Thursday, October 9, 2008


The second gathering for ex students of Sultan Ibrahim School Pasir Mas Kelantan (Class of 68) will be held as follows:

Date : Saturday 27th December 2008
Time : 1.30 PM
Venue : Dewan Sekolah Menenggah Sultan Ibrahim Satu
Pasir Mas.
Attendance is free.
For any enquiries please call Mohamad Zawawi +6019 9125647
All students from that class are welcome.
For more information please go to or click on Gathering2008 on My Corner at the top of my sidebar.


rauhunt said...

Pak Zawi,

A gathering after 40 years?...very nice! The venue certainly deserves the remembrance. My fellow Smachians will also have this kind of event this month (though in KL). pity me have no chance to meet them up :-(sigh

Zawi said...

We still did it after 40 years down the line. You may miss this one but there will be many more to come. In my case one by one, our maker call us back to meet him. This make the reunion of the remainders all the more meaningful. We want to fete some of our teachers too who are still alive.

Anonymous said...

This is great! You guys even have a blog specially for that class of `68!

Zawi said...

mat cendana,
Yes we do have a blog for the gathering. Unfortunately most of my mates are not internet savvy and the most thet they have is the email account so it is useless to put up info on the blogsite. Its just for the records. I will have to inform them by SMS.

kbguy said...

oops ! but I am an Ismailian..

Zawi said...

This post is meant for my classmates hehehehe.

J.T. said...

Have fun at your gathering. It is nice to meet up with old classmates and catch up on what has been happening with everyone.

I am sure some people use these kind of gatherings to assess how far they have gone compared to their peers. It is good to assess but I think some people come away feeling inadequate if they don't take into account their own achievements and keep comparing themselves to others.

That's just an observation. Didn't mean to put a damper on an exciting event (if it is perceived that way).

Zawi said...

You are right. Such gatherings can be a double edged sword that can cut both ways. Since this is the second mass gathering after the first one done in 2004, I think we are over that phase of comparing ourselves to the success of our peers. Furthermore its only for our own class of 68 and not many of us were so sucessful that we could feel envious of their success. God has been fair by not giving everything to one person and in a certain way each of us has something in ourselves that we can consider as as a personal success.
We need to meet up because all of us are getting old and we are getting sad news of our friends being called to meet our maker from time to time. We have to do it before most of us are gone. It is also a time to meet our old teachers who will be invited to attend. The last time we did it our teachers from as faraway as Sabah, Klang, Penang and Johor Baru (including Datuk Dr. Toh Kin Woon the former Exco of Penang) came for the gathering. Don't you think that is reason enough for us to meet?

en_me said...

en_me minta maaf dari kejauhan pada semua yang mengenali me selama ini .. maaf la segala kekurangan2 en_me yg ini k

Zawi said...

Sama la kita bermaafan.

KakChik said...

Happy belated birthday Pak Zawi.

Zawi said...

Thank you :).