Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Celebrating Aidilfitri - My Family's Way

This post is long overdue since Aidilfitri was celebrated on 1st Syawal which fell on 1st October 2008. Nevertheless the need to share with you all how we celebrated Aidilfitri within our family. Many non Moslems would want to know how we do it as most people would only envision us feasting on all the good food served during the celebration.
Personally I would consider the celebration to have begun on Hari Membuat Ketupat (Ketupat Making Day) which is a day before. In our case it was on Tuesday 30th September 2008. It was really fun teaching the children how to do this traditional delicacy.

Even Balqis helped in by keeping us entertained while making the ketupat.
Since this was the last day of fasting, the nightly Terawih prayers ceased and tonight we did the Takbir (recital of praises to Allah) after the Isyak prayers.
First Day
The morning of the Raya started with the Subuh prayers. Upon returning home we took our bath and prepared for the Idulfitri prayers which will be done at 8.30 AM at our small surau. I prefer to do it at the small surau because I know most of the people in the congregations since they are mostly my neighbours. I could have gone to the mosque with an even bigger congregation but only very few of them will be known to me.
One thing that never failed to amaze me, more people will come out to pray for this prayer which is a sunat (one will be rewarded with pahala if one were to do it) even though they didn't do the five daily prayers which is a wajib (one will be penalised if one even misses it).

Here we are on our way to the surau. Azini has to look after Balqis so she couldn't make it while Lokman chose to go to the mosque.

When we reached the surau, they were already doing the Takbir and so we just joined them. The ladies were segregated and prayed in the back section of the congregation.

When the prayers were done, which is actually a short one and led by Ustaz Zawawi Zakaria, a graduate from Azhar University of Egypt. He later delivered the sermons. The sermon is an important part of the prayers. The Imam exhort us through it to be good muslims. Since it was a prepared text from Majlis Ugama Islam Kelantan, it didn't miss taking a swipe at the Federal Government over it's policy on youth development. Even the Jom Heboh and Akademi Fantasia on TV was mentioned as a form of bad influence. Well it is up to us individually to digest the sermon.

The best part of a Raya prayers is when we salam with each and every individual congregation who were present. It is the opportunity to reestablish broken ties among us.

Immediately after the Raya prayers we headed directly to one of the neighbour's place. We have to do it early otherwise we would miss it again for the umpteenth time.
We returned home and now it was our turn to ask for forgiveness among the family. Well of course we had to start the ball rolling. The children followed.

The family photograph was taken. Since only son Azuan and daughter Azini came home with their spouses, it wasn't really a big family.

We waited for our relatives from Kota Bharu to come to the house before we moved on to visit my mother inlaw and the rest of the siblings in the vicinty of the motehrs place. Since both of my parents have passed away, it was less hectic as we didn't have to travel a long distance on the first day of Raya.
The family of my sister inlaw from Kota Bharu came quite early.

This is the first arrival. Mohd Quoyum aspires to be a Mufti. He had manage to commit to memory the Surrah Yasin while still at a young age. By now he has added a few more surrah.
They were the first to sample our servings.
My house was at a dead end road, so parking was quite a problem.

We moved on to my mother in law's place.

Azuan paying respect to the maternal grandmother.

Fatthiyah's cousin is married to a Syrian who teaches Arabic at the International Islamic University Campus in Kelantan.
Haleeza reads my blogs and requested that I put her picture in it.

We went next door to the siter's place.

This is Siti (in red) with Ijjah and Yaya. Siti is a big biker and recently traded off her Honda CBR 600 to upgrade to a bigger CBR 1000. What can you say when someone loves the big bike so much.
The family photograph. Yours truly is behind the camera.

Then off we go to the brother in law's place for yummy mee curry.

The uncle's place was the last place in the vicinity of the mother in law's place before we proceeded to the house of Lokman's parent. Here is one picture for the album.

By the time we reached my sister's place (below), there wasn't anymore room in our stomach for another bite.

The visit to Ijjah's parents house was a mere courtesy call. There is no way for us to eat anything.

My daughter in law's parents was the last place to visit for the day before we head home for some rest.
Second Day
The second day of Raya we played host for the reciprocal visits from my other half's siblings. They stopped by on their way to visit the eldest sister in Kota Bharu.

We followed them to Kota Bharu. On the return trek, we wanted to proceed to Tanah Merah where my half brother resides. We had to call off the idea as the jam towards Tanah Merah started building up from across the river on the other side of Pasir Mas.

That night we played host to my son's parent in law's family who came visiting. My sister's family came too.

The Third Day
The third day of Raya was spent attending Datuk Sukimi's open house in Wakaf Baru.

Datuk Sukimi posing with one of his guests, The Kelantan Chief Director of Education. Datuk Sukimi's open house was the place to feast as you have ample choice to choose from with the different food stations.

My son Azuan and his mum being showed how to enjoy Mee Hongkong with the help of his mum's cousin Wani.

We left Datuk Sukimi's place to visit Lokman's sisters place who was having an open house in her new house. A heavy downpour washed away an otherwise great day.

Fourth Day.

I had set up a mini gathering of Kelantan bloggers at Hayaki Kopitiam in Desa Cemerlang. It was the miniest of mini gathering when only Che Jaafar Che Musa was the other blogger that turned up. Another blogger Raktamrittika wanted to attend but he got stuck in the jam and reached Hayaki at 12.00 noon after we were long gone. I could have stayed on till noon if my daughter had not borrowed my laptop for her class in Keningau.

Che Jaafar aka cjcm of KL Traveller in front of Hayaki Kopitiam. This outlet has expanded with another shop being opened up on the side where we stood.
Fifth Day
I received a call from a blogger who wanted to visit my place. It was a nice surprise indeed to receive Aida Rahim aka pb with her husband and family.

Pb and her family. Thank you for visiting me.

So my friends, that is about it. I wont bore you to death with the minute details.


uncleawang said...

Salam Pak Zawi,
Terima Kasih atas sudi nya Tuan berkongsi berRaya sakan di sana.
Kami di sini(KCH) sama je..tapi jangan hairan orang Sarawak wajib Kek Lapis S'wak haha bukan murah mahal lagi tu, kan membazir???Tapi di rumah saya tak ada lah..simple yg penting kita zairah ke rumah kaum kerabat.
Btw I enjoy reading yr blog.

Pi Bani said...

Pak Zawi,
Takde tripod stand ke? Boleh juga guna self timer join family photo...

Zawi said...

It was your request that made me do it. I tahnk you for asking me to do it otherwise I would have considered it as overtaken by events.

Zawi said...

pi bani,
Semuanya ada. Cuma segalanya huru hara nak himpunkan yang kecik dan yang besar. Yang ada gambar saya pun ada cuma tak masukkan dalam blog jer.

rauhunt said...

Pak Zawi,

Memang padat sungguh jadual raya Pak Zawi ya, Dari hari membuat ketupat lagi. Tak sangka pulak Pak Zawi pandai buat ketupat palas.

Zawi said...

Memang padat Hari Raya kami. Membuat ketupat adalah amalan dalam keluarga Pak Zawi dahulu dan sebenarnya ini adalah kali pertama Pak Zawi cuba buat sendiri. Alhamdulillah jadi juga ketupat tersebut.

Akmal said...

Sampai tak larat makan? Ish ish ish~~~ :)
I guess my family members don't really fancy making ketupat daun palas. We bought them from some family, usually my makcik from Kampung Bakat.
But you can rest assure that there'll always tapai around during the whole Raya. I don't eat tapai though haha.

Zawi said...

Memang tak larat makan sebab jarak makan antara satu rumah ke satu rumah cuma tak sampai sejam. Tiap rumah ada makanan berbeza dan semuanya lazat belako.
We did the ketupat daun palas as a family activity. It is quite fun.

mercu said...

Abe Awi

Happy belated 52nd B-day... Tak dae lagi nak arrange jupo Abe Awi somewhere in KB..

-wan- (aka sangkelate)

Patricia said...

Hi Zawi,

You must have had a lovely time meeting up with all your relatives and friends over the Raya. And yes, what full days! I don't know how you did it! But you must have enjoyed it, because you all look so happy and smiling in every photo :)

Some of the traditions - whether religious or cultural - are good: like the one where you ampun each other at the start of the day. That is excellent. It helps clean the slate and let by-gones be by-gones, and you can all look forward to another year of peace.



Pp said...

kawae dok ssini beraso kenyae baco semuo benda pok wi makae tuh...
ghama tu keluargo...!! meriah sakae..

Zawi said...

wan (mercu),
Terima kasih kerana memudakan saya 6 tahun. Hati rasa muda begitu tapi badan tidak pula hehehe.
Tidak ada masalah nak berjumpa, tunggu laptop saya dikembalikan sehari dua ini kita jumpa la di Hayaki Desa Cemerlang.

Zawi said...

It was indeed very hectic. Anyway we will always smile for the camera however tired we were.
I don't think we need to wait for such an occassion to forgive one another. It should be done whenever there is a need to do so, especially after a friendly quarrle?

Zawi said...

Terima kasih la kerana mengunjung ke rumah dan juga ke blog. Besar rasa hati ambo.
Memang kalu kita semua berhimpaun pada satu tempat akn berasa ghama terutama apabila segala anak cucu ada.

Kama At-Tarawis said...

Pak Zawi - alaahai, seronoknya baca pak zawi punya raya. visit sana, visit sini, makan brmacam2. saya dengan pak abu kat KL takda apa. pagi sembahyang raya, then makan bersama2 anak2, and thats it. my adik beradik beraya dirumah inlaws since mak baru meninggal may lepas. anak2 beraya rumah ayahnya. saya tengok pak abu, pak abu tengok saya, pastu kami tengok TV..LOL

Zawi said...

Begitulah perbezaan beraya di bandar dan di kampung. Oleh kerana itulah orang orang bandar seperti KL akan berhijrah untuk pulang beraya di kampung kerana ia lebih bermakna. Apabila masa nak pulang ke bandar semuanya liat.
Makan minum di hari Raya merupakan perkara kecil sahaja keranaberapa banyak sangat yang kita boleh makan. Yang sedih sikit ialah apabila sedara mara yang tak sempat diziarahi akan menegur kita kerana tak datang beraya di rumah mereka terutama sekali yang kurang berada. Untungnya mereka sebelum Raya kami telah menziarahi mereka untuk menghulurkan duit zakat jadi mereka tak la terasa sangat apabila kami tak menziarahi mereka di Hari Raya.

Mat Salo said...

Nothing beats beraya di kampong, Pak! I don't think I will ever, not in this lifetime at least, will I ever, ever savor the joy of a Kampong Raya again. Especially after the passing of nenek. Perhaps I should go look for a kampong and start one...

At least I can experience it vicariously in your blog...

Say if you were to 'adopt' a kampong, and should be under two hours by car from KL, where would it be? Any recommendations?

Zawi said...

Mat Salo,
Beside the look of a kampong, it is the family atmosphere that brings about the greatness of Raya. If I were to look for one, find a family that you could adopt as your own. Be a part of this family. There are many villages in Kajang or Rawang that has the kampong atmosphere and not very far from KL. I believe many families would have you as a foster family.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Pak Z,

actually i dont mind the minute detail, especally on the ketupat making day. to me, the best part about syawal begins right after our last iftar of the year. maybe becos we're sad to leave ramadhan and at the same time anticipated with joy that raya is just a day away.

thanks for sharing sir. lovely pics as always.

Zawi said...

So happy to have shared with you this post.

CJCM said...

Salam Pak Zawi.

Correction... :)

Che Man... instead of Che Mamat
The KL Traveler... instead of Kelantan Traveler.

What a cool Hari Raya you have there... :)


Mat Cendana said...

"Bore to death"? Don't worry about this when writing your blog - anyone who feels this has the choice of clicking on to some other link:-) It's different from a conversation - yang ni orang tak boleh nak lari.

BTW it doesn't matter if it's three weeks from the first day of Raya. The "memories" - yang ni saya rasa penting untuk blog.

Zawi said...

My apologies for the glaring mistakes. I will amend it ASAP. Thank you.

Zawi said...

Thank you for the understanding. There is always something positive coming from you.
Yesterday my monitor reached the end of its life after 5 years with me when I bought it from a second hand shop. Today I bought a 20 in acer LCD monitor which set me back some RM600 plus another RM90 for a new DVD RW and an additional RM250 for a 1 Gigabyte RAM. Ahhh the old DDR RAM is so costly when compared to the DDR2 ones. That is how much debt I have just incurred today. Now I want you to help me get some money from advertisements. Can't be doing it for free anymore hahahahaha.

Azura said...

I miss the occasions....fair tetap kena fair....nxt yr balik beraya kt kelantan.....huhuhu.....

Zawi said...

It was your choice. You could be with us for Aidilfitri if you have chosen to.
Anyway we missed your family and Angah's family. If everybody was there it would have been a memorable occassion indeed.