Friday, November 21, 2008

TM - Kelantan Tomoi Championship 2008

Even Pak Zawi didn't know about the popularity of Tomoi in Kelantan. The sport is so popular that the organizers did not have to splash so much money on publicity to ensure that the hall of Dewan Jubilee Perak Kota Bharu will be filled to capacity when the event was held from 17 - 18 November 2008. All they had to do was to put up several banners and vertical banners at strategic places in Kota Bharu and leave the rest to all the district Tomoi Associations to spread the word around to bring in the crowd.
Thanks to Kbguy of Sri Kebakat or Just Me, U and Us to keep me informed when such an important event is being held in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. It was Kbguy who alerted me to the Loy Krathong festival in Tumpat which I blogged about in my previous post and he is doing me this favour again.
I wanted to watch the event on both days including the opening day which featured the Kelantan Championship on the 17th of November 2008 but due to the earlier job done in the morning interviewing the legendary Ab. Rahman Alabaladi in Wakaf Baru, I felt staying home for the night was in order. It would not be right to leave my wife for two consecutive nights as taking care of our grandchild Balkis for two whole days single handed is a no mean feat.
Another reason why I must cover the second night more than the first night was due to the international flavour of the event on the second night. To cap it, my late sister's grandson Alif M 150 is scheduled to participate on that night. As I have not supported his father's idea of him being involved in this dangerous sport, so I have stayed away from any of his earlier bouts. This time it was different as he had grown up by now and fighting an international championship.
A few days earlier I have checked the site where the event was to be held as Kbguy had given me the 16th as the date of the championship. It was then that I realised the actual date. On the sixteeth, only the preparatory job were being done.

The company that is doing the stage, lighting and sound system for the event in front of Dewan Jubli Intan.On the 16th of November even the stage was not done yet. This event is too small for such an event.
The event is for the Tengku Mahkota Kelantan's Trophy and it was appropriate that TM happens to be the sponsor with the same initials. This is the third of such championship in Kelantan but it is the first time under TM's sponsorship. The sponsorship by TM is God's gift to the sport as the event is now a circuit covering many states of Malaysia where there is a Boxing Association to organnize it. As for Kelantan it was with cooperation of Persatuan Boksing Kelantan and fully suported by the Kelantan State. The opening ceremony was supposed to be by the Menteri Besar himself but on the actual night he was represented by YB Takiyuddin the Exco for Tourism.
Prior to this there was already a championship in Kedah. CDs of the previous event was on sale at the fight.
I came early for the event and I found ample parking around the Sultan Muhammad IV stadium car park and walked the distance to Dewan Jubli Intan. After paying the RM15 entrance fee which they kept the counterfoil so I can't keep the ticket as a memento. I guess something fishy here but will not indulge in giving my opinion as it may create implications somewhere.

From inside I could see the crowd surging to get in.

The small hall is full. I can't give an estimate on the number of attendance but 3,000 people could be a conservative estimate.

The Tengku Mahkota watching the fight from a vantage position with YB Takiyuddin behind him. As is often the case when royalties are involved, the night's event was delayed due to unavoidable circumstances.
My neice Zarena came with her children to support her son Alif in his fight against Arbod.

This is Alif, my late eldest sister's grandson being taped and fitted with the glove.

This is David Williams from Brisbane Australia making an appearance. He will be matched up with Kamaruddin (M-150).
When their turn comes their names will be called and they make an appearance from back stage where they were prepared. The entrance will be accompanied by strobe lights, spotlight and smokes from the smoke making machine. David Williams from Australia was nursing an injured hand from an earlier fight in Phuket. David is in hi mid twenties and had been learning Tomoi for the past six months in Thailand.
I think David offered a draw to Kamruddin after he could not stand the pain.
The pre fight ritual before the fight between Bedu of Boxxwarriors Kulim Kedah and Kenneth Carter of USA.

Kenneth seems to be dishing out all the time.

He even had his opponent down at one stage.

Somehow his opponent managed to rise and he was KOed in the second round.

When it was my Alif's turn to fight, Barbod of Iran appeared first from backstage.
Barbod was supposed to fight Anak Badak. Anak Badak was wise enough to back off when he saw Barbod's size. Alif who had beaten Anak Badak before thought he may be good enough to face Barbod.

Alif making his appearance with his cornerman.

Barbod had a better built, weight and reach. Look at that kick.
Look at this flying lunge.

Barbod was all over Alif. I know it won't be long before he gets Alif. It was after this shot that I heard a sharp punch and the next instant I saw Alif fell down in front of me his grand uncle.
(Akmal, can you see the sweats flying?)

I was so helpless and all I could do was to take more photos. Everybody rushed towards Alif and tried to bring him back to consciousness. Even Barbod's corner man came to help. A hard blow to the head can result in concussion and anything can happen to Alif.

Alif came to soon after and everybody heaved a sigh of relief especially his mum and siblings at his corner on the otherside of the stage.

Alif needed a shoulder to go back to the dressing room backstage. You can see the bleeding nose where the full impact of the punch landed.

He was in high spirit and posed for a photograph with his mum and siblings. His dad Zul had to go to Gua Musang to visit an ailing relative.

Brbod was apologetic when I told him that it was my sisters grandson that he knocked out but I told him that it was a part of the game. He was such a nice man that he sportingly posed with Alif while Alif's sister looked on. Alif's mum even requested for a rematch sometime next year to which Arbod said 'sure, sure'. Barbod is an Iranian living in Langkawi and married to a Malaysian. At 33, Arbod will soon be a dad.

Talking about rematch, look at the above picture and you can see the mismatch. The reach, the kick, the weight are all to Arbod's advantage. No wonder Anak Badak backed out. I think I will ask Alif's dad to fight Barbod himself rather than let Barbod maul Alif again.

There was another match that night between Oleg Filipov of Russian and Max 11 of team M-150 Malaysia which went the full distance of 5 rounds and ultimately was won by Max 11. By then it was already 12 midnight and I was no more in the mood to enjoy anymore fights in the steamy, hot and smoky room. If the punches will not kill the spectators, the second hand ciggarette smoke will slowly do it.

It was a joy to inhale the cool and fresh air outside the hall.

Read more about the event here.

Oleg Filipov of Russia

Max 11 Team M-150 Malaysia.

Abbas Ahmadi from Iran fight for Team BoxxWarrior from Kulim Kedah. Abbas is the champion. He won The World Muay Thai Council Asia Telekom Malaysia at the TM Kejohanan Tomoi Antarabangsa Kelantan 2008 by beating Kudin Raja Jerung from Tumpat Kelantan based on points after going the full 5 rounds distance.


kbguy said...

!arrrrrrchhh !!!! I missed all the fun !!! Hei this one really looks violent too. They are kicking above the belts just like the one we are seeing in the movie ! OOO!!! I missed them ! Should have gone there and take some interesting shots ! I will look out for the next Tomoi event !

Kak Teh said...
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Kak Teh said...

zawi, I dont think I could watch my son or any blood relations being knocked about like that. Kesiannya.

Anyway, there are two malaysian brothers here who were doing very well in kickboxing. I once helped to feature them in NTV7. Two Indian brothers - and I watched one game. Itu pun sungguhlah ngeri.

Sorry I had to delete the comment above - ada typos.

Gurindam Jiwa said...

Now showing on TV8, "The Legend of Bruce Lee."

Monday to Friday, 8:30pm - 9:30pm

A 50-episode series.

Only missed 1 show so far because have to attend PIBG meeting.

But already bought the DVD box-set.


Zawi said...

You asyik miss je. Baca blog saya dah lah kalau malas nak pegi.
Sebelum akhir tahun ni ada championship kat Lemal kita boleh tengok.

Zawi said...

Kak Teh,
It was too gory for me too but I need the pictures to show them and to reason with them. It will be very difficult I guess as the whole of his family seems to be supporting him. Alif had been participating in kick boxing since a small kid. They won't listen to reasons.

sakmongkol AK47 aka Mat Tomoi said...

pak zawi.. thanks for sharing these photos of the muay thai tournament. i have watched bedu here in kuantan. he is a fighter. i am an ardent fan of this muay thai. as you can see i used the nom de plume, sakmongkol who is a thai muay thai legend. i just recieved an sms from one abe hasse from kelate alerting me to muay thai in kemaman.
my maternal ancestors are from kelantan/patani and probably that explains my liking for this sport. when i watched the wai khru, the pre fight dance, my bulu roma will naik, more so bila dengaar gendang dan serunai. waduuh.
i have been invited to see muay thai in tumpat many times but never made it there yet.
those boxers who come to kuantan know me very well. i have been in the ring many times- kalung bunga malai je. once i kalungkan bunga to two thai female fighters who can really fight. i suppose one kick will floor me.
please alert me of upcoming events in kelantan. we will try to come.

Akmal said...

Pak Zawi,
Yeah, I see it! Perfect effect lah!
When I talk about kicks, those are the kind of kicks I'm talking about hahaha. Perfect swing, full of forces; perfect to 'kickdefella' hehehe.

Zawi said...

Sah kaki kung fu. Bruce Lee is the king of kung fu. Thanks for the info. Bawa kelik la kita copy hehehe.

Zawi said...

Datuk Sak,
Read your profile many times and nearly committed them to memory already hehehehe. We know that much about you.
You can watch the utube of some of the matches and hear the music accompanying the matches online at the site I am going to add to my blog soon. Memang meremang bulu roma la Datuk.

Zawi said...

The kicks were really solid. It is scary to see them connect to the body with jarring sound.
How I wish to have the fast lens we were talking about. Standard lens are never good enough of course.

Pi Bani said...

Ish! Kalau ajak I gi tengok tomoi in a no smoking fully aircond place pun, I tak sanggup nak tengok rasanya...

Fauziah Ismail said...

Salam Pak Zawi
Seriously I cannot understand how people can put themselves through the bashing and kicking. I can understand if it is in self-defence but not a sport like this.
I was squemished when I watched my first bull-fight in Peru.
Kalau tengok tomoi, terus muntah agaknya.

Zawi said...

The smoke and heat is enough to kill you. No need to be kicked or punched la to be killed. Pak Zawi terpaksa tengok bab nak cover event. Kena pula darah daging sendiri yang kena KO.

Zawi said...

Its sadism and masochism all in one in the name of sport. The one you see at Rose Garden Bangkok is just a show and it doesn't reflect the real thing though the kick and punch is real.

mekyam said...

salam pak zawi,

first comment, though certainly not my first visit to your site.

like my sisters here, i don't think i could watch a loved one doing this sport either.

my hub does tomoi for exercise, abt 2-3 times a week. he started it this summer, switching from regular boxing.

this is a staid physicist we're talking about, whose days are filled with grappling with formulas and crunching numbers.

this fixation with a violent sport [in my opinion lah] is a part of him i could never fathom from day one. been meaning to ask tok sak what the fascination is.

he'll come home like a little boy, excited to tell me about the day's bouts. i cannot stand even to hear that. i think men are so silly that way.

Kama At-Tarawis said...

Pok Zawi - ni tomoi ni sama dengan muay thai ker? It looks the same. Ada menari-nari jugak ka? I like dance part tapi the fighting part say kurang gemar.. tak suka tengok orang kena blasah..

cappuccino said...

pak zawi..nmpk cm best tomoi ne..dulu pernah tengok tomoi siam live kat pattaya..xtau lak kt kb pn ade tomoi lg..dasyatttt..n'wy alif boleh try lagi lain kali..belum ada rezeki ne..tgk gaya dia ada potensi..all d best to him..

Zawi said...

Thank you for leaving your footprints behind. Been seeing your footprints everywhere but here and I am most hounored to see it here.
Personally I don't like this sport either but because I may be doing an article for a magazine, I had to attend and see the event. Coincidentally my neice's son happens to be participating so I might as well feature him.
IMHO, your hubby is doing the right thing by letting off steam via Tomoi excercise. Unlike boxing where the feet are only used as support, tomoi allows it to be used as a weapon too.
As long as he doesn't participate in a championship, just let him continue. Letting go of pent up emotion via such an excercise is indeed a good thing for him.

Zawi said...

Muay Thai ngan Tomoi sama je. It is the same rose but with another name and the thorns are still as sharp hehehehe.
The dance ritual before the fight is called the wai khru (thanks to Datuk Sak) is the buka gelanggang dance. From my understanding of it is they are paying tribute to their masters. Each has their own style and the non asian fighters dont seem to be so elaborate in their wai khru.
Like I have mentioned earlier, seeing the makcik and the anak dara behaving in the crowd shouting, gesticulating and punching the air, it won't be long we may have the ladies in the ring too.

Zawi said...

If you like tomoi, you can find a competition being held almost every week in Kelantan. I will be doing some fact finding to know the locations and the schedule. The fighters have to maintain their form by regular fights.
Alif must be careful to pick his opponent of the right size. It seems that most of our fighters are too short for Western or West Asian fighters and they lose out on reach. He will have his chance soon should he enter the next championship will be in Penang on 24 and 25th december 2008. Penang will be an even bigger event with many larger halls to hold the championship.

uncleawang said...

I watch this Tomoi style fight on AXN(astro)wow!!!fantastic.
By the way you punya shot not so bad boleh cari makan jadi sport photographer hahaha..
Thanks for sharing.

Zawi said...

Boleh cari makan ke? Tak perlu invest in more lenses? There are times when they dimmed the lights especially during the pre fight dance which I would like very much to capture. Despite the serious rivalry there are many instances pf palyfullness and artistry which i would like to capture. Unfortunately the standard Sony lens ain't good enough for such an occassion.

Pp said...

yess, i like tomoi!! jika ada program on tv, sure watch one.
masa di kolej dulu ada sorang anak datok dari KB yg terrer tomoi. Selalu juga jadi his practice punching bag..hahahha.

nasib baik la Alif recover. Jika i jadi Pok Wi sure panik doh!!

Zawi said...

Punching bag je? Tak bagi balik sepukul dua?
Sapa kata Pak Zawi tak panik? Panik juga tapi apa yang saya boleh buat? Yang ada dalam ring tu professional belako. Ada doctor dan ambulance on standby. OK la tu.

mekyam said...

pak zawi,

you are probably right. i shouldn't be too concerned about the hub's choice of exercise. at least it's not the kind of "contact sport" that turns most wives into green-eyed monsters. ya tak? :D

so pak zawi is also a freelance writer, like mat cendana. no wonder you write about such interesting topics.

Zawi said...

You're such a humourous person. Let us enjoy more of that ok?
The 'free lance' thingy is quite recent as Bariah of Global Media Channel offered me to write for the Kelantan State's Magazine Qiadah which debuted recently. Get your copy from Sheikh's site. I write on things that I consider worth sharing with others.

U.Lee said...

Hi Zawi, Holy Smokes! You captured the fight on camera. And well taken shots too.
I used to enjoy watching Thai Muy Thai...(took it up when in Perak under a teacher who was my good friend, he teaching the Police field Force in Tambun then)

Anyway, I love the pictures, and one thing about digital cameras, boleh pick and choose the shots.

I used to love watching Silat too....but you know, everytime I drive to East Coast and if passing a kampong or town and seeing a game of Sepak Takraw, I sure slam my brakes and stop and watc. I love to watch their fantastic acrobatics.

Mak Salleh sini tried after seeing it on TV but dia berat, not agile. Makan daging merah, ha ha.
Zawi, you have a nice weekend. Oh ya, beautiful relatives you have there.

Kota Bahru sure will be at the top of my list when saya balek kampong, ha ha.

Oh ya, we had heavy snow day before and yesterday, its all white outside now. Quite chilly, about -9'c now.
Senang datang...need your back-up re "women's sashay", *wink*. Lee.

BoxxTomoi said...

Bro Zawi .. Looking at your pic,now I remember you. You are the one with camera and backpack.
I've been blogging about Tomoi for more than a year .. Mostly wanting to know why people as kak Fauziah put it "bashing and kicking each other"

The only answer is "pain is temporary, pride is forever"

Boxxevent (promoter) & BoxxWarriors gym is Kulim (kedah) base outfit. When the organizer offer us the venue ..I was surprise to know the size of the dewan, as we have a bigger size dewan in Kulim !
Bro Zawi, thank for the coverage.

Patricia said...

Hello Zawi,

I think you captured the whole thing so well, it felf like I was there! And I wouldn't have enjoyed it one bit: sweaty men, cigarette smoke, you say, screaming - can you see that I hate crowds? Hahaha

But I have to agree to with all the other ladies here: I couldn't watch this, and especially if someone I know was taking part!

Years ago, when I taught in RMC, I had to attend their yearly boxing tournaments. I'd be almost in tears when the boys I taught came up to fight! It was so very upsetting!

And to see your Alif unconscious like that! Sigh - I will never understand men!


Zawi said...

Thank you for the appreciation of the pictures.
You would make a great Tomoi warrior but I doubt there are any any fighter that would fight you because there are not many other fighters in your weight category. Above all your 6 foot frame will put you in such an advantage of reach that not many can even touch you before being punched or kicked by you.
Silat used to be the popular game around Kelantan when you can see them being competed on a weekly basis. Now instead of silat, Tomoi has taken over as the popular games.
I will wait for your return to Kota Bharu and take you around the places that you have been to.
That is cold outside there. Now with the sign of monsoon coming we feel cold already. Can't imagine what if snow is here.
Have a good weekend.

Zawi said...

You are spot on! That's me. I saw you the minute I entered the hall cos I was early there to view the area looking for angles and places to shoot. I tell you the best place to be was at the dressing room backstage with the boxers. The air was fresh and clean.
You have your reasons to blog about Tomoi because you love the sport. I will blog about any significant event that happens in Kelantan.
I think there is another hall in Kota Bharu with open side walls and thus better ventilation. There is no way you can stop smokers from smoking in any hall in Kelantan. When they are excited they will lit up. No Smoking signs will be useless against them. The only way is to hold them in the main Sultan Muhamad IV stadium. Just have the stage covered using large tents. Bring down the ticket price to an affordable level of say RM10 and you will have a full stadium. 20,000 people paying RM10 will gross you more than 4,000 people paying RM15.
Next time ask the permission from the Royals to start the event on time so that the event won't last too late. The Royals can officiate te event any time after he arrives. He will forever be late.
Thank you for bringing the event to Kota Bharu.

Zawi said...

Such an event isn't for you then. I doubt the condition will change much. The heat, screaming and smoke will always be there. So just read about them in the blogs or newspapers if you still feel curious about it.
Its not just men in the crowd, there were ladies too. They too acted the same or the most they will not smoke and contribute to the suffocation.
I couldn't stand seeing my flesh and blood being knocked out cold myself but since I was there to photograph the event, I just did it.

BoxxTomoi said...

Sultan Muhamad IV stadium. March 2009. Ticket, I think we can go as low as RM5.00 - RM10.00. But with bigger names.

For that sir, banyak promoter lain yang tunggu kami kat backstage dengan 'pisau tajam!!'.

Even when we bring in the legend, Mr.Namsaknoi, our ticket never go above RM30. There's one Tomoi event kat Shah Alam that cost you RM250.00 (bukan 25 tapi 250).

Insyaallah, we will organize the biggest Tomoi event ever (bigger than Contender Asia) in 2009. but let pray economy tak seteruk yang dijanka !

Zawi said...

The March event at Sultan Muhammed IV Stadium will be looked forward to. Publicity for the event should start soon if you want to fill up the stadium. At RM5 minimum for the terrace is OK but ringside could go for more. Of course giant screens must be available otherwise everybody will rush to ringside and create havoc for the organizers. Local fighters representing the districts of Kelantan must be featured too as they have their own followers. Big names alone may not draw the crowd as the village folks may not identify with them.
Avoid mismatch like the match between Arbod and my grandson Alif as it is definitely a no go. Having a knockout as early as the second round may not go well with the spectators.
Don't be unduly worried about the economic situation as the Kelantan fans are fanatic enough to hock their chickens to see a great event held in their backyard.
Pssst, how about a pass for me to cover the event from ringside?

BoxxTomoi said...

pass, no prblem .. next time I'll give away bloggers passes. I plan to do it long time ago but not many bloggers carry Tomoi news.

Remind me ok.

About your grandson, it just too bad 'badak' tukar jadi chiken.. met Barbod after the match, he was not happy too.. hope the rematch is not for real!

I'll tube Alif and Barbod fight in one or two week time. He is one brave dude and his family should be pround of him!

Zawi said...

Sakmongkol a prominent politician cum blogger will be too happy to cover an event and blog about it. Read his blog about Tomoi at

Consider the request for rematch by Alif's mum as a joke. No one will waste time looking at a one sided match. They will want to see an even match. Barbod deserve a better opponent to match his built and skill. Winning against minnows will not add any feathers to Barbod's hat.
The family are proud of Alif even after being KOed by Barbod. Bravery must come with some intelligence. Going into a war when you are ill equipped is sheer folly.
Hopefully my Editor will find space in the future issues of Qiadah being published quarterly by Perbadanan Menteri Besar Kelantan. The article will be in different form albeit with the same pictures.

Mat Salo said...

Sawadee Kap!

Khun Zawi,

You talk about Thailand so much make me want to holiday.. Yes, now I'm in Krabi with my family take Air Asia. Plenty of Malay people here but they cannot speak Malay.. unlike in Yala province where they speak Kelantanese.

Khop Khun Khap.. Sabai-sabai Khun Zawi!

Zawi said...

While it is raining in the east coast of Thailand and peninsular Malaysia, it must be sunshine in Krabi which is in the west coast of Thailand.
Start learning some Thai language and before you know it you will be able to communicate.
Let us go to Koh Samui together one day.
Sabai sabai.

mrs.lim said...

Good evening, Pak Zawi..

Gosh.. I never like "fighting".. in whatever form as long as there is the potential risk of bleeding.. Hemophobia ... i think..

besides I couldn't stand watching the weaker opponent being beaten up.. ooo.. i could cry..

However looking at still pictures aint that bad but your descriptions are so vivid that i have to skip them.. ;D

All the best..

mrs.lim :)

Zawi said...

Mrs. Lim,
Some people are different from us. They love all the gory things. So I guess we will just look at other sports like carrom or darts for our enjoyment. It takes all sort of people to make up this world.
Don't worry my next post will be not a gory story at all.

Nightwing said...

Helo Pak Zawi,

Great stuff in reporting the event. Reading your post is as if i was at the event.

Thank God nothing serious happened to ur grand nephew.

Zawi said...

I feel so happy if you find this post good enough to make you feel as if you were there itself.
Yes, thank God nothing untoward happens to my grandnephew. Who knows it may show up later in his life, like what happened to Muhamad Ali the legendary boxer.
When is the bigday?

mamasita said...

Zawi??Waah.Banyak betul komen pasal your Tomoi article,including one from my darling sak!Jangan bagitahu kat dia kalau ada Tomoi fights anywhere!Dia memang suka sangat pertandingan2 macam ni!Takboleh2!hehehe..

Zawi said...

I wont tell him but I will tell you so that it will be up to tell you or not OK? Next big Tomoi event in Kelantan will be in March next year. I presume it must be during the school holidays. It will be an even bigger event and will be done at Stadium Sultan Muhammad IV so no problem about suffocation from ciggy smoke.
Last night I saw the Contender Asia on AXN. It was the second semi final. The final will be next week same day at 9.00 PM. Please inform him of this one. It will be too good to miss if he loves Tomoi. An Australian will be pitted against a Thai. So now it is up to you to inform him but the Contender Asia is a must see. Tell him to check the Astro Program for next Tuesday.

kbguy said...

Tomoi in Lemal ? Bila ? When ? O, I must go and see lah this time. Your anak buah also play ? Wow ! this time I will go all the way and shout for him. Dah ada favourite baru syok. Boleh bet sikit2 tak kat sana ? Kalau kat Thailand sudah tentu dio orang jual betting tickets. haha.. more fun lah bila ada bet sikit2. Sikit aje tau..

Zawi said...

Belum dapat maklumat terperinci tentang lokasi dan tarikh sebenar di Lemal. Betting? Kena tanya sendiri la nanti.
Nak cover opening ceremony Expo Perdagangan Kelantan esok sambil ambil gambar Ab. Rahman Alabaladi perform.

kbguy said...

Expo ? Bila ? dan dimana ?tapi skaran hujan ni.. masih bolih teruskan ke expo ?
Alabaladi ada performance ? wow ! kalau bolih bernyayi dengan dia bersama.. lagu asli, keroncong, nya. Lagi2 orang cina pulak yang nyayi lagu melayu. Wow ! Orang akan kata sure very Kelantanese...punya kbguy. ha ha..
Blogger on charity drive. bagus kan ?

cakapaje said...

Salam Pak Zawi,

Oh-oh! Definitely not for me. However, if thrown into the ring, I'll definitely open an age old silat I learnt quite sometime back. Its called 'Silat Seribu Langkah[! ;)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

whoaaaa...i'm impressed. look at their 6-packs. it shows how fit these tomoi fighters are. and i have only a keg to be proud of.

and that barbod guy, he's tall la pak Z. at etleast a foot taller than alif. but credits to your grandnephew, he stuck it in just like real man does.

BoxxTomoi said...

World premier,
Alif vs Barbod
Wednesday 3 December 2008
Only on

Zawi said...

Expo Industri Kecil Sederhana di Stadium. Pegi la nak nyanyi gak.

Zawi said...

We are not trained for that where as they are all trained for it. Alif had been fighting since he was a small kid. He had a severe beating at the hand of another bigger fighter before.

Zawi said...

Barbod was taller. That was why the earlier fighter Anak Badak who was slated to fight him chicken out.
They are all very fit. A kick to the stomach sending them flying to the rings doesn't seem to have any effect on them.

Zawi said...

I will be looking forward to watching the video. When will the VCD be on sale?
Contender Asia final coming soon. It is a great show to watch.

BoxxTomoi said...

Bro. Zawi & the rest, I can assure you, pergi tengok perlawanan Tomoi lebih selamat dari pergi mesyuarat UMNO or MIC or parti2 lain, at least you don't see chairs flying.

You will also never hear people mencarut atau memaki. That you have to go to football match!!
Got problem with my editing software ... but the alif vid, i'll put a shot of you in action!

Ini bagi bro tidur tak lena tunggu the vids out!

have a good day tuan dan puan sekelian.. 55 comments on this posting !! wow !!

Gurindam Jiwa said...

BoxxTomoi, you are right. Luka di dahi dalam gelanggang nampak berdarah, luka di hati dalam mesyuarat Cawangan siapa yang tahu... ;-)

He he...

Tonight on TV8 8:30pm, "The Legend of Bruce Lee" Episode 31. It is not exact history, so it's called Legend.

Zawi said...

I saw the last episode. Thanks to you.

Zawi said...

Azizan (BoxxTomoi)
I am not into politics so I am not bothered if chairs flew at their meetings.
I definitely admire the respect shown upon one another before and after a fight. They are perfect gentlemen.
If only our politicians can learn something from them....

BoxxTomoi said...

bro zawi,

sorry sir... Azizan IS not boxxtomoi, he's my shooter, I'm the one who do nothing on both nights!

Saya cuma seorang match analyse for Boxx , I don't know what it mean but it do sound sophisticated!!

Politic? you just can't run away from them .. even in Muay Thai world there plenty of politic ..but we are still lucky as the real/pro politician had not join the bandwagon. But we will see lots of them soon,very soon !

F.I.Y Contender Asia season 2 will be held in Terengganu, MALAYSIA ! they will start shooting in March.

The fight will be fought in some small kampong dewan,with some hollywood magic.

The current contender, Dzahbar fought 3 time in our event and Pitu once.

Zawi said...

I am sorry for the mistaken identity. Now I am back to square one as to how you look. Anyway I wasn't there on the first night. Match analyser does sound sophisticated. I guess you must be one of the top guns in the whole outfit.
Yeah I can figure the kind of politics hovering around sports. If there is popularity and money to be made, the politicians will be clawing their way in pretty soon.
Contender Asia 2 will be shot in Terengganu? Why Trengganu if they don't really need a big hall? Kelantan should be the choice as fanatical Tomoi fans are more to be found in Kelantan. We really need the publicity as we dont have anything like the Monsoon Cup.

Zawi said...

I have seen your picture in your blog and I will now be able to identify you the next time we meet. So now I will know who to approach to get my pass hahahaha.


assalamu'alaikum ayahanda...

i took almost an hour just to finish read half of your blog content including the comment...

i'll put it in my fav list next time...thanks for the great coverage u made about our event in kelantan...

really nice knowing that there's got another blogger blog about tomoi..a sincere point of view...

jumpa nanti ayahanda

salam penuh hormat dari anakanda,

Zawi said...

Anaknda Adex,
Terima kasih kerana sudi mengunjung. Pak Zawi masih ingat akan kehadiran Adex di malam kedua tersebut.
I will be blogging more about the Tomoi scene in Kelantan. After my discussion with Pak Yusof, the President of Persatuan Boksing Kelantan who happens to be from Pasir Mas, I now realize that Tomoi is widely practised in Kelantan and there are matches almost every week here!
Unfortunately I can't be blogging about Tomoi all the time as I need to write about other things too to keep my other readers happy. Should there be another big event like the coming March championship in Kota Bharu, I will definitely cover it.
Be sure to comeback to Kota Bharu in March 2009 OK?

sakmongkol AK47 aka Mat Tomoi said...

this contender asia is a rerun. in that fight, the australian, john wayne parr lost to the thai. dah tengok dulu.
kat ktn, ada persatuan tomoi pahang. i will get them to contact boxxtomoi. Namsaknoi yg boxx mentioned is also a legend. demikian juga buakaw por pramuk, samart payakaroon.
sawatdee krap.

Zawi said...

You are the right person to bring a championship fight to Pahang. Hope to see u buka a Mong Kon on one of the fighter in Kuantan one day.
BoxxTomoi said the next Contender Asia will be filmed in Trengganu. How lucky to have them film it in that state.
You really know something about Tomoi. Now Mamasita will be angry with me for encouraging you to bring Tomoi to Kuantan.

david santos said...

Nice week for Malasian people!!!

Zawi said...

Yes It is a time to enjoy and forget the trouble of the world.

BoxxTomoi said...

Bro. Zawi, maaf another long one from me …

Dato Mat Tomoi, I wanna tell your friend (bro.Zawi) that the current CA on air was a rerun...tapi tak sampai hati sebab dia nampak gitu teruja!

CA 2 kat Terengganu, actually seorang biz-man kat sana yang bawa the event there. We hope to put our own show there thru' this kind gentleman too. KT have a new sukma would be cool!

CA don’t need big stadium, they are always gag order for those lucky to view their fight, coz it’s a recorded show.

Mat Tomoi sir,
I blog tomoi 'coz I can't find any blog that did it. When I Google, your name always pop-up, but there no Tomoi posting. I must say, because of my frustration that you sir, did not do the posting, I start my own.

Getting someone to contact us is one thing … but you also need BIG sponsors. RM10-20 ticket? Well that would not cover our huge cost! Our boxers are the most highly paid Nak Muay in Malaysia, Ali Yaakob being the highest paid local. We are lucky TM was there for us.
Well maybe we will have Pahang royal cup... you know why the 'royal'? .. it is much easier to work from UP then being a subject of bureaucracy.
If pahang don't have persatuan, just contact us, we can help you to form one. It would be great to collaborate with peple who have the same passion.

Bro.Zawi and Tuan Mat Tomoi, hope you guy continue to hilight tomoi from time to time, we need all the exposure... but don't dedicated your blog to tomoi only.. nanti saya tak boleh cari makan!... yes saya cari makan from my blog ..otherwise siapa yang nak bayar for my crew!

Zawi said...

You seem to explode there hahahaha.
Don't worry I won't infringe upon your territory. I will be too happy to blog about mundane things that can bring joy not only to myself but to my readers too. I didn't even know there is such a blog about Tomoi until I start Googling after the event in Kelantan to get more information about it. I am glad that our path crossed somewhere and now we can consider ourselves as friends.
Don't be apologetic about taking up space in my comment site as everything here is free. Furthermore beside ourselves not many others are coming here until I have posted a new post. I am still tied up with my article for my Magazine Qiadah with a datline set for tomorrow thus can't start a new blog yet.

Patricia said...


As the rains have hit Kelantan and Terengganu, I've been wondering how you and your family are doing? I hope you are all safe.


Zaharan Razak said...

I miss this one but when you mention about cigarettes I don't! Next one at open stadium I want to be there!

Mat Cendana said...

It's only now that I finally get the chance to comment. BTW I've known about this post and had read it (but without the pixs) just a few hours after it was posted - had included both your blogs in FeedDemon. This is the only practical way for me to keep up with the blogs; what with time constraints and this darn slow connection.

Oops! Shouldn't have said the last one - shout be Bersyukur (grateful) that I even have an Internet connection:-)

Anyway, I'm trying to imagine your feelings - what it must have been like to see one's own grand-nephew beaten up like that. Well, that's it with this kind of sports. I'm glad he didn't receive worse injuries.

If it were left to ME to make the rules and regulations, I'd insist that competitors have to wear head protectors and body vests. Sure, there will be a lot less KO's. But I'm talking about protecting internal organs...

Zawi said...

Rest assured I am safe and sound. My home is located on one of the highest area in Pasir Mas. It is not a hill but just high ground. Anyway the flood in Pasir Mas is confined to The Golok River Basin. Places like Rantau Panjang and Repek where Akmal comes from will be inundated with his village surrounded by water. People in Kelantan are prepared for the worst so we are not really worried. Death occurs when people will venture out to catch fish or do something in the submerged area. Padi areas is one of the most dangerous area as the padi leaves will hold you down when you fell among its submerged plants due to the nature of its abrasive leaves with minute inward hooks.
I wanted to blog about the flood but thus far I have no pictures of one yet.
Thank you for the concern.

Zawi said...

Did you mean you missed seeing it live? The next one will be in March in the open air stadium. That is according to BoxxTomoi. If you intend to come back to Kelantanto watch it, I will ask BoxxTomoi to extend another pass for another prominent blogger who can blog about the event. You will definitely give a new dimension to Tomoi coverage.
Look out for Contender Asia Final rerun which will be on air at night this next one or two days.

Zawi said...

Mat Cendana,
I have been ORDERED by Mat Salo to resolve your internet connection problem by getting you on streamyx instead of that mobile connection which is only suitable for emails only use.
Let us pray something will crop up real soon and I can proudly announce to the world that Mat Cendana is now connected to the WWW the broadband way. We would like you to attain the limit of your potential and be an icon of The Gambang graduates who finally made it good.
I agree with you that they should use head protection like they do in the olympics boxing or when they train. But this is a bloody sport and the spectators want to see blood when they watch a fight. It is no different from the bull fights on that score.

BoxxTomoi said...

Bro.Zawi .. 3 or 4 passes will not make a different.
Bloggers tak macam press. They (press)come with bigger camera, longer interview tapi that the most they can do .. If you're lucky they will print it.

Bloggers are different, we don't interview ..we talk to each other and the end result ... cerita kecil boleh jadi hebat dan personal!

The funny thing about those I give free passes is .. lepas event you will feel like ..haa ..we are now brothers, I think I should bring you out for makan .. and you end up paying more than the actual ticket cost !
Tapi bukan harga jadi ukuran.. ingatan itu.!

to mat cendana :
fight with full paded gear is like having sex with condom, it is save but keseronokannya kurang sikit!

Zawi said...

Bro Mus,
I hope I got your right name hehehehe. That was a quick reply. I guess you are at your pc like I am now(This is my daily ritual). When March comes the makan is on me.
The reply to Mat Cendana is a cute one hehehehe. Unfortunately he may not be able to read it until sometimes cos our Bro Mat is a very busy man trying to eke a living as a writer. Above all he has a bad connection and trying to download this page alone may take him half a day via that Celcom mobile broadband modem.

BoxxTomoi said...

bro Zawi,
Musaddik "boxxtomoi" Zainuddin .. and just like you, I'm glued depan my laptop ... tak kira masa dan ketika...
using mobile broadband ... itu menambah stress ! just go to the nearest cc .. walau pun bising ngan budak2 main game .. at least it's faster. Kat sini ..kedai mamak pon boleh juga .. well kalau duit lebih , starbuck and such. But then again if you use laptop yang tak stylo like me .. just do it at home!
I never left so much comments on a single topik before.

cheers & take care.

Gurindam Jiwa said...

Take it from the World Wide Wrestling Federation: Blood means money!!!

Zawi said...

Bro Mus,
Many kopitiams and some mamak shops in Kota Bharu are coming up with free wifi at their places. I have yet to try them though cos I am the homely type and I don't drink more than two cups of sweet drink a day so doing it at wifi cafe will be bad for their business.
We are communicating here so no harm is done to anyone. It is as good as chatting only that we dont have to answer each other immdiately.

Zawi said...

They will give what the audience want. Since they want blood, let them have blood, even if they are faked ones.

Anonymous said...

hi sir

this is barbod, after i saw my photo in r blog thought i should contact u some how n appreciate ur impressive effort in both corner to take such nice pics ...
i again apologize to u n his family for what had happened that day...
my regard n respect to all alif's family

Zawi said...

What a surprise to see you visit my blogsite. I am honoured.
No need to apologise. Its all in the game. We know it was done in the name of the game. I am happy that you like the pictures. Hope to see u around more in Kelantan.

oji | zerobyte said...

Hello Elder Zawi,

Please give my respect to Alif and also his family for the strong backbone support they gave him. Fighting a big guy like Barbod is always risky. Especially with someone with THOSE hard body! No matter how skilled or hardened you are, there's always a technical disadvantages. But he fought on bravely.

And to Barbod, your humble attitude is so very like a true Nak Muay. May both of you progress further & higher in Muay Thai

PS: Barbod, I can see you in Ampang Warriors Gym anytime since I'll be training at BoxWarriors Ampang!

Zawi said...

I will convey the regards when I visit them as I have to send the pictures to them.
Barbod is a tough fighter. How nice it will be if he can be matched with Bedu or Chowalit.

Anonymous said...

pak zawi, thanks a lot for sharing your experience to us..but i wish i could watch its own or at least the video of the there any video about the match uploaded in youtube


BoxxTomoi said...

Bro Zawi, you have my permission if u want my tubes, but otherwise, Apih you can visit my blog.
thank you.

Zawi said...

Go to for the fights. I wont be putting videos on mysite yet as I have yet to learn how to do it. Though it is not difficult to do it, I am travelling around Sabah and Labuan now so I wont be able to do much work on the computer.

Zawi said...

Bro Mus,
Thank you for the offer. I will just put a link to your site for those who want to see the videos.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Zawi said...

I will be sending the high resolution pictures by email after I get home from my holiday in Labuan and Sabah.

kakitomoi said...

Ketika perlawanan contender qualifier di shah alam, bernard telah kalah diperingkat awal kepada tengku sharizal dan obviusly tengku sharizal adalah pemenang mutlak. Bagaimanapun, Tengku harus sekali lagi mengambil bahagian di dalam satu lagi qualifier dan mestilah muncul sebagai pemenang sebelum layak ke contender. Jika Tengku sebagai pemenang masih harus menyertai satu lagi pusingan kelayakan, mengapa Bernard yang tewas di peringkat awal tidak perlu menyertai kelayakan dan layak hanya dengan memenangi satu perlawanan menentang peninju yang langsung tidak kenali asal-usulnya atas tiket “international card”? apakah istemewanya Bernard berbanding Nak Muay Malaysia yang lain, mungkin kerana beliau mempunyai hubungan yang baik dengan pihak penganjur?

Perlawanan qualifier di adakan dimerata rata tempat di seluruh dunia dengan menggunakan konsep kalah mati super 8. (8 peninju bertarung dalam perlawanan marathon. untuk muncul sebagai pemenang, seorang peninju harus memenangi 3 perlawanan dalam tempoh 3 jam, tetapi bernard layak dengan memenangi hanya satu perlawanan...).

Di lain-lain negara, pusingan kelayakkan dijalankan dengan 8 peninju bertarung secara "kalah mati" dan pemenang layak ke contender asia season 2.

Jika beliau mahu ke contender season 2, beliau haruslah bertarung menentang peninju-peninju tempatan. adakan perlawanan kalah mati super 8. pilih 8 peninju terbaik tempatan dan biar mereka bertarung menentukan siapa yang layak seperti yang diadakan di seluruh dunia. beliau tidak sepatutnya layak dengan hanya memenangi satu perlawanan menentang peninju yang tidak dikenali. mampukan beliau menang jika beliau berlawan menentang iddi selindang kuning, faizal siku emas, hashim ramli, zeri, kudin raja jerung, karim geliga merah, tengku shahrizal kuda merah, khoo meng yang, aliff M-16, anak badak, hazani kuda merah dan ramai lagi peninju tempatan?

Belum ada lagi kejohanan sebesar ini yang memilih peserta "wild card" terlebih dahulu sebelum habisnya perlawanan pusingan kelayakan yang lain. Hanya kerana beliau boleh berbahasa inggeris (walaupun broken) dan mempunyai hubungan yang baik dengan pihak penganjur) beliau tidak sepatutnya layak mewakili malaysia. Jika masih mahu mencuba nasib di contender melalui pintu belakang, jangan guinakan nama malaysia. Bernard "Back Door" Radin telah mencabul kehormatan Muay Thai Malaysia.

Peninju yang telah layak melalui pusingan kelayakan 8 peninju (super 8)

CA South Africa: Bakhulule Baai
CA Madrid Qualifier :Rafi Zouheir (Spain),
CA Thailand Qualifier : Khem Fairtex
CA Australia Qualifier : Eli 'Mad Dog"
CA Malaysia Qualifier : Benard 'Back Door' Radin.

The Thai I think have to come from Fairtex (don't ask why).

Oh btw Benard is training in Fairtex too.
CA2 will be held in Terengganu , Malaysia.

Cuma nak tambah sikit ,last year champion Yod and Naruepol are also from Fairtex.
Kawan2, kalau kau nak money & fame, pi lah belajar kat Fairtex ha,ha !

Zawi said...

What a revealation. Thank you.