I am sorry about the breakin at you company's premise. The thieves must have known that your jaga is too old and been sleeping most of the time. It is time that the jaga is retired. He is supposed to be awake in order to be effective.
Anyway I hope the damage isn't too big and insurance will cover the losses.
Thank you for the visit.

Zawi said...

It is OK. I will be updating this blog for abit more time. Just come in if u have the time.
We tank you for the doa.

Zawi said...

Jo has already taken the bus for Ipoh last night since the bleeding has stopped and Azura was expected and infact I have just taken her home from the hospital. Jo needs to maintain some balance of his leave for the operation when his presence will be most wanted.
I met Dr.Hasanah on the way out and she said some encouraging words to Azura. She went out of her way to show me some medicinal plants at HUSM's herbal garden known locally as lidah jin which has very high antioxidant properties. I will be consuming it myself to heal those rickety parts of my body.

Puteri said...


I'm sorry I am a little late at dropping by your blog. I have just finished catching up with your daughter's story.

I am indeed sorry to read this news about your daughter's health especially when it came together with such a joyful event as the arrival of a new child/grandchild.

Stay strong and I am thinking of your family and your daughter's family.

Zawi said...

Don't worry about being late. We all know we have other important things to do so I understand why you couldn't be here any earlier.
Indeed it was a joyous moement as well as a bit sad for us. Thanks to the baby we get to know about the tumour early otherwise it would have gone beyond the present stage 1B1.
Thank you for the kind thoughts.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Pak Z,

this sudden turn of event has certainly caught me off guard but like everyone else, i will pray for Azura's recovery, insyaAllah.

Zawi said...

It seems that under certain situation and condition the cancer cells can be suppressed but but it doesn't mean it is obliterated. When situation changes again and it is conducive for its burst of activity it will be back to its active self. That summarises what really happened to my daughter.
Only by removing it surgically that it will be properly treated. Even that won't ensure total cure as other cells may turn cancerous should it chooses to.
I will be posting an article by Professor John Hopkins to support this theory.
Thank you for the prayers.

zaitgha said...

Pak Zawi,

I can only pray for Zura's recovery...and with a dad like you by her side she would be alright...kiss the babies for me


Zawi said...

The prayers are most appreciated. I am grinning from ear to ear for the praises accorded to me as a dad.
Done kissing the baies for you.

svllee said...

Dear Pak Zawi,

I have been following your postings quietly but surely, even whilst I was in KL, and rest assured my thoughts and prayers have been with you, your family and your Zura. Its wonderful that you can still find the energy and will to blog and that is commended in these trying times. I have also been through what you are going through, with my father's illness several years ago. Prayers know no boundaries.

best regards

Zawi said...

Thank you for the wonderful words and the prayers for my Zura.
Everyone of us has a problem in our life only the degree of difficulty may differ. Problems however help to make us stronger unless we choose to be broken by it.
I am sorry to hear of you fathers illness. If he is still alive, I pray that he will get well soon. Yes, prayers know no boundary.