Monday, January 26, 2009

Tomoi Anyone?

Tomoi or Muay Thai is getting very popular nowadays. Tok Guru Nik Aziz, the Menteri Besar of Kelantan tried unsuccessfully to rename it Muay Klate but the new name didn't gain any popularity so it will remain as either Tomoi or Muay Thai to all ardent followers all over the world. Mind you Tomoi aren't the same as kickboxing. Don't ask me to explain the differences as I have yet to learn more about it. My only association with this game started only at the TM Kelantan Muay Thai International Championship held in Kota Bharu on 17th - 18th November 2008. Read about it at my earlier post here.

For the 2009 season, the first Tomoi championship will be held on 27th - 31st January 2009. The championship will be held at an open field in Taman Rogayah in Gual Tinggi. The landmark will be the Shell Station which is still some distance from the town of Rantau Panjang near the Thai border. Be at the Shell Petrol station on the 27th of Januari 2009 at 8.30 PM and you will know where to go.

Looking at the list of fighters, there seems to be many notable names that are worth going to see them fight. One of them is Aik Salsaloon of Kelab Salsaloon Pasir Puteh who had the reputation of beating the late Wan Dik in a fight in Kota Bharu resulting in the death of Wan Dik of Thailand in that fight. Pak Zawi have not met most of them except for Ajan Putra and Robot Afrika of MZ Repek Pasir Mas. Pak Zawi went to photograph them while they were training at their make shift gym in Repek. Pak Zawi is most interested to see Che Pa of M150 fight. Beside fighters from Thailand there will be two fighters from overseas such as John Smith of Australia and Alexander of Denmark.

Tikects will be priced at RM12.00 for adults and RM5.00 for children.

From what I heard after the opening event in Rantau Panjang, there will be fights literally every week around Kelantan. I have yet to know of their schedule.

For those around Jengka there will be an event on 6th February 2009 in Bandar Jengka. I don't have much information on this event.

Another prominent Championship will be the one organized by BoxxEvent, an event organizer based in Kulim Kedah.

The KL fight was originally scheduled to be held earlier at Dewan Titiwangsa but was rescheduled to Stadium Badminton Cheras due to the bigger size. So remember this date for
KUALA LUMPUR: 7th & 8th Feb-Stadium Badminton Cheras.

This event will have many great names on the drawcard that will definitely whet the appetite of all Tomoi lovers. Look at the list of confirmed fighters below which was emailed to me by the Big Boss of BoxxWarriors Tuan Zahari Ahmad.

1. Abbas Ahmadi, Boxx Warriors, Malaysia
WPMO World Champion, 2006-2008, 63.5 kg
WMC Asia Champion, 67.5 kg 2008
PK 1 World Champion, 61.5 kg, 2006
Champion 63.5 kg, Macau Muay Thai World Championship 2007
Chaweng Stadium Title Holder, Koh Samui, 2006
Title Holder, TM WMC World Muay Thai Challenge – Royal Cup of Kedah 2008
Ranked # 6 at World Muay Thai Council, Lightweight Category
65 fights, 45 wins, 17 losses, 3 draws, (16 KO)

2. Chaowalit, Boxx Warriors, Malaysia
WMC Welterweight World Champion
Former Rajdamnern Stadium Super Welterweight Champion
Former Thailand Super Welterweight Champion
Ranked # 10 in Thailand, Welterweight Category
Ranked # 3 in World Muay Thai Council, Welterweight Category
101 fights, 74 wins, 24 losses, 3 draws

3. Akhbar Hanafi, Boxx Warriors, Malaysia
29 fights, 27 wins, 2 losses (won 27 by KO)

4. Vladimir Konsky, Slovakia
PK 1 World Champion, 2008
Champion, Patong Stadium, Phuket, Thailand
25 fights, 18 wins, 7 losses

5. Johar Hussein, Senegal
15 fights, 9 wins, 6 losses

6. Seetanonchai Sor Chitlada
PK1 World Champion
South Thailand Champion
Champion, Patong Stadium, Phuket
WMC World Title Challenger
Contender Asia Challenger

7. Fasochun Sit O
Thailand Champion, 115 lbs, Lumpinee Stadium, Bangkok, Thailand 2003 Champion, 115 lbs, Lumpinee Stadium, Bangkok, Thailand 2004 Champion, 118 lbs, Lumpinee Stadium, Bangkok, Thailand 2004
Listed as Muay Thai Legend by Thailand Board of Sport
200 fights 150 wins 45 losses 5 draws 3. Champert Chosipaset Thailand Champion, 154 lbs, Lumpinee Stadium, Bangkok, Thailand, 2002 Champion, 154 lbs, Rajdamnern Stadium, Bangkok, Thailand, 2004 220 fights 170 wins 50 losses 4. Tengku Shahrizal Kuda Merah, PDRM Champion, Contender Asia Malaysia Qualifier 45 fights 40 wins 3 losses 2 draws 5. Faizal Ramli Malaysian Tigers 55 fights 51 wins 0 loss 4 draws 5. Hamdan Mokhtar Malaysian Tigers 89 fights 68 wins 20 losses 1 draw 6. Akhbar Hanafi Boxx Warriors 29 fights 27 wins (27 won by KO) 2 losses 7. Che Pol M 150 Kelantan 89 fights 77 wins 12 losses 8. Fauzan Zabidi Boxx Warriors 5 fights 4 wins (4 won by KO) 1 losses

8. Barbod, Iran
6 fights, 5 wins, 1 lose (5 won by KO)

9. Alex Lim, TNT MMATC Team KO, Malaysia

10. Steven Ban, TNT MMATC Team KO, Malaysia

11. Firdaus Janai, Boxx Warriors, Malaysia
5 fights, 5 wins, 0 lose (3 won by KO)

12. Karim Geliga Merah, Terengganu
90 fights, 79 wins, 11 losses

13. Hazeem, Turkey
Turkey Muay Thai Amature Champion
61 fights, 45 win, 16 losses

More info on or call 013 3351 877

If you have read my previous post on the Kelantan Championship, fighter number 8 - Barbod of Iran KOed my grand nephew Alif in a one sided match in Kota Bharu. I hope Barbod will have a better opponent this time around as he has the height and reach that will get many opponents into trouble. Alif was sent down to the canvass by Barbod in the second round via a solid punch on the nose. Alif told me he was not prepared then. Now he is training with BoxxWarriors in Kulim and hopefully he will become a better fighter fit enough to have a rematch with Barbod.

Tickets for the KL fight will be priced at RM25.00 for ringside, RM15.00 for terrace and RM5.00 for children below 12.

Pak Zawi will be going to KL solely to watch this fight. Since a month ago I have booked a return train ticket from Pasir Mas to Kuala Lumpur. If you were to ask me why I am taking the train, my answer will be because I want to experience it and write about the ride. I have not experienced a train ride for a long time and as a government retiree, I am entitled to a 40% discount. So I will be travelling in the comfort of a second class sleeping berth at the rate of RM38.00 each way! Hopefully I will be able to produce an article about the ride to see the KL fight and the article will be published in the second issue of BoxxTomoi magazine. With that article about the train ride, hopefully Mussadik of BoxxTomoi will be able to use as leverage to convince Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad to advertise in the future issues of BoxxTomoi Magazine. Pak Zawi has contributed an article for the first issue on the topic of Tomoi Scenes of Kelantan.

BoxxTomoi Magazine will be given away free with the coming fights in Kuala Lumpur and also the mother of all fights at Stadium Sultan Muhamad IV Kota Bharu sometimes in late February or early March 2009 (dates have yet to be confirmed). So come early to those championships and you will create history as being the owner of the maiden issue of BoxxTomoi Magazine, the only tomoi magazine in the whole country.
For you info, Dato' Sakmongkol an ardent tomoi fan and prominent SOPO blogger of Sakmongkol AK47 fame will be one of the VIPs watching the fight in KL. Why not join him there?
Fo updates on result of the fights in Rantau Panjang please visit this site called Tomoi.


Akmal said...

You see, I am not a very big fan in such competition. But i have to say it is awesome to stand somewhere around the ring yelling out "Yearrrrggghhhhh!!!!" and "Ouuf!!!" and "Damn!" when either of the two fighters in the ring hit the other guy hehehehe....
I am a terrible fella, am I not? Hahaha.
But nevertheless, such event is where we got cool shots, don't you think? :)

Zawi said...

I will try to get the best shot at tomorrow's event in Rantau Panjang. Hopefully there will not be too many camera man around to compete for angles.
Lucky thing I am now a friend of the organizer, dapat la pass masuk percuma. Minyak kereta je la kena tanggung berulang alik ke RP hehehehe.

Bustaman said...

I remember watching "bokseng siang"in Jerteh a long long time ago. Did not enjoy it much.
I hope you enjoy the train ride and I will look forward to reading about it.

BoxxTomoi said...

Pak Zawi, untuk mendapat claim minyak jangan lupa your closing line, Pak Zawi reporting from Rantau panjang for Boxxtomoi Muay Thai Magazine ! ha,ha.. enjoy your shooting. And menanti another good reporting about it in your blog.

Remember the big one, 7th and 8th Feb. KL.
Take care.

mamasita said...

Salam P.Z.,
I hope Dato'sak datang..if you must know dia phobia betul kalau berasak2 drive ke stadium and nak cari parking etc..I hope he'll confirm early with you before coming.

Otherwise sure you jeling kat dia later! hahaha

Zawi said...

We have our preferences. I stopped enjoying the wrestling on TV because the fake moves which I didn't realise until I read it in a magazine.
Actually I am beginning to love this game and I can't say for sure how long the love may last.
Come back for the write up about the train ride then.

Zawi said...

Thanks for the tip. Anyway I have told Faizal of B13 Rantau Panjang that I will be covering his event there for BoxxTomoi Muay Thai Magazine. The mention of that already has opened up many doors to me.
How can I forget the KL Muay Thai Championship when train tickets for it has been bought since a month ago.
See you in KL Mus.

Zawi said...

Waalaikummussalam. I hope Dato' will make an attempt to come. I will email you the reasons for it. Tell me where he will be staying and I will pick him up to go to the badminton stadium. I am banking on you to convince him after reading my email. Hope there is an email address in your blogsite.

Anonymous said...

Salam Pak Zawi.

Wow. I had never been a fan of Muay Thai or Klate Muay or whatever you label it, until I read your entry here. Ignorant as I have been, I am nevertheless excited and look forward to those events. I hope I could be part of the excitements, yelling "ARGHGHGHHG!" and "YAAAAAAAA!" with Kemal, haha.

Good job, Pak Zawi.

Zawi said...

Wassalam. I was never a fan too before November 2008 when I saw the first live fight in Kota Bharu. Now the people behind the event slowly but surely become my friends and I am feeling to be part of the team with them.
It is easy to be carried with them when watching the fights. You will be surprised to see even ladies of Kelantan attending the fight became agitated and vociferous during the fight. Just attend it and you will see what I mean.
See you at the fight tonite if you are back home in RP.

boksingkelate said...

Pak Zawi, mohon kebenaran untuk gunakan sakla dalam blog boksing kelate saya.

Zawi said...

Tak menjaladi masalah. Silakan.

mamasita said...

my email is on the side of my blog.
Let me know your plans. Thanks.

uncleawang said...

Like Akmal say..I'm not a very big fan in such competition..kalo tengok kat TV ok lah.kalau live fikir dua kali.Fobia sikit..(Sarawak tak ada pun event ni??)
I like the word BOKSING...instead of Boxing kat poster tu????
By the way enjoy the shooting dan bawak lah tangga untuk angel yang sesuai hehehe..

Zawi said...

I wrote an email to the cardealer address. Nampaknya tak sampai la tu. I will resend another one at the address you mentioned.

Zawi said...

It won't be easy to love this game initially. Only after seeing them live and knowing them we will learn to appreciate the hardwork they had to go through to become a good fighter.
I think a ladder maybe out of the question as it may obstruct the view of the paying public. I will try to climb on the edge of the ring if there is no other shooter there to take a few shots.
I need all the luck I can get that not many other photographers will be there to compete for positions.

boksingkelate said...

Pak Zawi, mendapat tempat untuk shoot tak menjadi masalah jika Pak Zawi masuk ke stadium bersama kami, Kawanboxx. Pak Zawi nak shoot dalam dressing room ketika boxer sedang buat shadow boxing pun boleh, saya ada untuk bantu Pak Zawi berurusan dengan boxer. Semua boxer bukan sombong macam peminat sangkakan. Selepas perlawanan, kami biasanya berbincang dalam bilik operasi (we don't sleep here). Masa tu, gambar-gambar terbaik akan dipilih untuk dimasukkan ke dalam blog.

Zawi said...

Masa kat KB dulu pada event BoxxTomoi saya tak ada masalah untuk ambil gambar boxers dalam dressing room. Masa tu Pak Zawi guna excuse untuk nak jumpa cucu sedara Pak Zawi yang berentap malam tu.
Kat Rantau Panjang ni pun rasanya OK bab dah member dengan Faizal B13. Cuma saya kena jaga hati je jangan nampak terlalu bebas dan tak menghormati penganjur. Dengan sokongan Pak Usop President Boksing Kelate rasanya OK la.

boksingkelate said...

Saya masih ingat kejadian tu. Sayalah krew yang Pak Zawi jumpa tu. Mula-mula saya ingatkan Pak Zawi wartawan akhbar Sinar Harian yang cucunya berlawan juga malam tu.

Covert_Operations'78 said...

Thanks for the heads up, Zawi! I will try to make it for the 8th Feb one. I'm more a fan of conventional boxing but I love all martial arts.

Maybe we could meet up when you are in KL! Gaaaah! You are entitled to a 40% KTM discount?!?! You shouldn't be! You couldn't be! You look too young!

Zawi said...

If only we had interacted more, we would have known each other for real by now. Unfortunately I felt like an alien among your gang in those red T shirts with Kawanboxx or something on it.

Zawi said...

I would be most happy to meet you on any day on the 7th, 8th or 9th or on all the three days when I will be in KL! Feel free to make you choice. It would be great if you can join us for the match on the 8th.
Me not deserving the discount for a retiree for not looking like a retiree? Hey the privilege comes with the numbers not with the look. You will know I am a retiree when I won't be able to keep to the pace when walking along young people like you especially when elevating myself to the next higher floor level using the stairs and not the escalator.
Anyway I must congratulate you for making my day with the compliment (or flattery?)of the highest order. Whatever it is, I am basking with joy for it. After all how often can a 58 yrs old man get such compliments?

KC lah who else said...

if i'm not mistaken, thai boxing was featured in the recent The Contender Asia show on axn channel. sama ke ngan tomoi/or muay thai?

whatever it is, i can't stomach such violent sport. it remains a mystery to me as to why some people especially men love this sport so much

Zawi said...

It feels so nice to have you leave your foot print here again.
You are right about Contender Asia as a Tomoi or Muay Thai match. This game is as violent as a boxing or the wrestling match on TV.
Even in sedate Kelantan the tender gender have taken a liking to the game though they have yet to participate in a match. During a match they can get as animated and vociferous as the male counterpart. You will see them enjoying the game of Tomoi in the second issue of Boxxtmoi Muay Thai Magazine to which Pak Zawi is now a contributor.
Me? I became a convert after seeing a live match in Kota Bharu in November 2008 where my grand nephew was given a solid punch on the face that KOed him in the second round by an Iranian fighter by the name of Barbod. Barbod is now a good friend of mine. Read about it here

boksingkelate said...

Pak Zawi, dah 3 hari blog tak update ni.

Zawi said...

See results at
There wont be any updates here.

Covert_Operations'78 said...

Abang Zawi,
My boyfriend says Okay, we can go watch it either on 8th or 9th Feb! Can we buy tickets at the venue itself or should I book early or something?
Thanks for the info.

Zawi said...

The event will be on the 7th and the 8th of Feb. Nothing on the 9th only that I will still be around on the 9th before I leave for Kelantan by the night train. I think you can buy the tickets at the door. If you want to reserve tickets you better visit their blogsite and leave a message there or email There is fon booking via 03 6034 5750 and enjoy a discount if you buy 4 tickets.So get more friends to come. When there pls sms me on 0199125647 so that we could locate each other.
See you in KL!

VersedAnggerik said...

Say Hello to Zahari of Boxxtomoi if U see him!

Zawi said...

I will definitely be seeing him on during the KL fight. Will relay the hello to him. Should I remind him to engage your firm for all his legal needs?

Covert_Operations'78 said...

Thanks, Bro! Got your number and will call the other number there to reserve tickets. I think 6 of us will be coming on the 8th. See you there!

CO78, Over!

Zawi said...

See you in KL!

Mat Cendana said...

The 40% discount: Is it for government retirees only, or are the "Warga Mas" (Senior Citizens) eligible too?

I presume yours is the lower berth. Last November, I would have taken that too - I think it's only RM4(?) more, and it wouldn't have required me to be like a `berok subsidi'; having to climb up and down (real `leceh' when the train is swaying).

Unfortunately, the lower ones were all sold out - they usually are - so I took the upper-berth at RM46. The first-class berth is about RM100 I think. Would have been forced to take that were the previous one not available.

But it was quite okay, really; despite the space being smaller (smaller window too), and the climbings. The upper one felt "more private". And quite comfortable too. I had brought a book, but could only manage a few pages before I dozed off. Same thing during the return trip. Yes, it was that comfortable - for me at least. BTW don't ever forget a `baju sejuk' - some of the berths' air-cond was really chilly!

Despite the 14 hours each way, the second-class Ekspres Wau train (with sleeping berth) will be my first choice in the future when I go to KL (I love Sentral too). But I'm going to do this: Take along enough water and food, NOT buy them on the train (a bit on the expensive side compared to "Kelantan prices").

BTW Thanks for offering to take me along to see the Tomoi championship in Rantau Panjang a few days ago. Would like to, except for "work" (Yes, life seems to be all about this nowadays... probably making up for those years that I didn't have any). Then there's still that "psychological barrier" - had been detained there four times until 1998, so it isn't among my most favourite places (I also avoid Kg. Dangar for the same reason)

Zawi said...

You will be safe where ever you go if you are with me. I will definitely keep my eyes on you as I want you to be around on the 11th.Feb as Sherry won't be underwriting the bail anymore hehehehe.
40 percent is the dicount for government retiree. Warga Emas will enjoy a 50 percent discount but you have to be over 65 years old to be able to enjoy that. I am not sure if I will be able to enjoy it myself but at 40 percent, the discount is good enough for me.
The lower berth will be more comfortable as it tend to roll less than the upper berth. Thanks for the tip on the cold airconditioning and necessity to bring water and food. I don't like to walk along the coaches to get to the buffet car which could be several coaches away.