Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Labuan Revisited - Part 1

I was shocked when I found out that AirAsia had retimed our flight to KL from the earlier 1500 hrs to 1600 hrs. As I had another flight to catch to Labuan at 1800 hrs, the time gap of an hour was too short to enable me to collect my baggage to be checked in again for the onward flight to Labuan even though I was already within the terminal. AirAsia doesn't provide direct check in of your baggages to your final destination.
Their staff assured us that AirAsia will put us on the next day's flight to Labuan at no cost should we miss today's flight since it was their fault. They will not pay for lodging though. With that assurance I called up my son Azrin to wait for us at the LCCT incase we may have to put up the night at his place. Hey what happens if I dont have a son living near the LCCT and I have to stay overnight for the next day's flight?

Tok Ma spending the last few moments with Balqis at KB Airport. Tok Ma wont be flying with us to Labuan.

The paternal grandparents and their daughter was at the airport to send Balqis off too.

We touched down at KL LCCT around 5.00 PM and we rushed on to the terminal with Azini carrying Balqis in her arms while I carried the few bags that we couldn't check in due to excess baggage. AirAsia allow us to carry just 30 kg for the two of us and we will have to pay any excess. At the baggage carousel, I picked up Balqis and exited the arrival hall to go to the check in counter at the other end of the building. Azini was left to collect the baggage. Luckily Azrin and Yani was waiting at the exit of the arrival hall as I could hand over Balqis to her and made my way with Azrin and son Irsyad to counter 51 for the check in to Labuan.
After explaining my predicament, the lady at the check in counter cooly accepted my check in and agreed to wait for my baggage to arrive. I have this feeling that her relaxed attitude with the flight due to depart with less than 30 minutes to spare could translate into another delayed flight. I don't care much if it was delayed as long as I can get on the flight.
True to my earlier hunch, the flight was delayed by half an hour, not as bad as the earlier delay in Kota Bharu. Now they have come up with an 'On Time Guarantee' whereby if you experience a delay of more than 3 hours and they fail to inform you in advance, they will compensate you with RM300. Don't get too excited about it as there are clauses that will ensure that it wont be that easy to benefit from it.

Azrin and his whole family was there to meet us. If the flight was not delayed from KB, we could have spent more time with them.

With the new Airbus 320, the journey on both sectors were super smooth. I had ordered online a meal of nasi lemak when buying my flight ticket on the KUL-LBU-KUL sectors. Lucky thing as I found myself so hungry and the quite tasty nasi lemak with al the usual condiments and a piece of 'curry chicken' was to my taste. Azini didn't want any even though I offered to buy another meal for her. I guess she prefered to wait and have dinner with her husband in Labuan.

I bet Balqis was the only passenger who glanced through all the safety procedures as written on the phamplet available in the back pockets of the seat infront of you.

We touched down at the new Labuan Airport at about 8.40 PM and there waiting for us was my son in law Lokman. Balqis was wheeled out in her pram and Lokman took Balqis from me at the door to the arrival hall. I tried to go back to the arrival hall to help Azini collect our baggage but was not allowed by the female security personnel who was guarding the entrance when I couldnt produce my boarding pass. After a short while Azini came out with the baggage. We drove back to their flat at Taman Mutiara, Bedaun, Labuan, Malaysia.
This airport is a new airport as I remember the old airport was much smaller when I was last here some ten years ago.
It was night and I couldn't see much of Labuan.
The next day my SIL and Azini were busy cleaning up the house. The house must be made such that anything within reach of Balqis must be stashed somewhere safer. Though she has yet to walk, she could stand up by holding on to chairs or table and just pull everything down.
Azini had to prepare to get back to college in Keningau for another 2 weeks of classes.
We left Taman Mutiara at 2.30 PM to send Azini to the International Ferry Terminal. This terminal serves the passengers going to all destinations such as Brunei, Kota Kinabalu and Menumbuk. Azini's destination was Menumbuk and the fare was RM15 by small ferries with outboard motors. Each boat will only carry 12 passengers. Anything more than that number is ilegall but up to sixteen passengers has been known to be carried by such boats.
Fares and timetables can be collected at the ticketing office. One thing special about this terminal is the announcement of arrivals and departures of ferries just like the way they do at the airport. Even final calls were made to passengers who had bought tickets but have yet to board the ferries.

The view of the International Ferry Terminal in Labuan.

At the exit of the ferry arrival hall there is displayed the places of interest in Labuan. How convenient.

After Azini had boarded the ferry we left the terminal. Lokman took me around the island and I was so excited when I saw so many places that I can come back and do some photo shoot. I wonder if I can find enough time to visit them all.Of special interest will be the birdpark, the chimney, the tunnel, peace memorial etc.

We stopped to have the best satay on the island at a place called Layang Layangan. I would choose their satay anytime over the current fare they are serving in Kajang. Their beef satey is far superior in taste. A whole young coconut will be served with the satay and the satay cost an affordable 50 sen a stick and no fat or skin will be put in between the meat as is often done in Kelantan.

Lokman and Balqis waiting for our order to come.

A whole cocnut is served with no ice or sugar added.

We had a nice view of the beach at low tide.

On the way back to Taman Mutiara we came across this sunset and I told Lokman to stop the car to enable me to take this luxuriant color of the sky over Labuan.

Glorious sunset. I must let Akmal fiddle around with the above photo using photoshp and let us see what he can come up with.

I waited again today for another display of colors in the sky but God created the special show to be on only on that particular Sunday evening. Who knows when the next show will be on.
My daily routine beside nannying Balqis to surf the net whenever I have the chance. If she is not asleep I will have to compete with her for the use of the laptop. She is really adept with the note book and will know which button to hit in order to alter the image on the screen. A good hit with her plam never fails to bring the result.

Balqis taking her turn at using the laptop.

Those are the account of my arrival and the first few days in Labuan. I must explore the rest of the island when I have the chance.


rauhunt said...

what a privilege to be the first to pop up here.

Azrin tu senior saya ..form 5 masa saya form 1 di Sains Labok. Ingat lagi kena denda 'putar ayam' (denda paling popular masa tu) oleh dia dan kawan dia Pok Old sebab main hoki dalam dorm ..heheh ..sengeh sore2 sokmo kalu ingat balik masa skolah dulu.

sorry ..komen ni tok relate ngan entri

Zawi said...

Congratulations on being the first then. This blog was posted early this morning as I coudnt sleep after Balqis woke up crying at 1.00 AM today and Lokman couldn't put her back to sleep. I managed to get back some sleep after posting this blog and nearly missed my Subuh prayers today as Subuh is early in Labuan.
Its related to the blog because you are commenting on one of the pictures in it. Lets hope Azrin is free today and he may see your comment. He will be 'senggeh' himself recalling this incident, if he did recall.
I hope the two of you can be in contact again. He is the same friendly chap tat you used to know when in MSM.

Azmy Omar said...


So u r in Labuan.. anything special over there? Nasi kerabu for breakfast or maybe nasi dagang? Just joking.

Have a nice stay. Enjoy the moment you have with Balqis.

mi2pmar said...

Pak Zawi,

How fortunate of your children and grandchildren to have as their father and grandfather especially Balqis to have her Tok caring for her all the way to Labuan. You are indeed a dying breed and rare species Pak Zawi.

Parents will unflinchingly do anything and everything for their children unconditionally. But will the children out there do likewise?

Beside the Almighty, parents followed closely second to be revered by all dont you agree?

Have a great time in the Land Below the Wind.

Zawi said...

Tuan Haji Azmy,
Nasi kerabu or nasi dagang for breakfast? Nasi dingin adalah bab kalau tak makan nasi dingin kena makan roti. So the chioce is either roti or nasi dingin. I just alternate between the two.
Having only 2 weeks here and no definite day when I can explore the island, I feel there are so maay things to find for my photo shoot. InsyaAllah come Saturday and Sunday I will do it to my hearts content when Lokman is off for the weekend.
I am determined to spend quality time the comin 2 weeks with Balqis. Thank you for the wishes.

Gurindam Jiwa said...

That nasi dingin can be turned into Nasi Goreng. No? With any leftovers, it will be called Nasi Goreng Semalam.

By the way, Samuri says his satay has the "rasa satay Kajang sebenar." And Kajang is "Pusat Satay Terunggul Di Dunia." What more can be said about Kajang?


Fauziah Ismail said...

Salam Pak Zawi
A colleague and I had spent a week in Labuan for a supplement we were writing for Business Times sometime in the early 2000. On a free day, we had checked out the entire island under a few hours. By the third day, we were bored to death.
But if you’re looking for peace and quiet, then Labuan is certainly the island for you (compared with Langkawi). I think that’s why the foreign silver-haired like the island so much.
The war memorial is so tranquil. The quiet surrounding can be a little eerie too.
I wouldn't mind going back there. Only now, I would load myself with books. About time I catch up with reading.

Zawi said...

Thank you for the thought. I believe the children feel so too though they may not express it as much. The older grand children can feel our love for them and reciprocate through their actions. I dont think we are a dying breed. Most parents and the grandparents will do anything for their youngs. Only that they don't blog about it.
My advice is very simple, just do to your parents what you want your children to do to you and they will do likewise to you.
Thank for the wish Mi.

Zawi said...

I love nasi goreng semale provided I can be free to do it. Unfortunately with me alone to look after Balqis in the day, time is a luxury and I have to make do with whatever s available. I would forego nasi goreng semale just to be on the net like right now when Balqis is taking a nap.
I used to enjoy SatyKajang in the seventies during my college days in Serdang but my latest trip to their joint while I was in Labu found their satey to be quite ordinary.
Kajang is definitely the Pusat Satay Terunggul di Dunia for that is where Satay Kajang comes from. Their 'kuah satay' is definitely still the best. I will have another go at the Labuan satay soon just to confirm my earlier point.

Zawi said...

When I was first here with my wife severaa years ago, we arrived on a Sunday when this island was deserted like it was suffering from the plague. It turned out that most of the people here went back to the bigger island of Borneo for the weekend. The shops were closed too. It came alive only the next day. Luckily we were here for a night stay only and after buying all the clothing materials that we could pack into our bags, we flew off to Kuching.
Now things seems to be different. The island has been transformed. With the Sony Alpha 350 in my hands, I am raring to go to those places that I want to take photgraphs and portray as the Labuan of today.
The foregn silver-haired has different taste from us. What we find as boring seems to be heaven to them, the tranquility and quiet are important to them. Only drawback is there may not be nice enough bathing spots for them. Many beaches seems to have hidden sharp rocks as I have observed during low tide.
Since I have to nanny Balqis, free time is a luxury to me. Further more I don't want to spend time away from her as the two weeks that I can have with her will soon be up.
Reading is the best option but you will have to bring the books from KL.

drizzter said...

Looks like Balqis gonna be a future technopreneur in the making. Thanks to grandpa ..Hehe

Zawi said...

How I wish I could know what happens to her 20 plus years from now. This blogsite will be the link for her to know what I did for her 20 years down the line. Hope the parents will be able to guide her to be the best in whatever field she chooses to delve into.

uncleawang said...

Pak Zawi,
The sunset..boleh tahan cantik.
Dulu masa kerja MAS memang my favourite destination is LBU(belum under wilayah masih Datuk Harris)beli TV dan electrical goods,branded sport shoes ..semua free duty harga memang murah.sampai BTU ..jual balik..untung lah sidikit..So macam mana sekarang I mean harga barangan in LBU ???
AirAsia biasa lah tu...delay itu ini memang mainan mereka tapi just recently i have a email from airasia about ON TIME guarantee.If they keep you waiting,you'll get a Rm200 e-gift better check about this guarantee.So enjoy your trip.

Zawi said...

Sad to say I have yet to find time to look around at the price of things in town. I have a duty here which I can't simply leave, though I have a car at my disposal. Maybe by Saturday I will be free.
You like the pic of sunset? Just by fluke I got it right.
Still must thank AirAsia, otherwise I wont be able to come to LBU. A few hours late is no problem. Had worse delay than this before.
As I said in my blog dont be too excited about the On Time Gurantee as there are many conditions that must be met before you can lay your hand on the compensation. The three hour delay is on the condition that they dont inform you earlier. All they need to do is send you a SMS or email to inform you of the delay and thus your claim will be void. Its all a sales gimmick. I for one wont fall for it as most delays are within 3 hrs which they need to shuffle things around to prevent a flight from being delayed for more than 3 hrs. Delays due to weather, airport congestion and some others are not covered. So what have you left?
I will definitely enjoy myself when I am able to. Will be going to KK on 27th.

Akmal said...

You woke up at 1.00? Well that explains why your YM was on this early morning :)
I am curious about that white wire hanging in the picture of technopreneur Balqis. looks odd and mysterious, you know what I mean? ;)
Enjoy your stay there alright. It is tiring although enjoyable looking after an active little girl like Balqis, so get yourself enough rest.
Lepas ni try la ambik gambar bulan pulak :)

Zawi said...

Bangun jam 1.00 pagi bab dia nangis pastu log in nampak Akmal quit tak sempat sapa. Siap blog jam 3.00 pagi baru post.
Tried to finish the post earlier but had problem dragging the pictures or use cut and paste. So this morning I revert to IE and everything was back to normal.
All cables must be routed from the ceiling so that Balqis cant reach them. Anything within her reach will be pulled down.
Nak ambik bulan susah sikit sebab tripod tak bawa. Mungkin letak atas bangku jadi kot.Tunggu la bulan datang saya cuba. Still enjoying myself with Balqis. Thanks.

drbubbles said...

Pak Zawi,

Mano gambo satey nya!dah berkecur air liur ni..hehehe..

Zawi said...

Lepas makan baru tahu satey tu sedap. Tak ada lagi nak ambil gambar. InsyaAllah saya akan mengunjungi tempat sekali lagi dan ambil gambar dulu sebelum makan.
Anak saya Azini cakap kalau dia kesana kadang kadang tak dapat makan kerana orang terlalu ramai.

Mr. and Mrs. Mokhsin said...

POk Zawi...bila nak mari Keningau? suka nyer saya dengar PokZawi mari Labuan ...serro supo Ayoh sayer jah hok mari...hehehe...if you're planning of coming over to Keningau,don't hesitate to let me know,I'd be delighted to welcome you to my house, Azini has my number...!

Zawi said...

Mr. & Mrs Mukhsin (Janna),
Besar hati Pok Zawi bila Janna kato kedatangan saya serupo ngan kedatangan Ayah Janna sendiri.
Kami akan pegi jemput Azini di Keningau pada hari Jumaat 27 Jun. Dengan sukacitanya saya menerima jemputan Janna untuk singgah rumah Janna pada hari tersebut. InsyaAllah kami akan meluangkan masa untuk singgah.
Terima kasih kerana sudi menjemput.

pB said...


tak pernah sapa lagi ko Labuan tu.

Dengar crito , makanae laut muroh muroh situ.

Saing ado sorghe dok krijo situ , TM Labuan.

trueblue said...

Hi Pak Zawi..
Its been a while since I last visited your blog :)

I've always wanted to go to Labuan but never had the opportunity yet.
Reading your post made me feel like I was there with you. Teringin nak rasa that satay you mentioned :)

NaNa said...

Pak Zawi,

I remember when my daughter used to be around Balqis's age, we had to make sure things except for furniture are not within her reach too. Families and friends who came to our house would notice that we did not have decorative items on tables, etc. After a while, got used to it and till now we do not have them.

Anyway, I have never been to Labuan. A friend who had been there before said that it is a quiet town. Not much activities there especially at night. But when I read your posting, it seems that there might be a few interesting things to do and places to visit after all.

Enjoy your stay there.

Zawi said...

Any babies at 10 months of age who is able to stand up and reach out to things will try to touch and hold them. They are most inquisitive and so most prone to danger. Everything will be put into the mouth. Balqis has two upper teeth and 2 lower teeth growing and will bite anything to test it. She tried to bite my finger too hehehehe.
As to Labuan, you will have to wait for my next post to know about it. Letting it out of the bag now will make the next post very dull hahahaha. Have yet to take photographs of the town proper and the many attractions available.

kbguy said...

Airasia tambang murah tapi selalu ada flight delayed. That's what always happened to me whenever I take airasia. If for official purpose, I will fly MAS. Airasia is only for personal holiday trip. Kalau on transists, better go 2 to 3 hours earlier, to be safe. My last time, I was going to Hanoi, I brought along my sleeping bag to sleep at the airport before catching the next flight early in the morning. I enjoy it though,.. nice experience.
Btw, how was your Labuan trip ?

Zawi said...

I thought the 2 hrs gap would be sufficient. Lucky thing I still managed to get on the 6 PM slight as it too was delayed. Their brand new Airbus is always nice to fly in compared to MAS ageing 737s. Flight time is shorter too.
I am still in Labuan and will only be back in Pasir Mas on the 2nd of July. Still havent managed to find time to look around and take photos of Labuan. This coming Saturday will be the day when I will explore Labuan. From that day's shoot I will blog about Labuan. Should be quite interesting place if you were to come here for a few days holiday.

U.Lee said...

Hi Zawi, I love your well taken photographs. You're like a Dodge City gunslinger, but with a camera, ha ha.
Hey, Zawi, you gone done a facial ke? You look different in that Tesco walkabout with baby? I saw a young man of 45 pushing a baby stroller.
Betul, ta'tipu la. Ha ha. Rambut pun darker than dark. Must be all that kopi hitam of Kelantan you drinking.
Rambut saya sekarang like early Canadian snowfall, ha ha.
My last trip to Labuan was in 1981. Your grandkid start air travel very early, huh? Really cute baby too.
I enjoyed going thru your many pics here..
You stay handsome and happy baby sitting, Lee.

izzahismail said...

never had a chance to go to labuan.
will go someday.hehe.

enjoy your labuan trip,pak zawi. ;))

Zawi said...

I am only 58 years young so I look young especially in photographs hahahaha. Maybe the Sony Alpha 350 can make one younger? You better think twice about buying other brands of camera other than a Sony hahahaha.
My grandkid had to fly because they have stopped the ferry to Borneo.
Wait for more pics of Labuan in my next post which is coming soon. Then you will know why the Labuan of today isn't the Labuan of those days that you used to see.
I am enjoying every minute of my time baby sitting Balqis. Puteri can testify to that hahahahaha.

Zawi said...

If you haven't been here yet, its time to come now as AirAsia is providing cheap fares which is definitely affordable. Find time during the off peak season.
You will see in my next blog about Labuan why it is worth coming now.
Thank you for the wishes.

Zawi said...

Maaf deh terlepas pandang tadi. Terjawab hok kemudian dulu. Bila check kat gmail ada comment yang belum respond termasuk pb dan trueblue.
Ni kali kedua Pok Zawi mari selepas bertahun-tahun lama dulu. Airport pun dah baru dah.
Anak kata makanan laut murah sikit tapi saya belum survey.
Kalu ada saing sene la nak jale. Mari la.

Zawi said...

Terima kasih kerana mengunjung kembali.
Airfares to Labuan is affordable now especially during off peak season so better take the opportunty. Total fare from KB to Labuan is RM310 and the return is only RM174 nett. I bought my ticket way in advance (Retiree can travel any time hehehehe).
Waait for my next blog to see what is there to see here.
The picture of the satay will be taken this Saturday for when I will go for another round of satay to confirm that the taste is still the same hehehe. Gonna bring my blood pressure to a new height hahahaha.

Zabs said...

Salam Zawi,
Hope you'll have a great time for the rets of your stay in Labuan.
The sunset photo is superb.
Been to Labuan quite a few times, but the last time was in 2003.
However the best time visiting Labuan was whilst I was in the Navy. A good place for recuperating from the sea-sickness there.
The boat they call "kumpits", from the Philippines, also use to come in bringing their goods to trade in the harbour. We can buy cheap pearls from them, then.
I wonder whether the "kumpits" are still allowed to come to Labuan now.

Zawi said...

Still unable to find an opportunity to explore Labuan. From what I heard, many KTV have mushroomed on this little island. This was not found when you came for R & R then.
Since you mention it, I will find out more about the kumpits and report them in the next blog. That itself should make an interesting story.

Zawi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
arejae said...

Pak Zawi,comey sungguh lar gambar Glorious sunset tuh.meh meh ombok .

Have a nice vacation. :)

J.T. said...

Hi Zawi

I love that picture of the glorious sunset. Well taken. Also, love Balqis' photos. She so cute and obviously growing up very fast.

I thought Air Asia was providing excellent service for a budget airline. I was not aware of delays. That will not be good if one needs to be in some place at a specific time. I guess, as KB guy says, it is okay if one is on holiday or need not be somewhere urgently.

mamadou said...

Assalamu'alaikum Ayoh Awi

Saya suke sungguh dengan gambar 'sunset' tu. Jarang dapat masa gitu indah
Fasal pesawat terbang lewat dari jadual tu dah jadi sinonim dengan AA. Saya kira dah serik terbang dengan AA.
Saya amat berharap post menarik tentang Labuan nanti kerana belum pernah ke sana. Salam bahagia

Zawi said...

Keadaan awanlah yang memberikan warna pada langit. Hari esoknya tiada awan jadi tak ada lagi la warna merahtu walaupun saya tunggu untuk mengambil gambar sekali lagi.
Terima kasih atas ucapan.

Zawi said...

It was a lucky shot as I took it on the spur of the moment. Lucky as it turned out OK.
Adorable Balqis has been my model for photography since day one. Now she knows when I am taking her photograph and she will put up a beautiful smile. Akmal has and some experience shooting her. Once when I was so sleepy, Akmal helped out by nannying her while I took my much needed sleep on a lazychair.
AirAsia tried to give their best service but as with anything, things sometimes go wrong due to reasons beyond their control. Things like the weather, breakdowns (they have the youngest fleet so tey dont suffer much due to breakdown), staff not turning up for work, runway congestions etc can always throw a spanner in the works. During their start up period they will try to fill up every seat before they take off and will delay their flight until that is done. Nowadays they try to avoid delays as it will lead to more delays. If you have a connecting flight on other airlines for your onward journeys, better have a bigger time window as anything can happen. Overall they have given a good service and thanks to them now 'everyone can fly'.

Zawi said...

Sya rasa di Mali pun banyak sunset menarik cuma adakah kita bersedia denagn kamera masa dia berlaku.
InsyaAllah saya akan berikan gambaran terbaik mengenai Labuan supaya semua pembaca akan dapat menghayati Labuan sepertimana yang saya lihat. Saya akan melihatnya dari sudut yang jarang di lihat oleh mata umum.
Saya memahami masalah AirAsia as a budget airlines they have to maximise everything to stay afloat. They have to maximise revenue and maintain a low operating cost so that they can maintain low fares. We have to bear some delays sometimes. KLIA is undergoing major reairs to their runway to cater for the super jumbo Airbus 380 and only one runway is serviceable now. As long as KLIA is using a single runway, delays are inevitable as planes have to queue up to take off. What many doesn't know is that planes have to queue up to land too especially during the homing period around 10 PM. Planes are stacked up 'sky high' circling the airports waiting for their turn to land. Things will be better when the second runway is completed as they can dedicate each lane for take off and landing making it more efficient.

sYaNa said...

comelnya Balqis!

wow! dah pandai tekan laptop ... our youngest blogger ;o) ? hehehe

Kata Tak Nak said...

I have never been to Labuan or for that matter to Sabah.

You are really getting your moneys's worth with that new camera of yours. I simply love that sunset photo. How I wish I could take photos like that.

pakpayne said...

pakzawi :-)

banyak yang nak komen dalam entry tu..
nak komen pasal tokma menghantar cucu ke epot. Bagaimana agaknya perasaan tokma...

nak komen pasal labuan yang saya sendiri belum kesampaian. Indah sunguh nampak nya dari lensa pakzawi...

nak komen pasal ur eyes thru the lensa, mencatitkan that wonderful sunset! ahh...indah.

nak komen pasal the comel comel little puteri di keyboard...bagaikan mengerti itulah hobi datuknya...lalu dia juga menunjukkan minat!

nak komen bagaimna nanti apabila tiba saat untuk pakzawi meninggalkan cucu...sebak!

hingga ketemu lagi.


Zawi said...

Pak Zawi letak gambar dia sebagai wall paper. Tiap kali dia tengok gambardia dia akn senyum lebar. Kalau dia dah panda mengeja, apa dia akan pos pun cume mengandungi perkataan-perktaan berikut: cha ah, papa, mama, ta teh.

Zawi said...

I am putting the camera throuh its paces. It is really helping me to get better pictures. Not because I improve alot bu because the camera is so good it takes good pictures.All I did was putting it to the right scene setting or the worst is set it at atomatic setting where all you need to do is open the lens cap, aim at the subject, press the release button and the camera will do the rest. Is that difficult to do? Hehehehhehe

Zawi said...

Tokma raso sebak didada. Apakan daya dia takleh tinggalkan kerja.
Sebahagian dari keindahan Labuanakan terjawab apabila Labuan Revisited akan di poskan dalam sedkit masa lagi. Tadi satu hari pergi ambil gambar di BandarLabuan.
The sunset was Allah's special gift that only those who can see such beauty will appreciate it. My SIL was oblivious to it as he often saw it at his office when he works late into the evening.
Puteri selalu terdedah kepada komputer setiap hari dia berada atas riba Tok Pa. It was a matter of time that she wanted to take control of it.
Pasal bagaimana bila Tok Pa akan meninggalkan Labuan nanti? Pertama kali dalam hidup Tok Pa sebagai orang tua akan menitiskan air mata bila meninggalkan Labuan. Balqis lebih memerlukan kasih sayang kedua ibu bapa mereka dari yang bisa diberikan oleh atok dan neneknya.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Pak Z,

if i were to set 'foot' in labuan, would that mean i have officially visited Sabah? i just thought that once in Labuan, it is a must to set foot on borneo soil, particularly swak and sabah. saya dah pusing satu malaysia except the 2 east Malaysia states.

tokasid said...

Salam Pak Zawi:

Its been a while since I last leave a comment here.The connection is soooo bad the last 3 weeks.
Hope this comment can go through.

1-My experiences with Air Asia is delay,delay and more delays.That was 3 years ago and I guess these delays will be part of AA's operations.

2-Thanks for the description about Labuan.I have never been there.And the sunset pic is really nice.Mind if I save it to my hard disk?

Rita Ho said...

Hey Zawi ... I'm baaackkk! Phew! I still don't know what is wrong with login via my laptop. Using my biz PC now. It has a 500GB HD, so maybe it is the pictures, huh?

Your Labuan photos remind me of Langkawi, quiet and serene. No satay pic? Haha!

I'll return to catch-up with your many good posts. :)

Zawi said...

You must set foot in Sabah and Sarawak first before coming to Labuan. You need to do Saawak Cultural Village and when in Sabah visit the House of Monsopiad. From KK you just take a ferry ride to Labuan and finally fly back to KL. Or you can do them one at a time. I have done all three only that in Sabah I have yet to do the highlands.
Anyway Labuan is no more a part of Sabah. Its a Wilayah Persekutuan now. That Miniter need more areas to be in his ministry to jstify the existence of his ministry even though is post is utterly unnecessary and unjustifiable.

Zawi said...

Doc TA,
Just come when you can. I will appreciate it just as much. I have problem too trying to visit evry friends blog and post a comment but we understand each others limitation.
We have to live with AirAsia whether we like it or not. Thanks to it MAS is now copying the strategy and thus build in some low fare just to fill up seats during the off peak season. At times I get cheap fares on MAS too.
Hopefully by tomorrow I will be able to post more picturs on Labuan as I have taken alot of pictures yesterday. Please come back in a day a too if you have an interest on Labuan. I think Mrs TA will enjoy coming to Labuan.

Zawi said...

Thank God you are able to come in. I am not sure what happened really cos you are the only one who seems to be suffering from this malady.
It has some semblance of Langkawi, lots of cheap ciggarettes and liqor hehehehe. Yes certain pats of the islands ae serene and peaceful.
The picture of satay will come in the next post as I am going there this evening to have that satay for dinner with my son in law and Balqis. I will eat some for you.

Nightwing said...

Helo Pak Zawi,

Thanks for sharing the post and the pictures.

Am sure if you get to explore the place, you will find some history (world war 2) about it.

Sad to say, although from my city to Labuan is only half and hour plane ride, only being there twice. And twice for work...go in the morning and back in the no chance to explore Labuan.

Only know, on a car ride...roughly half and hour..can circle the island.

Thanks for sharing again.

Zawi said...

Just read my next blog about Labuan in Pictures and you will know about Labuan than if you were to visit the Island on your own.
After reading that blog then you will know where to go and what to see at the places that I highlighted.
If you do the island in hal an hour that means you will be flying by and not see anything. I spent more time because I stop and see the places and interact with the people. That way you get more feel of the place. Come to Labuan again soon, you will be surprised at what you have missed so far.

Hantu Laut said...


Like your sawah padi, remind me of my grandmother's kampong.When I was a kid, I used to go there during harvest time and really enjoyed the serenity of kampong life.

Hope you enjoy your stay in Labuan.

Nik Bahrum Bin Nik Abdullah said...

Salam Pak Zawi,

Saya hari Jumaat ni akan ke Sabah. Kiranya kali kedua dalam hidup saya akan menjejakkan kaki ke Negeri Di Bawah Bayu. Dulu masa dalam tingkatan enam, wakil Kelantan tanding syarahan. Sekarang ni pula nak hantar adik masuk UMS.

Kiranya kalau kali ketiga nanti nak bawa keluarga pula.

Apapun selamat bercuti sambil-sambil jadi nanny.

en_me said...

wah.. best kannns jalan jalan labuan gitteww..

Zawi said...

hantu laut,
To many of us the padi fields played a major role in our life. Helping out in our small ways we were involved with the production of food for the family. Those experience are held close to our heart.
Iam having a good time writing abot Labuan lately. Thank you.

Zawi said...

Wassalam. Tahniahlah kerana adik Nik dapat melanjutkan pelajarannya di UMS. Peluang mendapat pelajaran ditempat yang auh dari kampung lamansendiri akan banyak membantu beliau mendaat pendedahan berguna dalam hidupnya.
Saya juga akan ke Keningau dan Kota Kinabalu pada 27 June ini untuk menjemput anak saya balik ke Labuan. Melancong sambil bekerja la katakan.
Terima kasih atas ucapan selamat.

Zawi said...

Seronok jugala kerana dapat dok lama lama disini. Belanja pun tak besar bab tempat tinggal dan makan percuma. Terima kasih kerana mengunjung.

Daphne Ling said...

Hi Pak Zawi,

I've only been to Sabah (Kota Kinabalu, Tawau, Semporna, Pulau Mabul and Pulau Sipadan), as far as East Malaysia is concerned...Labuan looks lovely too!

I remember when I was in Mabul Island. We were told the sun was rising at 4.45 am, so at that time, we all trooped off, excited to see the sun rise so early...

Unfortunately, we were 'confronted' by the soldiers who were there to protect us (it was slightly after the Sipadan Abu-Sayyaf kidnappings of Malaysians...Wait, it was Abu Sayyaf, right? Sorry if wrong). They had rifles and they growled: "Nak gi mana?"

We answered: "Tengok matahari"...

They grinned and said: "Tak leh. Balik tido"...

We meekly went (they have guns, you know)...Hehe!

Just wanted to share that...Will probably blog about Sipadan and Mabul one day...

You enjoy your time in Labuan with little Princess Balqis, k? Give her a hug for me, will you? =)

Zawi said...

'Nok gi mano? Tak leh.' Sound like the Kelantanese dialect there. I was surprised to meet so many Kelantanese here. My SIL told me the Kelantanese made up the most number of Peninsular people here. Just yesterday I found one couple selling nasi berlauk and nasi kerabu in the neighbouring Taman. The couple wont be selling anything today as they were exhausted and wanted to take a rest today. Business must be good then.
Please write about the Mabul and Sipadan Island trip of yours, it will make an interesting read.
I have not only hugged Balqis for you but I have also given her a goodnight kiss on that pinkish cheek of hers.
Hope you are done with your preparation for Canada now. Take care.