Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Teringat Kampung Laman

This post is dedicated to Tuan Hj. Ariffin Mamat (Pakpayne) who hailed from Kampong Tembesu, Kemubu, Kota Bharu, Kelantan. He is now residing in Dubai, UAE. He was pining for his village and wrote this comment in my blog: "boleh ko, gi ko kemubu cari sekolah lamo ambo tu cubo buat repot jugok. raso rindu sangat nie nak tgk gambar sek keb pangkal kalong tu.... kalu buleh interview lah sekali dua tigo oghe cikgu ssitu..hehehe" Translated: Can you go to Kemubu and look up my old school and do a report. I miss the school so much and long to see that Sekolah Kebangsaan Pangkal Kalong. If you can, please interview two or three teachers there......hehehehe". Maybe he was kidding but I took it seriously and with Akmal of WiseUp who was just back from KL, I enticed him to shoot with my Sony Alpha 350. Akmal explored the capabilty of my Alpha 350 in one day, what I tried to do in almost one month since I bought the camera. All the photos in this post was captured by Akmal. He deserved all the credit.

Teringat, kampung laman, kampung laman.......

Those were the last two lines from a song from the film Panggilan Pulau sung by the late Tan Sri P Ramlee. Though I can't recall the full lyrics of the song or even the title of the song, the melody and feeling of longing for one's village and the loved ones haunts me till now from the first time I saw the movie which was more than 40 years ago. Tuan Haji Ariffin Mamat must have felt the same longing when he requested me to do the report on the school which I did visit yesterday with Akmal. I did even more than that by going to his elder sister's place to see the village where Tuan Haji Ariffin Mamat grew up in.

After breakfast of roti canai telor with Akmal in Pasir Mas we proceeded to Kemubu via the Jambatan Lemal way. Pakpayne jokingly advised me to use a sampan to get to his village to save fuel after the steep hike in it's price. Unfortunately the stiff current and the many obstacles in the form of floating steel pipelines used by sand miners across the Kelantan river prevented me from doing so. Further more I don't even have a sampan and I doubt that Akmal is able to swim. The risk of losing his precious life and damaging my brand new camera prevented me from doing that route. We went by car instead. After crossing the river and seeing the pump house belonging to KADA with the word Kemubu on the building, we know we were almost there.

Some people are so fond of the keris. So they put the monument in the form of the Keris in front of the pump house.

The older pump house with a view of Bukit Panau in the background. Bukit Panau is on the other side of the river and the reference point for all survey map in North Kelantan hence it's importance.

It took sometimes for us to reach the school as the photographer has a keen eyes of interesting things such as this.
and the one below.

Being in unfamiliar territory we had to ask for directions lest we missed the place.

This was the signboard to the secondary school and the signboard to SK Pangkal Kalong is on the other side of the road.
A beautiful scene outside the school fence. Akmal caught it on camera.

The entrance to the school.

With the help of a retired school staff who seemed to miss the school so much that he came to the school, we proceeded to the school office to meet the headmaster Tuan Haji Hasbullah Ismail who had been the school head since 2002. After explaining our intention we had his permission to look around, meet some teachers and take photographs.

Noting some info at the school office

We then proceeded to the school's computer lab which seemed to be well equipped with computers and audio visual equipments. Cikgu Nik Yusoff bin Tuan Kadir is in charge and he was very cooperative and interested in what we were doing.

Cikgu Nik Kadir

The lab seems to be well equipped. Unfortunately we can't open blogsites from their computers.

Every school is supposed to have a website. This school have yet to have one but they seemed to have a blogsite which is still under construction. Try to see it here.

A brief history of the school is available on the blogsite. The school was started in 1943 by Tuan Haji Umar Ismail and Tuan Haji Salleh bin Awang. Quite a long history.
One teacher a Miss Tan So Hiang was given a crash course on how to create a blogsite for the school using Blogger. I can't comprehend the suitability of using blogs for schools. A website would be more approppriate. The ministry must have their reasons. Initially I managed to open up Pakpayne's A Clear Blue Skies to show them of this successful old boy of SK Pangkal Kalong. It was later blocked too.
An attempt to open Akmal's site WiseUp and my Life As I See It on the computer at the computer at the lab failed as most blogsites are banned.
We observed that the old wooden block was the old school and most likely to be the classes where people like Pakpayne had studied during their stint at the school. A section of the block had a gaping hole on the roof where either the wooden structure had rotted away or a gust of wind must have blown off some of the asbestos roofing sheet. Why are they not repaired? I forgot to ask the headmaster.

Remedial work must be done soon otherwise the whole building will soon collapse. This block is being used as the school hall. Imagine what the catastrophe would be if the structure were to collapse during a school assembly while all the 624 pupils and 38 teachers are assembled there. Do we wait until it collapses before something is done?

The old block with the gaping hole in the roof.

The gap as seen from above.

Another old block which is detached from the first block.

The mind tree.

We adjourned to the school canteen for a drink and from there Cikgu Nik called two other colleagues of his, Cikgu Saufi bin Mohamad and Cikgu Mariana Che Ahmad who were earlier purported to be Pakpayne's relatives but actualy they were his neighbours in Kampong Tembesu and know something about Pakpayne.

Having a drink with Cikgu Saufi and Cikgu Nik.

Cikgu Mariana Che Ahmad is from Kampung Tembesu too.

The canteen could be a new building.

The school field where Pakpayne used to kick balls around. The secondary School is in the background. It wasn't there yet during Pakpayne's time that was why he was sent to STAR to study.
Now there is a pre school just infront of the school to prepare new intake for standar one. Such things were unheard of in Pakpayne's tme.

Cikgu Saufi suggested that we meet Pakpayne's nephew by the name of Zul at the place where he sells dressed chicken on the way to Kampung Kemubu Surau where we were supposed to see Pak Teh Wil, an uncle of Pakpayne. Zul was not there and we met his brother Fendi instead. Fendi was kind enough to invite us to to his home to meet his mother and father. His mother is Pakpayne's elder sister. I was eager to see Pakpayne's kampung to see why he longs to be there so much.

Fendi offered us to visit his house.

We met Fendi instead of his brother Zul. Fendi is interested to see the blogsites especially bakpo. Even though without a computer at home, he seems to be computer literate and will see it at cyber cafes in town.

Fendy led the way on his motorbike . At the entrance to the road leading to his village we saw the remnant of the recent election in the form of this arch.

The entrance to Kampong Tembesu. No reward for guessing to which party this 'pintu' gerbang belongs to.

Fendi on motorbike led us to his house with the red roof.

What followed next was an open expanse of space in the form of a paddy field. Paddy field is the other element of a Malay rural village beside swaying coconut trees around a cluster of houses. Oh gosh this place is so beautiful and serene. Imagine how the scenery would be when the fields are planted up with rice and see them swaying in the breeze. The whole field will be green and later turn golden yellow when the rice ripened. How can you find such a thing in the concrete jungle of Dubai or in the desert expanse where only sandunes are found?
The paddy fields played a great part in anyone's early life as one grows up near it. Life evolves around it. Beside getting food from the rice planted, we could get fish to go with it. Catching them using 'taut' was definitely the easiest. A 'taut' is made of a short length of bamboo or sticks about a metre long with a short length of nylon string attached at one end. At the end of the string is attached the fish hook and baited with a piece of earthworm, made the best bait for the haruan or keli. In the evening several tauts are place around a padi filed with one end stcuk in the bund and the other end holding the hook and bait jutting into the water. The 'taut' are inspected the first thing tomorrow morning and any fish hooked are collected to be cooked into delicious meals to go along with the rice.

In those days paddy was planted in the monsoon only where rain brought sufficient water for the paddy to grow and harvesting always coincided with the dry season. Fertilizer was not used much so the fish survive. Afer the harvest, the fields were left fallow allowing children to play footballs or fly the kites. Adults will help the children to make the kites and fly them at the same time enjoying themselves with their children.
Now with the coming of irrigation and double cropping, the use of fertilzers, more paddy crops are planted without any chance for the land to become fallow. The use of chemicals to kill the insect and grasses also killed the fish. The paddy field is no more looked as a place to find those extra fish protein. No chance to fly the kites and play footballs. I guess the paddy fields were where Pakpayne honed his football skill before displaying them like a pro at the school field.

The road leading to Pakpayne's house is now tarred. Gone were the days when going to school during the rainy days mean soiling your shoes in the mud that were created along the enlarged bunds of the rectangular padi fields to form the pathway to and fro the house. In those days it was easier to go barefooted and later wear the shoes when firmer grounds were encountered and a place with clean water to wash the feet were found. It was along this enlarged bunds that Pakpayne was carried on his dad's 'basikal tua' to go to and return from school. Later he learned to ride the bike by straddling the bike in between the bars, though akward, it was possible. Datuk Lat rode the 'basikal unta' the same way too in his younger days. Today's children are more fortunate because the have bicycles built for their size complete with trainer wheels so they didn't have to bear the cuts, scars and bruises of trying to learn how to ride a bike.

The door to the house.

After the padi field there loomed ahead a double storey house and Fendy stopped his bike and beckoned us into the house. Fendy called his mother, Kak Hasmah telling her that some friends of 'ayah Su', as pakpayne is known at home, wanted to meet his ayah. Tuan Haji Ismail was taking his bath to prepare for his Zohor prayer. He is the bilal for the village surau and thus may have to go early. Meantime we could smell something nice being fried in the kitchen. Kak Hasmah came out to inquire about our visit and being the talkative man that I am, Kak Hasmah felt at ease with us. Abang Haji Ismail joined us awhile later.

Tuan haji Ismail is Pakpayne's brother in law, but has assumed the role of his 'father' after the later's death when Pakpayne was 10.
We had small talks and he related about what happened when he was in Jeddah to perform the Haj that Pakpayne who was then residing in Jeddah came to fetch the two of them to his home to which they had to decline because they were in a group of 19 and did not want to split from the group. Pakpayne invited all of them to his house after arranging a bus to come and fetch all the 19 of them. Hey that's Pakpayne for you. He did the same thing to my cousin Kamal and his boss Zul by fetching them at the Dubai airport to treat them to lunch at his villa.

Pakpayne's own house where he was born and brought up is no more there. After the passing of his dad, his mother came to live with Kak Hasmah where later she too passed away. I wanted to take a shot of the old house but Abang Haji Ismail said there is noting left of it.
Though we were offered lunch we had to decline as we came without prior notice. I know the kampong way is such that you will always be welcomed to join them for a meal if you happened to be there at meal time.

Coming out from Abang Haji Ismail's house.

The padi field is always beautiful to look at. Pakpayne's dad used to toil in this field and Pakpayne rode the 'sikat' which was being pulled by their buffalo. In those days a buffalo was a farmer's most precious possession.
We took leave and on the way out took some photos of the house and more of the padi fields. Akmal must have regretted it that being the photographer of the day he had no chance to be photographed. Being the creative and innovative person that he is, he took two shots of himself in the side mirror. The first attempt was with the camera blocking his face and later he managed to get half of his face. Do you think if you were to meet Akmal in person you can recognize him now?

How do you spell SONY?
Is that Akmal?

On the way back we saw this lady drying her 'tembakau kampung' or 'tembakau darat' as some calls it on the 'acok'.
This 'makcik' wore a 'kain batik lepas' around her. She reminds me of my late mum.

This village seems to be the place that has this local tobacco as a cottage industry.This reminds me that I have yet to blog about the making of 'tembakau kampong' which I used to do with my mother when I was small.'Tembakau kampung' now costs RM2.00 per 'tepek'.

So my friend Pakpayne, I am sorry to inform you that your request to make a report about your former old school has turned out to be more than just that. I for one believe that the person by the name of Tuan Haji Ariffin Mamat aka Pakpayne who was produced by this school deserved to be highlighted as much as the school that produced him.


cakapaje said...

Salam Pak Zawi,

I must commend you - you and Akmal. Though Tn Hj Ariffin may have not been serious, you took pains to fulfill his wishes. This is a rare trait and I hope Allah s.w.t. will reward you accordingly.

Zawi said...

Pakpayne rindu kampung laman. Realizing that I was willing to do anything to help him alleviate that feeling of longing to be home. On the other hand I may have aggravated him even more. Who knows how he felt after reading it. Hope it will be cured when he comes back this July. I am lookingforward to meeting him and take him fishing while spending a night very close to nature.

pakpayne said...
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pakpayne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pakpayne said...

Pak Zawi...

first of all, my heartfelt thanks to you and also akmal. When u called that morning saying u were already in kemubu - i was still in bed - but that was the best wake up call i have had for a long time. I was filled with excitement the whole day. I called my sister later, but you have already left her house. I will forever be indebted to you for what u have done - to have driven to the place, looking for my humble school, to have met my dear and beloved sister and abe Wil. You brought everything back to me - and i will be shameless here in admitting - tears welled in my eyes as I look at those pictures. Being in the office - i ran to the bathroom and locked myself in ....and had good reflective moments of 'my roots!'.

It was a humble beginning - deprived of material wealth, but filled with love from everyone around me then.

Yes, i walked through the padi fields bare footed to go to school. In fact I did not have any pair of shoes until I was qualified to go to STAR - then we found means to buy myself a pair of white canvas shoes. It broke my heart later on to discover that my arwah mak had to borrow money to afford me that pair.

Yes, those were the padi fields where I helped planted rice, caught fish thru 'taut' and main rakit during rainy seasons. Yes, that was the field our buffaloes toiled the earth, and I was there
standing on the rake together with my arwah father, adding weight to the grind.
Yes, my father died when i was ten, and we had to sell of the buffaloes then.

Yes, that was the school. Most of my beloved teachers from those days have left us - and my prayers for God to place them amongst Muslimin dan Muslimat Ahli Syurga!

It breaks my heart to see the coNdition it is in, as seen from the pictures taken ably by Akmal.

Time has changed very little for Kg Tembusu. Yes, the lorong has been poured with tarmac, and most houses now have a refrigerator, a tv box, and ceiling fans. Other than those material things - the people of Kg Tembusu remain who they were when I was a child. Simple, unassuming, caring and soft spoken people who know not what hatred and anger mean and who complain not of what they not have but always bersyukur with what they have.

Thank you again pak Zawi. You have raised the bar - of what friendship means! And I will strive to be able to walk with you side by side....

May God bless.

Pakpayne (red-eyed, but extremely happy)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

uncleawang said...

Pak Zawi,
Touching..that all I can say after reading command from Pakpayne as he read yr story of his kampung laman.btw our cameraman(akmal)tak can upah nya roti canai sahaja hehehe...well nice shot by akmal with yr Alpha..

Zawi said...

If you were to ask Kak Hasmah or Abang Haji Wil or even Affendy, I didnt ask them much about your past. The minute I saw the place I just iamgine how the place was some 30 years ago. Having gone through the same life, I just imagined what life was back then. It was like reliving my own life. I am glad I wasn't far off.
I did the whole write up since early morning today and immediately after finishing them, I requested your permission to post it after you have approved the story. I never expect the correction to be so little. Thank you for letting me took a peek into your past life. The success that came to you was a reward for the hardship that you went through life. Thank you my friend.
Rest assured the whole school will be following this blog.

Zawi said...

Do you know what was the 'upah'? He was allowed to play with my toys. He took always 200 shots that day and I had a big headache trying to delete as many shots as possible so as not to cram my Hard Disk. I have yet to finalise which pics should go into my external hard disk for the final keep. Hey we had lunch later hehehehe. He enjoyed the trip as much as me. Just wait till Pakpayne return to Kelantan and we will have a good makan together.
U bila nak datang Kelantan pula?

FiSHY@iKe said...

wah! it must be a very tiring but happy day for both of you, am i right pak zawi? May Allah bless both of you for your deeds. I hope i can come by to kelantan some time to visit my aunt there and at the same time meet akmal and you there in person, insyaAllah, ;D

p/s: you make the right choice of bringing akmal along, as he was indeed a superb cameraman but you have to bear the consequences la, kalu boleh sume bende die nak amik gambar, muahaha, ;) take care!

Berisman said...

Pak Zawi,
What a great act of kindness!For the efforts and time taken,I must congratulate you and Akmal.I am grateful to Allah swt to have met you and now were are friends.It is a manifestation of great heart!!!
Jazakallahu Khairan.

--Pak Adib

arejae said...

hmm...nitik air mato ambo baco cerita pakpayne.lebih kure cerito denge diri ambo jah.teringat plok lagu dikir "bangkit asal" halim yazid.

pak zawi and akmal,well done to both of you.

Anonymous said...

dear pak zawi

nothing could be happier than being able to view the place where one was born and raised. In most cases, either the journey of time has transformed it completely into another strange place, or, otherwise the opportunity is absolutely rare because of the distant, as in the case of pakpayne.
What you have done for your friend is something very commendable. I would have felt the same way as how pakpayne is feeling about your writing and akmal's photos.
Apart from the beautiful narration you've written, the pictures themselves depict stories of their own - a sleepy kampung lost in time, but the beauty of the original Malay hospitality remains intact.

Atok said...


wow! great respect for such trouble done in the name of friendship. susah nak cari kawan camni :)

me too, kadang teringat those yesteryears... and my memories seem to be more vivid on those early years; 70's and early 80's kota bharu, eg carnegie library, kelantan union (toy shop), etc... semuanya dah lama takde.

kbguy said...

Those pictures reminds me of my former school as well.. SRK Sultan Ismail 1 at bt 2, jln Kuala Krai. And you and Akmal took excelent photos ! And Pakpayne is fortunate to have a blog buddy like you. And Zawi, you really turn your blog buddies beome your real buddies now ! Congrats !

Zawi said...

We were enjoying ourselves so we didn't feel tired. The Kemubu area, though in Kelantan is new to Akmal so he was enjoying discovering the place. You were right about his wanting to capture everything plus my contant instruction to shoot so many things. He was often surprised to see me stop the car and pointing at something that initially seemed meaningless but after being photographed looks great. Almost 200 shots. We shot the Bongor tree in full bloom, a bamboo thicket ahhh too many. I will post the pictures later on my flickr or photopages. Luckily they were digital photography where no film was needed. The good battery life of the camera and an 8GB camera card helped too.
As Pak Idrus said to me, Akmal is Godsend. On that da I was the reporter and he was the photographer. All I need to do is point at the things I want and he will take the photo of it.
Please come and visit us. You can even stay at my house if you like.

Zawi said...

Pak Adib,
There are many ways that we can show our kindness. I dont have material wealth and this is the only wealth that I have and I can share. Its a joy to share what you have right?
Likewise I am gratefull to Allah for letting me meet nice couple like you and your wife. Hoping that one day that our friendship will extend to the families to and not just between the two of us.

Zawi said...

Kalu arejae terasa lagu tu apalagi Pakpayne diri yang terlibat. Kebanyakan kita asal dari susah dan pengalaman kita membolehkan kita menjiwai perkara sebegini.
Sdr. Halim Yazid adalah satu contoh yang baik. Ayahnya berhijrah ke Kesedar Lebir ia itu satu tempat yang paling susah dibumi Kelantan ini satu masa dulu. Sekarang ini keadaan dah beruabah banyak.
Terima kasih kerana menghayati usaha kami berdua.

Zawi said...

When Pakpayne was back in Malaysia before, it wasn't really a holiday. He had 1001 things he wanted to do within that short span of time he was back in Malaysia. He didn't have time to even enjoy the smell fresh air of his village, what more to visit his old school. From what I gathers from Cikgu Saufi, it was all rush, rush, rush to get to so many places and to do so many things. In another word he doesn't have the luxury of time people like me have at my disposal.
When we were there we had a hard time deciding on what to focus on we were spot on when we focus on the 'bendang' as it was around the bendang that Pakpayne's life revolved around when he was young.
I would do the same for anybody else as I have done for Pakpayne should the need arise. So Shirzad do you have any special request?

Zawi said...

We did what we did for a friend :).
Yes the Carnegie Library! My sister inlaw told me the story of a single mum who left her son at the Carnegie Library before or after school hours while she herself went to work at Telekoms. The boy did very well in his studies. If I can get that story, I would like to blog about it. It would be a very compelling story. Could you be that boy?

Zawi said...

I have never been to Sultan Ismail Satu so I can visualize it now if it looks the same as the pictures.
It is a matter of time when our blog buddies become bosom friends. All we need to do is just meet up and make the friendship much more real. We have met so we are now friends arent we? I consider Mrs Lim a good friend even though we havent met. Of course we will meet up one day.
Bila kita nak makan nasi berlauk di Pasir Mas? Call me when u r around here especially when you are at Leong's Hardware cos Ah Boon is my biking buddy.

Akmal said...

Seriously, what I did was taking pictures, that's all.
Being part of this little adventure makes me smile, and think at the same time. Being born on later point of the timeline, I can just imagine what have Pakpayne, you, Pak Adib, Atok, arejae, and my own mum and dad had to go through.

Thanks for the opportunity to play with that superb toy of yours. It has added me some new info and things to look upon before getting myself one of those, which surely I will. Oh ya, you should be feeling very lucky, because 200++ pictures in one go is not my record. It is 500++, and the only reason I stopped was the battery. Mueiz said it, me being crazy see photography in everything I see (the dead cat, if it is not on the road, I might took it in some crazy angle to make it look dramatic alright hehehe) I might had gave you insomniac nights and traumatic experiences sorting out my pictures if I did just that hehehe :P
Have a nice day.

Fauziah Ismail said...

Salam Pak Zawi
While you are fulfilling a friend's wish, you are also informing your readers of parts of Kelantan which some people would not go for a visit.
I find this a refreshing read because if I was in Kelantan, I would be going to touristic places only instead of the beaten track.
I only managed to do what you did when I was writing for Nuance.
I went to Kg Kemubu, Dabong - somewhere between Gua Musang and Kuala Krai - in 2004.
We drove on dirt road (I don't know if it had been paved) but what interested me back then was schoolchildren going to school on the train.
And the train station was the centre of activity there.
Maybe it would be worth a visit for you.

Zawi said...

Thanks for the help in taking those photographs. With your help I was much freer to drive and do the talking. Above all I managed to be in the picture hahahaha.
Yes people of my era including you (mum and dad)quite abit more. But it was the norms during those times. Like Pakpayne I went to school barefooted until I was in standard 4. All the more so when I joined the Special Malay Class in Sultan Ibrahim Primary School in Pasir Mas.
Actually I won't mind you shoot alot of pictures if we had a spare battery and the pictures were taken with varying degree of angles, apertures, speed and sensitivity. Yesterday all I did was select all those that I like, edit slightly on the brigness, contrast and mid tone, crop an resize the pictures and discard all the meaningless ones. So not much problem really.
I slept well after the blog was published and later made a few corrections.
Now that you have tried the Alpha 350, have you decided on what to buy?

Zawi said...

Going off the beaten track is what I enjoy doing most. I would be too happy if writers like you would like to join me for such a trip. We have the same wavelength on what is considered beautiful and meaningful.
I have often desired to see those villages along the railway track that can be accessed only by footpath after alighting from the train at the train station. Some of them have to cross small rivers using rickety wooden bridges. That is something to experience.
Yeah it is something worth trying. Unfortunately I don't have off road vehicle though I am quite good in driving one. Thanks to Asian Adventures hahahaha.

drizzter said...

Salam Pak Zawi,

Berair mato ambo baco post pasal asal usul pakpayne .. meme most of kelantanese yg berjaya semua melalui route yg sama eventho ada saing2 ambo hok not so bad in the beginning..

Ingat maso kecik2 dulu kasut sepase jah setahun .. selagi tak hancur selagi tu la pakai .. tapi pakpayne took it to another level .. sedih ambo baco part tu ..

Pakpayne beruntung buleh saing mache Pak Zawi ..

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

langkah kanan singgah rumah orang time lunch. time harga beras melambung ni sesekali takpe jadi cheapskate...hehe...

so anyway, wow! i'm impressed. thanks to akmal, those pictures really managed to capture the real feel of the kampung. its been a while since i went into one.

you're one heck of a friend la pak Z.

Raden Galoh said...

Salam pakzawi...

You humbled me with this post...your act of sincerity tracking the memoirs of a friend you hevn't met yet you have felt so close at heart tells how appreciative you are as a person...that makes me to adore you more Pak...May God bless you sir!

Akmal, I haven't met you but somehow I know that I can recognize you when we meet and will surely and easily be comfortable being with you...yeah I know...You too dik, may God bless you...

Thank you for telling and showing me the part of Kelantan that I've never herad and been to before that hails the kampung halaman of my brother pakpayne...

take care all

Rusdi Abu Bakar said...

Salam Pak Wi.
Payoh nak cari ore serupo Pok Wi (PW) nih. Ambo bulih rasa perasaan Pok Payne (PP), bilo tgk sekoloh lamo, kapung tepat duk cari siput seduk mulo (cari ko dok PP?).

Kawasan ni sebenarnya ada memory jugok ko ambo, 3 tahun duk ngaji Poly KB mulo, kawasan ni hari2 ambo lalu & masa Final Year duk rumoh sewa di Pangkal Kalong.

Cerita PP ni bulih jadi teladan kepada generasi-generasi baru, utk beri motivasi kepada anak2 & adik2 kita.

Gambar come, paling come gambar labu, angle & placement perfect!

Ummi said...

Salam Pak Zawi,

I have been reading your blog in silence eversince your daughter got sick. alhamdulillah she is alright now. and I pray that your family will be in good health too.

After reading this story and looking at the pictures, I feel so touched. You are indeed a good friend at heart even though you have never met your cyber friend.

All the best to you and may allah reward you for the great heart.

Zawi said...

Pakpayne minta tolong buat jadi ambo buat la. Kalu buat pasti sekurang-kurangnya ada sore hok nak baca iaitu Pakpayne dan mungkin juga keluarga dia.
Ram ore susoh jame dulu. Ambo dulu pun pernah kasut rayo tak kering so salai kat api. Nasib tak baik terbakar kat tepi jadi bila pakai hari rayo tubik jari keliking kaki. No wat guano pakai juga la hari rayo.
Kalu drizzter minta tolong pun ambo buat jugo.

drizzter said...

Pak Zawi,

Timo kasih atas offer PZ, tapigak ambo takpo lagi..sekurang2nya 4 bulan tu ado la sekali balik ko kelate. Kiro kelik amik semangat n betul orak oghe kato hehe.

Insyaallah ado maso kawe nak buat jugok coverage utk sekoloh kawe jame dulu2 kalu diizinkan Illahi.

Zawi said...

Langkah dah kanan dan pelawaan pun telah dibuat cuma hati tak tergamak takut tuan rumah sedia utuk seisi rumah sahaja.
Kalau zaman dahulu dimana kedai tak ada no hal la kerp ni zaman kedai berlambak.
We are most happy if you like our selection of pictures. We were spoilt for choice really.
Once a friend always a friend la my friend kepov.

Zawi said...

Raden Galoh,
I havent met Pakpayne but my cousin met him in Dubai and the way Pakpayne treated him while he was there made me feel obliged to do something for him. I am so glad that he asked me.
Akmal? Wait till you meet him. When we were near to my home he was shooting at me buying some kuih for my Balqis. The kuih seller inquired whether he wa my son and the price of the camera he was holding. I said yes he was my son and I paid RM3,000 for it. Luckily there was no flies around otherwise she would have had a mouthful of them.
Don't worry, if you enjoy the sceneries of Kelantan, I am going to post more about them. I am going blog about off the beaten track. I need to entice Fauziah Ismail to write about them so that she will publish it in the MSM. Then more Malaysians will love to come to Kelantan.

Zawi said...

Belanar(banyak) ore macam ambo ni. Nok berapa lori pun buleh.
Oh ngaji kat Ply KB dudok Pangkal Kalong?
Kita serupo dalam pilihan gambar buah labu tu. Banyak gambar buah labu tu diambil dan juga buah lain seperti nenas tapi yang ni yang saya paling suko. Kira pass la tu Akmal ambik gambar. Cuma dia ni malas guna tripod walaupun ambo bawa. Nak kena tegur sikit budak ni Rusdi. Ambo royat tak dengar. Keno demola tego.

Zawi said...

Thank you for reading my blogs and above all thank you for your prayers for my daughter. Maybe she got well partly due to your prayers.
A friend asked me to do something which was within me to do it and I enjoyed doing it. It is only logical that I do it. I could feel Pakpayne's pining for his Kampung Laman when he asked me to do a post on his school. Offcourse he wont ask me to blog about his Kampung Laman as it would be too much to ask but I am being an old man, I know what is the underlying reason behind it. When I was in Kemubu God opened up my heart to call him in Dubai to find out the location of his relatives. I regret that I didn't manage to go to his uncle Pak Teh Wil's house after meeting his nephew Fendi on the way to there. Fendi took me and Akmal to his house first and that happened to be Pakpayne's Kampung Laman. If I had gone to meet Pak Teh Wil I dont think I will be at his sister's place.
As moslems Allahasks us to be good and to do good. I did just that.
Take care ummi.

Zawi said...

Sebenarnya offer pada drizzter tu adalah offer kepada semua orang yang memerlukan. Itu pun kalau tugasannya tak memerlukan setangki minyak perjalanan hahahaha. Kalau sampai ke Lebir atau Lojing tu susahla sikit. Mungkin kena adalah pra syarat sikit kekekeke. Maklum la jame beras dan minyak mahal ni.
Tak apa la kalau elaun keraian saya mencecah RM18,000 sebulan. Potong 10 percent pun takpe.

Fauziah Ismail said...

Salam Pak Zawi
Would you recommend backpacking in Kelantan? I haven't decided yet what I'll do while on leave at the end of the month but I am looking at several options.

Queen Of The House said...

Pak Zawi ... I won't be wrong to guess that your journalistic tendencies would also include investigative reporting, and most definitely more! :D

I am just in awe at the things you do. Very heartwarming.

I am attending a kenduri in Ketereh this August .. wonder if we'll pass by the places in your pictures. Needless to say, I have not been to that part of Kelantan yet.

Zawi said...

I have not heard of bacpackers in trouble yet. If you were to backpack, doing the homestays from village to village would be interesting.
You can start with Gua Musang for a stay at Syamsul Bahari's place. Hop on the train to Dabong and be taken to Abang Mat Jais' place in Bukit Jering. Then to Blok Ulu Kusial where Tarmizi will take care of you before going to Kota Bharu where you will stay at Pasir Belanda. If you dont have enough yet hop over to Pulau Suri for a one night stay before flying back to KL. That will be off the beaten track. How does that sound?
I will fill in the details of what you can experience at each place.

Zawi said...

Queen of The House,
All I can say is I put in a bit more effort when I write about something. Its like doing some research and with more facts the blog becomes more informative. Pad it up with some sensible observations, presto - you have something worth reading hahahaha.
Above all I like to use my own photographs or at least taken with my instruction as Akmal did for this blog. So it is something authentic. Enough with the bragging hahahaha.
Pangkal Kalong is the inner road by the riverside. You will have to go out of your way to see it. Get somebody from Ketereh to take you there as Ketereh isn't really far from the place. If you are really going to visit Kak Hasmah, then strat from the school and ask for Kampong Tembesu.
As it is off the main road, not all Kelantanese have been to the place.
Should you still fail to find the place, just ring me up.

rauhunt said...

Pak Zawi,

Tabik spring!
Memang lebih pada tahap wartawan dah Pak Zawi ni (and Akmal as well). Sangat komprehensif dan penuh nostalgia cerita ni

Raso macam blog ni sebuah rancangan TV. Penonton hantar impian ..pastu penerbit TV akan realisasikan impian penonton tersebut. Untung Pakpayne jadi 'penonton' pertama terpilih dlm rancangan ni.

Zawi said...

Sekiranya blog sedemikian disukai ramai bolehlah ia diteruskan. Sila hantarkan permintaan anda kepada penerbit dan sekiranya ia tidak menjadi satu tugas yang berat ia boleh dilaksanakan hahahahahha.
Seperti saya katakan sebelum ini, ia berlaku kerana Pakpayne telah melakukan satu kebaikan kepada orang lain dan saya rasa orang macam Pakpayne ini patut di beri imbuhan. Apa lagi bila saya dapati imbuhan yang saya bagi adalah dalam kemampuan saya.
Kalau boleh setiap dari kita buatlah seperti apa yang saya buat supaya mereka yang berada jauh diseberang lautan akan terubat rindu mereka terhadap kampun laman.

drizzter said...

spinoff Bersamamu Tibi 3 ko hehehe..

PakZawi patut patent neh .. kea keno cughi idea bernas ni ko oghe media ;-)

NaNa said...

Pak Zawi,

This is is really something. I felt so touched. It is so kind of you (and Akmal) to fulfill pakpayne's wishes. Not everybody can do this.

Your narration of the trip, as usual, very captivating. It's like I was there too.

Zawi said...

Pengaruh TV3 la ni. Nak patent lagu mano bila kito pun tiru ore. Ambik la sapa nak idea ni pun. Gambar pun dibenarkan ambil kakakaka.

pB said...


pB dok di pangka kalong tu duo tahun lebih. sebelum pado tu , tok tahu pun dalae tu ado politeknik...

dok lalu sokmo kut jalae kat ghumoh pok pain nie , kadae kadae masuk kapung , nok beli buoh mok'te.

pah ni nok mitok pok awi crito pasal lorong gajoh mati la pulok..

buleh ko???

Zawi said...

Politeknik Kota Bharu tu di Kok Lanas dan masuk kedalam. Kalau dok di Pangkal Kalong rasanya ada jalan potong dan pastinya tak jauh.
So pB dah beso la ngan Kampung Tembesu atau Kampung Kemubu Surau?
Lorong Gajah Mati atau Jalan Gajah Mati? Pok Zawi pernah dok kat Jalan Gajah Mati dalam tahun 1995/1996.
Buleh buat tu tapi keno tunggu lepas post 'Tembakau Darat' dan 'Burung Ngebah Chapa' yang sudah siap deraf. OK tak?

pB said...

pB duduk lorong gajoh mati

Mu'loh tok pB , buat pulutbakar situ ...

ghu'mu'loh che minoh pulutbakar

U.Lee said...

Hi Zawi, very interesting posting, and Akmal really good photographer...macham National Geographic punya standard. Love that shot of him in mirror...very innovative...ada good future as doctor, if run out of stitching string pakai rubber band.
By the way, I heard that 'tembakau kampong' long ago
is it like a cheroot? Lee.

Rusdi Abu Bakar said...

:-) tak po pok wi, ambo skalo guna tripod utk ambik gambar mlm jah, contoh gambar ni http://rusdimas.blogspot.com/2008/06/fire-work-burj-al-arab-reload.html
mmg pakai tripod la, kalu gambar siang hari ambo tok rajin pakai tripod sbb payoh nak control.

ambo nok komen skit gambar akmal ni, gambar ok, cuma sesetengah gambar takdok 'point of focus' tak dok masalah, kalu practice ambik gambar sokmo ok la. utk gambar yang molek point of focus & placement of subject sangat penting.

hom, ambo ngaji Poly mulo dr tahun 2002 sampai 2005. lepas Poly terus mari kerja sini. Ambo masuk poly lewat, mulo ngaji UTM tapi tok habih

Zawi said...

Bila kelek Kelantan?
Tak sabar raso nok gi ngaji ngan Rusid.
Akmal ni pandai mencari feature-feature yang ada pada camera. Melalui beliau saya belajar mengenali camera saya. kelmarin dia datang lagi ke rumah dah saya comission dia ambik gambar cucu ambo.

Zawi said...

OK, Pok Zawi dahdapat idea. Beri saya sedikit masa untuk pegi ambik gambar dan buat research. Kena tunggu lepas balik Labuan.

Zawi said...

How I wish Akmal is around with me everyday so we can go around shooting pictures. We did another shoot for my post of Tembakau Kampong at Kampung Tepi Sungai near my home. Did you ever try the tembakau? It is not a cheroot but more of a ciggarette as the tobacco is finely sliced. A cheroot uses uncut leaves which is rolled to make it into a stick.
Akmal can always become a professional photographer like svllee should he feel a change of profession later in life.

Rusdi Abu Bakar said...

Ambo balik rayo ni pok wi, 26 sept, cuti 3 minggu.

elisataufik said...

What a lovely post!
I can see PakPayne running on the batas :)
We let our kids loose on the batas ban everytime we go back to kedah, but too bad it's not the same anymore, coz nowadays we have to keep a lookout for speeding kapchais.. :P

Zawi said...

Noted. CU in Wakapf Baru.

Zawi said...

Thank you for the appreciation! It is such appreciations that make us strive harder to produce better blogs.
Close your eyes and see 10 year old Pakpayne or any other kids from a village running around naked on the 'batas' or riding a 'sikat' being pulled by a big buffalo.. Some 30 years later the same kid turn out to be some highly paid professionals working in faraway lands
Nowadays 'batas' are being enlarged to accomodate the use of 'kapchais' ridden by ten year old kids who will later graduate into 'mat rempits' to terrorise and scare the lives out of innocent people.
Two completely different scenarios found only in whereas but Malaysia.
Thank you for visiting my blogsite.