Wednesday, December 12, 2007

MRT @ Kak Ton's Place.

I had the opportunity of my life to attend Mee Rebus Tuesday (MRT) at Kak Ton's place in Kelana Jaya. My attendance was made possible by courtesy of Elviza Michele who had volunteered to pick me up at IOI Megmall Puchong and later send me back to Amanputra Puchong. Without her kind assistance, I would have never made it to Kak Ton's place as I don't even have her address. Elviza came together with Acciaccatura as she herself wasn't so sure of the way around Puchong. Founding IOI Megamall wasn't difficult as it is the most prominent landmark in Puchong.
Only the traffic held her back from reaching there at the agreed time of 11.30 AM. Since Elviza was the only one who had been to Kak Ton's place before, she was allowed to show off her expertise of driving us around Kelana Jaya only to be told by Acciaccatura later that she should have taken a more direct route to Kak Ton's place by driving straight along Lebuhraya Damansara Puchong. We had been driving all along LDP from Puchong. A left turn before the PKNS hockey pitch and a few more turns took us to Kak Ton's place.
In the absence of Mat Salo, I became the official photographer. This post is only meant to show some pictures and show you who were at the MRT of 11th Dec 2007. Please use the pictures as you deem fit. They have yet to be resized though.

The group photo. Kerp is always the star in group photo.
Standing from left: Captain Yusof, Galadriel. Middle row: Kak Ton, Raden Galoh, Acciaccatura, Pi Bani, Elviza. Sitting: Kerp. Squatting: Yours truly. Ofcourse you cant see Rocky, he is behind the camera. Shanghai Stephen was still at the table accompanying Pasquale with his mee rebus.

Kak Ton's other half, Abang Ruslani. A short chat later revealed that we were both involved with Kumpulan Fima once, with him being the Insurance Consultant and me the Project Officer of Cashew Industries of Malaysia, Padang Saujana, Besut. If I had known him earlier, I would have stayed on with Kumpulan FIMA as he was so close to the late Chairman of Kumpulan FIMA, Tan Sri Basir Ismail.

Can you guess who is the demure looking lady seated between Raden Galoh and Acciccatura? If you can tell me the right answer I will think of a present for you. Those who were at the MRT are not qualified to participate.

The star being photographed with his female fans.

Husna with Elviza trying to hide her face from the camera while Kak Ton gave us a sweet smile.

Dino with Shanghai Stephen and Galadriel.

Kerp loves the mee rebus so much that he put it close to his heart while Captain Yusof gave us his Monalisa smile.

Captain Yusof telling tales of his seafaring days. "When I sailed the high seas, the waves were so big", he seemed to say.

How cuddly can you get?

Dino reciting the doa before having his mee rebus.

Yours truly with Akhiruddin Attan aka Rocky of the famous Rocky's Bru. Rocky and H J Angus were instrumental in getting me to blog beyond the first blog. Unfortunately my ignorance about how to manage the blogsite led me to delete that first blog where I wrote the reasons why I have to blog and join the other thousands of 'goblogs' in Malaysia. Some politicians hate goblogs as they tend to tell the truth to the public which may tarnish their 'good clean image' that they have been displaying to the public. Their good clean image is vital to their political survival. So now you know why politicians hate goblogs.

Can you guess whose unfinished ciggarette this is? See who felt guilty and owned up in the comment box for this blog.

The following bloggers attended MRT of 11th December 2007 at Kak Ton's place.

Pi Bani of Pi's Twist

Kerp of Let's Wheel

Acciaccatura of So What Now? (Apa Lagi Ya?)

Captain Yusoff of The Ancient Mariner

Galadriel of Euphoria In Misery

Raden Galoh of Onebreastbouncing

Pasquale of Barking Magpie

Stephen Francis of Shanghai Fish

Elviza of Write Away

Akhiruddin Attan of Rocky's Bru

Pak Zawi of Life As I See It.

Also present, Rusdy Mustapha of NST.

On behalf of the bloggers who attended MRT of 11th December 2007, I would like to say thank you to our gracious hosts Kak Ton of Tok Mommy and her other half, Abang Ruslani whose ability to make my first visit to their home felt so welcomed will be remembered forever .


acciaccatura said...

salam pak zawi,
nice to have met you. boleh pinjam ka gambaq ni pak zawi? i was enjoying the afternoon very much sampai tak ingat nak ambik gambaq banyak-banyak.

Zawi said...

Nice to have met you too. Nak pinjam? Ambik saja la. Just copu and cut or resize to whatever you need. Jangan jampi dahla nanti hidup lak gambar gambar tu.
Why not start music class for this area? Suka juga kalau cucu cucu I bley main alat music.
Jumpa lagi dilain siaran.

The Ancient Mariner said...

Pak Zawi,

Jangan lupa kirim salam kat Dr Nik Azam bila pulang Pasir Mas nanti ye.


sorry I mistook you for Pi Bani tadi. Mata org lama ni dah kurang focus

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

pak zawi,

i hv taken some of the pics. thanks. and nice to have met you too, sir.

Kak E,

you know what i mean. again, my sincerest apology. a BIG one!

Akmal said...

Pak Zawi,
OMG, I am totally forgot today is a public holiday. Remember I said I got class today's class like office hours? All of them were cancelled, and i just remembered it right before I go to class. Yes, I had a good morning anyway with an event in the college, but I would be delighted even more if I can join you guys. I visited Tok Mommy's site from time to time too, through your site.

elviza said...

Aiksss macam kenal jer gambar last tuh Pak?? Hik kik kik kik....

Great day, great pictures

U.Lee said...

Hi Zawi, wow! Love your very nice pics. And seeing some of the well known top bloggers too.
Well, at least now there's a face behind the callsigns, ha ha.
I bet you had a real fabulous time too, huh? With so many pretty ladies, all top bloggers, the men too, and of course the Black belt Herbal sifu himself, Zawi.
Well posted, your style.
You keep well and enjoy your stay in KL. Hey, tie a small chain to your brand new Rgt 7000 laptop, don't leave it behind anywhere.
Here we read of people leaving it in buses, coffeehouse, even in barber shops etc.
In London, someone lost his laptop with 25 million names and addresses compromising everyone! Can you beat that!
The British government now lintang pukang!
You have a good evening, Zawi. Best regards, Lee.

Anonymous said...

so on that tuesday u were ber-gathering dengan some heavyweight bloggers ek?

now i know the meaning of MRT - mee rebus tuesday not monorail transit..ahaks! lawak bodoh...

KC of sleepless on the side

maria a samad (kak ton) said...


It was nice to have you, acciaccature and Pi Bani for MRT.

Nuraina was disappointed that she missed you guys. So was Zorro. He is normally among the early ones, but yesterday, he had some errands to do and came when most of the MRT regulars had gone back.

Tak ada rezeki.

Hope to see you again.

J.T. said...

Hi Zawi

I am yet to personally meet all the bloggers whom I have met online. I am planning for a trip sometime after Chinese New Year next year and I hope to meet some of them and taste Kak Ton's famous mee rebus.

So nice to see that blogging has brought many interesting people together.

Zawi said...

InsyaAllah I will convey the Salam. I will use that excuse of conveying your salam to visit his him at his home in Kota Bharu. He rarely comes to his clinic nowadays. I forgot to tell you Dr. Nik Azam is an extremely fit man as he rides long distances on his road bikes. He has a collection of 4 of the best. A Cannondale is one of them. I will tell him to access you blog and if he isn't a blogger yet, he will be one soon.

Zawi said...

My pleasure to have met you too sir. Feel free to use any of the pictures. They were all meant to be taken. I will feel honoured if you use them.

Zawi said...

Kak Ton,
The three of us were the first timers. I guess U Lee would have come too if he knew that Pi Bani was coming. I guess Canada is just too faraway for him to come.
It would have been great if Nuraina and Zorro could be there. She must have a reason for not coming and we knew that Zorro was venting his fury on his keyboards after reading his latest post.
Kak Ton, between you and me OK, I wanted a second helping but I was too shy to ask for it. You should push me harder for the seconds the next time I am there. Dont tell anybody else I told you that OK?.

Zawi said...

La budak ni muda muda pun dah nyanyok. Me and Elviza aked you to come and you said you have classes. Rugi, rugi..that is what my granddaughter would say.
Not only you who forgot that Selangor was having a holiday. Abang Ruslani forgot about it too. He went to the bank. He was so happy because there were lots of parking spaces. Onnly to find it closed.
Anyway you must have had a good time doing the alternative activity at the College. Didn't we buy a new toy for each of us? You must have forgotten about that too.

Zawi said...

Oh you kenal ye?
Really a great day. Thanks to you and E. It was definitely a joy riding in a car compared to the busride in RapidKL on that return journey from the meeting with Awang Goneng. Being driven around and not having to think of which way to turn made it all the more pleasureable.

Zawi said...

I cant't imagine how it would be if you were there with us. You will make us laugh 'sampai kering gusi'. Do you stll remember that proverb?
Yeah many of the top bloggers were there. Ruby A should have been there too.
I definitely had a great time but I was awed by the presence of so many great bloggers especially the lady bloggers that I was tounge tied all the time. I was worried my Kelantanese twang would have given me away.
Hey I could have got 2 notebooks if I paid RM7,000. It was only RM3200. It may cost that much in Canada but not in Malaysia. Do you want one? Wait till I become rich, I will give you one as a token of our friendship.
The salesman told us no need to buy the wirelock as people can cut it in a matter of seconds. The best security is never to leave it unattended or to forget it like the way you mentioned.
Since I spent a fortune(by my standard) I will keep it close to my body all the time, lest I forget it and left it on the lap of a SYT on a bus.
So don't worry too much about me compromising on your security hahahaha.

Zawi said...

MRT is the best mee rebus in the world. Not only the mee is good, the host and the bloggers who attended are great too. Where else in the world can you find that?
Once I thought it was Monoral Tail Transit too but I know it is not now hahahaha.
Join us for the next one when U Lee is back from Canada. He will send a chaufeured limousine to fetch you from your place.
Thanks for visiting. Take care.

Zawi said...

Will be great if you could come back in May as Puteri would be back too at that time. Maybe we can get U Lee to return at the same time.
It is not too late to meet up. From what Abang Ruslani told me, the change in the bloggers who attended MRT brought about a different flavour and atmosphere to MRT. Some regulars may not turn up and some new ones come over so the ambience differ from one MRT to the other.
Blogging has indeed brought people together. My greatest joy is being able to put my thoughts and experience for others to read and hopefully they can learn a thing or two from it beside sharing whatever joy and sadness that I manage to express via my postings.
Take care.

Pi Bani said...

Thanks for the photos. I dah pun ciluk gambar-gambar tu and save on my PC.

Nice to have met you. Sorang Kelantan mari, sorang Ipoh mari, jumpa kat Kelana Jaya....

maria a samad (kak ton) said...


Apa hal tak minta? Lol. Am sorry I should have asked if you guys nak tambah.

Ok, I wont tell the others.

You know, I would have gladly "ta paukan", kalau anyone would want to bring back.

I always cook lebih, just in case ada orang yang teringin nak makan. Quite often, my sisters would come at night for the mee rebus because most of them can't make it for lucnh on Tuesday. Semua kerja.

Yeah, you are right, the three of you are first timers - to my house. But E has come for the MRT when it was at Kafe 14.

Oh, I'd love to have U.Lee as a guest. He's such a delightful character!

Zawi said...

Pi Bani,
Please blog about it as it would be nice to read it from your perspective. I didnt do a good job as I was in a hurry to post the pictures for you all to see and use.
Amat gembira berkenalan dangan anda dan smua yang lain.
Who knows we would be meeting each
other this soon. Now U Lee will be jealous of me hahahahaha.

maria a samad (kak ton) said...


Tumpang lalu. This is in reply to j.t.

j.t., if you're back, please call me. Here's my e-mail:

Write to me and I will give you my h/p number.

Take care.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Pak zawi, i'm no star la i can assure you that. i'm just...the biggest mafioso in the whole wide world, even bigger than don corleone..kahkahhh...

thanks Pak.

Zawi said...

Kak Ton,
Rugi, rugi, rugi. To borrow my my 7 yrs old grand daughter's words if she were to miss anything.

ruby ahmad said...

Hello Zawi,

Waduh! You've been circuiting of late..well done. Thanks for thinking of me in your comment to Lee. Patut lah I tersedak..rupa2 nya ada orang sebut.

Yes sweet Pi Bani mentioned the meet to me before over our coffee date recently and lovely Elviza pun ada ajak baru2 ni while I was playing scrabulous with her on facebook (you nak main scrabulous on facebook with me?..he he).

I have a feeling how loquacious a person, once faced with all the other A-list bloggers, would end up tongue tied with all the built up excitment of meeting so many in one go (I definitely would). Personally I prefer to meet just 2 or 3 at a time, get to know each other better that way, rather then wham bam meet a big group with dup dap dup dap beats in the heart and head...ha ha.

Anyway again I enjoyed the photos. Thank you for sharing.

Zawi said...

Take it as a compliment la. Couldnt quite read the words on your shirt.
I read it as The Wheelchairbound Quadfather? Correct me if I am wrong. Love to decipher something like that. Once I saw a nick T42 on IRC which I read that as Tea For Two. Bingo, I was the only one who read that right and we continued to pick each other's brain after that and became good friends until I retire from IRC for good. Now we have lost contact with each other.
I must respect you for being the Don Corleone of the mafia world. Mario Puzo is a favourite author of mine too.

Zawi said...

You tersedak? Sorry, I wont mention your name again and if I were to mention it I will call you first to check if you are drinking having a drink or something.
Main scrabulous on facebook? Eh I am just as Jurassic as U Lee so I dont know how to play la. Facebook pun lama dah tak tengok tak tahu dah apa perkembangan terbaru.
It was a great occassion as now that we have met we could appraise each other better. After meeting Akmal, I know how much of a boy he is. If he were to be my children he would be the youngest in the family. You will be surprised to see how matured he is as reflected by his blogs.
So how about coming to MRT with us when U Lee is back? Kak Ton will be happy to have U Lee come to MRT.

ruby ahmad said...

Hello Zawi,

Ok, tell Lee I will join when he comes..ha ha, since K Ton I heard makes scrumptious mee rebus. Kudos K Ton.

Aduhai, you can metion me anytime. I love being talked about and gossiped, whatever! Tersedak is a small thing lah. Terbatuk2 sikit2 saja.

Scrabulous senang je. Never say Jurassic Zawi! I used to say that when I didn't want to learn how to use the computer from my eldest son. Thank God he persevered to push me to learn. He started me off with computer clever and most of all how easy is that? Thanks to him, I can do just about anything now..he he

Anyway, hop over to my blog soon, sebab you kena buat kerja sikit. He obligations lah. Just for fun and kena sukarela lah.

Zawi said...

U Lee will read your comment and he will respond soon.
Mana ada masa nak main scrabulous la. Datang KL ni banyak sangat idea nak blog. Pak idrus pointed to me several things that I can blog on. So I am working on them now. Doing the draft the 'Jurassic way' writing them on papers and later type on pc cos I dont want to save on blogger. Takut terpublish yang belum edit hahahaha. I have 4 drafts and putting the final touches to them. That MRT was a special job because everyone wants the photographs.

cakapaje said...

Salam Pak Zawi,

Wah! It seems you and every one else had a good time there. I had wanted to go to MRT and Launch of GUIT but had to cancel both due to a death in the family. Otherwise, I would have had the chance to meet you and Pak Zabs as well as other bloggers whom I've not met on my first visit to MRT.

Rita Ho said...

What a fun gathering! You achieved a lot on this trip to KL, Zawi. YAY! Did you take any pictures of Kak Ton's mee rebus? It will help us droool. :)

I am going to drop by Kak Ton's blog to ask for an invitation to MRT. Blush-blush. Like Jacqui, I plan to be home next year for my mom's 70th birthday celebration in May. It will great if I can attend one of the sessions and meet some famous bloggers. :)

PS: My guess of the demure looking lady is Kak Ton? Her bright smile is the giveaway.

Zawi said...

Waalaikummusalam. I am sorry to hear of the death in your family. Thats more important than anything else. If it is zabs and me that you want to meet then it will be easy. We can just meet up for coffee somewhere quiet. I am in Amanputra Puchong. Just name the place and time preferably where its reachable by LRT and we will be comnnected. Where is your location? I can get to KL and all I need is to leave for home by 4 pm latest so that I can reach home by 6 pm whereby the maid will have to leave mu 2 cucus for me to take over. My number is 019 9125647, a sms will do.

Zawi said...

It was definitely fun. Sorry I forgot to take a pic of it. Will do it the next time I get there. Dont seem to have enough of it myself. If you are coming back in June, that will be timely cos Puteri will be coming back in that month too. Jut tell U Lee he must comeback. I will ask Kak Ton to send you a special invitation for the 3 of you (Rita, JT and Puteri). I think Kak Ton did extend an invitation to U Lee already.
I will ride my bicycle all the way to KL from Pasir Mas just to meet you.
Rita, congratulations!. You are spot on. Collect your reward at Kak Ton's MRT when you are back.

shanghaistephen said...

It was indeed my pleasure to have met you...all thanks to one common factor...darling Maria's (and her ever gracious gentleman hubby Ruslani) Mee Rebus...hmmmm !I hope this won't be the last we'll see of you and gatherings like this is what makes us truely Malaysians !
Cheers and Godbless always.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Quadfather, pak zawi. juat to put the record straight, i'm no original quadfather. someone else deserve that way more.

Zawi said...

I remember you were one of the early birds who used to come to my site and I did reciprocal visits to your site as it is one of my favourites to read.
Meeting up is really nice as we get to see the real person. I was really surprised to see you since my perception of you earlier was a chinese.
Fully agree with you that Kak Maria and Abang Ruslani are the perfect host. They treat everyone they same way although you are new to them. I felt comfortable the minute I met them, no breaking the ice needed at all. Everything just melted. There should be more of such couples in the world. What they are doing really integrates us and we forgot our skin color or our religious preferences. We are just bloggers with different nicks.
The most apt description I would say is we became a part of their family.
Would you be kind enough to blog about it? From your experience you should be able to see a different perspective of MRT. One of racial integration which the government seemed to have failed to do and Kak Maria and Abang Ruslani has excelled several times over at such a small cost.
I would definite want to come back again but it wont be too soon as I am from faraway Pasir Mas. Would love to be here when my good friends JT, Rita Ho, Puteri and U Lee are back in Malaysia probably in May 2008. Rita Ho has decided on that month so has Puteri. I will have to convince JT and U Lee to pick the same date. If those characters are here, it will be an MRT to remember. Maybe Kak Ton will have to use the PKNS Hockey pitch for that and funding must come from the Ministry of Woman Affairs cos the minister must officiate the opening ceremony.
Thanks for coming again.

Zawi said...

Tell me about it when we meet the next time OK?
How I love to read symbols and words on T Shirts that tickles the mind when it has a latent meaning.
Real glad to have met u.

bergen said...

Sir, thank you for coming over my blog for a visit. You've got a nice blog here and you can count on me coming over this way time and again.

You have a nice day now, sir.

Zawi said...

Bergen Sir,
I would be too happy if you can just call me Zawi or Pak Zawi or Abang Zawi depending on your age compared to my 57 yrs young age hehehehe.
Joke aside I like the way you write. The style is distinctive and original.
Do come over as often as you like and the door is always open for you.



my apologies. I was there a little late because I had to take my children out in the morning.
I got delayed somehow.

I went to Kak Ton's house, I think about 2pm.
Only Rocky, Stephen, Ancient Mariner, Husna, Aiman and Anu were there.
Zorro came a little later.
I was so sad. I really wanted to meet you and Pi as well as Accia (it's been a while since I met her last).

Hope to be able to catch you another time!


zaitgha said...

People all the way from Pasir Mas and Ipoh had enjoyed MRT but i just from Seremban still only reading about the occassion....adoi la....

when are you going back to Pasir Mas?

J.T. said...

Hi Zawi

I usually try to fly during low peak season. I hope when I do make it there, I will be able to meet up with whomever who can make it to MRT. Even if they are bloggers who do not know me (since I am not a regular at their sites), they are well-known enough for me not to pass up an opportunity to meet in person. :)

Note to Kak Ton:

Thanks for your email address. I will drop you a line in a minute.

Zawi said...

K ak Ton mentioned the close call. I would love to meet you and so were the rest. Pi, D, E, Elviza and me left at the same time. There will be many more MRT rite? Now I know where Kak Ton's place is, I will drop by for that delicious mee rebus again. Pi said the same thing. Did you read Raden Galoh's (D) latest post? Real sad case. Didn't realise it until we parted and reached home to read it.
Zorro was too busy venting his anger on the keyboard and manged to come only after he had given the enter key the last thump. Lucky thing he did at his home, otherwise he may have broken Kak Ton's table together with his laptop.
We will definitely find another time to meet.

Zawi said...

If you could come for the Tennis match which lasted into the night, definitely you can come to Kak Ton's place for lunch. Its quite close to the PKNS hockey pitch. Once you reach there just holler and someone will come out to lead you to the house.
I will be leaving for Pasir Mas on the 19th. Dunno if I have time to run over to your place as I have already committed to Pak Idrus to see his 4 star rest room at his house. Need to get some inspiration for my own 2 star john.

Zawi said...

Just come whenever you are in KL. Just drop me a line and I will try to make it to KL too. You will be surprised many people have been to your blog though they didnt leave a comment when they bloghop from other sites which has your site on our blogrol. There will deinitely somebody who knows you. Kak Ton is sure to be one. Dont worry she and Abang Ruslan will make you feel as if you had known each other since birth.

zaitgha said...

Pak Zawi,

dont think the renovation will be over by 19th...tak per la tak der rezeki to meet up with you...maybe next time kalau panjang umur....

apa2 pun i have your number

Zawi said...

Zai, Okies we will visit you kitchen after its done. The kitchen is the pride of the lady of the house.

NaNa said...

Pak Zawi,

Looks like your trip to KL this time around is full of adventures and happenings.

Good for you Pak!!

Zawi said...

Yes, there were so many things that happened here and gave me so much inspirations to me. I have so much materials to blog about and gonna post another one soon. Tunggu ya.

Hooi Imm said...

I was laughing when I see that there is someone with an Italian name Pasquale in M'sia....hehe.

Zawi said...

Hooi Imm,
Welcome to my site. I hope you enjoyed reading what I wrote.
Pasquale is just a nick or callsign as some call it. Some nicks seem funny but somehow it has a certain meaning to the user. Like any nicks it get stuck on the person and he will be comfortable to be called so and we feel the same when we use it. In other words the person is identifiable by it. Sometimes we know why that nick was chosen and sometimes we don't. Like acciccatura, she is an accomplished musician and chose the name of the symbol of a note. I will ask Dino why he chose Pasquale. He may answer it here if he reads this comment. I guess he must have a close friend by the name of Pasquale when he was in Italy. Dino is a well travelled man. Read his blog The Barking Magpie and you will know what I mean. Just click on his blogsite's name in my blogroll and it will get you there.
I am glad that by just reading his nick alone gave you the chance to laugh. You will be laughing even more when you read some of the postings. You can be crying too when you read truelife stories like those written by U Lee. This is the beauty of reading the blogs. All you need to do is find it.
I hope you will be coming more often to my site and some form of friendship may develop from it. Should we ever meet, we can even laugh together over a cup of coffee. Have a good day.

ruby ahmad said...

Hello Zawi,

Looks like there two ladies hounding you for the tag. Rita and me now.. Ha ha.

Zawi said...

Sorry I way away from the internet world for one whole long day from yesterday. I was in my son's place in Shah Alam where the cyber line has yet to be connected.
I will do te tag soon after certain development yesterday has made it possible to come up with some interesting answers. Hofully it will be so. Hehehehe. Thats just the inkling of it not a promise note though.

Puteri said...

Wah, wished I had been there too! :-(

Zawi said...

You will be there the next time you are in KL. Just be back here for a longer time OK?

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

Seeing practically everyone smiling in every photo posted
I must come to the conclusion that bloggers are generally a happy lot & blogging must be good for their health.

Wishing all bloggers a Happy New 2008 Year!

Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 050108
Sat. 5th Jan. 2008.

Zawi said...

Samuel Goh Kim Eng,
Welcome to my humble site.
As the saying goes birds of a feather flock together. How not to be happy when we are among our own kinds? Anyway the photographer asked everyone to say cheese before releasing the shutter.
The blogging community is a way of integrating our people multi religions and ethnicity together. So you see getting together is not just for street marches but for simple things like mee rebus too. How about going over to Kak Ton's place this Tuesday? From what I know no invitation is required. Contact Uncle Zorro who lives nearby to find out the location.
Thank you for the visit.