Friday, March 27, 2009

The Biggest Muay Thai Event Is In Kelantan!

A muay thai fight in Tumpat

You will be surprised to know that the Biggest Muay Thai or Tomoi Event is brought to our door step in Kota Bharu at Stadium Sultan Muhammad IV. The event will begin tonight at 8.30 PM 27th March and will go on for three nights till the 29th March 2009. Tickets are priced at an affordable RM13.00 which is considered cheap for an event of such magnitude and stature.

This event will be something like you have never seen before. With Boxxevent behind the show, it will definitely be a memorable 3 nights extravaganza that you can only afford to see on TV.

Local Kelantanese fighers like Awie, Mat Ropi, Santaya, Che Pol, Wadi, Kamaruddin, Akhbar Hanafi, Faizal Anak Tiong, Aburn will fight with other Malaysian fighters such as Fauzan Zabidi, Firdaus Janai against International fighters from Sweden, Turkey, Afghanistan, France, Thailand, Spain, Iran, Tunisia, South Africa, England and Uzbekistan to make this event a truly international one.
For the full fight fixtures, please visit here.

Yesterday Pak Zawi visited the venue of the event and saw workers hard at work putting up the fight ring in the stadium. En. Zahari Ahmad of Boxxevent was there himself to supervise the work. From his own admission, this is the biggest event he has ever done. One day Stadium Sultan Muhamad IV will stand along on the same level and be mentioned on the same breath as Stadium Lumpinee in Bangkok for Muay Thai event just like Wimbledon in London for Tennis.
En. Zahari of Boxxevent (second from right) with Pak Yusof (Emi Sampuri's dad) on his right and Pak Zawi on his left.

So why not take advantage of it and come and enjoy the biggest Muay Thai event at your own doorstep? Please spread the word around as this is an event not to be missed. If you don't like Muay Thai yet, just come over out of curiousity and Pak Zawi promise you a great time will be had and you will become a fan right after watching the event. This is not a man only event as you will see many ladies among the crowd.

Let us pray that there will not be any rain for the next three nights to spoil the event. Rain or shine, the show will go on.

Several 70 kg fighters being groomed for international matches under the tutelage of Abang Deen Pulut Ayam. To become great Nak Muays you must be prepared to do the following trainings beside many others. Rope work for at least an hour a day.

Toughening up of the abdomen by being hit with a pau while you are doing sit up.

Push ups.

Hey those are just some of them. There are many others of course. Now do you want to be a Nak Muay?
For more pictures and updates please visit


Akmal said...

huh? tonite? hehe. saya ada kat kelantan nih. ada hal sikit. and too bad, malam ni sibuk ler pulak.

Covert_Operations'78 said...

Oh man! I wish I were there. Che Pol kicks ass, big time! And I hope Fauzan Zabidi does better this time around than he did in KL!

The nak muay training is super tough. I don't want to be hit in the stomach while doing sit-ups, I might puke. I don't mind doing push-ups though, I can do those on bare fists, hee hee.

Enjoy the match, Abang Zawi!

Zawi said...

Malam esok dan lusa ada lagi. No excuse to miss this event. Don't miss it since you are already home.

Zawi said...

This fight is the mother of all fights. Check the list of the international names in the given links and you will know what I mean. Pathamint from Thailand who fights for M-150 is one name I wont want to miss. Of course there is Abbas Ahmadi.

PKP said...

Ohhh Dearest uncle...

This is my very first time I am not be able to join them..
Please don't miss any detail. The crowd, the fight, the place, our magazine..everything.. I wanna hear everything. Wish you can capture more 'behind-the-scene' picture and posted it here.

Adexx kat rumah akan update result direct ke boxxtomoi.blogspot since my Mr Boxxtomoi can't get any internet line there.

Please, I pray harder so the weather is beautiful and not raining since it's an open stadium.

Ohh how much I miss everyone there.
Thank you so much uncle for been there to support them...Keep on updating!!

Flower of Boxx,

Zawi said...

So far the weather is holding. Though clouds seems to to come and go, the sky is not so threatening. I will add more pictures to thsi blog to keep you and others updated so since I just came back from the stadium but didn't wait for the rehearsel as they don't seem to be well organized like before when Boxxevent have thie show.
Most suggestions forwarded to Big Z seems to be taken seriously and the last one was to buy airtime on Kelantan FM to make announcements. I hope that works.
I will work on putting more pictures now.

gayong said...

wah!!!!pak zawi minat sungguh tomoi ni ye..

sy suko tgk UFC kt ntv7 tu tiap2 ari gk...

Zawi said...

Saya pun heran bagaimana saya boleh jadi peminat Tomoi dalam sekejap masa begini. Perkara ni bermula sejak November tahun lepas je selepas menonton Piala Tengku Mahkota di KB. Sekarang ni dah terliba ngan Boxxtomoi Muay Thai Magazine pulak dan berkawan dengan Nak Muay dan event organizers. Lagi la sibuk saya.

kbguy said...

The boxer looks very young, and fit. But I don't think I can't stand there watching them suffering with the kicks on each other..

Zawi said...

They are trained to absorb the kicks and the body is conditioned such that they don't feel much pain or at least they can bear the pain. Emi Sampuri is just 17 yrs old and he has made up his mind to be a professional muay thai. A world ranking fighter commands RM10,000 a fight and the top one that comes here are paid about RM2500. Some are already making their preparation to go to Hongkong and Germany to fight after the event in Kota Bharu.

Uncle said...

Dear Pak Zawi.
enjoy the matches and don't forget to upload all the pictures!

Zawi said...

The pictures and more reports can be viewed at

Gurindam Jiwa said...

In the four last photos, I noticed the celing was not very high. Why didn't you bounce the flash?

You ought to get better lit pics.

Zawi said...

Thanks for the tip. I will use the technique the next time I shoot with flash where the ceiling is low and can be used to bounce the lights. Still amateurish of me.

Gurindam Jiwa said...

The technique (bounce lighting) is great as far as lighting is concerned. But you are going to lose a few f-stops. Wonderful for portraiture, but terrible for action shots. So you gonna have to jack-up the ISO. That Alpha 350, however, is a wonderful machine. Increasing the ISO, therefore, shouldn't be a problem.

Shooting fighters in the ring, you should be able to take fast shots with fast setting on the flash, shooting straight. I don't know your exact flash system, so I can't elaborate. Especially since I use a different brand. But the settings should be there. It is a matter of fiddling with the manual.

Practice makes perfect.

Happy shooting.

Zawi said...

I am learning alot from you. I must learn more about the flash setting.
Anyway in the ring we are not alowed to use flash. The Nanyang Siang Pau camera man was warned not to use flash.

Gurindam Jiwa said...

Thank you Pok Zawi. My kain pelikat rabak oredi...

Cannot use flash aa? Aiyya! Than jacking the ISO is probably the only answer, which is one of the true blessings of technologies.

During the old film days, you are stuck with the film's ISO/ASA, unless you have your own lab where you can push process. Your Alpha can go to 3200, I believe, which is reasonable.

When I first heard that ISO setting on digital cameras can be changed at will, I realized that there was no turning back to film cameras. Except for some obscure specialty reasons which I can't think of.

I think you can use flash at concerts, though. Yes, try catch that Siti Nurhaliza and Tok Guru together. He he...

A little off topic: Jeanne Abdullah got Tun (SSM) today. I find this conferment system based on position mind boggling. Just trying to say "Tan Sri Anuar Musa" is already tongue twisting.


Zawi said...

Kenapa pulak koyak kain pelikat? Main tomoi ke?
The ISO can be jacked up but the higher ISO will be at the expense of quality. I have been using a maximum of 800. Anyway I will keep exploring to find the limit cos at higher ISO the picture becomes grainy.
Taking pictures with available light gives me more pleasure as the pictures have certain qualities and character. yet to capture a good one though.
The Alpha has a max of 3200.
Dimana ada concert Tok Guru ngan Siti? Nak juga tu.
Baca Bigdogcom punya blog, Pak Lah demand that for Jeane. Bigdog also said he also demanded the 2 acres of land where Caracosa Sri Negara sits and that land is valued at RM1000 per sq.ft. Najib will let him have it of course just to be sure he can become PM and make AAB close his mouth.

Gurindam Jiwa said...

Dah kena puji, koyaklah kain...

Come on Pok Zawi. You should have a little more faith in technology. Go ahead and try the 3200. You'll be amazed why Kodak is still in business.

I'm trying to learn to say Tun Jjjjjj....aahh.

Zawi said...

The late Endon is more deserving of being conferred the Tun. But then you will be having worse problem having to say Tun Don.