Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Fight Against Crime

My attention was drawn to Zewt's posting in his blog As Zewt As It Gets about the body of the girl found in the sports bag. I didnt realise the astrocities done to the girl though I saw the news on TV about the body find.The point now is whether the police is relentlessly going after the culprit? Will they assign somebody who will put his heart and mind to solve this crime? This may not be the first of such a crime by this criminal nor it may be his last. As has happened before, this case will be forgotten the minute a newer gruesome killing is found. Unlike the Altantuya's muder case, the court case and the impending court decision will keep the public glued to it by ceaseless reporting by the mainstream medias. The political connotation of Altantya's murder has made it all the more appealing.
Personally I believe that drug is the root of most of these evils. Go to any seedy backlanes of KL or any other big cities of Malaysia now and you will be able to see these drug abusers roaming around. They are victims of the trade too. Once they were nice people like you and me but circumstances within or without their control turn them into an addict. These hardcore addicts turn criminals since they have no mind of their own. Remember the case of the murder of a member of the palace of one Malaysian state? The murderer was her very own son who was an addict. In that case 'justice' came swift and hard without having to go through endless court sittings.
The point to ask now is, are we serious in trying to enforce the many laws that is in place? The laws are adequate. We have the toughest law on earth against drug traffickers. Did you see any dent in the drug trade? We cant blame it on the abusers. We must blame the traffickers. For their trade to prosper they must expand the market ruthlessly. Coaxing a prospective abuser is the mildest form of the process. Deceiving them into trying the drug and forcing them into dependency is another way to expand their market. Some prostitutes were forced into joining the oldest profession by first making them a drug dependent by injecting the drug into their body. The crave for more drug will make these helpless victim to obey their captor's order to do anything.
The enforcement authorities must have the will to erradicate this scourge. Their first act is to clean up the authorities themselves of any officers in collusion with the traffickers. Sometimes we heard of a failed raid because of a tip off about the raid. Sometimes we hear big news about a big drug bust with million dollars worth of drugs found and equipments confiscated but none of the kingpin being arrested. Don't you ever wonder that the whole thing could be just a set up? The kingpin had made his millions and stashed his loot somewhere and later he would retire from the scene to live a seemingly honourable life as a good citizen. The enforcement authority will have a field day announcing to the world of the big drug bust with a few underlings arrested while the kingpin sat in a cosy chair smiling a cynical smile upon seeing the news.
If only we could reduce the amount of drugs being supplied into this country the we can control other crimes. Only someone who have gone over their bonker could have done this heinous crime on a girl whose body wa found in the bag. Let us pray that the same fate will not happen to the missing little girl Nurin Jazlin.


trueblue said...

I was shell shocked reading the whole thing. Kejam sungguh!!

I hope they get the murderer fast.

J.T. said...

When I read what they did to that poor girl, I thought whoever was responsible is sick to the core to carry out such a heinous act.

Drugs is one of the main reasons for all bad things happening these days. I believe I mentioned this in another blog - I was watching a movie last Sunday on human trafficking. After drugs and arms dealing, human trafficking has become a lucrative market. There would not be a market for it if there was no demand. More often than not, drugs are tied in with prostitution (as you mentioned). Desperation for a drug fix drives some to insanity.

I think there isn't enough being done to curb rising social problems in our country. Laws and punishments don't seem to have any effect. Criminals are getting too daring. I hate to think that some of the kingpins are getting some kind of protection.

Zawi said...

I was shocked myself. Can't imagine the same thing happening to one of my own. One of the problem is the limited resources of the police force. More effort is spent more on trivial breaches of the law but not on major crimes like what happened. I doubt that any specific personnels are put on the trail of the little girl's killer.
Hope is all that we have that the killer will ever be apprehended.

Zawi said...

I read somewhere online that an American couple lost their young child at the boder of Mexico. Later they found the lost child dead with the stomach emptied of its organs and the skin resewed to conceal drugs to be smuggled back across the border. The small child would be taken across the border as if sleeping in her mother's arms. Who would suspect the body of a child to contain smuggled drugs?
How true the story is, is beyond me to confirm. Given todays world of muggings and killings, I guess it is something that could really happen. Only that it has yet to happen to you and me.

zewt said...

i think it's the cost of development. why you think it's drug?

one thing for sure, that guy is totally sick... cucumber and brinjal? something must be very wrong with his head.

Zawi said...

You maybe right but its anybody's guess as to the reason why. Generally drugs has made many people go bonkers. Under its influence you can never control yourself. When deprived they will do anything to get some form of high. Thanks for visiting.