Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Everyone of us have dreams to pursue. That include me too. Now my dream is to write a book about dream chasers, people who aspire to do something in their life, a dream that is possible, achievable and beneficial to them as well as their loved ones. It may not be possible within their life span but once the real thing is started, the next generation will be able to continue the pursuit and realize the dream.
Since Chasing Dreams is already the title of a movie, it will only be the tentative title and a suitable one will be thought of. If you have any suggestions, you are most welcome to put forth.
This dream book of mine may not reach publication in the form of a hard print. It does not matter. Thanks to the Internet, the blog is just like a published book itself. You can start reading the book on the blog as they are being created, chapter by chapter. A time span of five years is envisioned but a ten year period is better for the dream to take shape and matures into a significant entity.
Thanks to
Rita Ho who had advised me to retain my already registered blog Stories From The Blogs which has been inactive for sometimes and keep it for future use. Her wise counsel has allowed me to use the site to start posting my first chapter for the book soon.
Just to give you some inkling of what the story will be about, I will briefly describe the characters involved as they are based on the stories of real people I know and are still around and are quite close to me.
The first one is a family with a father trying to carve a place for his family by setting up a Muay Thai School where his children will be operating with him till it is time for them to take over. He set about to do it by training two of his sons to undergo Muay Thai training. One of them is to become a well known fighter to carry the flag of the school and the other will be training to become the instructor while the eldest who had just graduated from a Thai University will manage the school.
Another dreamer is an event organizer who has a Muay Thai Gym with a number of professional fighters under his charge. He will organize events to cater to his many fighters to fight and enable him to make some income to sustain his business via such events. The business is full of intrigue and manoeuvres that the on goings behind it is material enough for a book.
Another dreamer is a guy who wants to go into publication of magazines and other items related to Muay Thai as an occupation.

When one feels insecure with ones's job one has to do something about it. This guy is also setting up a gym for Muay Thai in Negeri Sembilan.
A man who has a comfortable life will be establishing a Muay Thai gym because of his love for the game and also because his youngest doctor daughter is crazy with muay thai. He will be the common denominator binding all the other characters.
All of them have just begun their involvement and somehow or other have made commitments which they can't back out. What will happen to them in one year's time? How will they all fare in about five years time from now?
For my own dream to be realised, I must improve my fitness so that I can live to witness the above mentioned people realise their dreams. Will I live beyond that five years? If I live to write about them for the next ten years, it will be a bonus.
Since this effort of mine is not in the pursuit of money, it will be free reading for all who has the time to visit the site. After all it is just another blog site.
Let us pray to God that this project will be a success.



Anonymous said...

Pak Zawi,

There's not many of them, the dream chaser involved in Muay Thai especially in Malaysia. Having said that, there's many more out there who prefers to be only an avid fan, or being part of the society or relentlessly sacrifying their time and money, just to watch a good fight. Nonethelessly, there are also some of them taking ths opportunity to make fast money, by setting up a club and import available fighters which are aplenty, abroad.

This epic of yours could also be some sort of moments of truth since it was not only chasing dreams of being famous, well hopefully one day but they're also the same people who always have faith that WE malaysian, can also do WONDERS. (Put aside the political wonders lah hahaha...)

PKP said...

uncle, you will make me cry reading that uncle.. so i bet, i won't read that.. just the word 'dream' make a big impact in my life...
dare to dream and pursue your dream no matter how far it will take you..

I can be a dreamer anymore..

BoxxTomoi said...

mimpi yang indah: jangan lupa basuh kaki dan berdoa sebelum tidur.
kalau nak capai impian yang indah ..pain is temporary, pride is forever... tapi temporary tu yang kita tak tahu lama mana.
God Bless the dream chasers!Amen!

cakapaje said...

Salam Pak Zawi,

This ought to be good! I look forward towards reading it and others you will find, insyAllah.

By the way, please accept my apologies for totally forgetting the date you came to KL the other day - I was caught up with some personal things.

Zawi said...

Thanks for sharing the same dream.

Zawi said...

Jangan nanggis nak. Nanti Pak tak dapat capai dream tu.

Zawi said...

Is it OK for me to put you in one of the roles?

Zawi said...

Thanks for the support.
The KL visit was very tight. I didn't manage to go anywhere other than to visit my own children.
Anyway thanks for the remembrance.

edelweiss said...

Pak Zawi,

Good Luck. Look forward to read it.

:) i love to dream

Covert_Operations'78 said...

Salam, Abang Zawi!

I can't wait to read your first entry! Sounds so exciting! I am inspired by your dedication to blogging and willingness to share. There will be countless others who will benefit from the Dream Chasers blog.


Zawi said...

Thank you. I need all the luck and the support. You really inspire me.

Zawi said...

Ee Lynn,
I know I can count on you for support. When something is given away for free, hands that are held out to receive them are the payment. I am so happy to know that there are people out there who are willing to read without even knowing what is in store.
It is small gestures from people like you that drive people like me to struggle on. God willing, I will catch my dream.

Gurindam Jiwa said...

Raden Galoh is getting her Memoir published, too.

This blogging thing really helps.

Zawi said...

Glad to hear that news. This is something to rejoice. THanks to blogging, such things are now possible.