Saturday, February 16, 2008

Food of Kelantan Part 2

aMiR who is a Malaysian In Riyadh made this comment on my blog Food of Kelantan Part 1.

The followings are what he wrote:

I love to play these riddles involving Kelantan Food with our daughter:
Papa: Tahi apa yang sangat sedap dimakan? (Name the faece that is good to eat?)
Ainaa: Mana ada (No such thing).
Papa: Kuih apa yang lagi kedut lagi best? (Name the food that the more wrinkled up it is the better it will be?)
Ainaa: Semua kuih kedut tak best, tapi siku papa lagi kedut lagi best kena squeeze. (All wrinkled food are not the best but if papa's elbow is wrinkled up, it is best (for us) to squeeze)


For that I am going to dedicate this post to aMiR of A Malaysian In Riyadh, this second part about Kelantan food.

For most people even Kelantanese themselves will answer 'tahi itek' literally translated as duck's faeces. That is the correct answer that aMiR was expecting from Ainaa.

This is how the delicious tahi itek look:

They are made of egg white plus some other ingredient and made into balls the size of a small baby's fist. It is so named maybe due to its colour which resembles that of the real thing.

Those who had lived through the period when coconut oil was the only oil available for cooking or for those whose mother still makes their cooking oil from coconut will be able to give an additional answer in the form of 'tahi minyak' meaning oil faece or sludge will be more like it. I asked my son in law Lokman if he knew of 'tahi minyak' and got the surprise answer of 'yes'! It seems his mother still make them. So I got his mother to make some for me to photograph.

The one on the left is coconut oil. When I was small such oil was used to oil our hair. The excess oil come in handy to make tracing paper by rubbing a piece of a white paper against the hair make it translucent. Traditional masseurs still uses coconut oil as lubricant.

Tahi minyak can be eaten with a Kelantanese kuih called K'oleh as seen in the photograph below.

The 'k'oleh' in the 'boko'

As to the second question, the answer is ofcourse 'akok'. Only egg white is used to make akok and the best eggs are ducks egg which is said to produce the best wrinkle.

If only the egg white is used to make akok what happens to the egg yolk which is egg yellow? It is used to make jala mas or buah tanjong that is why such kuihs are golden yellow in color. No coloring is necessary for jala mas or bunga tanjong.
Jala mas
Buah tanjong

So what other food that I havent shown you since part 1?

To begin with me asking you what kuih is named after a big animal? The answer is badak which look like a dough nut but instead of flour, beras pulut (gluttinous rice) is used instead.

Another badak is made from pulut hitam so it is called badak pulut hitam.

Badak pulut hitam

Buah peria of course look like a small peria (bitter gourd). They are made into many colours now to make it attractive to a child. Inside it contains inti kacang (green peas cooked with coconut sugar). The skin is again made of gluttinous rice and made to look like the real fruit with straits and all.

Dodol comes in different flavours and colours too depending on the ingredients used. Dodol manisan is brownish and sweetened with coconut sugar while dodol pandan is greenish and sweetened with cane sugar.

If you have read Awang Goneng's Growing Up In Trengganu, you must have heard of buah gomok which is callad buah beluru in Kelantan. Buah gomok in Kelantan is made of shredded coconut flesh cooked in coconut sugar and made into a ball and rolled in finely grounded white rice powder.

Awang Goneng also mentioned beluda in GUIT. Red coloured beluda are common. Watch out for the colouring used, if it looks opaque as in this picture, dont buy it as it tasted funny. Maybe the colouring used to make it red is not the permissible kind.
Couldnt find the nekbat which looks something like baulu soaked in thick sugar syrup. This was mentioned in GUIT too. Its too sweet for me and I guess for you too.

Cendol is available everywhere in Malaysia, except that cendol can be white too. Like it or not they will put in some of the white ones for you unless you tell them not to. Red coloured sagu balls are sometimes mixed to add some colours and flavours.

Butir nangka is a kuih in Kelantan. I have reduced the gravy to make it visible.

The chicken feet is delicious if made into kerabu kaki ayam. To me the hotter the better (makin pedas makin sedap).

How on earth did they come up with such a name as lompat tikam? The white sauce is santan and the red sauce is gula melaka syrup. The red one is pulut.

Boiled corn or jagung rebus is usually on the cob. Here the corn seeds are seperated from the cob and boiled till soft and taken with shredded coconut flesh with salt and if you like some sugar added.

This year the Chinese New Year is celebrated with lots of merriment. Kuih bakul is a standard fare. I bought a piece from a stall in Pasar Siti Khadijah from one of the stalls there. I took the one wrapped in banana leaves because thats the original way its made and not in plasctic film. Cost me RM2.00 a piece.

The chinese new year coincided with the months of asyura. This is how a bubur asyura look like when cooled down. Of course it is sweet in Kelantan with ample sugar and gula melaka added beside other ingredients such as beef or chicken.

Today 15th February 2008 I saw a chinese family is cooking bubur asyuria in their home with assistance from the Malays in the neighbourhood. How much more muhibbah could that be? I guess that should give me an idea when doing Fauziah Ismail's muhibbah tag which I havent been able to do till now.

Kelantan's laksa differs from laksa Penang and laksa Johor. All are delicious and taste differently. Why not give it a try when you are in Kelantan.

Laksam uses the same gravy and ulam as in laksa Kelantan. aMiR of A Malaysian In Riyadh loves to cut his own laksam when he was a kid. A scissor is best used to cut it as it is safer.

Kerp (ph.d) asked me to mention something about etok. I can mention it in passing since I will be doing a blog on etok which I would like to dedicate to kerpie. Would you believe that etok is almost extinct in the Kelantan River? If so where does the etok comes from now? Read about it when I blog about etok. Meantime enjoy the sight of delicious etok salai below.

Ubi gadong is rarely found in Kelantan nowadays. Many of the younger generation havent tasted gadong in their life. Ubi gadong must be treated after slicing them into this pieces by soaking in water for many days to remove the hallucinic agent inside it that can cause dizziness when taken. It can be taken by steaming it with gula melaka and gluttinous rice. I bet Elviza of Write Away or Akmal of Wiseup has never tasted ubi gadong in their life.

Slices of uncooked ubi gadong.

Kelantan food will never be complete without the mention of nasi kerabu, nasi dagang and nasi berlauk. This stall in Pasar Siti Khadijah sells nasi kerabu hitam and nasi dagang. There are several varieties of nasi kerabu. Nasi kerabu putih uses white rice, nasi kerabu kuning uses yellow coloured rice, nasi kerabu tumis will have tumis made of santan with shallots and grounded dried chillies.

The nasi dagang of Kelantan uses a different kind gluttinous rice compared to the white glutinous rice in nasi dagang Terengganu.

Indulge yourself in sumptious large prawns in the food section f Pasar Siti Khadijah. A large prawn can cost upward of RM15.00. Ask for the price first before ordering.

The sight of a crowd indicate the place is popular. That means the food is good. Just follow the crowd, you can never go wrong.

Whenever we travel overseas where halal food are difficult to get, we never fail to bring serunding along as many things beside rice can go with it. My wife's favourite is sambal (serunding) daging as the Kelantanese call it, while sambal ikan is mine.
Sambal daging
Sambal ayam
Sambal ikan.

The most often photographed section of Pasar Siti khadijah Kota Bharu (below).

Mat Salo of Borneo blues requested me to put some pictures of beautiful people from Kelantan. Not wanting to disappoint him, here are some of them which has been beautiful to me and never failed to let me buy anything from them.

Mak Su sells laksa and laksam and her neighbour below sells k'oleh

Fresh water fish seller

He sells rice for nasi dagang

She sells etok.

Another etok seller

She sells ubi gadong.

There are too many food, I can't mention them all. Come over to Kelantan and see for yourself.


awang said...

Salam Pak Zawi,
Just cannot see twice of this posting..bikin perut I lapar nak cari makan..wah...great to look at and even better to eat...Have a nice week end.

Zawi said...

Congratulations on being the first to arrive. Lapar? Find something in the kitchen to eat hahahaha. have a good weekend yourself.

Ray Si Tukang Besi said...

Bakpo kuih k'oleh tuh kaler biru ?

Mentang2 laa nok pilihanraya tak lama .. hehe

Oh yer, " serunding " ?
Bunyying luwaaa tu ..
Bakpo tak panggil " sambal " like Kelantanese do ? Hehehe

your descriptions on Kelantan made mine a child's play ..

Good Job Ayoh Wi !

Zawi said...

Biru lagu lain tu, biru come tu. Warna semula jadi k'oleh sejak ambo kecik lagi tak berubah. Serupo warna air laut biru, warna pokok hijau hehehehe.
Terima kasih atas pembetulan tentang sambal tu. Kawe bbtul semeta lagi.
Jange jack lebih lebih Ray nanti besar palo kawe. Buat tu sekadar termampu. Nak minta ucapkan terima kasih kerana guna gambar hok you dalam blogs sebelum.
Malam karang tak gi Munajat kat stadium ko? Jupo sana deh?

Hussin said...

Sdra Zawi,
Eveyone in my family must have added a few pounds in the 3 days we spent in KB. We were really spoilt for choice as far as food is concerned. Our only complaint is most of the food especially the cakes are overly sweet, even the sambal.
I had one of our lunches at the Food Court in Pasar Siti Khadijah as you recommended. We were a bit late and the six of us had to sit separately as the place is full but the price is really reasonable. I had to ask the Pakcik to recount our bill as I felt it was too cheap, but he thought I was complaining because he was overcharging :-) The laksam which costs RM1.20 per plate was many times better than the RM3.00 per plate that I am used to in Kelana Jaya.


irfan said...

pak zawi,

speaking of food of kelantan, there is one question i am longing to come most of the food (especially kuih) are made of these three ingredients: eggs, sugar, coconuts (milk or whatever)...

kelantanese out there...please spare me for me words...hahaha...

syana said...

Pak Zawi :o)

Yummy! I love each and every one of the delicacies you listed in this entry :o) ... how to lose weight like this one? hehehe

Etok. I love etok - rebus dgn bawang merah, serai & garam skit - soup etok. I remember when we were kids, my dad & grandad would take us to Sg.Kelantan (grandad's home was near the river) & look for etok. Shallow waters, plastic bags in our pockets and endless raking through the sand to get them.

Sweet childhood memories :o)

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Pak Zawi, I found the ayam percik picture. :P

My father's shop was located on "Jalan Pendek" in front of the SKMK town bus station.

When I was younger, my mother used to ask me to go to the "food court" (which is currently being turned into KBTC) and buy her " jalur mas".. And i always ended up saving ten cent to buy the steamed grinded tapioca kueh with thick santan (I never learnt the name of that food :/ )


Zawi said...

Most people complain about everything being sweet. Even some Kelantanese themselves. Thats the Kelantan flavour and its here to stay though some toning down is already visible.
Just work the excess out since you are now back in KL.
When Kelantan was more isolated from the rest of Malaysia, we had cheaper food but now with prices of everything being published in the papers and TV, they just follow the KL prices which is generally higher.
You should have just paid what the man asked and give him some tip and he will be overjoyed. Now he is getting ideas to raise his price hahahaha.

Zawi said...

Many Kelantanese kuihs are also based on gluttinous rice and ordinary rice. There are the ubi based too. Go around Pasar Siti Khadijah and ask them what they are made of and you will be amazed at the varieties. Che Mek Molek is made of sweet potatoes.

Zawi said...

Etok will be a special feature in one of my next blog. Lucky thing for me I did managed to buy some large etok for the etok soup photograph. You will be surprised over many things about etok in the entry.
Meanwhile you can read some great write up about etok in Raykinzoku's blogsite.

Zawi said...

The picture of ayam percik was taken at the PAS Ceramah. Looks yummy to me too. I went to Jalan Kampong Sireh to photograph the ayam percik there which is freshly cooked but on that day of CNY they had a holiday too hahahaha.
The foodcourt near the SKMK was very popular among tourist. The present one that is often promoted is the one at Wakaf Che Yeh which is too far from KB. MPKB should establish a new place in Kota Bharu town for tourists to visit.
I am not aware of steamed grounded tapioca kuih that comes with thick santan but the one that comes with cocnut shreddings and its called putu halba or putu piring. Inside it some cocnut sugar is placed which melts after the steaming. Could it be it? Check for the picture at the ceramah page. The chinese couple was looking at the putu halba being made. They wanted to buy some.

Zawi said...

The picture of putu halba is in Food of Kelantan Part 1 quite near to the picture of ayam percik. It is not a close up but it is quite discernible.
I am not sure of Jalan Pendek's location. What other prominent shop is near to your father's shop?

a malaysian in riyadh said...

I may be bias here but this post is really incredible Sir. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The asyura from Kelantan is definitely a class act. The Kedah ones are so lame, umpama langit dengan bumi, or atap genting vs. atap rumbia.

The tapioca with thick santan, is it asam gumpal? But it is made of sagu (?), although bathed in delicious thick santan.

Actually before Ainaa answered "Mana ada" she giggled uncontrollably while placing both hands to cover her mouth. She got even with me with this riddle:

Ainaa: Anak apa selalu kena pijak?
Papa: Anak tiri.
Ainaa: Ish Ish. Salah.


Zawi said...

Tried the Kedah version when I was there and I don't like it either. The Johor version is almost similar to Kedah. Maybe our tounge are already biased to our own sweet bubur asyura.
If it is asam gumpal then I will edit and add its picture. I didn't put it in earlier because there were too many pictures already. But the one referred to by Mrscylim is steamed grounded tapioca which is more like putu halba.
Whats the answer to Ainaa's riddle?

a malaysian in riyadh said...

Most people would never have guessed it .. anak tangga.

Fauziah Ismail said...

Salam Pak Zawi
You've got me salivating all over the keyboard! Such gastronomic fare you've got there.
There are however some stuff I don't eat although I consider myself adventurous where food is concerned such as kaki ayam.
Sedap macam mana pun, I will not eat it. Same thing with eels. Thanks but no thanks.

Zawi said...

I overcame my earlier hesitation to sample kerabu kaki ayam and I now regret not to have tried it earlier hahahaha. Can't get myself to try the belut yet.
My children are happily eating whatever is served due to their adventurism. Remember the time in Langkawi my wife stopped my son from eating grilled ikan pari just because she didn't take it herself. I guess children should be allowed to try things that are halal to eat so that they can enjoy them. When I was young we used to catch grass hoppers to be fried into delicious gourmet.
When in Cambodia and Thailand only the dubious cooking oil stopped me from sampling them. How I wish they could tell me they were using vegetable oil and not lard.

Rahman Hariri said...

Bro zawi, They all looked good to me. About the only food I didnt find attractive in Kelantan during those days was the buah peria. But the rests were yummy, even until today. My only hope is that many Kelantanese residing in KL would make these delicacies easily available in KL. I am sure they all could be national delicacies.

I didnt know about the 'wrinkle' part of Akok. Now I feel like a fool trying to look for the smooth akok!

Zawi said...

What a surprise for you not to like the buah peria. Personally I like it so much and had been taking them since I was small.
Many Kelantanese are becoming available in KL or the areas around it. When there is demand, somebody will make the supply available.
The wrinkle in the akok can only be produced if the amount of egg is right. A smooth akok can be due to a reduced proportion of egg compared to flour which is the other main ingredient.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Pak Z,

I don’t know how you did it but looking at those yummy-licious delicacies, one cant help but drool.

And what can I say about the etak dedication. Eh hold on, or was it etok? And do we need to de-shell it before digging in? it looks so weird yet tasty. I asked my friend from KB to take some back but according to him its not a good idea as it cant last that long which is regrettable. Oh well, will certainly look forward to the next entry on etak/etok.

Thank you so much Pak Z.

*those prawns are monstrous.

Zawi said...

If it is the puasa month, I wont be able to list them all. The number of kuih's will be more and you will have a problem to make your choice.
Etak or etok can be brought to KL by flight or by car but must be kept under cool temperature. The salt around it is hygroscopic that is another reason people dont want to carry it long distance. It can't last long under high humidity at high temperature.
So please wait for the blog on etak to learn more about it.
Paying RM15 to RM20 for them will be worth it as they are almost the size of a lobster with thin shell.

cakapaje said...

Salam Pak Zawi,

Oooh! Terkeliur ambo tengok makane sedap sedap belako! Oooh! Takmuh cerito lagi doh...esok pagi nak cari nasi keghabu dan lakse - tak ori, tapi leh loh :)

Zawi said...

Tengok lakso dan lakse kosong pun buleh telior? Kalu tengok jalo mas ko buah tanjong tu buleh kiro sikit.
Ado ko ore jual kat rumah Shah sana tu?

Azmy Omar said...


Food.. very popular topic. Thoes who have visited Kleantan will have to admit that Kelantanese do offer varieties of food though I must admit some are rather too sweet... Hey that must be the reasons why Kelatanes girls look so sweet.

To mrsyclim,

I think the food mentioned is called 'tepong bokol' grinned ubikayu steamed, and taken with thick coconut milk (santan).
Another version is called 'tepong bokol nissan. (sound like nisan from Japan... eheheh

Zawie. Carry on. DOn't forget about our town Pasir Mas.


azmy omar

Akmal said...

Pak Zawi,
Just arrived from Kuantan. Had too much sleep on the bus, so my eyes defy my sleep demand...hmmm, layan aje lah :)
Anyway, you covered so many foods in demands! Ubi gadong...I guess that rings a bell, but not my taste bud, so I think I missed that one. Is it real good? If it is, I cannot afford to miss it.
Bubur Asyura! That one is exceptional, historically and the taste and the effort for the taste! 5 hours nonstop 'kacau-ing', and all are paid at one go right after it is done. How I love Asyura...
Etak is coming up eh? At Falahiah, that one is on demand too :) Student fly for it. Hahaha.
Keep well ya :)

Zawi said...

Tuan Haji Azmi,
The Kelantanese people are sweet because they eat sweet food? They must be diabetic too hahaha.
Thank you for trying to explain the food that mrsyclim is trying to recall.
Pasir Mas will be done after I have done my tag on muhibbah. I wont forget my town of course.

Zawi said...

I guess you are the lucky kind who can sleep easily on busses. I can't, not even in a sleeping berth on a train.
You haven't tried ubi gadong right? It's good to try the traditional food at least once in our life time.
Now its the month for asyura. Can you imagine that bubur asyura is now being done at a non muslim's house for muhibbah? I think only in Kelantan that such thing could happen.
Etak is on my agenda. A few intersting finds I would like to share.

jaflam said...

Salam Zawi,
Your food and deserts are so inviting and sweet. For those outside Kelantan they need courage to try them but usually get addicted after that. At the pasar malam here the Kelantan stall will sell most of the Kelantan delights and mind you it’s always full with especially Kelantanese who missed their favorite dishes.

Most of the Kelantan delights are sweet like their people ... heheee

Zawi said...

Shah seems to miss those food so much. Please tell him where to go to satiate his cravings.
Some of these desert makers are already toning down on the sugar content to suit the needs of the buyers who are mostly going for less sugar content.
I guess are used to working hard in the filed somewhere that they need all the energy they can get from consuming lots of sugar.

U.Lee said...

Hi Zawi, wow! Your well taken pics really brought back memories to me.
But regret there were many of the kuehs or dishes I did not try. A lot I saw at pasar malams in KB.
But I always went for the nasi dagang.
There was one coffee shop close to your big central market where there was a lady selling nasi dagang. It was simply delicious!
I did eat 'etok' at a friend's house.
BUT! I'll pass on that 'chicken feet' dish, ha ha.
My wife enjoys them, but not me...
Re kueh bakul, my wife bought two here as we having a party tonight my place and going to fry them with yam. I don't like yam, so she will fry plain ones for me.
You know, back in the 70's I would go for breakfast near the market, then walk around the market upstairs downstairs just to enjoy the local scene and looking at the exotic foods and vegetables sold by the lovely Kelantan ladies.
But, my favourite in KB was ikan perchik, ayam percik. And because of me, a few other people experienced it, one was Irene, other one my wife. They love it too.
You have a nice evening, Zawi, keep well and don't forget change the diapers, ha ha. Lee.

Zawi said...

There are many shops around the old pasar which is now Bazaar MPKB that sells great nasi dagang. One of which is the one near Hoover Hotel. I don't know when you refer the Pasar Basar means the present Pasar Siti Khadijah or the former as I believe in the early seventies they were still using Bazaar MPKB as the pasar.
The chicken feet 'kerabu' is really a Thai dish. But since the Thais and Kelantanese are neighbours, the food crosses the border too. Ever since I started tasting the chicken feet 'kerabu', I just can't help it especially when I find a good one. Not all are tasty anyway.
Oh you fry the kuih bakul too? We usually fry them after it is too hard to eat after being kept in the fridge for sometimes. In my village I was close to a few Chinese families and they taught me how to fry the kuih bakul in eggs. You try that and see.
Ayam percik and ikan percik are my favourite too.
When the wife is home, she will change the baby's diaper hahahaha. My shift starts at 7.00 AM till 2.30 PM. After that my wife takes over. The baby is getting very active now and weighing in at 9 kg. she is quite a bundle to carry around.
Have a good day yourself.

anasalwa said...

Thank you so much for sharing those delicious and beautiful pictures of Kelantan food. I love kuih Akok. Now I know why my akok which I tried last year didn't come out with enough wrinkles:))
Your previous entry about etak or etok prompted me to write about it yesterday. Hopefully one day I will return to Kelantan and visit Pantai Sabak and Pengkalan Chepa.

Zawi said...

Visitors remember a place for their people, sight and food. I have fiven the sights of Kota Bharu and now I have given the look of her food. Ain't that enough reason for people to come to Kelantan to know her people next? Just doing my bit for my state now that I have nothing better to do.
Come back later for an indepth story of etak or etok as the locals pronounce it. I will add a few points to what Raykinzuko has written in his blogsite Kelate.

Zabs said...

Salam Zawi,
Masa dah berubah untuk saya. Sekarang kena berpuas hati dengan tengok gambar ajelah kebanyakkan makanan itu. Dulu pantang tengok, makan semua. Sekarang kena berpanang, jangan makan banyak2. Kempen dah mulo ke? TQ.

Zawi said...

Amalkan kesedarhanaan ajelah. Kalau teringin sangat rasa la sedikit. Kata orang Johor, jamah. Bak kata pepatah, jika ikutkan hati, mati.
Malam ni ada ceramah besar oleh Datuk Ibrahim Ali yang akan bertanding untuk Parlimen Pasir Mas atas tiket PAS. Kalau sedemikian besar kemungkinan dia akan menang begitu juga calon PAS untuk semua DUN Pasir Mas. BN menghadapi masalah besar nampaknya.
Cuma wang yang banyak dan undi pos boleh mengubah keputusan ini.

pB said...


Dalam banyak banyak gambar , yang paling berkenan

cendol ....

diminum dengan sirap air pun ok jugak ...

Zawi said...

Saya selalu makan cendol dengan air gula je dan kalau ada essence of rose atau banana dah kira bagus.
Dalam gambar tu cendol Kelantan. kalau cendol Thailand hijau dia lain sikit dan biji dia lebih halus dan panjang. Cendol Kelantan hijaunya dari daun pandan.
Tak kelik ko?

Puteri said...


I made a mistake, I meant visit Kelantan some time this year, early August, maybe.

The kuih muih look so delicious! How to eat if you are watching your blood sugar? Eat one only, not puas hati! :-(

Zawi said...

That will be great, cos that means it won't be too faraway.
Just taste abit of each of the kuihs keep the tasting to the recconmended ones only and not try everything. For the rest you will have to rely on your other half's description of the taste hahahaha. Keep off the too sweet ones like jala mas and buah tanjung. That is a definite no no.

Mat Salo said...

Bung Zawi,

I think you're being malicious. You know I'm cooped up in a floating prison off the coast of Eastern Borneo in a neighboring country and yet you continue to goad me with your excellent reviews and mouth-watering pictures. He-hee...

Make oghe Kelate banyok gulo weh!

P.S. Insya'allah I plan to visit Klante soon and make sure you take me to the white house...

Zawi said...

Mat Salo,
Salam Bro. What coincidence. While you were at my site, I was leaving my mark at your site.
After all the hard work I did trying to put the pictures of those beautiful people that you asked for, you got the cheek to just acknowledge the food but not the people eh? Hehehehehe bro, I know how starved you were of the food after being cooped up in that remote place that you missed my mention of you of requesting for the faces of Kelantan to be included in this blog.
Just come over to Kelantan and I know where to take you for a good makan. The White House will be just one of them. Stay here for a minimum of 3 days and you will have an extra few kg added to your body weight. Don't worry it won't be calculated into your excess baggage that all airlines will impose on your return flight.

cakapaje said...

Kat kawase ni, ado jue nasi keghabu biru de putih; oghe kelate gok dan memang sedap, sungguh!

Tapi lakse yang jual kok pasar tani kughe kick doh. Ni keno gi kelate semulo ni... :)

Tapi kawe kalo gi sano, takleh kecek kelate doh...silap silap keno tembak ngan oghe kelate. Loghat kawe ce oghe sie (siam) :)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Pak Z,

i was told you were based in KL for some long period of time before your retirement. have you ever come across etak during your stay here? which makes me thinking, why there's no such market for this particular snack here.

*for a price of one lobster you can have 7 of those prawns. i'd go for the latter anytime.

Zawi said...

No problemo kalu demo tak leh kecek Kelantan doh. Kecek luar atau kecek Bahasa Inggeris pun oghe Kelate boleh pahe. No hal.
Maghi la kalu nak make lakse kow kawe belanjo.

Zawi said...

Hehehehe you must love etak so much I definitely must post that one on etak first before doing the tag on muhibbah. Afterall after reading mat salo's nothing else is necessary.
To set the record straight, I have never been posted long in KL. The longest I was posted there was for a month at Fima Headquarters at Wisma MCIS.
May I answer your query on the market of etak in my next blog?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

please do, will be looking forward to it. but do the muhibbah tag first Pak Z, no problem i can wait.

Zawi said...

Thanks for being so understanding.

NaNa said...

Pak Zawi,

I have never seen etok sold anywhere else besides kelantan. Definitely a must buy whenever I balik kampung.

Buah peria used to be a favorite of mine. Too bad can't get them here. I know nyonya kueh has something like that too but to me they don't taste as nice.

Zawi said...

Raykin wrote that he saw etok being sold in Japan! It is not that it is not available outside of Kelantan that they are not sold elsewhere. Wait for my post on etak to find out the reason why.
Kueh nyonya maybe the chinese version of it. Never tried it though. Kuih peria is so called because they try to copy the shape of the fruit to make it similar. I love it too.

ruby ahmad said...

Hello Zawi,

What a cute opening with aMiR doing teka teki with his daughter..he he.

Oh dear dear dear..what a cruel entry this is..he he! Torture! Torture! I wanna taste so many of the scrumtious kuehs you posted here. I am drooling...

I have not tasted the Kelantanese asyura that you and aMiR spoke of passionately! I nak taste kuih akok, lompat tikam and I must say I have never as yet tasted tahi itek..aarghh..he he

What about buah tanjong? Not yet..oh so much homework to do now about my own country!

I know some Kelantanese here in KL, but no one could tell me where I could get all these delicacies, one stop. Do you know where Zawi?

Zawi said...

When aMiR made that comment on my food of Kelantan, I immediately asked him permission to use that lines from him. He immediately agreed without even knowing how I am going to use the lines. I am so happy you like it.
The only one place you can get them all now is ofcourse Pasar Besar Siti Khadijah. I dont think you can get em all in one place in KL.For the most selection, come during Puasa month and the Bazaar Ramadhan will make you want to buy everything on sale because the hunger will make you want to try everything.
From the drooling you are experience I know you will love them all. Come over one day and I will show you and your family around the food of Kelantan. It will definitely be a holiday that you will not want it to last.

trueblue said...

Pak Zawi,
I'm drooling now...

Zawi said...

I don't blame you. The selection I made must have been the right ones. There are just too many to include all. Comeback during the fasting month and you will be spoilt for choice. But who could eat much during that month anyway hehehehehehehe. Look at Ruby's comment.

a malaysian in riyadh said...

Am sending this again. Earlier one seems to disappear.

You both are utterly sweet, just like this post on the People's Food.

Ruby, the word is out now that you tak (or belum rather) terer masak the 4-rasa lompat tikam (green custard, pink pulut, santan pekat, and gula melaka syrup). He he.


Zawi said...

If its a joke about Ruby not knowing how to cook or taste lompat tikam, I am not a party to that hehehe, Anyway not many Lelantanese do themselves. It is easy to buy nowadays.

kbguy said...

aiyoo.... see the kueh2, cannot tahan already. Kueh bakul also got. But our Kelantan kueh all manis2 just like our kelantanese girls la.. manis and friendly. The food makes my sliva dripping..especially the big prawns ! Btw, I like to go marketing. I mean the wet market marketing. I enjoy looking for seafood, ulam2an, fruits and those pasar tani type. Nice to see those gelagak of people selling ubat traditional too with their speaker and microphone and entiques. Oops, thanks for the h/p no. I already saved it to my hp, but just give me time..just that I am not use to meeting fellow bloggers. I once having buffet dinner at Hotel Renaisance, and I saw Sheih of kickdefella. I reconize him but I didn't approach him. I only inform him at his blogsite comment. Maybe, I am still a shy person la..haha.

drbubbles said...

Pak zawi,

malam ini jugak saya naik bas ke KB to find all those delicacies.Sungguh bahaya posting pak zawi kali ini..hehehe

p.s first time i see how they process ubi gadong...pokok ubi gadong i tau lah..

Zawi said...

You are already in Kelantan and lives in Wakaf Baru and so near to Kota Bharu. During Ramadhan, the bazaar Ramadhan is at your door step in Wakaf Baru so I sont see why you need to salivate when looking at such pictures.
I have an article which I want to do on Wakaf Baru which I need your assistance for me to do. That is why I need to discuss with you. Me just another kampung guy is nothing to be shy with. We can discuss in Kelantan dialect plus Hokkien plus Thai ok? We can meet at the restoran nasi berlauk near old Shell belonging to Pak Su Wahab will do. I know they serve very good nasi berlauk there. What say you?

Zawi said...

Don't take a bus, it will take you 9 hrs and by the time you reach here your appetite will be gone. Take the Firefly from Subang and after eating all the food that you want, take the afternoon flight home. It is that easy to come to KB nowadays.
After a period of almost 40 yrs I have tasted ubi gadong again. What a bliss. I thought I would never have tasted it again for it is not an in thing. But looking at how ubi kayu rebus fares on the menu at Pan Pac KL, I wonder if it will become another exotic dish that only the super rich can get to enjoy.

a malaysian in riyadh said...

How very true. Some of these people's food are fit for the king (and super rich). Just need a little bit of imagination, improvisation and presentation. Next time when I try lompat tikam, I'll improvise by adding dollop of yellowish durian to it. Oh la la or No lah? What say Sir?

Zawi said...

About adding the durian, you can try it and tell us how it tastes. Will be interesting to find out. The new name of the kuih will have to be lompat tikam durian.

Anti-bn said...


You should blog about the elections and the candidates and etc. I know you are against UMNO putras who have hijacked the nation, but support the PAS/PKR/DAP bloggers and candidates and drag others. Love how you enlightened us about Kelantan and its food.

Zawi said...

This blogsite is not a political blogsite though some of of my blogs reflect my current sentiments about the current political situation. I will express my political views on the matter at the many other political sites. How about visiting Chegu's kata tak nak? We are having lots of fun digging at those people that we now love to hate.

zaza said...

besh nye....
buat aku menelan air liur...waa rasa nk blik kelantan je cpt@...

Zawi said...

Selamat datang ke blogsite saya.
Besokkan pilihan Raya. Ramai orang Kelantan balik berduyun duyun. Keadaannya serupa musim perayaan.
Kalau balik boleh la makan semua kuih-kuih tu.

batulada said...

Tunpang Lalu...
Ambo respect demo coz semua kueh kelantan demo ada gambar. Gambar akok demo tu ok - ada kkedut tapi nampak kering. Akok kena kkedut dan basah. Cubalah Akok di Ampang Indah

Zawi said...

Demo ore Kuala Krai ko? Ambo ada saing di Batu Lada Kuala Krai tu tapi dah gemulohdoh. Nama Arwah tu En. Ghani Ahmad ayah kepada Affendi. Dua dua tu kerja kat Kesedar Gua Musang dulu lo ni tinggal Affendi je lah.
Gambar tu ambo ambik ikut ada jah. Masa ambik tu kat Tok Guru dok ngajar di Kelab Pas KB. Jadi hok u jah ada. Tambahan pula masa tu masih guna Olympus lama. Lo ni guna DSLR 14.2 mp gambar molekla sikit buleh ejah ejah.
Jauhnya nak gi makan akok kat Ampang. Padan makan hok Pasir Mas ja la. Kena sekeping dua hok panas panas tu padan doh.
Terima kasih la datang ngunjung.

batulada said...

Maaf lambat baca. Ambo beranak diBatu Lada Kuala Krai. Ambo orang Kota Bharu. Dari Kota Bharu sebelum WCY (name glamor Wakaf Che Yeh). Ambo lo ni tinggal diAmpang. Sebab tu Akok sedap tu ada diAmpang. orang Ppuan ambo masak. Akok Berek12 la katakan.

Zawi said...

Wan Azmi Batu Lada,
Join gathering kita la 12 Aug. See my latest blog.

batulada said...

Maaf, ambo tak leh join 12 Aug gathering tu coz 13/8 ambo buka kedai. Bakeri Bangkit Selera diAmpang Indah. Kedai Kek dan Roti, Akok Berek12 dan Baulu Panas. Kalu ssalah sampai kat Ampang, carilah kedai ambo. Ampang Indah ialah dekat dengan Taman Kosas dan Bukit Indah.

Anonymous said...

makanan kelantan sedap belaka supo ore tine klate jugok

azura.jalal said...

Salam Pak Zawi;
Terima kasih atas catatan blog ni, terubat skit sebanyak rindu kat tanah air.
Org kat NZ ni rata2 dah kenal nasi goreng, laksa, & sambal... makin kaya kamus English depa dgn bahasa Melayu kita :)

bennyloh said...

Thanks for this food section. I love food, am a meat-eater all my life and seafood (prawns)is best.

At my age (about the same as yours)I had gouts, first once in two months, then twice in one month then it is once a week! I can't make appointments with anyone knowing somehow my gouts will suddenly appear. Gouts is painful!!!

Still I can enjoy all this now, I eat a very little(one small piece) of everything and more greens. I can't go wild over food these days. How sad

Anonymous said...

Salam Pak Zawi,

Pos-pos mengancam ni buat ambo terliur weih... Lama benar doh tak make etok nih dan juga buah jering rebus cicoh nyiur... aloh sedapnya. colek perut pun sedap..., kedai colek perut dekat stesen keratapi Pasir Mas tu masih bertahan lagi sampai hari ni.
Maybe Pak Zawi buleh pos gambar jering rebus untuk tatapan.

Anonymous said...

Wah .....really nice pictures of Kelantan foods i miss eating nasi lauk and nasi kukus with fried chicken !!!

Kelantanese foods are authantic foods that we cant get anywhere in Malaysia other than in kelantan itself ....

cari bilik sewa said...

nice , i love kelatan foods , really special

kelantan said...

very nice place to visit, i'm looking forward to eat nasi dagih at kelantan again!

william said...

Simple post but great expression of thoughts.. how do you do that? i think your a veteran blogger! am i right?

anyway I'm william
mind if I put a link back to you?

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zmah said...

Sedapnya....nak balik kampung!!!!

Anonymous said...

anybody know about "kuih lucut" from thailand? It normally looks like fruits or vegitables. Made from "kacang kuda & coconut milk & sugar".
very beautiful & tasty but sweet.

Anonymous said...

buah gomok ore klate kato woh brolok

AISHA said...

wah, sepertinya enak sekali makanannya pak...di indonesia gak ada tuh yang speperti itu ....nice... boleh kok di kirim ke indonesia portable printer