Saturday, November 8, 2008

Elizabeth Marks, Where Art Thou?

After I have posted Befriending Your Neighbours in August 2007, I had an Elizabeth Marks who posted the following comments:

Elizabeth Marks said...

The photo at the top of your blog - Is that at North Labis estate. If it is I have seen that before. My mother used to live there before and after world war 2. my grandfather was one of those colonial rubber planters, Gordon Tanner. Does anybody there remember him?

I responded thus:

Zawi said...

Elizabeth Marks,
I am not quite sure which picture you are referring to as that of North Labis Estate.
Anyway I left the town of Labis sometimes in 1978 and I didn't really know of the personnel of North Labis Estate. Since I am currently living in the State of Kelantan, I am unable to help you find much info about your grandfather. Should I be visiting Labis again in the near future, I will try and make enquiries. Estates usually have a record of their past managers. Just keep your fingers crossed. Who knows something may crop up.

Something really did crop up. As luck would have it or as an act of God a certain Simon Melen responded by sending me the following email wich I reproduce wholly here:

Hello Zawi,

Last year you wrote an artlicle on “befriending your neighbours”. You had a response from Elizabeth Marks, who said that her grandfather, Gordon Tanner, had been a rubber planter on North Labis Estate. Do you know who Elizabeth Marks is, or how I could get in touch with her? My grandfather was once great friends with Gordon Tanner’s wife and I have a multitude of letters between the two of them. I am sure Elizabeth Marks would be interested.

If you can’t help, I am sorry for troubling you.


Simon Melen

Dated: Nov 8, 2008 at 1.50 am.

Since Elizabeth is unknown to me and she didn't leave any address email or otherwise, I couldn't help him much other than promising to do my best as implied by me reply to his email.

To the above email I replied:

Dear Simon,
I remember that comment from Elizabeth Marks. I will post this
communication of yours and hopefully she will revisit my site and read
it. I presume she was disappointed as I wasn't able to give a
favourable answer back then but with your response, things are
definitely turning for the better.
I will do whatever to get you connected.
Pak Zawi

Dated: November 8, 2008.

So if you, Elizabeth Marks or those who knows about Elizabeth Marks is reading
this post, please respond by sending an emal to me at and I will forward it to Simon Melen.
Sometimes miracles do happen. I believe one will happen soon.


kbguy said...

hei, this is interesting. Let us informed if they finally get in touch with each other..and more findings. Good luck !

Zawi said...

It will be great if Elizabeth Marks were to come and found out that there are still people who remembers about their parents.
I will be writing to Simon Menen to see if he can get me some pictures of the colonial bunggalows at the estate.
I will keep you informed whatever the outcome.

Linken Lim said...

Hi Zawi,

Me too, get me informed if they get in touch with each other.

Where there is a will there is a way,
right ?

Zawi said...

linken lim,
Everything depends on luck and an act of God. If only Elizabeth Marks or anybody who knows her were to chance upon this blogsite again, then it will happen.
Anyway the latest info I got from Simon Melen is that Elizabeth's mother hailed from the Isle of Wight in England. So that narrows the search somewhat.
It will be easier if more bloggers will post an article for the search of Elizabeth Marks from The Isle of Wight on the net or refer them to my site.

Akmal said...

Pak Zawi, you should keep the announcement on your sidebar, somewhere visible on the arrival on your page. You're an active blogger to start with, so this posting will be pushed down as entries come.

Akmal said...

And oh ya, I'll post something to help. Dunno how mush it will, but that's the least I can do ;)

Zawi said...

Thanks for tip. I will do just that after I come back from Gua Musang. Any help will be appreciated not only by me but by Elizabeth and Simon Menen.
Hope others will do the same.

arsaili said...

salam pak does good to people...hope elizabeth marks will come back to your blog

Zawi said...

That is what we are all hoping for so that they will be reconnected to those who know them. I am still hoping somebody from Labis to come to my site to throw some light on Gordon Tanner.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Pak Z,

its been 4 days now since you posted this. any news yet from Elizabeth?

Zawi said...

I received an email from Simon giving more details about the family of the late Gordon Tanner which I am going to update the post with. I have received his permission to use the email on the blogsite.
Thank you for your interest and concern. God willing something will turn up soon.