Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Kota Bharu In Pictures - The Final Part.

First and foremost I would like to dedicate this post to Shahrir of Cakapaje who had lived in Pengkalan Chepa with his family and Rahman Hariri of Time In A Bottle for their being a former student of Maktab Sains Mara Kota Bharu (MRSM) putting him in the same league as Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir, the son of the former Prime Minister of Malaysia. Datuk Mukhriz is the man responsible for the setting up of ANSARA an association of ex students of MRSM Malaysia.

Before we proceed I would like to update you on the popular kite maker Tuan Haji Ismail Jusoh who lived in Kampong Kijang somewhere on the road to PCB. I mentioned him in my previous post showing a picture of the lane to his place and my description of him as being fragile due to his old age. His picture had been gracing the many phamplets about Kota Bharu and very popular to tourists the world over who had visited his place before. A check with his daughter confirmed that Tuan Haji Ismail had passed away about two years ago. It was that long ago that I haven't visited his place that I didn't know about his demise. May his soul rest in peace.

A Demonstraton on kitemaking by the late master kite maker Tuan Haji Ismail Jusoh. Picture taken from
The same worktable in a renovated roomNote the portrait of Tuan Haji Ismail on the wall done in charcoal. I guess one of his many visitors did that for his remembrance. Picture courtesy of
The living room that is now a showroom of Kelantanese kites called 'wau'. During its heyday this showroom was wel stocked with songket, batik and many kinds of handicrafts worthy of being taken home as souvenirs.

So now it is this daughter whose husband passed away earlier than Tuan Haji Ismail, that will be performing the demonstrations to tourist on how the Kelantan wau is made based on the technique established by her late father. No word is needed to be spoken and yet the audience can grasp the general idea of how a kite is made.
During the last rideabout, I missed this beautiful wooden house in Kubang Pasu not far from the war museum as you turn left towards PCB.
In the times of old, this house befit the title of an Istana from the way it is designed and the use of singhora tiles. The house is still occupied and the authorities should see to it this it is preserved.

I would like to dedicate this final episode to Shahrin of Cakapaje and Rahman Hariri of Time In A Bottle blogsites who had the opportunity to study at MRSM Pengkalan Chepa the alma mater of the likes of Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir. Datuk Mukhriz later formed Ansara, an association of ex students of MRSM Malaysia. My own son Azuan studied in both MRSM Jasin and MRSM Kuantan. Sorry, I wont tell you why.
So here we go.

Back to our rideabout, we are starting off from the junction of Jalan Mahmood with Jalan Padang Garong on the left, Straight ahead is Jalan Kebun Sultan where Wisma Abrar International stands majestically and Jalan Pengkalan Chepa is to the right. Wisma Square point stands at the junction leading into Jalan Pengkalan Chepa.

Just to recap, here is the picture of Wisma Square Point.

There is no other landmark until we reach the junction to Jalan Dusun Muda and Jalan Desa Cemerlang. This beautiful building to our left is a Proton Showroom belonging to Aman Razak group of companies. It seems small compared to the New Pacific Hotel opposite it.
Visitors coming by plane into Kota Bharu will not miss Hotel New Pacific since it is the first hotel that can be seen coming from that direction.
The New Pacific Hotel.

Sorry I missed the Thai Consulate which should come after the New Pacific Hotel. At least you know where to find it OK?
Watch it on our left or you will miss this eating place called Ala Yummy restaurant which will be very busy when dinner time approaches. The big parking areas shows that it is well patronised. Anyway this is a halal restaurant and halal food is served here (correction made after mrscylim provided the information on the status of the restaurant).
Ala Yummy

I won't bore you with any other trivial landmarks until you reach Pengkalan Chepa where directly at the corner to the airport is an army garrison housing the 21 RAMD is located.Dont ask me what RAMD stands for as I am also blurr on the subject. I think it is the 21 Regiment of the Malaysian Army. Hopefully somebody who knows about the army will enlighten us about it later. All I know about the army is a private is the lowest ranking officer while the General is the chief. This regiment must be headed by a lower ranking General pobably a Liutenant General or Major General? Tell me how do you pronounce the word Liutenant?

You can see the white building of Sultan Ismail Airport Kota Bharu on the right side of the road. I can't take a closer picture as the airport complex encompasses the old airport too making it too long to fit into a single picture. It has been renovated to include aerobridges so come rain or shine you wont be exposed to the weather when boarding or disembarking unless you choose to fly on the no frill airlines where taking the stairs is the only way. I guess that is the price you have to pay for paying less.
Kota Bharu Airport

The Airport Lobby

The next picture is the lobby of the airport where the 2 airlines operating from this airport competes for passengers. The Firefly Airlines is a subsidiary of MAS so I guess there is no need to be represented here. Firefly competes with AirAsia on the KBR-KUL sector but uses the Subang Airport as its hub which is more convenient as it is nearer to KL and Shah Alam.

Since Firefly uses the Turbo prop Fokker 50. My son must have fond memories of the planes flying it all over Sabah and Sarawak from his base in Kuching before being promoted to the 737s and later to the wide bodied 777. The current fleet of Fokker 50s are ofcourse refurbished and made more appealing.
A Fokker 50. Picture courtesy of Firefly.

Jalan Pengkalan Chepa will lead us to Pantai Sabak where the Japanese army first landed in Malaya in 1941. Until sometime ago a pillbox was still standing on the beach until the beach was swallowed by the sea and together with it goes the pillbox.If you are still interested in how a pillbox look, I have taken a picture of the replica of one from the War Museum near Padang Merdeka.

A Replica of the pillbox found in Pantai Sabak

An ex British Army chap refused to accept the story as told by my late grandfather when I related to him that the British Army chained the Gurkha soldiers to the trunk of the coconut trees to fight off the advancing Japanese army while they themselves retreated. He reasoned it that the British Army can't be that cruel. What can I say.

Since Pantai Sabak isn't that beutiful anymore compared to the Pantai Sabak that I know where casuarinas grew along the beach and it battled head to head for popularity with the then Pantai Cinta Berahi, we wont proceed to Pantai Sabak. They are so ugly looking now that it is not worth a visit today unless you are keen to drink some fresh tuak and see how palm sugar is made. I know of a place somewhere there where a guy is doing it. Hopefully the guy who harvest the tuak is still around.

From the airport we will backtrack the way we came. Immediately after the airport fence is Taman Bendahara. One of the shoplots there is a Marybrown outlet. Directly if front of this Marybrown outlet is thePantai Timor Supermarket or shall I say Marybrown is infront of the shopping complex?. People around Pengkalan Chepa need not go to the town of Kota Bharu to enjoy shopping at supermarkets. The supermarket comes to them. Why?

Pantai Timur Shopping Complex.

Pengkalan Chepa has doubled or tripled or even quadrupled its number of population due to development. It is like a satelite town to Kpta Bharu. So the market is there.

We turn left into Jalan Maktab. The first significant landmark is ofcourse Penjara Kota Bharu (Kota Bharu Jail). I hope the population of this jail has not quadrupled like the general explosion of population in Pengkalan Chepa. Otherwise that will speak badly of the crime situation of Kelantan. If the number od inmates doubled, does it mean that crime rate has doubled too? Or the police has doubled their effort to catch more criminals? Or the prosecutors has managed to get more convictions when prosecuting those charged with crimes? Or the number of illegals has risen so much that the bulk of inmates are mostly convicted illegal immigrants who couldn't pay their fine and chose to go to jail instead. What is the reverse is true and that the population of the inmates is reduced substantially? The possibilities are numerous!

Penjara Kota Bharu

I wont be describing the places found in Pengkalan Chepa one by one. Just see the pictures of the place (mostly entrances to the place hahaha) and figure for yourself what they are for when you visit Pengkalan Chepa the next time you are in Kelantan.

You guessed it right after seeing the numerous logos. This building is called PUTIK where the Islamic party ofthen has their muktamars.

Another view of Putik.

This is an electronic factory and is one of the biggest. This should represent the many factories found in Pengkalan Chepa Industrial area along Jalan Padang Tembak. Many other big names such as Canon has shifted base to elsewhere after utilising the many tax incentives provided by the Government.
This is another section of the industrial area where MARA builds the factories for entrepreneurs to use. Many factories are still vacant not only built by MARA but also Bank Pembangunan.

As Rahman Hariri has noted in my earlier blog on Kota Bharu, Pengkalan Chepa which can be considered as its satelite town is a centre of education. Since along time ago teachers were trained at Maktab Perguruan Kota Bharu more popularly known as KBTC being its English acronym. There is also the Institute Perguruan Kota Bharu. Then there is the Sekolah Menenggah Sains Tengku Mohamad Fariz Petra, Maktab Rendah Sains Mara where notables such as Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir and Rahman Hariri had their secondary school education. There are numerous other schools around the area and it is most apt if you were to name the place as the centre of education. All the more so with the setting up of University Malaysia Kelantan which is occupying the MPKB campus as its temporary campus. Hopefully the main campus will be retained in Pengkalan Chepa too due to its proximity to the airport. Some notable professors may not be wasting their time on the road if they were to travel to faraway places like Jeli or Gua Musang if the the campus is located there.
Maktab Perguruan Kota Bharu with University Malaysia Kelantan's signboard in blue on the right of the picture. This is the temporary campus for the new University.
As the name implies, it is a Darulnaim Technical College

Maktab Rendah Sains Mara Kota Bharu.

Sekolah Menengah Sains Tengku Muhammad Fariz Petra.
Entrance to Institute Perguruan Kota Bharu.

The buildings of Intitut Perguruan Kota Bharu.

Could be the quarters for the Army Generals?

Batalion 8 Pasukan Gerak Am (8th Battalion Of General Force)

These are some old machines dispalayed in their compound.

The Golf Course belonging to Kelantan Golf and Country Club. Their clubhouse is in town.

The newly operational Ibu Pejabat Polis Daerah Kota Bharu (District Police Headquarters for Kota Bharu). I guess the one in town will be converted into a Balai Polis.

Komplek Perumahan Guru.

Rumah Kenangan. Is this the rehabilitation centre for females.
The Orchid Garden. Not really much orchids around though.
Well that is about all there is to show you around. I am going back to Pasar Siti Khadijah to photograph food for my Food of Kelantan Final Part. I hope you enjoyed this ride.


Fauziah Ismail said...

Salam Pak Zawi
I got to learn how to make the wau the first time I was in Kelantan on my own in 1986. At that time, I was mistaken as a foreign tourist as I was travelling with them.
We stayed at the Perdana.
Since then, I've stayed at the New Pacific (when my cousin got married in Pasir Puteh) and Renaissance (during our road trip).
I'm going back there after the elections, possibly in April. Will keep you posted.

Akmal said...

Salam Pak,
You covered prominent areas of KB, congratulations :)
You did this one on your Vios or your Honda cub? If it was on a bike ride, I bet you had a back pain! Once travelled on a bike from Cheras to Batu Kikir on bike. Not that far, but it sure kicked the heck out of me!
This holiday won't be long, only 3 days or so. But I'll have my sweet time 'jalan-jalan' after my semester ends.
Anyway, have a nice day ya Pak. See you in Pasir Mas :)

Zawi said...

So you learnt it some 12 years ago. Must be an expert by now.
Renaisance is definitely a good choice. Did you manage to see the show at the Cultural Center?
Keep me posted and maybe we can meet for kopi at the White House with my wife and granddaughter Balqiss. Would love to take a night shot of the place to get the ambience.

Zawi said...

Bilo nok kelek?
This one done in the Vios. Can see the back of the car in the picture of Penjara KB.

Fauziah Ismail said...

Salam Pak Zawi
I do think I can make a kite but flying it would be a different story altogether.
Anyway, I have tagged you. Please refer to my blog. I hope to read your take on it soon.

bergen said...

Gotta learn how to do the kite. It's a good thing. There are ready made, plastic frame kites but it's not the same as bamboo frames like the one you've featured here. Modern kites have been brought to a science but I believe one shouldn't sacrifice the artistry of a kite. Wau bulan can fly for days. There's a thin bamboo strip attached to the neck. It makes a lovely sound when it vibrates in the wind.

Used to see adults flew it when I was a kid. Maybe we've gotta figure a way how to make the kite bigger and fly good so we can win the world kite festival. Maybe it's about time we marry science and art.

Hmmm...your entry got me thinking...

Zawi said...

A decorative kite would be just as nice. A flying kite is a bit difficult. When I was small I did manage to make one that can fly though. I will check on your site in a while butI can't promise an immediate responce since I have the second and final part of food of Kelantan to complete and post. Anyway thank you for tagging me, I feed honoured really.

cakapaje said...

Salam Pak Zawi,

Wow! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. It warms my heart to see KBTC still standing though there may have been many changes within. Thank you again Pak Zawi :)

By the way, I was never in MRSM KB, I was from Victoria Institution. But, my family stayed in Pengkalan Chepa when I was small and we lived in one of the KBTC quarters opposite to MRSM site, which was once a Malay kampung.

Zawi said...

Bergen Sir,
There is another place where the actual kite is made and I think you canlearn from him.He lives along Jalan PCB too.
Modern kites doesn't have the aesthetic value as the traditional kite.
The busor attached to the neck of the kite makes the sound and the 16 mm flim strip is the best used with the busor to produce the sound. Pak Wil used that before but I doubt the supply of such film strips are still available.
The big kite is too strong to be handled by a kid. The string can cut your fingers if not handled properly.
Thank you for the additional information.

Zawi said...

I am sorry about the wrong information, I will make correction to the text ASAP.
If the village was located infront of MRSM, then the house is not there anymore. The area has undergone various development nothing old will survive unless it is of historic importance.
I am happy that you like this post.

Rahman Hariri said...

Dear Bro Zawi, I am very honoured, by your dedication even if I am a bit embarrassed by the dedication. For sure I am not in the same league of the good Datuk but I certainly have enjoyed my stay in Pengkalan Chepa from 1976-1980.

For sure then, PC was nothing like in your pic blog. It was idyllic little place away from the hustle bustle of KB. Then 3 schools were prominent in PC (MRSM, SMS and SMVokasional) and the rivalry between MRSM and SMS was legendary. PPH is the place we hungry students would go to to buy our nasik berlauk to supplement our meals at Dewan Makan. We would do our Jumaat at MPKB, taking shortcuts through some kebun sayur within the campus.

Going to KB on a Saturday, we can either take the SKMK bus or perhaps wait for teksi Wak Sir (I think).

Unfortunately those days cameras were hard to come by, unlike today, but I hope to reciprocate your effort by posting some pics of PC/KB in the 70s - whatever I can pillage from my collection.

Soon I hope.

Again, thank you very much for the pics, and entry.

I am honoured sir.

PS That wooden house is such a wonderful house. I love it, though I dont think I remember it. If only the authorities can preserved it to its former glory. I remember similar buildings in Pattani.

U.Lee said...

Hello Zawi, A very happy new year to a Harimau, from a Kuda.
Your pictures here sure brings back memories though I can only remember three or four pics.
Holy Smoke! The KB airport completely changed too? I remember landing there with my Boss in our Company Corporate plane wayyy back in the early 80's.
But Zawi, one of your photos made me wipe my eyes...the picture of that old, wooden building!
I remember so clearly I stopped there with Irene, the very same spot you stood to take the photograph to show her the beautiful architecture, the beautiful hardwood, I think Chengai, Nyatoh, as well maybe some meranti merah etc..
And later going to Pantai Cinta Berahi. I remember I used to love to buy and eat on the spot some ladies selling and cooking those big clams on the beach, ("kepah"?)
and Holy Smoke! I type this, I can now get the smell. Sedap nya! One time this old lady had 5 left. I ate all! Ha ha.
I shall return!
You keep well and have a good Rat new year! Lee the Kuda.

Zawi said...

It would be great to see the pictures of Pengkalan Chepa of old. If you can post those pictures I will try to get a picture of the same location to compare.
The secondary school days were our formative years. Many memorable incidences will always come to mind. We did many naughty things due to the innocence of youth. We were easily influenced by our peers.
Wak Sir the comediene may have driven a taxi back then. Sad to say he is long gone due to acute diabetes.
At the height of his career he provide the sound system for most major events in Kelantan. A great man of sound.
Your apprecition of the dedication really make me happy.

if we were to save the wooden house in the picture, we must all write in to the state authority to take immediate action. The owner of the house definitely won't be able to maintain the house well. Another way is for the house owner to allow paying visitors to his house to support maintainence of the place.

Zawi said...

Thank you for the wishes.
I wish I could lay my hand on a picture of the old airport which was located somewhere in the middle of the airfileld. I guess you may have the chance to use it in the late seventies or early eighties. The present one is the 3 airport building. The second one is now used as a flight traininf center by APAC. Any budding pilot can get their licenses if they can afford the RM190,000 fees. When my son did it in Langkawi it was only RM114,000. That is inflation for you.
The wooden building is lived in so I guess it will remain there for sometimes. The building will stand as long as the owner can afford to maintain it. Hopefully it wont meet the fate of similar buildings that succumbed to the fray of weathering and finally rot down.
I don't know about the clams. How was it cooked that you managed to eat it there and then? Beside the kepah there are also the Rokan which is the biggest clam found in this area. They are rarely sold in the form that they are ready to be eaten unless you love them raw which is almost impossible as the content inside is very mucky.
Thanks to sharing the memory.

awang said...

Salam Pak Zawi,
Visiting of KBR from 1-final part,very interesting indeed.
The first MAS fleet in S'wak F27 & later F50.Your son must have flying both aircraft,i guess yr son must be a commander(Captain)now.One of my duty while still with MAS was communicate with the flight Captain,preparing load control(weight&balance)this is a very important document to be sign by The Captain before take-off.
Anyway,have a nice day & my Salam to Captain if he stili remember one and only Malay traffic officer in BTU small airport of year 80's

Zawi said...

My son only joined MAS at Miri in 1997 starting with the twin otter doing RAS. Later only he was given the responsibility to fly the Fokker 50 from Kuching, then the the 737 from KLIA. All the time he was a First Officer. He is still a first officer on the 777 I will find out from him if he had known you when he was doing the RAS.
I am most happy

jaflam said...

Salam Zawi,
Many thanks for the tour around KB. Like few others I was impressed with the Wooden House or Istana ... just beautiful and hope it will be preserved and not succumb to development. Your love to KB shows brightly through your writings and postings on the City ... well done Sir.

svllee said...

Hello Zawi, firstly many many thanks for adding me into your blogroll. I am honoured to say the least. And, my, what a wonderful and educational blog you have, Your stories and sights of KB is well laid out and insightful.

I was there last year (albeit a few days) during the making of the book, MALAYSIANS and found the people to be friendly and hospitable. I stayed at the Pasir Belanda guests houses run by Dutch couple Harry and his wife. You may well know it. It has a wonderful vista of a river in its backyard and real kampung life a stone's throw away.

I also photographed the veteran wau-maker Pakcik Yusof and what a character he is!

Zawi said...

Salam kembali.
Thank you for the appreciation. Help us to preserve old buildings be it wooden or brick that can depict the essence of Kota Bharu. The way to help is by writing to the Kelantan Authorities the importance of such buildings and the need to rehabilitate and preserve them because they are much more endearing than those new buildings however big or expensive they are.
Words from people like you definitely will carry more weight. Write something on Dato' Husam Musa's blogsite for instance?

Zawi said...

Steven Lee,
I will be visiting your site more often and putting you on my blogroll will make it easier to get there. Thats how much I like going to your site.
The Guesthouse at Pasir Belanda is definitely a popular one among tourists. Foreigners trust their own people more and the ambience of the place is what tourists want. This is the best way to sell the country. The ex Director of Tourism Kelantan Puan Hajjah Lijah Othman was really impressed by what the Dutch Couple has done for tourism to the State.
After the demise of Haji Ismail Jusoh, Pakcik Yusof is the popular kite maker in Kelantan now.
I wonder if you did include the one and only Chinese wayang kulit dalang in your book. He would be an apt representative of a Malaysian.
Hope to meet you one day when you are back in Malaysia.

ruby ahmad said...

Hello Zawi,

Wow..what a journey into Kelantan. Kelantan is beautiful and reeks of history and mixed cultures and fine gourmet and strong women..ha ha.

The few times I visited Kota Bharu I would have my lunch at one of the restaurants Sham's I think for my ciku juice...delicious indeed.

I dropped by to wish you Happy Hols Zawi.

Zawi said...

I guess you are familiar with Kota Bharu. Hussin Othman of HBO's Place checked into Kota Bharu Sutera Inn yesterday. Met him at the hotel. This morning he was at the Friday Ceramah at Dewan PAS.
My postings of things about Kota Bharu must have its efect in some ways.
Sham is still around. They serve Thai food. The owner being from Thailand ofcourse serve authentic Thai dishes.
Most happy to have you drop in with that wish Ruby and I would like to wish you happy hols too.

svllee said...

Hello Pak Zawi, unfortunately my stay was short and didn't get to see the Chinese wayang kulit there. Maybe the next trip! I did however visited a Cikgu Lah at the Kampung Cina Chepa, who is a retired teacher in Bahasa Malaysia and reads and writes jawi. His portrait is featured in the book.

I came away a bit disappointed with the Pasar Besar in KB, being the first time, I always thought it was bigger as portrayed in postcards!

Zawi said...

The Chinese wayang kulit dalang is actually a Chinese by the name of Eyo Hock Seng. He performs the wayang kulit in perfect local Malay dialect and his performance is well loved by the locals.
The Pasar Besar isn't big by any standard. Its uniqueness is only that the sellers are mainly women. The middle section is the most often photographed section. Wait for my take on the Pasar as seen from my perspective.

Mr Bojangles said...

RAMD? I'm no expert but I believe it stands for Rejimen Askar Melayu DiRaja.

A relative had a textile shop in KB called Hj Murad in Jalan Temmengong, I think, opposite the pasar.

As for kite flying, please try to read the Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini about life in Afghanistan from before the Russian invasion to the post-Taliban era. The story has been made into a movie with the same title.

Also I feel obliged in some way to promote this book "Three Cups of Tea" a story of an American mountaineer's quest to build schools, especially for girls, in the wildest parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Every book bought will mean 7% of the purchase price going towards a girl's education scholarship fund in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Besides that it is indeed a riveting story especially in this age when peoples of different faiths are viewed with such hostility.

My apologies for tumpanging your blog like this.


Zawi said...

mr bojangles,
Thanks for the assistance.
Hj.Murad and B Aladdin were the two giants of textiles in Kelantan back then. They had outlets in Pasir Mas too. I had a classmate by the name of Noor Jehan who is a granddaughter of Hj. Murad. Do you know her?
Thanks also for the pointer to The Kite Runner. Hope to get my hands on that.
As to the promotion of The Three Cups of Tea, since it is for a good cause, I am duty bound to promote it too. I will use a section to do somthing about it.
Thank you for the visit.

a malaysian in riyadh said...

We lived in Kale Chepo circa 1975-80. I remember there's a refugee camp to accommodate the victims of the Vietnamese War. And how their arrival changed our life ... hammocks and diet of wild mushrooms became commonplace. I also have an Indonesian classmate, a Mappangara, whose family rented a house in (I think) Taman Uda Murni, Kg Baung - one of the first Tamans during that era. I remember seeing the Japanese pillbox near their place.

waliz said...

salam Pak Zawi...just drop by to say hello...but when i read your post i feel like i been taking a ride around Kota much of infos...i dont think jabatan penerangan can do a good job as u do..
Pasar Siti Khadijah? hmmm cant wait for some nice photos..and lovely makciks..:D

Zawi said...

I didn't manage to see the refugee camp as I was working in Johor then Kedah. So I can't relate much to them.
You are lucky to have seen the pillbox. I saw it too in my younger days and again when the pillbox began to tilt when big waves hit them.
You definitely have many memories of Kale Chepa.

Zawi said...

When you say that you felt like riding around Kota Bharu, then I have done my job, to make people feel that they were indeed going around Kota Bharu.
I am not trying to do the job of Jabatan Penerangan as they speak more for the government than for a state. My idea is to let people see what is available around Kota Bharu so as to let people know what is happening around Kota Bharu from the perspective of a local. I will be going into more details of the subject I mentioned. Such things as Pasar Siti Khadijah is more than just the picture of the central part of the pasar which is depicted in many brochures of the pasar.
Ah the makchiks, must get some photos of them. Mat Salo wanna see some of them too.
Thanks for visiting waliz.

Zabs said...

Salam Zawi,
Masa kanak2 dulu, saya sendiri buat layang-layang (wau kecil) untuk mainan, begitu juga gasing. Nak beli tak ada duit.
Regarding reasons why inmates could have increase, the lawyers cannot slow talk the judges in Kelantan like they did some where else kot?
Thank you for your labourious effort in portraying Kota Baharu to all your fans here. Take care.

Zawi said...

Anak-anak kita juga patut diberi peluang untuk membuat wau dan gasing sendiri. Dalam membuat benda-benda begini mereka terpaksa mencuba dan mencuba sehingga berjaya untuk membuat wau terbang atau gasing berpusing. Itulah usaha yang diperlukan dari mereka. Mungkin perkara begini patut dimasukkan dalam progrem homestay di Kelantan untuk memberi kelainan.
Kita semua mengalami hidup yang susah akibat kemiskinan dan kemiskinan banyak mengajar kita untuk menempuh hidup. Setelah kita mengatasi kemiskinan, anak-anak kita tidak lagi mengalami kemiskinan. Harus kah mereka mengenali kemiskinan untuk menyedarkan mereka?
Mengenai andaian pertambahan bilangan inmates di penjara Kota Bhar ia adalah satu andaian saja untuk mencetus perbincangan hahahaha. Tak taulah saya ia bertambah atau berkurangan. Yang pasti pencurian kabel telefon dan letrik menjadi jadi sekarang.
Terima kasih kerana terhibur dengan blog saya ini.

The Ancient Mariner said...

Pak Zawi,

Many thanks for the very interesting photo blog. Would you believe that I have never been to Kelantan. Must visit one of these days while I still have my marbles intact...

Zawi said...

It is still not too late to visit Kelantan. I will play host to you for a day (On a Saturday, wife's off day so she can look after the grandchild hahahha). Come on a Thursday so that the Friday morning can be used to listen to a certain ceramah. Book into Raudhah Hotel as it is right smack in town and within walking distance to most places including the place where they hold the ceramah. Room at this hotel is comparatively OK though it is not a 5 star.
It's only an hours flight from either Subang (Firefly)or KLIA (MAS or AirAsia). Don't come by sea as it may take too long and by land will take you about 7 hrs. Bring the whole family down. You can leave your marbles at home for this trip hahahaha.
Hantar semboyan kalau nak datang. I will tell your good friend Nik should you be coming, afterall he is quite free nowadays since he comes to the clinic whenever necessary only.
Have a good day Capt'n.

irfan said...

salam pak zawi,

the last picture that you posted here (the picture where the pesta flora is), the place is near my could I have missed you when you took the picture...hahaha...

Zawi said...

The next time I go for picture shoot around Pengkalan Chepa, I will have you to be my guide. That way you can pose infront of the object that I want to shoot.
Do you know Pak Nik Lah the express bus owner well? Maybe we can do a story on him one day.

irfan said...

thanks a lot pak zawi, it's my pleasure to be your guide, though i might be the worst guide you'll ever meet. for your information, i am not a localist. i have been staying in kelantan for merely 3 years. my first year was in taman uda murni, then i moved to this area (the area shown in the picture) till now.

still, i'd like to be your guide and to appear in one or two of your photos (nice photos you have)...if you happened to go for picture shooting in pengkalan chepa, count me in...

about the express bus owner, Pak Nik Lah, i am sorry for that coz i dont know him...but i like your idea...guess i can be of any help to you...

Zawi said...

It doesnt matter if you are new as long as you know the place inside out.
I will inform you when I am goinf around KB again. No problem of putting you in the picture.
About Pak Nik Lah, I willfind somebody close to him to get to do a write up on him.

puyah said...

i really am please to read this entry since i'm residing's kinda cool to see those pics of kale chepo.but overall, ur blog is still awesome indeed.=)

Zawi said...

I still remember you as the friend of Azini right? Welcome back. I am happy that you like this posting. That makes bloggers like me feel worth the trouble and effort.
Hope to see you around more often.

puyah said...

yes, i am pakcik.=)
i guess nobody won't deny that ur blog is the right place to gain info esp how fascinate kelantan is.about the bizarre local foods, wonderful places n politic scenario in kelantan itself.
no worries pakcik, i'll be around whenever i've got leisure time. hence, keep writing deh pakcik.
n i do hope lil'balqis will be able to wait her mom accomplish the course patiently.=)

Nor Haniza said...

Salam Pak Zawi,

Thank you for the best coverage of my beloved state, Klate. I came across your blog through kickdefella - tokasid - you. Such a wonderful writing and pictures here that I find really portray Kelantan today.

I was one of the Farisian (SMTMFP) batch 1987/91. Back then we're like cats & dogs with MARA students especially those playing football, hockey and netball. Fights between supporters usually happens after these games. I got a permanent bruise on my leg after being 'accidentally' striked by our opponents hockey stick. Luckyly it's just a bruise.

There is a small market at the junction near Faris and SK Dato' Hashim 2 (new school) that we called 'BBUCU' or corner. Usually Farisian will flocked the BBucu on Saturday to get 'nasi kapit' and other delicacies, other that what our dining hall prepared like 'ikan berenang'.

The Rumah Seri Kenangan is an olk folks home (for both gender M & F). I used to go there for a visit since my friend's mum works there and her family lives in the staff quarters. However her mum has retired last year and they moved to their own house in Chempaka.

PUTIK stands for Pusat Tarbiah Islamiah PAS Kelantan. That building was built from supporters donation that was collected during kuliah and ceramah and also by 'jualan wakaf tanah'. My family and I bought some and wakaf the pieces that we bought. PUTIK is not only use for muktamar but for variety kind of events, even women folk can organize sports activity inside/outside the building. Of course men will not be around when they have their activities. Last year I was invited to instruct some womenfolks around PUTIK, mostly from Kurnia Jaya in 'senamrobik' while some others played badminton in the big hall.

Pak Zawi, I really like your blog. I was planning to create a blog about my beloved 'kampung' and the concept is so much like your 'KB In Pictures'. However, I couldn't revealed it yet, maybe after I start my first entry.

Before I leave, 'salam kenalan'. By the way, have you ever heard of Perpustakaan Awam Islam Dar Nur al-Zahra', Telipot? I work there.



Nor Haniza said...

Salam again. Forget just know, I'd like to invite you for a visit, virtually or personally.

Niza of Dar Nur al-Zahra'

Zawi said...

nor haniza,
Salam kembali. Welcome to my site. I am happy to hear that you like my posts about Kota Bharu.
When I did it I didn't do much research as it was supposed to be just pictures with a few short captions. Getting so much more informations from you make it all the more interesting. Most grateful for the info on Rumah Kenangan.
This is the first time I heard about the Dar Nur Al Zahra' library where you work. I will pay you a visit the minute I get the opportunity to roam around Kota Bharu. Will do it on the day I am interviewing Dr. Bates of Bates Dispensary.