Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Europe Here I Come Part 3

Stuttgard - Titise - Rhinesfalls - Lucerne
The members of the group. We posed for a group photograph in front of the hotel before the day's journey began.

The NH Stuttgart Airport Hotel as the first hotel that we stayed in Europe. This is here we did our first cooking for our meals. Despite the assurance from the tour leader that it would be OK to use our electrical equipments from Malaysia which operates on 220 volts, Pak Idrus's caution that they are not compatible brought some sense of apprehensions. Anyway all went well and we cooked our pot of rice. In fact the rice cooked was more than the nights need as we also prepared some extra for the next day's lunch which we will reheat the next morning.
We had a nice dinner of rice with all the cooked items brought from home. We had fried beef marinated in tumeric, boiled salted eggs, fried anchovies, sambal tumis, beef and fish floss (sambal daging dan sambal ikan). That as a sumptous dinner by any standard.

Breakfast at the hotel as great. Bread was the main staple beside cereals. Scrambled eggs and hard boiled eggs were our favourites. I was going for a second helping of scrambled eggs and stopped after the chef put in sausages in the scrambled egg tray.

Beautiful houses near the hotel.
Undulating landscape was the common sight along the way in Europe. They were mostly green meadows covered with green grass which will become fodder for the cattle. In some fields they were being turned into hays for the inter.

Hamlets like these break the monotony of the undulating fields of grasses.

Titise was a tourist ton with a beautiful lake. Both sides of the street leading to the lakes were lined with shops selling goods and souvenirs to tourists.

An unused boat was used as a planter box to landscape the town.

Boat cruise was available but we did not take it as there seems to be not much to see.

There were wild ducks on the lake. When I approached them, they flew off. I caught them while in flight.We had lunch by the lakeside before leaving for Shaffhausen in Switzerland to see the Rhinesfalls which is the biggest fall in Europe. When we crossed the border from Germany into Switzerland, there was no border check at all. It seems to be One Europe in the true sense of the word. Euros are legal tender in both countries but the Swiss Francs are still used.

The Rhinesfalls with roaring waters. If the falls was in Malaysia, some smart donkeys must have suggested it to made into a hydro electric generator to make some money from the construction.

Somebody is guarding the bridge to the jetty lest I cross over to shop.
The view from the cafetria where the jetty is located. I wanted to ride the boat to the fall but there wasn't time.

To experience such a boat ride would be great. It is almost similar to the Niagara Falls albeit on a smaller scale.

The souvenir shop on the jetty. The shop minders were happy to pose for a picture. Most others declined to be photographed.
The Swiss Army knives on display. I think they were slightly cheaper here since they were quoted in Swiss Francs.Many of our members bought souvenirs from here.

Soon we reached our hotel in Lucerne, Switzerland. The tour leader was given an instruction in English telling us not to cook in the room. Trouble started at this hotel when a member of one of the previous group used a heating coil to boil water to cook his instant noodle. A plastic container as used and due to sheer negligence, the plastic container melted off producing smokes which set off the fire alarm at the fire station. Even the hotel staff was not aware of the alarm until the firemen came to the hotel with siren blazing. Ofcourse the room occupant denied of any rong doing until they found the evidence of melted plastic in the room and the heating coil hidden in the bag.
To top the it all the hotel carpet as sodden with water. The occupant of the room had used a bucket to pour water over his body when bathing like he used to do at home. Since there was no water outlet in the bathroom and the bathroom floor was slightly elevated over the room floor, water just flowed over the carpeted room damaging the carpet.
He was given the choice of either to be reported to the police and remain in custody until the case was settled or pay for the damage he had done. He opted to pay for the damage and his pocket was relieved of Euro 800.
Due to the mishap, the tour leader reminded our group on how to use the bathtub and never to forget to put the base of the shower screen in the tub. So much has to be taught to adults who prefer to remain stupid for the rest of their adult life.
Since there was still some daylight hours, I prefer to roam the areas around the hotel.

Bicycles are widely used as transport in town.

The articulated tram is a mass people mover.

Compact cars are in trend.

Majestic buildings are aplenty.

An ornately decorated door

Japanese bikes are available here too.
If you are an adult and not put off by nudity, scroll down to see hat they show on German TV. It was freely available in the previous hotel we stayed in in Stuttgart. It was available only on pay TV in the hotel in Switzerland.

I did pixelate certain part of the anatomy so that you wont be put off by the sight of pubic hairs.

I did warn you.

This was mild compared to what was shown at other times.


Kak Teh said...

hahaha, I like the last bit! Anyway, Pak Zawi, can you please email me our pictures together? I have lost all pictures as I have sent my phone for repair. Thanks and salam to your wife.

uncleawang said...

Nice post! Thanks for the tour,lovely pics-I like the last photo(buat poster kat dinding bilik)hehe...
Look like I am enjoying Europe tour via your blog.

mekyam said...

thanks for another nice segment, pok wi! :D

€800 in damages!

what an expensive way for the person to learn abt being careful not to damp hotel carpeting thru electrical mishaps or non-std shower habits. :D

not to mention the damper that must have put on his/her whole holiday.

that's both funny and and sad. knowing how straitlaced the swiss are, i can just imagine the whole hysterical scenario.

Pak Zawi said...

Kak Teh,
Which email address should I send the pictures to? Just send me an empty mail at and I will do the needful.
Thanks for the great time with you in London.

Pak Zawi said...

I should have taken more shots of them and send them to you.
Since you are enjoying the trip as much as I do I think you follow the rest of the posts till the end. I will be too happy tao continue posting.

Pak Zawi said...

It was indeed an expensive lesson. For it to happen after only 3 days into the 12 days tour it was definitely a damper. Anyway that was the price you have to pay for stupidity.
Anothe friend had to pay P600 for excess baggage from Heathrow to KLIA. Way too expensive to pay.

~Covert_Operations'78~ said...

Salam Abang Zawi,

"If the falls was in Malaysia, some smart donkeys must have suggested it to made into a hydro electric generator to make some money from the construction" -- Haa haa! Very true! That's my fave bit of the post, actually. As well as the cute ducks.

Sigh -- the nude wrestling and boxing is only exciting if you're under-18, isn't it? After that it gets boring.

Adoi on the Malaysian setting off the fire alarm! What a n00b! Buat malu je orang M'sia!

Good to see you enjoying yourselves!


Pak Zawi said...

Ee Lynn,
Glad to see you read all that details.
Some Malaysians are like that. Now the travel company always caution those on the tour not to repeat the mistake as the hotel can also take action on the company.

Oldstock said...

Salam Pak Zawi,

Seems like you are having a marvellous trip. Can't wait to read about your attempt at skiing next.

Pak Zawi said...

Yes we did enjoy ourselves touring Europe. Just wait till we reach Mt. Titlis in Switzerland where the mountain top is always covered with snow.
Harap sabar ya.

Kama said...

PaK Zawi, yang boxing tu kesian betul.. dok bouncing up and down sakit tau..LOL

Tommy Yew said...

Hello Pak Zawi,

Permission to come on board, first time here, so welcome or not?

You are really a real tourist, so many marvellous snapshots of the trip. I just realised that your blog’s the first in M’sia to show actual pictures of nen nen & pixelated ‘ x’ photos, hehehe…blushing lah I ni, but then again sex sells!

Hey Puteri , is it true kah that so bouncing up & down sakit ka???? ROTFLMAO. CO 78, I guess I’m into my second childhood, those boxing & wrestling stuff still fascinate me, I’m so excited! heheh. Guess I must be one of those obnoxious Malaysian that bikin u malu one.

Thanks again Pak Zawi for this great write up. I’m so envious of you.


P/S – My friend always advise me never to convert currency rates whilst on holiday. It takes the fun out of the trip. Just imagine one Euro = one pound = one US$ = one ringgit, all same same lah.

louis said...

Don't be too hard on Malaysians who have made some cultural faux pas such as not using the hotel bathrooms correctly and splashing water on the floor. Up to the last time i visited Hawaii, in hotels, including luxury ones, it was normal to see signs posted in the bathrooms in Japanese and English reminding guests not to take customary splash baths outside of the bathtub or shower enclosure.

Interesting reading your observations about life in Europe.

edelweiss said...

Pak Zawi..

Cantik sunggoh gambor-2...i love all of them...

The last bit tuh errrr?? !hahahahha

Bilalah nok sapa ke europe lagi x tahulah....

Pak Zawi said...

I guess the maxim .No pain, no gains' apply here. since they are professionals in the game, they have to bear the pain. When I watch them punch each other, both sides pulled their punches. I guess the pain from the bouncing up and down was painful enough.

Pak Zawi said...

Tommy Yew,
You r most welcome to hop aboard. Pls make yourself at home at my humble site.
Me the first to show nen n nen fight? it must be a record of sort then.
Initially we converted the currencies. But when we reached Amsterdam, we just forget about the conversin. it sort of cushioned the effect when we reached London where the pound was the most expensive of currencies in ringgit term. Fortunately food at Malaysia Halls cost only 3 - 4 pounds unlike the 8 - 12 Euros in the other European cities.

Pak Zawi said...

We have to observe certain etiquetes where it matters in whichever places. Though I am a Malaysian who used to bathe at the wells using water bucket, I know what to do when i am in a hotel bathroom because I like to keep the bathroom as clean as when I first step in.
Anyway I prefer to use my money to buy souvenirs rather than pay the hotels for damages. Euro 800 is alot of money in whatever currency.
I am sure glad you are still not tired about my travel. Pray tell me when you become sick of it. I may get carried away.

Pak Zawi said...

Well we wont be coming back to Europe too soon either. We have set our site on Aurstralia or Korea. US and Africa will be considered later.

xplorer said...

like uncle awang.I will be sending the last pic for printing to hang inside my study room.ha ha.moral of the story "masuk kandang kambing mengembek,masuk reban ayam mengokok, masuk kandang harimau , kena baham ler".

Pak Zawi said...

That ain't much of a picture to hang on your wall. I will get another one better for you hehehehe.
Yeah when in Rome do as the Roman does.

Pi Bani said...

Eh eh... sini ada gambar lucah. Kena tukar rating! ;)

Pak Zawi said...

Pi Bani,
How will you rate my site? At the moment it should be above 18 with parental guidance? Anyway it is not XXX yet hehehehe.

kbguy (福生) said...

Well covered. I saw the photos of the tv and the magazine covers. Thanks God, it's not our culture. Even Thailand is not that open minded. Thanks for sharing Mr Zawi. Your photos are the proof of what I used to hear from friends coming home from Europe.

Pak Zawi said...

Lim (KBguy),
They are so open. The red light areas in Amsterdam and Paris are always there if you dare to go and have excess cash to spend. They are close to tourists shopping areas. Soho in London too.
The young boys in those cities prefer cigarettes than girly pics.

mamasita said...

Salam Pak Zawi.
Obviously you and Fatthiyah are having a jolly good 'honeymoon'...How I wish we were touring with you all too.

Great snapshots! You're an excellent potographer!

I've heard of this mandi sampai basah carpet thingy a number of times. Malu betul. Takkanlah tak boleh adjust to the MatSalleh style kan? Haa..teruk kena gantirugi.

Pak Zawi said...

Wait till the next trip at the end of this year or next year. This group are intent to travel together again and you and Dato' will make great company to be with.
As to the photography, I thank you for appreciating it. Thanks to the digital technology as we are now able to take multiple shots and choose the better ones.
Some people are downright stupid when it comes to using the common sense. We had to be told not to litter in the bus while travelling as one of the bus drivers of the previous group had remarked that he thought Moslems are people who knows how to maintain cleanliness. Must we be reminded of such a thing?

Puteri said...

Haha, about that last bit!! Good warning for those who don't want to see!

My goodness!! Mandi ceduk, in the hotel?! How come, eh! Kasian this fella, cost him 800 euros!

Pak Zawi said...

I am glad you can laugh at such inclusions of nudity.
The mandi ceduk thing was definitely an expensive lesson for this visitor. Remember he made another mistake of almost burning the hotel down. How could he be committing two mistakes all by himself? How come the others in the tour did not commit any? It is the mentality. His mentality must have been as low as the toilet.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing, Zawi.I enjoy your writings as always.There's no excuse for a member of your tour group not to follow instructions and respect others.It's the Ugly Malaysian syndrome rearing its ugly head abroad.I'm horrified by the unsafe practice of cooking in hotel rooms and the use of heating elements in plastic containers not meant for that purpose.And as if that wasn't enough, to deny it is downright dishonest and shameful, not to mention the bathroom fiasco! I noticed a number of your commentators have shown great interest in the 'adult stuff'.This further confirms that the context of 'halal & haram' is confined largely to FOOD ONLY to the average Malaysian muslim. Why bother with the rice cooker & salted egs & serunding, etc as long as you don't eat pork or drink alcohol? Beats me.


Pak Zawi said...

It wasn't a member my group but a member of one of the previous groups. It was a lesson for us all to adhere strictly to instructions.
As to the adult stuff, I believe they are just saying it in jest. As for me I posted them to show how liberal the people are in those countries. In our own country, even the hairs on our female's heads are taboo, what more pubic hairs.