Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Blogging From Shah Alam

Many things happened since I came to Shah Alam on Wednesday 14th October. That day itself was my 59th birthday. My wife Fatthiyah celebrated it a day earlier and had a nice dinner on a floating restaurant by the name of Cerana at a place called Pengkalan Datu in Bachok Kelantan. It was really quite a romantic dinner. I should be doing it more often and I like the seafood served there. Though the place is in Bachok, it is much nearer to Kota Bharu.
Azrin picked me up at KL LCCT and he sent me to my other son's place in Shah Alam where I will be taking care of Adam Hakimi. Azrin and family was on his way back to his in law's place in Taiping. Anyway I wanted very much to view the semi D house that Azrin wanted to buy at Subang Alam. Since it was along the way to Shah Alam from Enstek Labu, it was quite convenient to stop and view and perhaps give an idea on whether the place is really worth the lifetime of repayment that he will have to endure.
Subang Alam is a new housing area being carved out of a former oil palm plantation. The developer had maintained the undulating landscape and not resort to flattening of the whole area as is sometimes the case. It was tastefully done befitting a medium end living. Houses in this twenty acres of low density housing area cost anything upward of RM800K.

The signboard infront of the sale office and the show house.

The house that Azrin is buying is the one in the middle.

The proud new owner to be.

Azrin was lucky in the sence he gets to buy a house in the almost completed phase. What happened was the original buyer didn't manage to secure the loan to buy the house and the sales manager of the project offered Azrin to buy the house instead of waiting for the completion of the houses in the next phase which is yet to be constructed. Even as it is the house is expected to be handed the CF sometimes in May next year.

Azrin had a bad experience before this when he bought a house in Bukit Jelutong where the previous state government had carved a section of the forested land adjacent to Bukit Cherakah and alloted the land to developers who had no license whatsoever to d0 a housing development. Things went haywire after the change of the state government and the development of the area came to a complete stop after only the earthwork was done. Even the individual land titles were yet to be obtained and yet the bank which approved Azrin's RM320K loan had disbursed RM200K. When Azrin didn't service the loan, the bank recalled the loan and asked Azrin to settle something about RM700K. Some Islamic loan! Later Azrin engaged the services of a lawyer and the bank meekly agreed to settle for just the amount disbursed plus the overdue interest and the total sum came to about RM240K with Azrin calling the shot on how much initial payment and monthly payment to be paid back. It seemed the bank had disbursed the money without adhering to the proper procedures. They were lucky as the matter was not reported to Bank Negara and were happy to get their money back. Azrin was lucky as his nightmare at last came to an end and not had to pay the RM700K as demanded. Hopefully he will recoup his money when the land title is obtained and the land sold. Now all potential borrowers just beware some Islamic loans offered by some banks could be worse than the non Islamic ones.

My first night in Shah Alam was a relaxed one as Azuan's wife Ijjah was still around.

The next morning we sent Ijjah to the place where chartered busses were waiting to send Ijjah and her colleagues to attend the induction course at Pangkor Island.

Immediatley after that Azuan took me to Sunway to buy some art materials especially canvass as I didn't bring any from home. There were all sort of sizes and grades. It was really fun buying art materials in KL. I bought various canvass sizes from 12" x 12" to 24" x 30". If they would accept credit cards, I would have bought even more as I didn't have much cash on me.

That Thursday evening my wife Fatthiyah flew in and Azuan picked her up at LCCT while I waited at home in Shah Alam. She will be here till Sunday and will fly back to Kelantan on the first flight on Monday. So for that few days I have an assistant to take care of Adam.

The next day Dalilah Tamrin aka Raden Galoh of One Breast Bouncing came with her husband Saiful to pick up her two paintings. We were very happy to play host to them. They couldn't stay too long as the time given to them to park their car at the taxi pickup point was just half an hour and when the half hour was consumed, the securities called on the intercom to remind us that our guest must leave. Parking is a big problem at this apartment and the securities are too happy to clamp your car should you breach any of the rules as it will mean a fine of RM50 to declamp. I guess it is time to sell this apartment and get my son to buy another better place to live.

Later that night we had Kerp of Let's Go Land came with his pretty fiancee. They will be getting married come March and Kerp invited me over for the reception. Kerp gave me an Italian cap knowing that I collect them.

Being wheelchair bound, the security people allowed Kerp to park his car near the entrance to the apartment. It was kind of thoughtful of them to have a soft spot for such disabled people. So Kerp and partner could stay longer at our place to chat.

The next day was a Saturday. The area near the Shah Alam Stadium had a carnival in the form of Sua Rasa being organized by TV9 and Celcom. Non of our family member bothered to go even though we could hear all the fanfare happening there.
From the balcony of the apartment we could see the goings on at the carnival. Even the singing was heard loud and clear.

When the helicopter hovered to take an aerial shot, I took a shot at it (with my camera of course).

When our two other children Azura and Azrin came with their families, they started litting up the candles on a cake to celebrate my birthday. The grandchildren cried "Wow! So many candles" My children gave me a set of leather belt and wallet as my birthday present.
The grandchildren were eager to blow out the candles and they did just that before going back to their PS2 games which Irsyad had just acquired using his duit Raya to pay part of the cost. They didn't even bother to eat the cake though it was bought from Secret Recipe. Well even the elders didn't eat up much.

The grandchildren just enjoyed singing the birthday song and blowing out the candles, after that it was the PS2 games for them.

After all that was done we crammed into Azrin's SUV and headed for Pantai Dalam for an Open house at Su's flat. Su is a close friend of my daughter Azura. After parking the car it rained heavily and we had to take shelter at the police's block of flats.

I can't resist taking the picture of five of my grandchildren sitting on a bench. Right across the road there was an Indian Resotoran with this peculiar sounding name. Hopefully somebody may not mispronounce it's name.

When the rain subsided, we walked over to Su's flat to enjoy the food served at the hallway of the flat which was abit cramped with the number of guests. Under the circumstances city flat dwellers will have to make do with whatever is available when you are 10 storeys above the ground.

Su in lighter shirt with my Azrin's wife Yanie in black T shirt.

While on the way to Su's flat, we noticed the beautiful murals on the walls of the flat starting from the lift. This is the work of one of the flat dwellers to cheer up the mood of the dwellers on that floor. With that kind of murals, vandals are deterred from defacing the walls with grafiti. The guy who did it must be a formidable artist.

Fatthiyah had her photograph taken with Azura, Lis, As and Irsyad with one of the beautiful murals in the back ground.

We returned to Shah Alam.

It was Saturday night and we were invited to yet another Raya open house at En. Termizi aka Pak Abu and his wife Puteri Kamaliah of the famous blog Kata Kama. The family lives at the Sri TTDI condo in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail not far from Shah Alam. We were abit late and the parking area was already full of cars. Since the function was held at the poolside area, it was easy to locate the place at it was immediately at the entrance to the condo.

Though this is my first meeting with Puteri and Pak Abu, they were such gracious host that we felt so welcome.

The family with Puteri Kamaliah.

Yours truly with Pak Abu in the dark red baju Melayu.

Kay Leeda of the blog Sembang At Kay's was the other blogger at the function. The others who had confirmed attendance such as Raden Galoh, Elviza and Jaflam were unable to do so due to reasons of their own. Elviza was having a Deepavali dinner with a client, Raden may not be feeling well and when I called Dato' Jaffar, he was having a sore throat.

Another picture of the guests at Puteri Kamaliah's open house.

Sunday morning in Shah Alam means Pasar Pagi near the Stadium Shah Alam. This Sunday's Pasar Pagi will be more meaningful and crowded as it is also the second day of Sua Rasa. Fatthiyah wanted to go to the Giant Supermarket next to the Pasar Pagi so we drove over and parked almost near the supermaket. As usual the pasar pagi was crowded with the added attraction of Sua Rasa. Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

The police showing their more powerful new cars, the Mitsubishi Evos. Hopefully they will be fat enough to catch the many snatch thefts that are occurring almost daily all over the country.
TV9 staff cajoling the crowd to join them for the poco poco dance. Many did and they seemed to enjoy themselves while having an excercise.

The power gliders hovering over the area.

A baby fast asleep while the mum was busy selling her wares.

That eveing we sent Fatthiyah to Enstek Labu. She will be catching the first flight back to Kelantan at LCCT on Mondayand had to be at the airport by 6.45 am the latest. Sleeping over at Azrin's place will be the best way to get her to the airport on time as it is a mere 15 minutes drive away.

While in Shah Alam, I did find time to paint. This is only possible when Adam Hakimi was having his sleep.

The first painting I did was of the white tulips for a friend's wife in Johor Baru follwed by the Flowers of Sanserveria. The second painting is on a 20" x 30" canvass and not meant for anybody yet. Any takers for this painting?

The painting of an autumn scene on the top of this post is a small painting of 12" x 18". It was done in preparation for a painting for Kak Teh of a Choc A Blog fame who promises to send the latest autumn picture of London showing all the golden hues imaginable.


aliff muhammad said...


Pak Zawi,

It seems to be that your son can take you out of Pasir Mas but not painting out of you :)

Pak Zawi said...

You are right. For the moment I can't stop painting. When I wake up at 4 am to change Adam's diapers and I will start painting as soon as he goes back to sleep.
Bila nak datang Brunsfield? Except for Adam and the internet, life is so lonely up here. Dunno how it takes to last the 2 weeks I will be here. Thanks to the mobile broadband wifi which I bought at the Sua Rasa event otherwise this post will never see the light of day.

Anonymous said...


x tahu pulak ada upin n ipin kat sua rasa tu...bdk2 ni pasti suka dapat jumpa upin n ipin :)


Pak Zawi said...

Wassalam. Rugi la Yanie tak datang awal kalau budak-budak sukakan gelagat mereka. Eh ada siaran langsung kat TV9 dan mereka selalu tunjukkan Upin dan Ipin.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

it was a real pleasure meeting you again pak Z. i remember i promised you a flat hat if we ever get to bump into each each other again, and when the opportunity came i didnt wanna miss it.

and i take my (flat)hat off to the condo guards. as mean-looking as they were, i was amazed by their friendliness and as you mentioned, thoughtfulness.

btw, i was at the pasar pagi as well. even had my b/fast and lunch there...and guess what i bought? another hat...hahah...

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Salam Pak Zawi, it’s always a pleasure reading your simple pleasure in life stuff. Friends & families get together, pausing to smell the roses in this fast pace world we live in today. Do u carry a notebook (555 lah not pc..heheh) with u always, to jot down details or just remembering events off the top of your head?

I see there r still some Tommyness left in u….hahaha. Fancy u posting a pic of Restoran Vargina here. Bet u’ll be thrill when u see Chinese restaurant named ‘Fuk Mee’ & ‘Fook Yew’ in your next overseas trips. Instead of an Italian Cap, Kerp should had given u a French cap like ‘The Basque Beret’, u know the woollen one that French artists wears.

Enjoy the rest of your stay there.

Kukukerchoo to baby Adam.

P/S - Perhaps 1nite, the Red Alfa & his boss can buy u dinner at Restoran Vargina ;)

zaitgha said...


Last Sat i pun passed by this area...saw 2 of those gliders and the youngest boy was excited....was telling my husband that you are here and hopefully we will have the time to meet soon....kalau tak der aral maybe this coming Sunday?

Raden Galoh said...

Salam Pak Zawi...

It was a pleasure meeting and kak Fathiyah and Azuan's family... I am so happy that Saiful is happy to see the 2 paintings I got from you... Excellent piece of art, he said.

Happy painting Pak, while you have the mood going great in you...

I like the painting on top of this entry... serene in its colourful way...

Pak Zawi said...

It was my pleasure as well. Thanks for the hat. You should have seen me walking around the Pasar Pagi on that Sunday wearing that hat. Maybe I went a bit later than you so we missed out each other.
Oh you bought another hat? Its your signature I guess u will have to have one extra all the time.
As to the guards, they let you in after I mentioned you as wheel chair bound. They have a heart too but I guess they have their duty to perform.

Pak Zawi said...

Salam kembali.
Simple pleasures makes our life ticks. No I dont carry notebooks but I do lug my DSLR around so I will capture on camera whatever that I need to remember. If I bring around a 555 notebook, I may forget to write nything and if I do remember I may forget where I put the notebook.
At first glance I didn't see the R in Vargina si I am as Tommy as you hehehehe. When I was in Paris I bought an Italian cap instead of the beret because I don't want people to say that I am wearing a French cap.
The road to restoran Vargina in Pantai Hill is always crowded. Better find another eatery with easier access.

Pak Zawi said...

You should have stopped the last Saturday as Fatthiyah was around. Sunday morning will be fine as I have a friend from KL taking me to lunch on the same day. Let's have a late breakfast if you don't mind. Otherwise come over in the afternoon. I will be glad to meet you and your family.

Pak Zawi said...

I am so happy to know that both of you are happy with the painting. Being appreciated is the greatest reward for any artist especially a newbie like me.
The painting at the top is attractant to this blog just like the nectar to a flower. It is colorful and personally I wanted to reproduce the tranquility of the water body in the foreground. I wonder if it is visible to you all.

Zendra said...

Pak Zawi, a belated birthday wish from me - semoga panjang umur murah rezeki dan dilimpahi rahmat. On the verge of the big 6 already huh, but you certainly don't look it, certainly not in the photos.

Untungnya papa Adam Hakimi away in dreamland while grandpa gets up to change the nappies... very hard act to follow this!

~Covert_Operations'78~ said...

Salam, Abang Zawi! Happy Belated Birthday! Looks like you had a great celebration, even if the kids are not cake fans. Azrin is so smart to have sorted out the issue regarding his housing loan. If you were to read the contract carefully, it is the bank's duty to ensure that the project is not abandoned, that the developer is legal, and that the land is legal and available for housing development. Azrin could have counter-sued for the Bank's breach of contract!

The paintings are lovely. You seem to have a special talent for painting still life of objects from nature!

Pak Zawi said...

Thank you for the birthday wish.
Yeah I don't look that I am coming into the 60s but I am feeling it hehehehe.
Adam's dad do wakes up too but he needs his sleep to be able to go to work the next day. Just a small sacrifice for a son and a grandson.

Anonymous said...

hi zawi...

we would be most happy if zai and her family can join us for lunch this sunday... will pick you up before 12.30pm... please make the necessary arrangement with her... unfortunately, we just miss your dear wife who left for pasir mas last sunday...


Pak Zawi said...

Ee Lynn,
Thank you. How I wish we had known you earlier. YB. Wee Choo Keong was too busy getting elected and so I couldn't get him to help out. The lawyer that Azrin eventually retained was just happy to have a win-win deal for the bank and Azrin. He didn't even propose to counter sue. Later when I met my cousin who is a senior banker, he said reporting the matter to Bank Negara was good enough to get the lending bank to come on their knees asking for a settlemnt. They know they were in the wrong but we were too intimidated and ignorant to be able to stand up to them.
Anyway we are quite happy with the settlement and the price of the land may soon appreciate to a level high enough to recoup whatever was spent on the property.
Aren't you passing by Shah Alam anytime before the 29th?. Adam could do with a cuddle from you.

Pak Zawi said...

That will be perfect. I will convey the message to her.


salam pak zawi .

cantik rumah anak pak zawi ...and 800K for a semi D house in Enstek is a good bargain ...

so , pak zawi , lama lagi ke kat shah lam , nampak pak zawi dah pegi pasar pagi shah alam ...boleh lukis satu potret tentang pasar pagi tu ..

Pak Zawi said...

Rumah baru tu kat Subang Alam. Azrin dah jual rumah kat Enstek. Kalau kat Enstek bunggalow Jentayu pun baru 400K lebih je.
Saya di Shah Alam hingga 29 Okt.
Pasar pagi tu susah nak lukis la Rizal bab kena muat ramai orang. Saya akan cuba la tengok macammana jadi.

zaitgha said...

Alahai Pak, di jemput orang pulak...saya akan discus dgn bos besar bila dia balik kerja nanti...mmg kami ada jemputan ke Kota Kemuning on Sunday evening tuh, thats why i was planning to go early and see you first...with Mr. Chia invitation tuh rasanyer ok but i have 3 rascals Pak he he and tau la boys nih mcm mana....i will let u know the outcome very soon Pak...

Pak Zawi said...

Ala biasa la budak budak.

manlaksam said...

Assalamualaikum Pak Zawi,
Ambo nak ucapkan selamat hari lahir....maaf deh terlewat sikit.

Pak Zawi said...

Pok Mae,
Waalaikummussalam. Terima kasih atas ucapan. Lewat pun tak apa bab kita orang tua besday ni bukan mainan kito. Biar anak cucu jah la.

Capt's Longhouse said...

Pak Zawi !

,,,well well well you are indeed doing fine in the city !..but don't forget to exercise ??.
,,,do you know that renowned artist Picasso, worked and produced so many paintings that he burned many of them to keep warm !!.
,,,the heights by great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight but they, while their companions slept, were toiling upwards in the night !!
,,,keep it up buddy...and paint for the love of it, not for the love of money. (just give the money to me hehehe)

Capt. Tok Uban

jaflam said...

Salam Pak Zawi,
Happy that your time in Shah Alam is more then babysitting. Meeting friends and paintings and more meeting before you return to golden sand. I was at Mamasita Art Exhibition @ TV3 today. There are some great artworks on display and you should not miss it. Will catch up with you soon.

Kama said...

Pak Zawi, selamat hari jadi... and thank you so much for gracing our open house. Ya Allah terharu sungguh tengok Pak Zawi satu keluarga besar datang meraikan majlis kami. Terimakasih tak terhingga..

Pak Zawi said...

Picasso survived with the help of the ladies plying the trade of the oldest profession. Pak Zawi aspire to be a great artist like him but does not want to live a destitute like him. Let's live for the day.
I have to paint while the drive is still there. So far money isn't the main motive though it helps to buy the materials to paint on. Right now I need the bigger studio size easel to paint bigger jobs when I reach home next month.
As for you, can live a leisurely and comfortable life on Kapas Paradise Island if you cash out on your project and live off the income from the interest alone.

Pak Zawi said...

I am trying to make the most of my stay in Shah Alam. Painting shouldn't be a priority while I am here but still need to do it just to practice those strokes.
Meeting up with friends are of utmost importance. Remember because we know each other that you decide to buy my painting, otherwise Tradtional Kelantan Fishing Boat will never reach your home in Bangi.
Going to Mamasita's art exhibition is top priority but I can only do it on a non working day as my son Azuan will be home to look after Adam Hakimi. We will be going there this Saturday, InsyaAllah. Going to The National Art Galleri is another priority but I can always come back for that anytime later.
Take care Dato'.

Pak Zawi said...

Terima kasih atas ucapan selamat.
Pak Zawi amat berbesar hati kerana Kama dan Pak Abu sanggup menerima rombongan keluarga Pak Zawi yang besar tu. Mereka semua berhimpun di Shah Alam untuk bersama keluarga jadi tak dapat elakla kena ajak mereka bersama. Anak-anak semua berminat nak kenal siapa kenalan Pak Zawi di KL.
Kami bersyukur kerana dapat makan makanan enak ehsan dari Kama dan Pak Abu.
Pak Zawi akan email gambar-gambar yang Pak Zawi ambik itu hari. Kalau nak yang high resolution nanti Pak Zawi hantar dalam bentuk DVD.

Daphne Ling said...

Hi Pak Zawi,

Amboi, sibuknya somebody! You're meeting people (even cartoon people) left, right, up, down and centre!

And you're painting like a busy bee too!

Oh well...If it makes you happy!

Take care, and congrats to Abang Azrin on the house...

Pak Zawi said...

I just take things in stride. Just accommodate anything that is possible and make the most of things while possible. After all life is short and unlike you I am on the tail end.
Now my ex classmates of Pasir Mas has come to know about my presence in KL and they will soon be coming over to meet. Ahh I may use the opportunity to sell a few paintings to them. Hehehehehe.
Thanks for the visit Daph and I hope Azrin will see your comment but even if he does, I doubt he will respond to it. He is too shy lah.

Sang Kelate said...

Assalamualaikum Pak Zawi..

U should have told me that day that was yr b-day when I visited yr place. Thanks a lot fr the precious gift. I feel so honoured to be the owner of yr 'Sunset'.

Hope u will find time to visit Syed Ahmad Jamal's 'PELUKIS' exhibition in NAG.

Look forward to spend more time with u when u back in Kelate. My Ayah Soh was the PESENI president in past. I only knew this last Wed while I had a chance to inspect his big cultural painting hanged on the wall at the departing haall at P.Chepa's airport while waiting fr my flight to KL.

I also happened to know that Ismail Kadir (famous water ccolor painter) and even his teacher Hj Mokhtar is still alive. I gotAy ah Tar's hp no from someone and thinking to visit him together with u.


Pak Zawi said...

an Asmadi,
Kito ni kan orang kampong, mana la nak heboh pasal birthday ni hehehe.
I am going to make the best of my time in KL by visiting as many exhibitions and galleries as possible but with the grandson with me, I will be lucky to be able to visit the one at TV3.
Ismail Kadir is an active member of PESENI Kelantan and he is a very popular water color artist. Hope you too will join PESENI.
Kelik Kelate nanti kita sembang puas puas la.

Awang Goneng said...

Pak Zawi,


Good to see that you're travelling again. When I saw that painting at the very top I thought I was looking at Monet. You're getting better, Pak!

How I wish I could be at that do hosted by our hostess with the mostest, Tuan Puteri.

Pak Zawi said...

Abe Awe,
That Monet piece is to practice for the piece for London. Still waiting for the autumn scene from Kak Teh.
Since it will be going back on the same flight as Sir Awang Goneng to London, I need a certain lead time.
How about letting me paint that Monet on a 24" x 30" canvass? It will definitely look nice on any wall in your be it under the staircase.
Puteri Kamaliah and Pak Abu would have sacrificed a limb or two to have you and Kak Teh at their open house. That much I can speak on their behalf.

Capt's Longhouse said...

Pak Zawi,

,,,good morning again, may i make a suggestion ?. your painting in landscape !! as per the top painting, very good indeed..would be best in future to capture more of historical buildings in Malaysia in your paintings, it will last forever for the future generation to view too ?. you will capture our history via your eyes and you will go down in history too.

Pak Zawi said...

Thank you for the kind words.
Did a painting of an old building near Ridel Hotel. The painting is now in the safe custody of Wan Nordin of GUiKP. Will take your advice and continue paiting of historical buildings in Kota Bharu for a start.

GUiKP said...

I now proudly show off the said painting on a display easel. And quite a few of Azura's friends who visited us during Raya thought she is married to an accomplished artist!

Everytime I ogle at the painting, I have an instinctive feeling that I've walked through the kakilima of the shophouses a few times during my teenage years to reach the Kale Moto. The motorboat then ferried us across to Palekbang, where Tok Wan's house was located, on the other side of Sungai Kelantan.

Thank you for giving us your work of art.

Pak Zawi said...

Only now that I know why you chose the painting 'The Old Building In Kota Bharu' among the few that I let you choose from. Being close to your Kubang Pasu, you have walked along it's corridor when you were young! I didn't have that opportunity but in my mind's eye I could visualize the hive of activities that occur daily when Pengkalan Motor was the center of trade in Kota Bharu. Unfortunately when I did the photography of the place, it was during a time when all the shops in the building were closed for business and the only shop remaining open was the hardware shops whose days seemed numbered.
It is good that the the powers that maybe have decided to preserve this building for the appreciation of future generation. With a fresh coat of paint, the building stood out significantly though it is dwarfed by the imposing new buildings like Pelangi Mall and Ridel Hotel beside it. Being located adjacent to Padang Bank, Bank Kerapu which is now a war museum, Tambatan Di Raja and Istana Balai Besar has made this building a tourist attraction. How I wish the owner of this building could find a way to open up the doors of the shops on the ground floor to be opened again for business so that it will continue to flourish and become a tourist draw.
I will do a write up of this building after doing some research on it. Hopefully you too can add infos to it.
I am sure glad the painting has found it's rightful appreciative owner. Captain Longhouse is correct that old buildings have their own soul and stories to tell. I will definitely paint more paintings of old buildings.

Atok said...

aik...bakpo comment ambo x tubek?

Pak Zawi said...

Try gak sekali lagi.
Hok kata tak tubik tu tubik pula.

hajjah said...

Happy Belated Birthday...hope its not too late to wish ..may Allah SWT bless you with good health and great happiness. Its great .... syukur Alhamdulillah arts and paints do make good for you..frm lijah

Pak Zawi said...

Hajjah Lijah.
Nothing is ever too late. Thank you for the wishes.
Salam pada Haji Hussin and Dora.

kay_leeda said...

Dear Pak Zawi,

I seem to be arriving late in most blogs these days..yikes. Hope it's not too late to wish you a blessed birthday. You have my doas for yr good health and segala yg baik-baik to come your way, always.

Thanks for snapping my pix with Kak Puteri at her open house that day too. It was definitely good meeting up with you there. Kalu tak disclose age tu, orang tak kan sangka what is your age :) So stay cool and keep smiling okay :)

Pak Zawi said...

At least you did arrive. Thank you for the birthday wishes.
You were the only other blogger there and a fellow always rank higher than others hahaha. Age are just numbers, it matters not what the number is be it 90 when you feel like 50. With some make up and accessories one can always look much younger than one's real age.

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Hello Everybody,
My name is Mrs Sharon Sim. I live in Singapore and i am a happy woman today? and i told my self that any lender that rescue my family from our poor situation, i will refer any person that is looking for loan to him, he gave me happiness to me and my family, i was in need of a loan of S$250,000.00 to start my life all over as i am a single mother with 3 kids I met this honest and GOD fearing man loan lender that help me with a loan of S$250,000.00 SG. Dollar, he is a GOD fearing man, if you are in need of loan and you will pay back the loan please contact him tell him that is Mrs Sharon, that refer you to him. contact Dr Purva Pius,via email:( Thank you.


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Hello Everybody,
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