Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Bundle of Joy

Azini and daughter Nur Aqilah Balqis one day after delivery

The coming into the world of a new baby will always bring joy to any family. It means there is someone new to shower all of our love and affection. No doubt there will be sleepless nights when the baby cries incessantly due to infection leading to nasal congestion or whatever ails the baby. From personal experience, I tell you the joy is worth all the troubles.
With all the children grown up, there is only the birth of grandchildren to look forward to for old couple like me and my wife to relive such moments. In 1997 we received two bundles of joy within the space of one month from each other. This brings to tally to 6 grandchildren altogether from 3 young parents.
Latun Syakirah came into this world 2 weeks earlier than Nur Aqilah Balqiss. Since it was at a private maternity clinic in Bangi Selangor, we were not there to greet this 5th granddaughter on 19th July 2007. The mother Latun Noralyani (my daughter in law) can already be considered an experienced mother since this is her third delivery. Her husband Azrin was there in the delivery room to accompany her through the hours of labour. Syakirah came into this world at a hefty 3.4 kg. some 2 weeks earlier than the due date.

On the other hand Azini's (my youngest daughter) delivery of Nor Aqilah Balqis (my sixth grandchild) to this world was full of drama and suspense. The mother was warded into Perdana Specialist Medical Hospital in Kota Bharu, Kelantan some 20 odd km from home. This was Azini's first delivery and she was already 3 days overdue. The doctors decided that she must be induced into labour and not wait for natural labour. The baby could be too big and delivery will be difficult.

The time for delivery was imminent and Azini was taken to the delivery room. Her husband Lokman went in with her. The practice of allowing the father to be with the wife at delivery is commendable. Being together through the process of delivery, the husband will appreciate the hardship a wife will have to undergo in the process. I didnt have such a chance when my four children were delivered. Even if I had the chance I doubt it that I will have the courage to be in the delivery room.

After the long process of labour Azini was exhausted and couldnt exert enough strength to push the baby out. Furthermore the vaginal opening was not sufficiently opened to allow the baby's ease of passage. It was then decided that an operation was necessary and preparations were made for it.

Azini was wheeled into the operating theater and she kissed my hands before being taken into the it.

There is nothing more for us to do but to pray that everything will be alright for my daughter and her baby. Caesarian operations are normal procedures nowadays only that it will leave a scar.

The operation was slightly delayed as the anaesthetist wasnt in the hospital since this operation was not scheduled and it was almost 11 pm. I had met the anaesthetist earlier in the hospital and when he came to the hospital I told him that it was my daughter that had to be operated on. He assured me that it should be OK.
Soon at 11.40 pm a baby came out from the operating theater and we asked the nurse whether that baby was from the operation. She said no it was a normal birth. When the anaesthetist came out we asked him of how was the operation. He said they didnt operate because it was a normal birth. Then only we realised that the baby being wheeled out earlier was our grandchild and we all rushed into the ward to see the baby from outside the nursery. What a relief when we realised that the baby came out the normal way and both of them were fine.

So to all the men who read this blog, love your wife more that now you know how difficult it was for them to deliver your bundle of joys.


Pak Idrus said...

Atuk, congratulation for the new arrival. For folks like us, the grandchildren are a bonus as well a joy for ever and ever.

With the cucu around the life journey continue to be more challenging and interesting as ever. And of course it would be as colorful all the way. Have a nice day.

Zawi said...

pak idrus,
Only another atuk can understand the feeling of another. After Raya, this cucu will soon leave for Labuan to live with her mum and dad. Having had her around for more than a month, I can imagine the void that will be created when she is gone.
Have a nice day yourself.

NaNa said...


I often heard people say that grandparents tend to pamper their cucu more than they did to their childen. Is that true?

Zawi said...

Can be very true that some grandparents pamper their grandchildren. IMHO there are several reasons for that and the main one is because the grandparents wanted to give what they didnt manage to give to their own children during their children's childhood days. Sometimes grandparents feel that they didnt give enough of it like love, money or freedom. Its like making up for it.
At the end of our life journey wefound that we may have a surplus of things and so who else should we give it to? Our grand children of course. To give in excess is no good though.
What say you pak idrus?

NaNa said...

I don't know about you but in my inlaws' case.. I think they are sort of 'competing' with us for our daughter's attention. And of course.. they are the favorites.

We are seen as the ones with rules.... :)

I guess as u said... grandparents pamper their cucu to make for the something that they were not able to do previously.

Zawi said...

That was my humble opinion but I guess people have their own reason. You may be right too cos its a lonely life when your children become adults and have their own lives to live. They are thus too busy even to make phone calls to the parents. getting close to the grandchildren maybe the alternatives for yearning for attention for the children.
In my life I was guilty of the same offence towards my parents. Now it is my turn to feel being neglected. We know our children never forget us only that they are preoccupied with their own problems.

U.Lee said...

Hello Grandpa Zawi, Congratulations and best regards to your new grandchild. Wow! The baby is soooooo cute!! Lovely eyes and the look, so beautiful.
Right now I am slightly South of 65, but still not a grandfather yet, ha ha.
But this much I know from experiences. Practically all grandparents go gaga on their grandchildren.
And young children learn very fast who they can turn to for goodies, toys and sayangs and manjahs, their grandparents.
Once again, may all the joys and blessings go to you and family and the baby. With best regards, Lee.

Zawi said...

Thanx a zillion. I dont know how many zeros I have to put behind the number 1 to make a zillion.
Grand are the best person for us grand Pas and Mas to shower our love and affection too.
I married early at the young age of 23 to be able to enjoy this.

zaitgha said...


ha ha ha i think you are kinda young to be a grandfather but nevertheless congratulation to you and your daughter for that cute bundle of joy...

my late dad was a 'garang' father to us all but when come to the grandchildren, he was a softy...i always told him that and he just laughed it out....

again, congratulation...

zewt said...

congrats to a new grandpa!

J.T. said...

Congratulations, once again. Your grandchild is soooo cute.

My dad did not live long enough to see his grandchildren. If he did, the only two grandchildren in the family would have been spoilt to bits. As it is, when my mom was alive, she doted on them. She especially had a special bond with the grand daughter (the elder of the two grandkids). There were many Kodak moments with Nana and her princess. They were like twins separated by 63 years. :D

Zawi said...

I feel sorry for your dad. Definitely he missed the part of life when as a granddaddy he could relive the life with you via your children. He could make amends to any shortfalls of treatment of love and affection. As I have explaine in my earlier reply, tat is one of the reasons grandparents are over zealous in giving in to them.
Your mum was luckier. I believed she did what she did to your eldest daughter on behalf of your dad too.
How much longer will it be before you become a granny yourself?

anasalwa said...

Pak Zawi,
Would you mind if I refer you as Pak Wawi? I got to your site through Pak Idrus's blog.
Congratulations on the arrival of your new grandaughter, Latun Syakirah.

elviza said...

Latun perfect the name. I hope she will grow up to be as perfect as her name. Amin.

This posting brings me back to the time I gave birth a year and a half ago. I could literally relate all events to mine as Luqman Zain was also born via emergency c-section as well.

The c-section gave me a hedious scar but to me it is a reminder to the best time of my life.

When the pediatrician came to my side and said "elviza, this is your baby..." I believe that was the closest to God I had ever been.

Luqman is the first grandchild to both sides of his parents' family. Enough said. They dote on him like there's no tomorrow.

I cannot imagine how would I feel when Luqman has his own child.

Sorry, I take up so much space...

Take care & congratulation Grandfather!

NaNa said...


You are right. Sometimes children are too preoccupied with their own problems that they spend less time with the parents. And, I honestly admit that I am one of those who are guilty of that offence.

Anyway, please convey my congratulations to your daughter and hugs and kisses to the new beautiful princess... Latun Syakirah.

Zawi said...

Is that a compliment from you that I am young to be a grandpa? And a grandpa of 6 grandchildren. Now it is confirmed that another one is coming next April from my eldest daughter Azura.
If you were to meet in person you wont even believe me as a retiree hehehehe what more a grandpa.
Actually I wanted a responce from the ladies sharing with us how hard childbirth is. So far no such responce. How about you blogging about it zaitgha?
I think your dad must have regretted for being garang with you thus he is making up for it via your children. Grandchildren tend to make us softies cos we are at the tail end of our own journey and we want love from our children and grandchildren.
Thank you again for the compliment.
I will post a pic of me with Balqiss in my next post of her. The bundle of joy will be leaving for Labuan come October 18th.

Zawi said...

I am already a grandpa of 6 grandchildren. Only that this recent one has been with us the longest. Since grandma teaches, and Balqiss's mother is a 'brand new' mum I have to take care of Balqiss when it is time to bathe her or when she needs to be bottle fed. Zewt you better learn up all these things cos your turn to be a father is coming soon.

Zawi said...

It is definitely OK to call me by any name.
Latun Syakirah is my 5th grandchild from my son Azrin and the one in the picture is Nur Aqilah Balqis my latest bundle of joy from my daughter Azini.
Thank you for visiting.

Zawi said...

Latun Syakirah is my fifth grand daughter. She had a normal birth.
Nur Alia Balqiss is the 6th. She almost came out via caesarean operation but a last minute gasp by her mum brought her out to this world by the normal way. Thanks to the delay in the arrival of the anaesthetist otherwise they would have done the operation.
Allah is fair to us as the other in laws are also given a grandchild to look after when their own daughter gave birth and is still in confinement there. So we didnt have to share the baby at the moment hehehe. Luqman can be considered lucky too cos he has two sets of doting grandparents to shower him with love at the same time beside his own parents.
Dont be bothered about taking up space. Feel free to take up as much as you want afterall its free.
Thank you for marching for the people in Putrajaya.

Zawi said...

Told my daughter Azini about the congrats from my friends in the blogspehere.Initially she was apprehensive that her pic in the maternity ward was displayed for all the world to see but I told her that the picture depict real life suituation and people will appreciate it more.
Anyway she isnt Latun Syakirah's mum but Nur Aqilah Balqis's. I must have confused people by mentioning two names of grandchildren in the same posting. I made some amendments to the posting to reduce the confusion abit. I hope it is less confusing now.
Thank you nana.

zewt said...

i just happened to return from a gathering and everyone was running around with their kids... and everyone is telling me... your turn next...

gosh... they are repeating what you said!

H J Angus said...

Congrats on becoming a Grandpa again.

Hard to catch up with you lah!
Only my eldest daughter has 2 children at present and the second one just got married.

Hope mother and child are doing well.

elviza said...

Aduhhhh (slapping my forehead repeatedly!) that's right. Latun was born via normal birth.

My mistake, so sorry. Must have been the fasting month!

Zawi said...

Hahahaha must be purely coincidental or just that we are all like minded. As they say it 'great minds thnk alike?'. Could be sickening sometimes right?

Zawi said...

Thank you. You will never catch up with me. My eldest daughter will be giving me another additional Datukship come April 08. My son will be getting married this coming 16th of April. See, I will be so far ahead for you tocatch up. Yesterday the parents of Nur Iqlah Balqiss went over to the other grand parents for a couple of nights there and already we are feeling the emptiness of the house without the baby.
Anyway both mothers are doing fine. Thank you anyway.

Zawi said...

It wasnt your mistake. It was my mistake. Trying to write about two grandchildren coming to this world at almost the same time was the confusing factor. Infact both were due on August 6 and 8 but Yani the mother of Syakirah wanted to synchronised all of her three children's birthday to be on the 19th.
I reread my earlier posting then only I knew what was wrong. I was very clear myself.
Anyway I did some editing and hope my post wont be as confusing anymore. Furthermore I put in Syakirah's pic near her cousin's pic to give a clearer picture. Latun is the older of the two cousins.
Just learnt how to put pics and thus the captions simply went missing. Yet to know hoe to remove pictures from a post so that I can replace it with a better captioned oone. So much more to learn about editing.
Another clarification that I have to do is both mothers gave birth the normal way. Due to the delay in the anaesthetist arrival, Azini managed to bring Nur Aqilah Balqiss by normal birth saving her belly from being scarred. Balqiss birth was then in the operating theatre and not the delivery room which should be the norm.
I must apologise to you and everyone else for the poor write up.
Have a great weekend with Luqman.

J.T. said...

Hi Zawi

A quick correction and sorry if I was not clear about it. The grandchildren mentioned in my comment are my sister's kids. I do not have any - so no chance of becoming granny one day. :)

That's okay... I love spoiling my niece and nephew. I am the cool aunty. :D

Zawi said...

I should apologise to you because my posting wasnt clear. I did some editing but I am still in doubt on whether its better expressed or not. Sometimes the minds eye play tricks on us and it takes someone else to point out the mistakes.

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Zawi. Looks like your life has come to a full circle. Isn't that what 'normal' people do? Grow up, get a job, get married, have children, have grandchildren . . . ? My parents are not so 'fortunate'.Dad's already 72,mum,69 and they only have a 4-yr old granddaughter despite bringing into the world 3 healthy (and 'normal') sons and 1 daughter! Eldest, late forties,was married briefly and divorced, no children, second son mid-forties, unmarried, only daughter, past mid-forties, single and happy. Youngest son married to a career-minded woman and went through a rough patch, we don't expect any more offsprings.

Urbanites, that's what we are. Think it's better to be kampong folks, simple, no need to think too much, worry too much. Life is simple. Grow up,get a job, have kids then grandkids . . .

I look at the neighbour opposite, not much education, welder, I think, but works hard and looks happily married with 3 children. I asked, "Whay can't my brothers be like that?"

I don't know if life has passed me by.I think how one's life turns out is karma.Most people don't marry their soulmates.Most people marry the best person that came along at the time they are ready to marry.Young people are often in a hurry to marry but how many marriages are truly happy and last 'hingga ke anak cucu'? Surely marriage is more than making babies to continue your lineage.

Men will be men, even after marriage, after fatherhood, after 'datukship', and women? Women turn into shrews & naggers - driven my insecurity to exert iron-grip control over their men. In the end, everybody's unhappy or at least not really happy! So why bother to tie the knot in the first place?


Zawi said...

I am so happy that you, my dearest friend visited my site and made a comment.
Happiness is the keyword to everyones life. That is the ultimate in life. If producing many children and many grand children can make you happy, so be it. If staying single make you happy, so be it too. Unfortunately the choice is not exactly for us to decide. Fate decides it.
It is our perception that if we have evrything that life can give, we will be happy. The reality is not so. There are so many examples that we can see. People with everything and yet they are not happy. God has made it such that there will always be something in us that is lacking. Dont ask me why. Just ask anybody beside you who seems to have everything that you dont have, whether he still need someting else in life that he hasn't. More often than not he will say yes.
The point is, to be happy you must be grateful for whatever you. We must accept the fact that we cant have everything in this world.
As for men, yeah you have met all kinds of them, no need for me to roast my own kind anymore. Those you would prefer to have are already taken. Remember those words?