Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Karlovy Vary the Spa City of Czech Republics

Today is actually the second day of our tour in Europe. We were up early for our Subuh prayers which is about 5 am local time which is about 11 am in Malaysia. Unfortunately breakfast is only possible at 7 am local time and having woke up at 5 am, there is no way I could go back to sleep. At the Derby hotel in Karlovy Vary, wifi connection is only available at the lobby area on the first floor. There is little that I can do before breakfast.

Breakfast at the hotel is always an enjoyable meal. The breakfast spread is great in most of the hotel where we stayed. It will be good enough to supply the energy for the whole morning.
Immediately after breakfast we strolled around the hotel area. En. Baharom and his wife joined us. Having done the same on the evening before after arrival, I knew full well what to expect and to see.

During the morning walkabout around the hotel area before leaving for the Spa City I saw these two police couple who were on their beat. They obliged our request for a photograph with them.

Further down the road we met these not so female persons in the midst of preparing their stall for the roadside sale. They were so happy to be photographed. They must have felt that I  have failed to detect their true gender. Their protruding voice box on their throat and their voices were a dead giveaway.

Though the Spa City was just a twenty minutes ride by car from our hotel, the bus ride through the hilly and winding road took us through posh areas and crossing a very clean and beautiful river. This is the river that will pass through Spa City down river and later through the town of Karlovy Vary.

 Wild ducks seems to thrive on the river. If they were in Malaysia, they would become food on the table in no time.

Since buses are not allowed into Spa city, all the twenty of us had to be transported via a shuttle bus from the bus parking area. This is a good policy as congestion in the Spa city is avoided.

Veronica was our local guide for Spa City in Karlovy Vary. Lin on her left was the tour leader from POTO Travel.

Upon embarkation from the shuttle bus, Veronica started briefing us about the Spa City in Karlovy Vary. The Spa City was founded in the 14th century by King Charles IV. You can read more about it here. Some better pictures here.
As we walked to the various colonnades we came across many beautiful buildings housing shops and hotels.

Grandhotel Pupp is famous for it being the location for the filming of The James Bond film Casino Royale.

These three Malaysian tourists didn't stay at the Grandhotel Pupp but just posed beside another guest's Jaguar.

Shops selling Bohemian Crystal. If you ask for the price, that means you can't afford it. If you can afford it, just point at the items that you want and pay either cash or via credit cards.

 A marvelous set of ceramic on display.

This hotel is so posh and expensive that nobody stayed there. It belongs to a very rich Russian.

That is the name of the hotel and perhaps also the name of the owner, Felix Zawojski.

The well dressed can be seen in Spa City walking on the street. How about these two below?

Always eager to do a good deed, I helped this war veteran to push his wheel chair. Later we waited for our cup of coffee.

Along the road we saw workers washing the street before laying the tables when getting ready for business.

Veronica showed us the highest flood level that had hit The Spa City. That was some flood and all tourists will be reminded of it. I forgot the year it happened. If you insist on knowing it, either you google for it or take this trip like I did.

These 9 pieces of metal plates produce a different tone when stepped on. It needed quite a jump to produce a note. A 62 years young Pak Zawi became tired after making several attempts at producing a tune. Personally I doubt it was melodious at all as I was tone deaf. Though I have a video of me doing the jumping, I was unable to upload it here.

That is the name of the gadget.

Finally our group reached the colonnade where we were supposed to do some water tasting.

Steam seems to rise where the hot water surface in the river.

Tasting the water at the spa. The temperature of the water gets hotter as you go to the next spout. The last one is the hottest and at 72 degrees Celsius and you can't cup it with your hand to drink it. You need a special cup with a spout to drink it. The spout will ensure that the mineral contents  of the water especially iron will not stain your teeth. In the 14th century, the army had to drink 11 liters of water daily to remain healthy. I bet their internal organs will be coated with iron oxide after a year of treatment. Different doses are recommended for different ailments.

A geyser in the building spurts hot water all day.

You can buy your water tasting mugs at souvenir shops within and without the buildings. It is something to remember Karlovy Vary the Spa City by.


A group photo upon exiting the spa.

The ladies wanted to be on their own.

An interactive map being used by a tourist to locate a place.

 Ornately decorated wooden colonnade.

Glorious tulips.

Legend has it that a fragile old man came to Spa City for treatment. After the treatment he emerged to be a young strong man as depicted in the sculpture below. Will I emerge a younger man after leaving the place? Younger at heart, maybe.

Graffiti on a park table.

Another wild duck.

My next post will be about Prague, the capital of Czechs Republic.


Temuk said...

Assalamualaikum Pak Zawi

Lamanya tak berjumpa! Cemburunya saya, buka-buka LAISI nampak gambar & cerita orang makan angin. Jauh pula tu. Tentu seronok. 11 pasangan ke yang pergi tu? Saya amat suka gambar-gambar sungai dan bangunan lama mereka. Semoga sihat sepanjang ziarah & perolehi banyak manfaat.

Pak Zawi said...

Ya lama saya tak update blog. Kali ni melancung ke Eropah Timur terpaksa buat blog kerana terlalu indah pengelaman dan penglihatan dan ianya harus di kongsi.
Seramai 20 orang dari couple kepada 3 beranak dan juga yang solo dalam kumpulan. Akan saya buat blog seterusnya sebaik saja ada kelapangan masa dan mental. Semoga apa yang saya akan paparkan nanti akan memberi sedikit sebanyak kegembiraan walaupun mungkin Tuan juga pernah kesana satu masa dulu.

Pak Zawi said...

Waalaikummussalam Temuk,
Memang dah lama saya tak buat entri. Kali ini saya rasa pengalaman ke Eropah Timur amat manis dan menarik dan perlu dikongsi bersama walaupun Tuan mungkin pernah kesana.
Kumpulan kami seramai 20 org yang terdiri dari beberapa couple, 3 beranak, dan yang single. Semoga akan mendapat menfaat dari tulisan kali ini.

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