Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Taking A Break

The earlier programme was for me to stay on till 20th Dec.2010 and I will only be taking the flight home from LCCT KL to Kota Bharu when my nannying duty is over. A twist of luck has given me an opening and my charges will be away for almost a week with their father. This is a much needed break for me and by noon today I will be flying home to Kota Bharu to be with my wife Fatthiyah. She had not been able to come along as my other daughter who had been recently transferred from Labuan to Kerteh, Trengganu is currently at home in Pasir Mas since her husband's attempt to find a suitable house to rent near the school where she will be transferred to has been a failure. Vacant houses in Kerteh is a rare commodity. On the waiting list for a Petronas quarters for whom the husband work, he is way down on the waiting list at number 82. The house they bought is nearing completion but being in Dungun, it will be an hour's drive from home to school. They bought the house in Dungun anticipating a transfer to the district they requested. So when the house is completed, they will have to rent it out to compensate their own rental.
I am so happy to go home to Pasir Mas even for just a few days. Looking after the three grandchildren in Puchong has changed my daily routine. I miss everything I am so used to everyday. Back home I have that small patch of vegetables plot which was providing me with fresh vegetables such as kangkong and the ladies fingers has just started to produce when I left it.
It would be OK if it was for just for a week away from home but this is a full month and this break is much needed after being here since the 21st of November which was more than two weeks already.
On the plus side I am happy to be here as I get to meet my other children and the grandchildren. Above all I am happy because while here, I have fallen in love again. I feel deeply in love with something which I intend to get my hands on. It was while on a visit to The Mines Resort that I saw it. I have yet to decide on the model but from what I heard, an Apple computer is good whih ever model that we decide on.


~Covert_Operations'78~ said...

Salam, Abang Zawi! When you said you had fallen in love again, my jaw dropped. And then... WHEW!... I found out you were merely talking about an Apple computer. What a relief! Yes, it's good to be back on familiar soil, where you are free to grow your own vegetables and neighbours won't think you are strange or financially hard-up for doing so, an assumption lots of city folk make. Our best regards to Fatthiyah.

Oldstock said...

Salam Pak Zawi,

Nothing compares to the feeling of being back at home. Enjoy the break..

Wan Sharif said...

and they say familiarity breeds contempt..
how wrong they can be at times..
Selamat menyambut tahun baru Maal Hijrah..


salam pak zawi,

bila cerita tentang kerteh teringat zaman saya bersama exxonmobil dulu ...sebab pernah base kat kerteh untuk jaga operasi computer network untuk offshore. memang satu tempat yang nyaman dan jauh dari kesibukan ...dulu jalan kakai je gi ofis...


Gurindam Jiwa said...

MacBook Air.

So you can travel light.

Pak Zawi said...

>Ee Lynn,
At 60 I can't be falling in love again. Growing my own vege allow me to eat vegetables that are free of any chemicals. It is not the finance that matters.
> Oldstock,
Home sweet home. It is really nice to be home. Everything is familiar again.
> Wan Sharif,
No such thing. Familarity brings the joy in life.
>Jalan Rebung,
I have yet to know Kerteh. I will be there one day and get to know Kerteh more.
> Mazle,
Then MacBook Air it will be. Thanks for the tip.

louis said...

Hi Zawi,

I only got to your post today, December 13, but I will add my two cents to your discussion about what model of Apple to get. First, you are right in that any Apple would be a good choice, for lots of reasons. I have used nothing but Apples since the Apple II and have never been disappointed. On the other hand I got rid of a brand new Windows laptop after a couple of weeks fending off security issues. The MacBook Air is a beautiful device in addition to being very light and very capable, but if you use DVD's be aware it doesn't have a built-in DVD player. Another consideration is whether you plan to do a lot of video streaming. If you don't carry around your computer much other than from one location to another at home, I would suggest you compare the Air with a MacBook Pro before you decide on the Air.

Pak Zawi said...

The dream of acquiring an apple computer will remain a dream for the time being as mu budget doesn't allow me to buy it at the moment as I intend to buy an iPhone4 first.
Anyway I will take note of your caution about the absence of the DVD drive in the MacAir. Anyway I am more interested in the Macbook.
Thanks for the tip.

Pak Idrus said...

You have fallen in Love, that is good. The longer you stay alone the better would be your love life. It may start with an apple but it could progress into something else. So do makes hays while the sunshine. Take care.

Pak Zawi said...

Pak Idrus,
My bachelorhood life will be over after the 21st of Dec 2010 hehehehe.
Not much hay can be made for the time being. Not much sun around hahahaha.

Temuk said...

Salam Pak Zawi
Nannying can be fun, but not for too long. Letihlah Atuk. Dulu dah lenguh jaga cucu punya bapa/emak. Ni kena jaga si cucu pula. But of course, deep inside us, we always want to help them. Siapa tak sayang anak & cucu?!

Gurindam Jiwa said...

Haaa... my Mom used to say, "Aku puas dah jaga orang. Dah tua ni orang lah pulak jaga aku!" Fair enough.

Pak Zawi said...

You must experienced it yourself to be able to feel it. Only that I am taking nannying to the exact word and has to do the whole house chores. But the bonding with the grandchildren makes it worth all the while. I will be blogging about it as soon as I regain my normal routine with some space to myself.

Pak Zawi said...

I will be saying the same too after this. Has had enuff of it already. This will be the last time hehehe.

Awang Goneng said...

Pak Zawi,

Time for you to come down this way again. The Guide's not getting any better but the snow's so beautiful to see on a quiet night when the moon's in the sky.

I ask for your forgiveness too. I've stolen a pic from your old blog while you were away. Halal lah ya?

Pak Zawi said...

Abe Awang,
My dream of enjoying a winter holiday somewhere is yet to be fulfilled and definitely Old England is the perfect place for such an endeavour. Since young Madam Enid Blyton has been feeding me with stories about winter in England mesmerizing the once young Pak Zawi to a land so faraway that even the old Pak Zawi didn't consider it possible to set his foot on.
Take anything that you want from my site, a brother is always free to take whatever that I have.
The painting I promised to give you has returned to Malaysia with the messenger. After making such a long journey all the way to Londoin, it is most unfortunate that that piece of canvass has to make another journey from Malaysia to meet its final owner. I guess that is the destiny of the painting. InsyaAllah it will reach you one day.

Atok said...

abe wi,
lamo x jengok ssining. the apple store @ the mines tu, gu kawe ado kijo ssitu. kalu abewi gi sekali lagi, ask for fazmy.
dungun: tempat ngaji ambo tu :)

Pak Zawi said...

Tok jadi beli Apple. Tak mampu. So tak akan pergi la. I bought an Acer Timeline at the recent Pikom Computer Expo at KL Convention Center instead.
Oh ngaji di Dungun ITM ko?

Atok said...

bukae abe wi, ambo pioneer batch @sek. men. sains dungun :)