Friday, December 28, 2007

18th December 2007

The 18th of December 2007 was an auspicious day.
What was so great about that day you might say. Well for starters it was a Tuesday. Tuesday means MRT at Kak Ton's place in Kelana Jaya.
Didn't I attend the previous MRT and blogged about it?
Yes I did. Everybody knows that I attended the previous MRT by being fetched by no less than Elviza Michele with Acciaccatura as the navigator and later sent home right to my daughters doorstep without having to ride the now well known RapidKL bus no 69 to Amanputra Puchong.
The MRT of 18th December was important as I had permission from Kak Ton to bring my wife Fatthiyah and the whole family of my son Azrin comprising his wife Yani, two and half year old son Irsyad, daughters Ayen who is one a half year and Syakirah 4 months. Even the Indonesian maid came. Hey we need extra hands to keep the two hyperactive Irsyad and his sister Ayen. I have requested an early arrival and so by 12 noon we were in the vicinity of PKNS hockey pitch in Kelana Jaya where Kak Ton's place was located.
When I rode in Elviza's car I wasn't paying much attention to the actual route. All I remember was Kak Ton's plece wasn't far from the field. Elviza took several turns as she wanted to buy some 'buah tangan' for Kak Ton at the convenience shop of 'Seven Eleven'. That detour screwed up my recollection abit. The fact that we were early and non of the expected many cars were there made me doubt that the place we were looking at were really Kak Ton's. A few calls to Elviza failed to get a responce. She must be facing the right honurable judges or something or suspecting me of asking for another ride to Kak Ton's place may have deterred her from answering my call. When in a fix, many silly reasons suddenly play up in my mind. If only I had asked Kak Ton for her phone number all this doubt could be avoided.
It was Yani who gave me the confidence that this was indeed Kak Ton's place as she had seen the photographs I had taken of the bloggers at Kak Ton's house. Smart girl this daughter inlaw of mine. Seeing photograph of the inside of a house can make her visualize the outside of the house. With that booster to my confidence I rang up the door bell. Somebody from insde the house came out and she confirmed my inquiry of whether that house really was the house I was looking for.
I beckoned to the rest of the family in the car to alight and join me in the house.
Profusely apologizing to Kak Ton for being too early and bringing along such a large entourage (others only bring themselves, their spouse or at the most their friends) we immediately trooped to the back of the house where most of Kak ton's grandchildren's toys were located. Kids being kids immediately made it as their home to play with the toys. At least the toys kept them occupied instead of going after the many ornamental things used to decorate the house.
One for the album with Kak Ton.
'Can we play with the toys?' Irsyad was pleading.

The grandchildren making themselves at home

The reason for me to bring my wife along is for her to meet some of my friends from the blogspere. She must know what kind of crowd I am keeping up with. How I wish I could take her to Ontario to meet my good friend U Lee. Since she didn't read blogs she wouldn't know what sort of history or background U Lee had.
Prior to this I had taken her to Ampang Jaya to visit Pak Idrus and his wonderful wife who served us with great nasi minyak. She met Akmal there too.
Being early we were served with the Mee rebus early and on the way back we talked about how great the mee was. Even the children had second helpings. I didn't go for second though since my family had taken a big chunk of the food to be served to the other bloggers who arrived soon after. First to come was Captain Yusoff Ahmad, followed by Bernard Khoo who came with Tony Yew. Soon after Stephen came. Kak Ton's sister Nuraina came next. By then I was already taking leave of Kak Ton and Abang Ruslani.
Kak Ton and Abang Ruslani, the ever gracious host.

Lending an ear to Tony Yew.

Stephen, don't we look like brothers?

I couldn't stay much longer as I had intended to visit a close friend in Pandan Indah. This friend had the misfortune of having a second stroke attack. Now he couldn't even speak normally. This friend was one of the best specimen of a healthy man. Slim and finely built with no noticable tummy. He was a sportsman. Where did he go wrong to deserve such a fate. Maybe an immediate stop from hyperactivity to a slow and mundane one did the work on him. Or the high pressure of his job that did him in.
Halfway to Pandan Indah, we were caught in a heavy traffic snarl. My headache acquired from lack of quality sleep start to build up. Thinking that it will only get worse if I we were to proceed to Pandan Indah, I told Azrin to proceed directly to my other son's place in Shah Alam, much to the relief of Azrin who was driving. He had cautioned me about my plan to go to Pandan Indah at that hour but didn't dare to object being a filial obedient son. I will have to make a spcial visit another time and time my visit perfectly to avoid the high midday traffic level on the way to Pandan Indah.
Getting away from the maddening traffic of KL was one way of easing my headache. Thinking of getting a swim in the pool and have a sauna after that tricked my mind of the pain the headache was giving me. Immediately after arriving at Azuan's 13th floor apartment in Shah Alam, the grandchildren quickly changed to their swimwear. This pressure us adults into doing likewise imediately and so we trooped to the recreation area on the fifth floor where the swimming pool, gym, surau, library and the games room were located. The sauna is one floor below accessible by a short flight of steps. This is the benefit of apartment living though the homes were mere cubicles high up in the sky. Ample fascilities were built in into the package beside the good security. I believe security at Brunsfield Service Apartments was adequate. I wonder how things were at nana's Acapella a few minutes drive away. It being newer and more posh was definitely something to dream about. The tenant immediately in front of Azuan, a Datuk, had moved to Acapella immediately after it was completed. It must be something definitely better than the one at Brunsfiled otherwise why would he vacated his unit at Brunsfiled.
The swimming pool at Brunsfiled is what attracted the grandchildren to come here most. So today, the four of them (Syakirah is still too young to enjoy such facilities) had fun splashing in the childrens pool. I took to the pool before going for the sauna which like most other well maintained facilities on weekdays seemed to be under utilized. What a happy situation for retired people like me who can choose the times to use them whenever I am in Shah Alam. The sauna could really relieve the tension and hopefully the headache in me. How I wished I could have a sauna in Pasir Mas. I used to do my own repairs to my house and up between the ceiling and the roof, the situation is just as warm as any sauna. Maybe I should go up there more often to enjoy a free sauna.

Irsyad swimming in his birthday suit.

They love the play ground too.

When evening came, my eldest daughter Azura arrived bearing the birthday gift for the mother. The 18th of December being my wife's birthday is another reason for this date to be auspicious. After what the children did to me for my birthday in October in Pasir Mas, a similar affair though as small was definitely due. This was the first time in our life that we get to blow candles. Let this be our day even though it was just this once. Remember such events has never been a custom in our family. So let us too at this late age, enjoy it like the grandchildren does. Remember the Shakepeare's Seven Stages of Man? We were getting to the 7th stage hahahaha.
Azuan came home with a cheese cake from Secret Recipe. I heard cakes from Secret Recipes are nice and the children deemed it fit to buy one for the mother to blow her candles on. When the time came everyone including the grandchildren stood around the mother and sang the birthday song. Of course Shakirah didn't stand or sing as she is only 4 months old.

The cheesecake from Secret Recipe.

Irsyad being nearest to the cake blew away most of the lit candles except for one which was left for the grandmother to blow away. Young kids don't know whose birthday it was and must have thought all candles on a cake is meant to be blown off by anybody. Yummy, cheesecakes from Secret recipe is really delicious.

Singing Happy Birthday to mama.

Another one for the album

Next was the giving away of the gift. The eldest grand daughter Lis (Real name Nor Alia Jazleen, the one who called herself Budak Puchong) was given the honour to hand over the gift to her grandma. It was a Dior's perfume, the 100 ml Tender Poison in a gift box bound by a Dior ribbon. The gift definitely brought a happy smile to my wife. She was happy to be remembered on her birthday with a gift rather than the usual sms and phone calls from the children which was the norm for earlier birthdays.

Tok Ma proudly posing with the gift from the children.

Opening the gift.

The sarong is definitely comfortable at home. Why cant we wear it to the office?
With that done over we began to shovel in our dinner, so happy to be together with our children and grandchildren again. Azini, Lokman and daughter Nur Aqila Balqis were too faraway in Labuan to join us.


elviza said...

Dear Pak Zawi,

I sure did screw up your collection with my driving huh? I never believe my husband when he said that, now it looks like I have to admit defeat! Hah!

Sorry I didnt get to see you before you left for Kelantan, I had to work that tuesday. Sheesh!

Take care

Akmal said...

Pak Zawi,
How are you? You sure had some great time over here right? But no place defeats place we call home.
You had MRT twice already. I hadn't mine, and I don't think I'll have the opportunity within the closest dates. Got programmes to attend to, to manage and exam is around the corner too. Time to save all the oil I have for the midnight session hahaha. I'm ready anyway, but things can go wrong in the know what I mean.
Well, your spouse had her birthday, nicely done by you and anak2. Birthday doesn't run in my family; quite 'rugi' for us the Mohammads. But that is what my mum and dad prefer. Should come up with a surprise sometimes.
Well Pak, you keep well, have a nice day, and keep on thinking something about the cover page *wink*~. Happy belated birthday to Mrs.Zawi (",). Glad to meet her back at Pak Idrus's place.

ruby ahmad said...

Hello Zawi, certainly have been busy socialising. Good on ya.

What a nice family you have. Children are our treasure and now you are endowed with grandchildren! What blessings indeed.

Thank you so much for leaving wonderful comments in my blog entries.

I came by to wish you and your beautiful family:


Zawi said...

You did nothing of the sort. It was my disorientation really you you had to detour to the Seven Eleven shop to buy the gift for Kak Ton.
There will be another time to meet up. probably in Tendong with Jefri perhaps?

Zawi said...

Yeah it feels good to have young ones in the family again. It brings lots of laughter.
Hope you dont mind me bantering in your site. Its fun for us but dunno how far you can take it.
Thanks for the wishes and I would like to wish you the same.
Dont forget the New Year Eve's party om Queen Mary.

Zawi said...

Sorry for answering you last. I am saving the best for you.
Its great to be home. Sleeps better here cos my wife will make sure I go to bed by latest 11.00 PM. That way my hypertension will be in check unlike when I was in Amanputra where I can be up till 1 or 2 AM reading all the blogs and drafting new posts.
Get to Kak Ton's MRT when you can. Go along with Elviza, it will be easier for you. Don't worry she wont charge you any fare.
I wish you all the best in your coming exam. Spend less time on the computer and spend more time studying. InsyaAllah you will do well. Hardwork always pays.

Rita Ho said...

Hey Zawi ... please send my belated birthday greetings to Kak Fatthiyah with wishes for many happy returns of the special day.

Secondly, mana gambar of Kak Ton's mee rebus?? The keyboard of my new laptop is in grave danger of being dripped by drooling juice. LOL!

You have a lovely family, all 3 generations. I hope I get to meet them one day. :)

tokasid said...

Salam Pak Zawi:

One one sentence I can think of after reading this entry( and others before this): You have one tightly knitted family.

Its not common to see families doing things that you did.This is something wonderful and keeps the bond strong. It brought back to me memories of Bapak.

Do keep this tradition in your family Pak. Getting your spouse and children to know your friends is encouraging.I remember a hadith, our beloved Prophet s.a.w. had asked children to keep their father's friendship going by visiting their father's friends( after the father is no more in the alam baqa). This is continuing silaturrahim.

Alhamdulillah you have started the ball rolling.I hope I can pick it up and roll too.


zaitgha said...

Happy Belated Birthday to your wife Pak Zawi and thousand apology for not able to spare some times to have tea with you and the gang....i wish we did though...hopefully panjang umur we will meet one day...

nothing beat your own bed kan??

Anyway, Selamat Tahun Baru and pray that we have all have a blessed one...

Zawi said...

Your greeting is already conveyed and she said thank you.
Try to enlage the picture of the paltes on the table. Inside them are the mee rebus. I am sorry if the details are not visible as my camera is a 3.2 megapixels only. I will have to ask Pak Idrus of it the next time as his 10 mega pixel camera can pick up all the minute details. Actually by not display a vivid picture of the mee rebus I am saving your keyboard from certain demise by you drooling juice on it hahahaha.
We will meet up when you come back whatever the season.
Hope the leg is better and you are in no more pain.

Zawi said...

I didn't realise that we are that close nit. Thanks to you for pointing it out. For us its a normal thing for a family to do.
Yes Doc, I love to have family friends so that my children will know who are my friends and they should feel them as part of the family too. My son and his wife told me that they would be attending MRT@Kak Ton's again. Actually they have been reading my blogs and know my blogger friends by name and by the profile pictures. So most are not alien to them. All the more so that such and act is in the hadith.
Hope to meet with your family in Malacca one day as it has been sometimes since we last visited Malacca.
That will be a good start Doc.

Zawi said...

Conveyed your message to my wife and she said thank you.
Fate has decided that our two family couldn't meet up yet. Anyway there will be ample time as we will be making more visits to Enstek. InsyaAllah we will meet someday. Azrin is the son that lives in Enstek. He came all the way to fetch us from Amanputra to go to Kak Ton's place.
Selamat tahun baru to you and your family too.

Pi Bani said...

Hmmm... wife punya birthday rupanya. Tak hadiahkan laptop untuk dia ke? ;)

Zawi said...

We shared everything. What is mine is hers and what is hers is hers LOL.
Thanks for visiting.

Nightwing said...

Helo Pak Zawi,

Happy belated birthday to your wife.

Love you reply to Kak Pi..:)

Another lovely post, thanks for sharing...:)

Zawi said...

Thanks for the wish. I am happy that you like the post. Now you are truly a gang member member. U Lee, Akmal, Nightwing and Pak Zawi. @ old man and 2 young men hehehehe.

waliz said...

Pak Zawi..hmmm thts wht i prefer to call u ...

what a wonderful outings and family gatherings..u sure have a joyous time wth yr family..can see it from yr smiling happy photos...

and i want to wish Mak Fatiyyah (pak=mak)happy belated bday...! hope to hear more stories from pasir mas kelantan!

Zawi said...

Mak Fatthiyah said thank you fro the birthday greetings.
I will be too happy to write more stories as long as there is at least one soul who is willing to read it. Hopefully a small useful lesson or message can be be garnered from it.
Getting to the tail end of our life is all the more reason for people to be happy as happiness is the most sought after and rarest gift in life. Riches alone don't guarantee you happiness right?
Don't worry, be happy.

Nightwing said...

Helo Pak Zawi,

You and Uncle Lee mana ada old..

Wise and mature..:)

Thank you again for accepting me as one of the member...:)

Raden Galoh said...

Salam Pak zawi...Happy belated birthday buat isteri Pak Zawi ye...
Selamat Menyambut Tahun Baru juga...

Zawi said...

Yeah we were never old, just lived longer than you.
Welcome to the club. Membership is now closed hahahhaa. You are the lucky one to be the last to be accepted.

Zawi said...

I will tell her when she is done watching the TV now.
Thank you for the new year greetings and on behalf of the two of us we would like to wish you a happy new year and hope by the will of God your will find a cure to your ailment. Lets pray that the whole of your family will continue to give you their undivided support as they have done all these while.

Hi&Lo said...


Wonderful treat visiting your blog for first time tho had seen your footprints in other blogs.

1st and foremost, Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns of the day to Kak Fatthiyah.

May your family be blessed with great harmony and joy from year to year.

Zawi said...

Most hounoured to have you here.
How happy I am if I have managed to just bring a smile in you after reading my blog.
My wife asked me to convey her thanks to you after I mentioned your birthday greetings to her.
Thank you for the wishes.

maria a samad (kak ton) said...

Salam Zawi,

Dah ucap Selamat Hari Jadi pada Fatthiyah when she was at my house. But tak salah kalau nak ucap sekali lagi, kan?

Wow, I feel so honoured you featured the MRT at my house twice. Tunjuk gambar lagi. Lol!

It was my pleasure to have you and your family. So glad the kids feel so at home.

That back part of my house is a children play area. Actually, my whole house is a play ground for my grandchildren. He he he.

What do you expect when you have cucus, kan? Kalau nak kemas sangat nanti they wont want to stay with you.

Once again, thank you kerana sudi datang to my humble abode.

Kirim salam to Fatthiyah.

Zawi said...

Kak Ton,
The first time I was there I was alone. The second one was with my other half and one of my children and his family.
How did you find the daging masak maidin (no relation whatsoever with any minister) given by my daughter in law Yani? I hope you like it. Its her specialty.
I am indebted to you for making us feel so at home at your home.
Remember our invitation to you and your family still holds.
Salam to Abang Ruslani.

U.Lee said...

Hi Zawi, I was engaged and couldn't pop in earlier, but please convey my very best belated birthday wishes to your lovely, charming wife. She is charming.
"Awan bertepuk, mega bersorak. Bulan terbit dipagar bintang.
Selasih di tepi tubir,
Tanam bidara di tepi perigi,
kasih tuan di luar bibir,
tidak mesra ke dalam hati."
Your mention of 'MRT' at first I thought like our MRT here, 'mass Rapid Transport', ha ha.
But I can see kak Ton and hubby real gracious hosts. And she must be a real gourmet cook too.
Yes Zawi, I too look towards the day I will meet both you and your charming isteri.
You have a nice day, Zawi, Lee.

Zawi said...

I know you are busy with those loads of comments coming in to moderated and responded on your new post. I guess my lengthy comment made you respond in a similar fashion hahaha. Talk about hogging people's blog make me feel guilty.
I will let my wife to see your kind wishes for her and apply some of the ninjalogy from you.
Actually I didn't mean to chide you about the extra perks that can help in the process of seduction but just to remind you of the extra points that you can include in the 'Book' on the Art of Seduction so that it will be thicker than the other peoples books hahahaha.
The purpose of using the term MRT was to invoke some form of curiosity among readers so that they will look down to find the full words for the acronym.
Please visit my previous blog to see KC's concern about us corrupting Akmal's mind. I guess thats the kind of impact our harmless bantering is giving. As you said it in your comment, Akmal isn't the kind of young man that most 19 yrs old boys are.
Have a good dinner with your wife.

Zabs said...

Salam Zawi,
Happy belated birthday to the wife. By now your laptop secret should have been leak out lah kan?
Two MRT in a row! wow! You sure like good companies.
You have a very happy family. Labuan is quite a good place to go. Visiting your children may be good enough reason to fly there.
Nice entry. Keep well pak.

Zawi said...

I forgot to comment on your ability to berpantun. Since when did you learn of such classic pantuns? It is amazing. You are btter than me. I cant do that. Better translate that pantun into English and let us see how the English speaking community will respond.

Zawi said...

Salam. I will convey your greetings to her when she comes back in awhile. On her behalf I thank you.
Yeah the laptop finally came out of concealment hhahaha. Buying the laptop isn't as bad as getting a second wife. She must be grateful for that I guess. Had to trade off and let her buy a set of Jati settee setting us back another RM3K. Since we enjoy spending what little money that we have why not?
It is necessary that I expose my wife to the kind of company I keep so that she wont have any negative feeling that may keep playing in her mind. Especially after knowing what the internet has been known to do to marriages and what not.
I had to make use of the opportunities that I had while in KL. Now it is impossible for me to do so anymore that I am back home in Pasir Mas.
Labuan ain't far really. One god news is that my daughter will be coming home this 6th Jan to bring her daughter Balqiss for me to nanny since my daughter will be attending a KPLI course which is a fulltime course in Keningau Sabah. I will be very happy to look afte Balqiss as I will get to pamper her to my hearts content. I will promise my daughter that not even a mosquito will get to bite Balqiss hahahaha.

U.Lee said...

Hi Zawi, hey, I never took your comments as a 'chide', I know you meant it in good fun. No worries, my friend. But I wanted to let you know when I had no money to date girls and had to resort to my own innovations, even swiping neighbours flowers, ha ha.
Please carry on your teasing, Zawi. I enjoy them.
Re the forgot I used to date Malay women, ha ha.
Hey, the Malay women I dated those days, they had a string of admirers, competition more stiff as I was the only non Malay, ha, I have always believe in being different and find new I got hold of some old Malay books of Pantuns, this wayyyy back in the 60's, and got a Malay friend to translate for me as well explain what they mean.
So, when I'm sitting on the iron swing outside Rosmah's, or Zaiton's house under her rambutan tree, I lepas my handbrake and tembak my memorised pantuns, some I kept till today.
That sure impressed the pakchiks and makchiks, I scored points, ha ha. No problems take their daughter tengok gambar. Ha ha. Lee.
ps, I think the first pantun means 'the clouds applaud, Heaven shouts, The moon appears encircled by stars'.
Other one I think re your love on your lips. Lee.

Fauziah Ismail said...

Salam Pak Zawi
December seemed to be a happening month for you and family.
I take this opportunity to wish you and your family Happy New Year 2008, may the new year brings much more peace and happiness!

Mat Salo said...

Dear Pak Zawi,

How noble of you to bring the family along (grandkids, daughter-in-law.. maid!) so you could meet your friends in the blogosphere. I really missed the chance to meet up with your family as I was called early to cover people for the Christmas season. Another time perhaps?

Zabs said...

Salam Zawi,
Yes that is what my wife and I always thought. The money we spent now is ours, what little or more that we are going to leave, when we die, is for those who are still alive to spent. We have to make ourselves happy. Kalau tidak siapa lagi?
You have got it right to expose the wife to your variuos bloggers frieng. Once she knew them, thenit will be easy for to understand why we blog at all.
Although me wife have not read any of my posting, all of my children had. And I beleive, some of what they read, are being told the mother too. Salam.

Zawi said...

You havent lost any of the old touch. Polish your Bahasa Malaysia before you come back.
Good to hear you took everything in good fun. Should you ever find my comments being overboard or incriminating you in anyway, feel free to reject it. In my over enthusiasms I may overdo things.
Goodmight my fried. Show your wife how much you love her.

Zawi said...

Salam Fauziah,
December was definitely a happening month for me cos almost for a solid month I was holed up in Puchong and had to make good whatever opportunities whenever I got loose in KL.
The ever friendly bloggers made it easier for me to socialise.
Happy new year to you too.

Zawi said...

Dear Mat Salo'
It is understandable knowing the nature of your job. Pump them out while the oil price is high, hit the target and hopefully they pay you 36 months bonus next year and you will get to upgrade your camera. Hahahaha.
Ofcourse there will be another occassion. Best thing to do after the 36 mths bonus is to book the Firefly flight at Subang and hop over to Kota Bharu and treat your whole family to a holiday in Kota Bharu.
Ain't that enticing enough?

Zawi said...

We are like minded. Once our children are given adequate education, secure themselves a job, have their own house and family, I think that is more than enough help already. They should be able to be on their own. Its our turn to enjoy life without burdening them.
I wasn't as fortunate as them cos my parents were poor but I must thank my parents for doing what they did for me.
I am dedicating this blogsite to my children so that they will read them and understand the latent things that I could tell them directly. Their children too will be able to read about it as long as this blogsite is not purged.
Maybe I will let one of my children to take over this blogsite when I am too old to type and thus provide continuity. Maybe this is the biggest fortune that I will be leaving for them hahahaha.

cakapaje said...

Salam Pak Zawi,

Reading through, your last para about the sarong caught my attention. It may please you to note that there is at least one individual alive who does wear sarung no matter the occasion nor the place, and that is Tuan Haji Azmi of TERAS, an NGO somewhere in the northern states. In fact, he was once barred by the security guards from entering an international seminar where he was either an invitee or a speaker, I cannot remember. They however, allowed him in when the organisers were informed of the matter.

Another person who wears sarung like Tn Hj Azmi, is Almarhum Sidi Abdul Rashid, a pious Islamic sholar and teacher from Singapore.

Zawi said...

I dont see any wrong with wearing the sarong to cover the aurat at the bottom as for the top part we can even wear shirt and a coat even with a tie and we will look as smart. A sarong is airy and comfortable.
If you look at the structure of the scrotum, it is designed for heat dissipation to keep the content cool. It is indeed a heat dissipator. Ask any engineer friend he will confirm that. Who is an engineer among the bloggers?
Thanks for the info bro. Its something to ponder about.

NaNa said...

Pak Zawi,

What a coincidence. 18th December is a very meaningful date to me too. My late father was born on 18th December and sad to say, he died on the same date too...on his 60th birthday.

My step-father-inlaw's birthday also falls on 18th December.

I hope it's not toooo late for me to wish Auntie Fatthiyah happy birthday. Please convey my best wishes to her.

Zawi said...

Wow! Everything seems to happen on 18th December.
I will convey your wishes to her when she comes back from school later. Being the Penolong Kanan she has to work even during the school holidays.
Have good day nana.

Puteri said...


In Burma men wear their sarong every where. Just put a coat on over your sarong and you are good to go to the office! haha.

Zawi said...

The Burmese know what is best to wear as a national costime. many Indonesians wear sarongs too.
What different from the Scottish skilts or whatever its called? They are just like sarongs too.