Friday, May 2, 2008

A Child's Act of Love

The mother was in the hospital getting treatment and the children were with us at home. When we were going to the hospital, Eight years old Lis or Nur Alya Jazleen the eldest daughter handed me a piece of yellow paper with some scribblings and some drawings on it asking us t pass the piece of paper to her mum Azura.

I took a peek and I saw these:

The front page were decorated with a star and a butterfly with the words Selamat Hari Mami. She does't know that it was't mothers day but were taught in class that greeting cards are for certain occassions which she wasn't able to relate this occassion when the mother was away in the hospital.

The next page really touched my heart strings. If you cant read them the wrords are as follows:

Mami kakak sayang dekat

Mami lah yang terbaik

Sejak mami takde kakak

rindu dekat mami

kakak selalu teringat

dekat mami tiap-tiap hari

pada panjang masa

Though the sentences and words used were not perfect, they nevertheless reflects her love for her mother.

The third page is supposed to depict their house in Amanputra Puchong. She must be longing for their home.

The last page depicts the family of Ayah, mami, kakak, adik and youngest brother Aqil in mami's arms.

Now mummy is home waiting for the day when she will be operated on to remove the malignant tumour of the cervix.

The card was unintentional destroyed by her sister As so Lis made a new on when Mother's Day came.

This is the new card:

This is Lis


yeappie said...

Pak Zawi,
She is a budding artist and expresses herself very well through her art.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Very touching indeed. Children are innocent, they say what they feel in the way they are able to. Those words depict love.

Raden Galoh said...

Salam Pak Zawi...

Luahan hati anak-anak kecil luhur kan? Walaupun bahasanya tidak mengikut susunan tapi rentak dan hasratnya kesampaian...tersentuh hati membaca kad sebegitu...rasanya kad yang mcm tu lebih bermakna dari kad from hallmark ke ataupun yang lain...

Zawi said...

It seems she drew without hesitation and there is no erasure marks. Her talent could be further developed I guess.
We will try to guide her.
Thank you for the visit.

Kak Teh said...

salam, a truly touching message from the heart, fromsomeone so young.

Zawi said...

Oh you were touched too. Children are definitely innocent and they speaks from the heart.

Zawi said...

That card was definitely better than those bought from the stores. The children should be encouraged to do their own cards as they are more meaningful. She learned it from school. I guess the teachers are doing the right thing teaching the children to express their love via such own made cards.

Zawi said...

Salam Kak Teh,
Though young, they must have been taught well the values of love to their parents. Kudos to their teachers.
When we were young we were never taught on how to express such feelings.
Thanks for the visit Kak Teh.

Gurindam Jiwa said...

Pok Zawi, you are not trying to make us cry, are you?

Zawi said...

gurindam jiwa,
Salam En. Mazle.
Crying can be therapeutic too.
Bila nak balik Kelantan lagi?

Daphne Ling said...

Pak Zawi,


Enough said...=)

Gurindam Jiwa said...

Wey, kelik sokmo. Cumo tok leh rancang.

Kalu kelik tu gak, lagu tu lah, sapa pagi, pete naik bah selalu.

Mugo hati ni beloh duo, so dok Kelate, so dok Bangi.


jaflam said...

Salam Zawi,
Luahan hati yang ridu dan sunyi bila ibu tiada di sisi. Semoga ia menjadi doa buat Ibu yang dalam dugaan Allah dan menjadi Syifa kasih sayang Allah pada Azurah.

Akmal said...

Salam Pak.
Sweet girl, she is :)
To say how much we love, sometimes are just too hard even for us grown-ups (moral of the story of Kabhie Kushi Kabhie Gham)...

cakapaje said...

Salam Pak Zawi, words are needed I guess. Even a man seething in anger melts at such a child.

FiSHY@iKe said...

Salam, pak zawi. An interesting quote i read from for us to ponder upon.

While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

Take care pak zawi, give my love to the sweet girl, salam... :D

tokasid said...

Salam Pak Zawi:

MasyaALLAH. It is so touching. Coming from a child like Lis.This is pure love. Every pages that she wrote and drew is her true feelings.

Mat Salo said...

Pak Zawi,

Apa nak dikata? Cuma doa sahaja yang mampu diberi dan semoga ditabahkan hati sekeluarga Bapak -terutamanya Azura, menempuh duga'an dari Allah SWT.

Ah, a child pining for her mother... she's lucky to have very loving grandparents, Pak. Alhamdullillah...

Zawi said...

Sorry to have made you cry. I guess you must be reflecting on your own childhood days.

Zawi said...

Letih la demo kalu main dok berule lagu tu gak. Kalu tak cekak gak balik dok kelate la. Bangi tu biar anak anak jah duduk.

Zawi said...

Kata-kata ikhlas dari anak kecil pasti akan memberi kekuatan kepada ibunya untuk terus berjuang demi anak-anak yang masih memerlukan kasih sayang. KepadaNya kita berserah.

Zawi said...

Orang dewasa dah rasa janggal nak cakap 'Aku sayang pada mu', mungkin 'I love you' ok sikit kot? Yang bahasa Hindustan tu makana apa ye? Kekekekeke nampak benar kaki filem Hindustan.

Zawi said...

Salam Shah,
Should be the perfect antidote for your last angry post. Hey don't you think you should be 'menimang' your own 'cahaya mata' now? SKMK mau? (Saya Kawin Mek Kelantan).

Zawi said...

Thats a beautiful quote. I will keep that for future use.
Will tell her when she wakes up.

Zawi said...

Doc TA,
I was touched too that is why I posted it. Hope adults like us can show our love to each other like she did with such a simple act.

Zawi said...

Thanks for constantly praying for us to be strong.
Distance prevent us from seeing our children everyday. When we have such a chance to be together, nothing will stop us from doting our love to them. There were times when they were naughty and I threatened to cane them, alas they remained as threats. Their antics like handing me the cane and bending down to let me cane them will only break me into laughter. Between the two of them, the younger Az will even volunteer to be caned first. Just cant bring myself to discipline them like I did to their mother and uncles.

FiSHY@iKe said...

slm pak zawi, just wanna inter frame, the posts is up. feel free to come and read ya? Take care pak and have a great day!

Fauziah Ismail said...

Salam Pak Zawi
It tugs the heart seeing these drawings. This their way of expressing something they cannot say in words.

Zawi said...

Ok, I will be there. Thanks for the notice.

Zawi said...

It must have been quite an effort for her to come up with the card without any help from anybody. I agree with you the drawings reflects her feeling at the moment.

cakapaje said...

Pak Zawi,

Lol! Nantilah dulu. Bukan jual mahal ke apa, tapi keadaan belum mengizinkan :)

Zawi said...

Jangan lewat lewat Shah, nanti u dah tua anak anak masih lagu di darjah 1 Sekolah Rendah kekekeke.

edelweiss said...



Insyallah mommy will get better & able to spend time with Lis and siblings. Let us all pray for Azura and family.

cakapaje said...

Ekeke...takkan lari gunung yang dikejar - kena tarah dengan orang sarkas ada le! :)

Pak Zawi, kalau free, tolong baca my latest entry dan berikan idea bernas. Terima kasih :)

Zawi said...

Azura is back home in Pasir Mas now so the children are happy. She will wait for the call from HUSM for the operation to remove the tumour. It should happen after the 15th of May.

Zawi said...

Kalau di Cameron Highlands, bukit habis runtuh. Merka cuma perlu tractors yang biasa digunakan untuk membajak sawah. Bayangkan 50 buah tractors sekali jalan, gunung pun runtuh.
OK saya menziarah ke sana sekarang.

mrs. lim said...

Good morning, Pak Zawi. Hope all is well.

I like the Flower Family, especially the cute tiny flower baby.. Lis is certainly creative. :) and she is such a sweet, pretty young lady .. a big, warm hug from this old macik.. :)

Used to receive drawn cards from my children when they were young. Now they must be too shy to do so for what i get nowadays are cakes ( their favourite cheese cakes, of course ) .. ;D

I suppose it is the thought that counts, isn't it?

My most sincere best wishes to Azura and all of you..

Zawi said...

Mrs. Lim,
Earlier I didn't the difference in hairs between the males. After scrutinizing the picture of the flower family I could discern the difference. She is really into details there hahaha.
I will hug her for you when she is home from school soon.
Encourage your children to carry on making own cards as I believe they are more personal and warm.

mrs. lim said...

Thanks, Pak Zawi.

Yes, Lis has very cleverly and distinctively identifed the genders of the flower family..

The sun is in heart-shape.. and i like that .. very imaginative and innovative.. :)

Flowers need sunlight to bloom, and families need love to grow.. :)

Good night.. Have a good rest..

pendita said...

Pok awi... sedih kawe tatap entry ni..nok wak guano... kesian ko cucu pok awi tu... aritu tokdan jupo pok awi... kelik tu jadualpenuh nga derakk...huhu... cuti skoloh nati kelik plok... errr, buke shah sore jah, kawe pun sero nok 'Bbini jugok loni...huhuhu...

mamadou said...

Assalamu'alaikum Ayoh Awi

Saya baru balik dari perjalanan jejak sejarah. Harap-harap seperti perjalanan Ibn Batutta. Saya sungguh terharu membaca kad yang dilukis oleh cucu Ayoh Awi. Sungguh terkesan dari luahan kasih sayang yang tulen untuk ibunya yang tersayang. Moga Lin dan ibunya Azura serta keluarga sentiasa dibawah lindungan dan rahmat Allah jua.
Terima kasih

Zawi said...

Mrs. Lim,
That was the gist of it and I asked her about the difference later. The males are the sun and the females are the flowers. Never knew she had that in mind when she drew it. Maybe they taught that to her in school. Lets give some credit to the teachers.
How much was lost due to the break in at your company's premise? Email me the answer so that it wont become public consumption. Curious to know where yoir company is located too. Who knows I may drop in one day to make purchases and perhaps have a cup of coffee with you.

Zawi said...

Kelik cuti sekolah ni mari la ko rumah Pok Awi kita gi derak sama. Mana la tau masa derak tu jumpa hok kene bulih buat bini. Ada juga saing Pok Awi minta tolong cari tok laki ko anak-anak dia. Mana tau jodoh kan?
kalu terasa nak nangis tu jangan tahan-tahan la biar dia keluar bab nangis ni bagus untuk cuci taik mata.

Zawi said...

Saya sedia menunggu tulisan mamadou mengenai perjalanan bersejarah ini. Semoga ianya akan tercatat dalam catatan sejarah sepertimana perjalanan Ibn Batuta juga.
Terima kasih atas doa untuk anak cucu saya.

silversarina said...

So touching... InsyaAllah kata-kata dan lukisan anak-anak menjadi penawar hati ibunya .

Saya doakan agar pembedahan itu nanti berjalan lancar dan berjaya.Amin.

J.T. said...

A heartfelt dedication from a child to a mother. Her love resonates with every word.

Zawi said...

Any mothers with children would love to have such a card which was written from the heart without being coached or coaxed. She did it all on her own.
Thank you for the prayers. We hope all will be well after the operation. InsyaAllah.

Zawi said...

Thanks for the comment. You aptly said it.
Enjoyed you post on your KL visit very uch.

Pokku said...

How sweet and how touching!
Any update on your daughter? I hope she is better, Aminnn!

elviza said...

Sedeayyyyyy nya baca nihh....

(Sob sob sob!)

Zawi said...

Nothing to update yet. She is waiting for the operation to remove the tumour which will only be done sometime after the 15th of May.
Thanks for the visit Pokku.

Zawi said...

Wait till Luqman is about Lis' age and he will be writing you beautifully decorated cards to profess his love to the wonderful mum that he has.
Don't teach him to buy cards from Hallmark or use cyber cards which doesn't exude any personal feeling at all. A personally handmade one is 1K times better.

Monster Mom said...

Sweet sweet child...
I'll usually get that kind of note from my daughter too... Girls tend to be more expressive.
When I smile reading the note, my son will start doing one too.. just to get my attention...hihihi.. boys!

All the best to you...and your family.

Hi&Lo said...

Pak Zawi,

You have one hellava talented Lis. Her drawing is worth a thousand words. Where words fail, Lis uses her intuitive imagination that can only come from the depth of her heart.

In the picture, Lis drew a butterfly which is the most beautiful creature. Not only for its colourful wings but its life history is very inspiring.

From a wobbly, ugly and hungry caterpillar, it morphs into a lava before it takes on a beautiful life. Flitting from flower to flower, the butterfly in all its splendour helps in the pollination and perpetuates the flower kingdom.

I cannot imagine a world without butterflies.

Pak Zawi, please tell Lis how beautiful and joyful her drawing has on all of us.

with love and affection

Zawi said...

monster mom,
We should encourage our children to be expressive. In my days nobody taught us any such things. All they want of us is to be obedient. Being obedient will satisfy any parents. Things are different now.
Sure glad to have posted something that produced such a wonderful reaction from your boy.
Tell him Tok Zawi says hi to him.

Zawi said...

Really appreciate those wonderful words from you. U seems to appreciate nature just as much. Its a mutaul thing.
Lis will be too happy when I relate what you said to her. Everytime I relate prauses from readers, she will blush and pretend to be angry with me for posting her card. I only asked her permission to post her pic but not the card. I guess the next time I do such a thing I will have to ask the owners permission first. Doing it without make me feel so guiltu however good the intention is.
Take care.

Hi&Lo said...

Pak Zawi,

Lis has a lot to teach us about empathy and humility.

Don't worry and feeling guilty not getting Lis permission to post her drawings.

Her sketches reach the depth of my heart.

I still pray for Azura.

Haniff said...

Pak Zawi,

Salam. After a few days of looking finally I found it. I am one of Zura's friend and office mate. Tak yah sebut kat manalah. In actual fact semua drawings yang budak2 buat tu ada maknanya. Cuma kena tau tafsirkan. Dalam maksudnya Tuhan saja yang tau. Anyway Zura macam mana? Kami kat office ni doakan dia selamat menjalani operation tu nanti dan sihat adanya. Kirim salam kat dia dan keluarga pak Zawi disana dari kami kat office ni kat KL. Salam Haniff

Puteri said...


Brought tears to my eyes. :-( I wish your daughter all the best and success in the surgery so she can continue towards full recovery.

Zawi said...

The same feeling is found in everyone of us but when we grow up we find the world isn't as fair and kind to us. This leads us to a feeling a feeling of insecurity, fear, hate and despise all those people that aren't fair to us.
At her age Lis is still innocent of what she will face when she grows up later.

Zawi said...

Wassalam. Since this is your first comment on my blog, I would like to welcome you to my humble site.
I was amazed myself when I asked Lis about the hairs of the males and females. The males are supposed to be the sun and the females the flowers represented by the sunflower.
The latet member of the family is barely a month old at that time and he was placed in the mumy's arm.
Surprise of surprise Azura is back in KL yesterday to settle a few loose ends at the office and home. She was adamant that she is OK to travel and even go to work. I guess she knows her condition better. Check at her office you may find her at her desk today.
If you fail to find her there then I will convey your wishes when she is back home on Friday.

Zawi said...

There are times when simple deeds touches us so strongly. I felt the same way when I saw the slef made card. It wont feel the same if the card was from Hallmark.
Unfortunately her younger sister Az mistook the card to be just a piece of rough paper and tore the cards to shreds.
Thanks for the wishes.

anasalwa said...

Lis has shown a beautiful act of love has many ways to share with. She did it with her creativity that came from her heart.

Zawi said...

How true. For a child so young it can only come from the heart. When I think of those children her age who went missing, I really feel sorry for their parents who had to suffer the anguish of losing their loved ones sometimes in the cruelest of manner. To know that they get away with the crime unpunished makes it all the more painful.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

aiseh, why am i always the last...

i'm quite lost for words anyway. coming from a young girl, its as sincere as can be. i am so touched. she's simply adorable.

*for a moment i thought i have missed Mother's Day completely.

Zawi said...

Don'tworry if you are the last one. Do you think I would think of you as a lesser friend just because you are the last one or never even visit my site? We have our constrains. I can't even visit all the blogs on my blogroll, yours included.
I didn't connect that the card was meant for mother's day since Lis wrote it as Selamat Hari Mami. Thanks to you now I won't miss it. Anyway when is Mother's Day? Hehehehehe never had the chance to celebrate one myself.
Now I must prepare the list of all days which seems to be too many to remember.
Take care kerp.

U.Lee said...

Hi Zawi, no matter how young a child is, they have their own beautiful ways of expressing their love for a mother.
Beautiful young daughter she is too.
Enjoy your grand kids, Zawi. They will not only pull your heart strings but keep you young.
Stay easy and have a nice day, Lee.

Zawi said...

How nice to see you drop by.
Since my own children has given me so many grandchildren, it is most timely that we pour our love to them. Though they can be quite difficult to manage sometimes, life is definitely fun with them around. Its been more than 2 months since they have been staying with me, it has given me the opportunity to be close with them.
For you infor Perdana Hotel has been taken over by a new management and they have ceased operation since 1st May for a year to enable the rundown hotel to be made over. It will be a new Perdana when it reopens. I will be blogging about it soon cos Perdana Hotel has been the premier hotel and people like you have fond memories about the hotel. Lately newer and bigger hotels has overtaken them. One of the better ones are The Renaisance Hotel.
Ain't it about time that you come back to Malaysia for a holiday?

kc said...

i'm deeply touched by the simple yet moving words yr granddaughter made for her beloved mom. greatest love of all....

send my warmest regards and doa to yr daughter. may she recover speedily...insyallah!

Zawi said...

We are all touched by those words of her.
InsyaAllah I wil convey those regards tomorrow when she comes home from KL. Thanks for the prayers.

Kak Elle said...

salam saw your name at Idham's and read abt your daughter's illness to HIM we ask for less sufferings.

Children speak their mind I love the mother's day wishes it comes from her heart.

langkasuka said...

Lovely Lis, lovely...

kbguy said...

Happy Mother's day to all readers.

Nightwing said...

Hello Pak Zawi,

How are you? Thank you for sharing this post...very good one.

Children are the cutest.

Mr. and Mrs. Mokhsin said...

Salam pokcik Zawi,saya Janna..

saya tahu blog pokzawi from kak Pb..pahtu bilo saya baca...ada citer pasal Nur Aqilah Balqis,trus sayo tringat ko kenalan virtual sayo...

pahtu pokcik tulih plok dio dok Labuan..and lonin dok wat KPLI di Keningau...aloh la..kecik nyo dunia...sayo kenal la Azie,rajing jugok sayo chat nga Azie tu...sebab sayo dok Keningau jugok..

hari tu plan doh nok gi juppo dio di maktab dio plok takdop...insyaAllah esok ko nok tera gi...sayo kenal Azie thru forum Cari...Azie ni anok pokcik zawi ko...?aloh la..kalu sudi mari la melawat blog sayer etek...nati sayo letok link blog pokcik zawi di blog sayo deh....

Zawi said...

kak elle,
Thanks to Id for helping to popularise my site. First and foremost I would like to welcome you to my site. The beauty of being innocent children, they do everything from the heart.
Happy mothers day to you.

Zawi said...

Thanks for the visit and the nice words.

Zawi said...

Thanks for reminding me it is mothers day today.

Zawi said...

I am fine. Hope all is well with you too.
As they say it, children are innocent and brings us lots of joy.

Zawi said...

Segala hok janna sebut tu betul belako. Azini ada di Maktab hari ni.
Bila dia dapat online Pakcik kena pasang camera supaya Azini dapat tengok anak dia melalui YM.
Terima kasihla kerana sudi link ko blog saya. Semoga apa yang saya tulis ada menfaat untuk janna.

Rita Ho said...

Zawi ... I had to be a pillar of strength for some friends of late and was successful in keeping my tears intact. This post of yours just burst the dam. It was a good cry, though. I love all children because their love and feelings are pure and unconditional. Lis is one of them and she will grow to be a beautiful person with a big heart that is filled with love. You can see it all in her eyes and smile.

She has good thoughts and writes well. How about starting a blog for her?? It will be awesome to read her take on growing up. :)

Zawi said...

I always believe that a good cry is therapeutic sometimes. Can't ever remember when I last cried. Didn't even cry when my parents died. Always manage to show a strong outward appearance though inside me I wanted so much to cry.
Lis is a fast learner and in a short while she has learnt to use the computer. I will teach her how to do it and hopefullyshe will pick up from there. I wont push her, but just motivate her. Thanks for the thought.