Thursday, February 28, 2008

Run Up To GE12 Pasir Mas 27th Feb 2008

PAS had a big ceramah in Gelam Mas last night. Guessing the number of attendees isn't my cup of tea as your guess is as good as mine. As always when Datuk Paduka Ibrahim Ali was the main speaker, the crowd was huge. He didnt have to work them up as he was an orator in his own right. Words seemed to flow from him seamlessly with ease and the crowd was lapping it up as Ibrahim played to the gallery.

This is the second time Ibrahim Ali is facing a general election on the other side of the fence. The first time in 2004 GE where he secured a 6198 votes, splitting the vote and bringing the UMNO candidate down with him. He tried his luck again in the 2005 Pengkalan Pasir by election and secured another dismal 415 votes losing his deposit.

Before 2004 he was the UMNO Pasir Mas Head of Division. A very powerful position as he would have a hand in proposing who and who could contest in an election in the Division. In this dog eat dog business, you can't maintain your position for too long as the second top dog will always be scheming to eat the top dog in order to climb the ladder of hierachy to be the top dog. For some reasons or other, he was suspended from the party.

In the 2004 GE thinking that he still had a loyal following among the voters in Pasir Mas, he contested as an independent and lost. He obtained 6198 votes. His was not the only loss as he split the vote and brought down the UMNO candidate Datuk Abdul Rahim Abdul Rahman along leaving a clear passage for Ismail Noh of PAS to become the member of Parliament for Pasir Mas with a majority of 1251. For his part, he was booted out of UMNO and they said thay have closed the door on him forever.

The experience of the Pengkalan Pasir by election made him wiser. He came into the present battle with preparation made since the by election of 2005. He chose his aides better and those that couldn't be trusted were dropped.

Single mindedly he prepared for this election knowing that he is the only decision maker and everything depends on him alone. With or without a party, he will contest. Somehow Tok Guru Nik Aziz received his proposal well that he should contest under the PAS banner just for the Parliament seat while he will throw his support for the state seats in the parliamentary constituency of Pasir Mas. As usual when Tok Guru made up his mind he will stick with it no matter what objections there was. Of course the incumbent Ismail Noh wasn't happy although the voters were not happy with Ismail Noh himself. Hanifa Ahmad who lost in the GE of 2004 in the three cornered fight with Ibrahim and in which Hanafi Mamat won the by election, wanted another go at being an MP too. Tok Guru has to decide and he has decided that Ibrahim Ali will contest as an Independent under PAS while Hanifa is allocated the state seat to contest. A very wise decision as it is a win win decision provided voters of both sides will honour the gentleman agreement and not later deny that there was no such an agreement like what happened between the current and the previous PM's of a country called Bolehland. Ibrahim's supporters will definitely deliver and most PAS supporters are obedient to the wishes of Tok Guru.

This is the first major ceramah organized by PAS Pasir Mas. The earlier major one was at Mini Stadium Pasir Mas when the lineup of candidates were announced. This was a few days before the Nomination day and a clear 2 days in advance of UMNO's announcement of the finalized list for Pasir Mas on 23rd February. In last night's ceramah, Ibrahim spoke about why the voters of Pasir Mas need to send him to Parliament. To him there is a void of vocal members of Parliament who can speak up against the ruling coalition. Everybody knows of Ibrahim's ability in this department. Though there are many opposition members of Parliament, when was the last that we heard of one of these members speak with substance? Silly and trivial matters were brought up and such people were made the laughing stock of not only of parliament and also the public by constantly playing them on TV and with wide media coverage. So now who next dare to be made a fool? If you speak on a good subject, an opposition rarely get a coverage. I have known Ibrahim to publish his speeches. That is something good really as the masses could know what he spoke about. I don't know of any others who do such a thing. Last night in his speech he mentioned that speaking in parliament isn't easy as you must know what to speak and must do your homework well.

Ibrahim also spelt out why the current campaign period is longer than usual. He said that BN wants the opposition to expend themselves. Maybe there is some truth in that. At the moment BN has yet to go all out on their ceramah. Are they waiting for the other party to expend themselves first?


Hussin said...

"As usual when Tok Guru made up his mind he will stick with it no matter what objections there was"

That is a mark of a good leader, making decisions and sticking by them.
Not like you know who. That is why their lists of candidates were not finalized until the last minute making it impossible for them to stamped it as required so much so that the "referee" has to change the rules of the game.

hope you can give a report of the happenings in KB. my friend is contesting there

Zawi said...

TGNA's son Nik Abduh is a regular at my surau because it is near to his father in law's house. He narrated the story how Prophet Mohamad SAW made an unpopular decision to call for truth for 10 years with the Quraishi of Mecca after the Hijrah to Medina. Later the decision was found to be right and the followers benefited by it by being able to perform The Umrah to Mecca peacefully and also to concentrate on the Jews. A leader must be able to have the foresight to make a good decision and to stick to the decision. You are right about the indecisive leader of the nation. The worst part is that he is a 'munafik'.
I am sorry I can't cover Kota Bharu as my movement is quite limited as I have to play nanny to my grandchild. Which seat is he contesting?

tokasid said...

Salam Pak Zawi:

IA is still a force to be reckon with in Kelantan esp Pasir Mas just TR is in Gua Musang.

And IA had proven time and again that he is very vocal and he speaks his mind without mincing his words.

If he wins his presence will be felt in Parliament. Jerai,Sri Gading and Kinabatangan with Padang Rengas will have their hans full to sparr with IA.

Zawi said...

Doc TA,
IA (I lier this initials) will definitely add color to this drab opposition in parliament. I thought the other KJ will set fire to the parliament but he too seemed docile nowadays unless they blackout his performance in the MSM. This is where alternative medias are required.
TR is a spent force really. The people of Gua Musang have no alternatives but to vote him in the absence of a strong opposition figure. PAS should be grooming one from NOW for the 13th GE. TR is not invincible as the grass root are getting disillusioned by a politician whose presence is just once in a blue moon and doesnt have any impact on the local scene anymore. It is not that he is strong but only that there is no strong opposition.
I agree with you that IA speaks his mind and when he is serious, he speaks with substance. He will definitely be a force for the government to handle in parliament. Hopefully the people of Pasir Mas will have the presence of mind to send him there.
My next blog will be about his opponent so we can compare what is the alternative that we are going to send to parliament if IA fails to win.

Nightwing said...

Helo Pak Zawi,

Another good 'reporting'. Keep it up....:)

As for my side..on Tuesday around 4:35pm...i saw one guy heading toward a BN banner near a traffic light. From town to airport.

When i head back towards town (15 mins later)...the banner was no longer there. I guess he must have be a DAP supporter.

Yesterday (Wednesday) on my way home (same road) i saw the DAP guy standing on top of his car waving to people. It was the same spot where BN banner was... the day before.

No gentlementship at all by doing such thing.

Zawi said...

I agree with you about the guy being ungentleman. The point is we dont do to others that we don't want them to undo unto you. Otherwise there will be lots of trouble. Every body must observe respect to others even if they are our enemy.
Thank you for sharing your observation with us here.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to u for the coverage/posts..
I dont have to be in Pasir Mas to feel the GE heat..hehe...

Ah, how I wish u cud do a coverage in KB as well.. (ahaks..)

So, Nik Abduh lah F****'s husband..

Hmm... whenever I looked at the food photos of urs, it reminds me of those days bulan ramadhan when i was a kid... kuih taik itik is my favourite.


Puteri said...

Good description of the nomination day in Pasir Mas. Should have used your pics for one particular blog entry of mine! :-)

I'm not bashful abt sharing my views on my blogs! Haha.

A good politician is one who knows how to speak well and knows how to work up a crowd! Delivering campaign promises is another story altogether!

Zawi said...

The heat is building up. Only the BN campaign is yet to go into full gear and I am waiting for them to kick it up cos the next post will be on them.
There are many bloggers covering KB already there is no point for me to do it too. Further more there are too many events done simultaneously everywhere.
Nik Abduh is F...h's son or your friend's husband.
About the food, if it was the Ramadhan, I could get more pictures. You definitely long for those food.

Zawi said...

Help yourself to any of my pictures. They are not copyrighted.
Delivering campaign promises are politicians job but you know the delivery of the promise is another matter altogether.
Looking forward to meet you and hubby in Kota Bharu one day soon.

Hi&Lo said...

Pak Zawi,

I hope if IA gets elected, he represents all Malaysians.

On a lighter note, I visited the blood bank last Wed. Nurse asked me if I had demam.

"sejak parlimen bubar, demam tak ada ubat." When she got my drift, she asked who I am going to undi.

"Angkuh bukan bererti ia, geleng bukan bererti bukan."

She is from BN stronghold but this time she is throwing her weight behind opposition.

Zawi said...

Pasir Mas has a substantial Chinese voters but very few Indian voters. They can make or break him in an election. I dont think he dares to neglect thrm. Otherwise the voters will vote him out in the next election.
You an discern the shift in the voting pattern among the voters who felt disillusioned by the current leaders. Lots of broken promises.

kbguy said...

hello Tuan Zawi, firstly.. I saw d missed called from u. But yesterday, that celcom blocked my phone line as I hv exceeded my crdit limit. They always do that.So, I counldn't return you my call. Since today is an offday, I didn't go out to town yet to pay my bill. And the weather is bad too, isn't it ?
You are right, the BN didn't make much ceramah, except today.. I think d PM is coming, so the BN candidate all very bz now to welcome the PM. Maybe those guys still in their own way, just know how to kutuk and wait for tv3 or NST to work for them... the simple way. Now my kg people mostly BN supporters getting 1 load of "batu pasir" to repair their hse. I wonder why i was not offered. The hse opposite my hse has a "daching" flag, so maybe that's why they got such offer. I guess the "daching" already berat sebelah. Just a piece of advice, to those new candidate.. YOU better work hard ! Giving gifts or donations to 'associations' or attending fuctions is not enough. That is the out-dated way. D rakyak already take it as a must do thing by the candidate when comes election. But they better work more than just that.. maybe 28hours aday ! It is time they go personal with the rakyak. Visit the the people from hse to hse and talk to them.., ask ask about their problem. Perhaps, I will vote for the candidate who visit me at my hse. After thats what a wakil shoud do if they want to be our representative. Right ?

LadyZ said...

Salam Zawi,
No doubt IA will make a very prominent wakil parlimen if he's elected, just hope that he stays true to the party. Re the other KJ, he was with DSAI dulu, was held under ISA for a short stint and joined PAS after that. Surprisingly he's keeping low profile now, must have his own reasons. Do you know that his wife, DSWAWI, Shahrizat and DPM's wife attended the same boarding school? But now they are in different camps. Anyway, Zawi keep the news coming from that end.

Zawi said...

I made the call when I was in Wakaf Bharu shooting pictures of the the so many Thai restaurants there. All were closed for business as that time was not even lunch hour. Wanted to have coffee with you thats all. Datuk Kamaruddin Jaffar was my classmate when we were in Primary School in Pasir Mas. Maybe you can give him your vote. He is quite a nice man, very accessible.
There is not much BN activities for me to report in my next blog, cos I want to write something about them too. Maybe they fear that there wont be any crowd unless they bring the big guns from KL. They are relying too much on the mainstream medias like you said in your comment.
They will give out 'pasir' or anything at this time only because of the election la, no sincerity in that.

Zawi said...

I am going to BN Pasir Mas HQ for a profile of their parliamentary cadidate. Not many knows how he look since his poster is nowhere to be seen yet. Hanafi Mahmat is using his old posters sine he is standing in the same seat as the by election in Pengkalan Pasir.
I will see if I can give a write up on Datuk KJ as being a former classmate, I may owe him some help to win his seat again being the incumbent in Tumpat Parliamentary seat.
Oh the wives and Shah.... were from the same boarding school? Heard lots of test tubes went missing during those days. One of them must have been doing lots of scientific experiments after school hours. Thats what somebody told to me anyway.

LadyZ said...

From who did you about those missing test tubes? Was it a joke? As far as I know and during my time, we were not allowed to be in the lab after office hours, and surely without any supervision. Even the lab assistants were strict in doing their jobs, unless...hehe...

Zawi said...

People had been making all sort of jokes on one of them (not all of them) so I just picked it up. You know with her look and resources, she could get anything that she wanted from the lab. She had been getting her ways until recently when she had to compete with somebody's new wife hehehehehe.

Mat Salo said...

To me, the real battleground is in The Last Frontier.. interesting to say the least. Thanks for the colorful commentary Pak Zawi.

irfan said...

pak zawi,

i am nobody to comment anything on the coming general election, though i was once an enthusiast towards certain parties, like S46 was once my favorite's...

what is election? to me it's something vast and vague...and i don't even have the experience of casting my vote (yet, hehehe)...(how old am i? i leave it to you to find out)

during this period, it's quite "meriah" everywhere...i can see colorful flags everywhere (though, it's annoying), posters of the STARS, posts...just name it, and you'll see it.

i usually stay back in office till late at night (call me workaholic, but i ain't what you think, bini tak de ma), and most of the time when i was driving back home during this period, i could see those "fans" were doing things like hanging flags, posters, etc. somethimes, these guys really pissed me off although it wasn't wrong at all to do those's just sometimes they blocked the road...

speaking of posts...there are two in front of my house, one is BN's and another one is PAS's. i doubt they fight (i mean quarrel) but that's not my business. i haven't paid my visit to any of the posts and i'm not gonna do it, just count me out me, it really doesn't matter who's gonna rule Kelantan as long as they can really bring up Kelantan (this gives me a feeling that BN is the right one...oppss...did i just say BN???)

huhuhu...this is a rather long comment...thank you pak zawi for this post...

Zawi said...

mat salo,
The The Last Frontier is under seige. Everyday we have either Sleepyhead or Ambassador Designate to Mongolia coming here to make a new promise. I am trying to write something about their parliamentary candidate but have yet to find enough materials for the blog. May have to post something else as a filler.
Bro you are most welcome.

Zawi said...

Everyone is entitled to his opinion and so do you. I guess there is not really much chance to have fun around in Kelantan and the election brings around a reason to have some fun. Some people are being paid to hang the flags or posters, so it brings them some income. Food are served at some of the posts and they hang around for no reason whatsoever.
When BN was ruling Kelantan they didn't do much either. Maybe if they are given this chance again they will live up to their promises. Awang Adek seems to be a good enough guy to lead Kelantan.
Anyway with the present lineup of leaders at national level, they don't seem to be enticing enough. Why not change the government at Federal Level too?

jaflam said...

Salam Zawi,
Thanks for the news from north east frontier or the last bastion. The hotspots seemed to be spreading to Penang, Perlis and Kedah.

Let see if the hotspots will cause haze around the country after 8 April. Let see 18 is a magical number for whom???

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

admittedly, IA is one skillful orator,...vociferous and no-holds-barred. that sure to swing some votes in PAS' favor.

Zawi said...

D Jaff,
Wassalam. In a way I am happy to hear the heat is spreading across the northern states. If BN is denied the two third majority, it will give them a hard jolt to wake up from sleep. A sleepy head is not a suitable to lead any nation.
The only fear is the hotspot may overwhelm the nation like what Katataknak wrote in one of his satires that when everyone decided to deny BN a two third, it may end putting BN in the drain. It will be too bad since we need BN but with a change of leaders who have a better vision to lead the country.
Some said 18 yrs of PAS is enough, some others said 50 yrs of BN is enough. Which is which?

Zawi said...

IA is an orator. No doubt about it. As at the moment, he is far ahead of his opponent. Thus he will help PAS to sweep away with the other State seats in his constituency.You will read about it in my new posting soon. I am waiting for my Balqiss to sleep to finish it. Poor me, I have to babysit during such important times.