Tuesday, May 10, 2011

One Down, Four or Five More To Go.

Yesterday I did manage to complete one painting for my son Azrin which was long overdue since he had moved into his new house quite sometime ago. Since I started painting again I had been working diligently on that painting to ensure that it will be ready before we leave for KL on 29th May 2011. Thank you Allah the new found enthusiasm and drive has spurred me on to complete the painting in double quick time.
On my first visit to his house he had even shown me the wall where the painting would be hung. It was quite a large piece of wall immediately visible after entering the house. No mention was made as to the kind of painting that he wants other than that he wanted a big one if possible 3 feet wide and 5 feet long. Ya Allah, that is large and I have never attempted something that large!
Upon coming back to Pasir Mas I immediately started working on his painting since I already had a piece of canvass stretched on a wooden frame just the size that he wanted. It didn't turn out right and I tried painting over. Unfortunately painting over such a big piece was a tedious job and would have expended a lot of expensive oil paint should I have continued. So I left it at that. That was the reason why I stopped painting for so long. Only lately the desire to paint again came to me and I started with his painting. This time I was determined to have it completed.

The initial coat of oil paint was for the background. Look I have no studio so any open space with sufficient light will do.

Putting in more colours. Now the painting seems to be getting more interesting.

Further touch up.

My wife is the harshest critic. She said the background doesn't look nice.

Reworked on the painting. Now how does it looks? I consider it done and will sign it soon.

Immediately after feeling that the job is done, I started on the next painting for my daughter Azini who had also moved in into a new house in Kerteh, Trengganu after she and her husband were transfered there from Labuan.

Azini wanted a three piece of something in black and white. It sounds easy but do you think so?

When I did finish this job for Azini I need to start working on the painting for my son Azuan. Actually his painting of the sanserveria was already done along time ago. Unfortunately for him my dear friend the late Dalilah aka Raden Galoh of the Blog One Breast Bouncing (may her soul ret in peace) had asked for it after she had already acquired another painting of The Bird Nest Fern. Knowing the situation Dalilah was in at that time, I was so moved and had to let her take that painting too. Both Raden Galoh and husband Red Alfa came to my son Azuan's apartment in Shah Alam one evening to collect the two paintings. Hopefully the two paintings would still adorn the wall of their house and remain the token of friendship between the family and me.
I have yet to decide on what to paint for Azuan. He is a bit critical of my work as he had been exposed to some of the great paintings by the many great artists that now adorned the wall of Bank Negara Malaysia, where he works. Azuan will often criticize on the lack of depth on some of my paintings. I believe in him and often reworked on the painting he so commented.
Of course my eldest daughter Azura wanted a piece of my painting too. Sincerely, I believe my children must keep at least one of my paintings in their respective houses. That is one way for them to remember me when I am gone.
Only after all of my children has got hold of what is due to them, ten only will I be able to start work on the many other paintings that I still owe my blogger friends. These blogger friends are still waiting for their pieces:
HJ Angus of Malaysia Watch, Kerp of Lets Go Land, Shah of My Neverland and a certain En. Zainal from JB.
Anybody else out there that I still owe a painting?
Please pray for my good health and longevity, God willing I will deliver on my promise.


jaflam said...

Selamat melukis kembali Pak Zawi dan harap dia membawa kegembiraan pada mereka2 yg masih menunggu karya tuan.

Pak Zawi said...

Thank you. Your willingness to add my painting to your great collection by great well known artists really inspired me to carry on painting.

Pat said...

I love the bird-of-paradise painting, Zawi. I think you've captured the essence of it's beauty and colours brilliantly. I am not brave enough to attempt it yet ;)

I paint in acrylics, so that is much easier to work with than your oils. Also, it is much cheaper! Hahahah!!!

When I paint, all I think about is colour, light, angle, brushstroke. All else fades from my mind. For me, that is a blessing. Is it the same with you?

Pak Zawi said...

From your work I know you are talented and very accomplished. Just go ahead and try, you will get something out and somebody out there will appreciate it. There are sometime I find my own completed painting as useless or even absurd, but somebody like it and wants it.
I don't even know why I use oil, only that Chegu Maseri who introduced me into painting uses oil and he bought for me the first three tubes.
Someday I might try using acrylic just to find out the difference.
No specific principle for me, I just paint as it comes from the mind and experiment with the colors. I am thinking of using more colors that differ from the original color as I love the works of people who uses this technique.

~Covert_Operations'78~ said...

Abang Zawi tolonglah jangan cakap about "remember me when I am gone"... after the demise of Louis Sellier, I really don't want to think about losing any more friends. Your paintings are beautiful and have a calming effect on the viewer. Your children and grandchildren will love them... and YES they will appreciate the paintings and you while you are still around!

Pak Zawi said...

Ee Lynn,
Yes it is with a tad of sadness when we recall Louis' demise. I am sorry to have used that line.
I know they will appreciate them otherwise they won't have asked for it. Aren't you coming to KB anymore. Should you be coming this way again and overnight here just give me a tinkle. Let's have dinner together with my wife.

Yanie said...

nice !! thank you papa..x sabar nak gantung kat dining area :)

Pak Zawi said...

I am happy to know that you like it. It was worth the effort then. Get it framed and it will be ready to be hung on that wall.

Berisman said...

Your passion for painting is just like mine for blogging and cycling.We need enthusiasm to keep going..in my case,the readers' feeback and riding buddies companionship keep me going.By the way,I always like the bird of paradise flower..

Pak Zawi said...

Pak Adib
How true with with what you said. A few word from buddies like you can keep the spirit alive to spur the tired body to carry on no matter how tired we are. Thanks for visiting.