Thursday, December 25, 2008


My new found friend Zaharan Razak sent me an email telling me of his failed effort to send a much waited response on my last blog about him. He did respond but failed to get it posted. Beside the above predicament he listed as per below his other problems:

My post trip problems:
1. The PC was infected
2. Some cash and a few small items missing
3. Internet connection fouled up - not fully solved as of now
4. I lost not only all my old photo collection but also those taken with new camera of the recent trip! Priceless! Someone has promised to retrieve it tonight using software for a small fee. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

How unfortunate for him as he must be so eager to get connected on the internet.

Today I went to Kota Bharu to check on an event that I saw being placed on a banner somewhere about an event with the following Headings:


The event is being organized by:
41 Trading

Lancer Marketing Sdn. Bhd

Kelab Sukan Motor Mini.

Date : 25 - 27 Disember 2008

Time : 9.00 AM - 6.30 PM

Place : Lembah Sireh (Perkarangan TESCO)
Kota Bharu Kelantan.

By 10.30 AM I was at the site but was surprised to see nothing much there. Anyway I managed to get some more information. For today there will only be the preparation of the track. The track optimization will be done later at 3.00 PM.

For those who are interested to witness the event, here are the programme for the event:

26th Dec 2008
9.00 AM - Registration and briefings

3.00 PM - Heat for all categories.

27th Dec 2008
8.00 AM - Final Registration and Motor Inspection.

8.30 AM - Championship Briefing

9.00 AM - Heat for all categories

- Semi final

- Final

5.30 PM - Prize Presentation.

I will be covering the event on the 26th Dec 2008 and will update this post soon after. Unfortunately I won't be able to cover the event on the final day due to another predetermined event. Hopefully there are other bloggers from Kota Bharu who will be covering the whole event and blog about it.

I didn't manage to cover this event so I wont be able to update it. I am sorry to all Pocket Bikes fan who were looking forward to this post.


kakchik said...

Oh, program ni... rasanya minggu lepas mereka buat kat perkarangan Stadium Sultan Mohd IV. Masa lalu tu nampak ramai orang dok kerumun dan nampak juga motor-motor kecil sedang racing, comel-comel motornya tapi penunggang nampak macam 2 kali ganda saiz motor.

Zawi said...

Motor kecik tapi orang tua boleh naik. Ni ada category terbuka untuk dewasa sekali.
Harap kakchik boleh blog ya bab saya tak dapat hadir pada hari final.

mamadou said...

Assalamu'alaikum Ayoh Awi

I will wait for your next posting about the championship
BTW I reaaly rouched by the courage of Zaharan Razak

Keep up your good works. Thanks

Zawi said...

I will post something after the championship. The moral of Zaharan's story is
1.Health is wealth.
2.We must work to maintain our health.
3.The time to start our maintainence was yesterday or today by the latest.

Covert_Operations'78 said...

Pocket bikes! Best gilerrrr!!! When Balkis is old enough, maybe you could get her one. So she could race all the boys in the neighbourhood.
Yes, please do blog about it. Thank you!

Zawi said...

Thank you for dropping by. I think my grandson Irsyad will start first as his dad may afford it more than than the other granschildren's parents.
Hopefully it won't rain this afternoon otherwise it will be difficult to take pictures. I think it will be very exciting despite the bikes being small.

uncleawang said...

Just few days ago I pegi beli spare part for my son Yamaha Ego & I saw this mini super bike ..yang guna engine bush cutter(kalau tak silap)harga Rm dua ribu sahaja.

Zawi said...

Oh you are one of them on Pocket Bikes already. Is the bush cutter engine a more powerful engine than your Yamaha Ego? RM2000 is quite an affordable sum to most people I think.

Pokku said...

Sorry to hear about Zaharan's PC.
Iwould suggest that he invests in a decent antivirus program. AVAST and Grisoft AVG offer free Home Edition. Both are good preventive software.
I will offer some more suggestions and tools when I meet him, InsyaAllah.

Zawi said...

Hopefully Zaharan reads this. Since you are going to meet him, you will benefit more from whatever you suggest to him. Kaperlsky Internet Security is my choice.

areMaL said...

td baru je atas jambatan.. nampak gak muto2 kecik tgh racing... tp tak sempat nak pegi dekat :D

Zawi said...

Ruginya areMal tak singgah ambik gambar bab dah lalu kat situ. Mungkin areMaL sedang ke Pasir Pekan dan tak dapat singgah. Saya amat terkilan sebab saya merancang untuk ke situ tapi malangnya saya ada acara lain yang saya sendiri menjadi satu dari penganjurnya.

Pokku said...

Uh oh...Meeting Zaharan (and you too) is a general wish. Nothing specific is afoot yet.

Zawi said...

Sorry for the wrong interpretation. Hope the two wise men with great mind will meet one day soon.