Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thank You Tracy

It is not often a small time blogger like me get praised for some of the blogs I posted.Most of such accolades comes from friends or fellow bloggers. The latest came from a complete stranger by the name of Tracy. I would like to share with you what Tracy wrote in my comment column on Labuan revisited Part 3, Places of Interest. It was posted on July 1st when I was in Labuan looking after my 1 year old grand daughter Balqis. This is what Tracy wrote in the comment column yesterday 24 th September 2008.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Zawi,
I have just spent the past hour reading every word you have written in your Labuan post and think you have a real knack for travel journalism! Witty, non-judgemental and honest. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I am going to Labuan this weekend and had done a search to find things to do (I am a British tourist!) and your blog has given me my list of things to do.
I like the way you see life.
Warm regards,

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It is not that I want to bask in the euphoria of praises or accolades that I am blogging about this comment from Tracy. I just want to highlight to you that Tracy is a tourist who has found some use of what we write. If we tell them of what we have, somebody out there may read it and may find the information useful to them. In this case Tracy is a tourist why may want to find out about something of the place she will be going to. No doubt there are any other write ups about the place but since mine is quite the latest that she could lay her hands on.
Many official websites or brochures write beautiful things about a place with splendid photographs taken by professional photographers with non of the back lanes or dirtier side to show. This gives the place a false impression due to the omission of such information. Often times they are obsolete information which may not be true anymore. When the tourists come, they feel cheated. Personally I prefer to let them know the truth so that they won't be disheartened upon seeing the real thing on the ground.
I was fortunate in that I managed to attend a briefing by Virtual Malaysia courtesy of Tourism Malaysia Kelantan under the then Director Puan Hajjah Lijah Othman (now retired). We were told to post as many pictures of Malaysia as we can. It is the only way to let tourists all over the world know how Malaysia looks. So I did just that in my blogs, post lot of pictures and tell a bit about the place.
I am so happy that tourists like Tracy has seen it and I am convinced many more tourists has seen it too but they just didn't make a comment like Tracy did.
Let us promote Malaysia as a destination of choice by posting lots of pictures of the place where you come from. Places like Gua Musang, Dabong, Tumpat and others in Kelantan are unique in their own way. The only way for people to know about them is to post a story with lots of pictures for the world to see.
For you Tracy, I am honoured to have you read and comment on my blogsite. We wish to welcome you and hope you have a happy time in Malaysia. Please enjoy Labuan when you get there this weekend.


puteri kamaliah at-tarawis said...

Pak Zawi, I am writing to reinforce what Tracy had written about your postings. Yes you do have the knack for travel-writing and I am glad I found you (via Kak Teh's site). I am saying this in all honesty because I want to see more of them coming from you. You know what? The dodol mansion/luxury car story is tops!

Selamat Hari Raya.

Fauziah Ismail said...

Salam Pak Zawi
I told so, didn't I?
I don't know about the others but I want to read about places in Kelantan and other parts of the country that had not been covered by the mainstream media or magazines.
I've been to Kg Kemubu in Dabong. I've checked out the train that children take to go to school.
Keep it up. You've got this thing going already.

Zawi said...

May I address you as Kama? (There ia already another Puteri in my blogroll).
I am blushing.
There is still alot of stories about the dodol, serunding and the mansion. I have taken photographs of the serunding and dodol making and the mansion which the couple built it up themselves with the help of a solitary 'tukang'. It is no means feat! Will be blogging about it in due course. It is a rag to riches story. Later interactions with the husband led to the realisation that we came fro the same village and have a common relative, slightly short of being related.
Selamat Hari Raya to you and your family too.

Zawi said...

I am getting there. Just that I don't want to bore you with the same kind of reporting and need to mix them up abit. Anyway most things have been written about already and to make them palatable I have to find a slightly different approach and technique for it to be intresting.
Thanks for the support. Such support is necessary to keep us going.

puteri kamaliah at-tarawis said...

Kama is absolutely a-okay with yours truly. btw, I am Kama to my parents and siblings, and Mek Yah to my Kelantanese kin..:)

Hussin said...

Sdra Zawi,

Before Tracy "took advantage" of your writing, I had the pleasure of experiencing it first for your write ups on Kota Baharu which was helpful for my last trip to KB eventhough I had been to KB many times before. Sad to say, I did not managed to find the ayam percik stall that you raved about. Maybe next time.

Keep up the good work and may your writings benefit many more Tracys in future.


Zawi said...

Kama or Mek Yah,
The Mek Yah is a trueblue Kelantanese nick. It will be my pleasure to use either one or both on you.

Zawi said...

Yes, yes I remember meeting you at your hotel when you came down (the prayer beads will always remind me of you, thank you for that). You went to Friday ceramah by Tok Guru and you saw the Indians waiting to greet him. Yes I admit in my write up that local tourists (mostly friends) benefited from my posts but never knew foreign tourists benefited too. So all the more reason for everyone of us to write about places we visited in Malaysia so that more foreign tourists will feel inclined to travel to Malaysia. What they want is an honest write up about the place be it warts and all. They don't trust the tourisms brochures which more often than not remove all the warts to make everything look perfectly and unbelievably nice.
Selamat Hari Raya to you and your family.

The KL Traveler said...

Salam Pak Zawi,

No doubt you have a knack for travel journalism. Keep it up bro!

Sad thing is, while a lot of us (bloggers on otherwise) do a lot of promotion about our beloved country Malaysia, some country leaders are tarnishing Malaysia's image by their stupid blunders... sending many investors away, even some tourists to certain extent.

BTW, how is the planned gathering in KB after raya? Is it on or not? :) If not, let's get together with few other bloggers any way... just to get to know each other over teh tariks... wouldn't that be nice? Email me if you are game.

Patricia said...

Hi Zawi,

I totally agree with what Tracy has said. Your blog is certainly an interesting and honest look at the world around you. 100% better than reading a travel brochure or handout. Most just want you to spend money and visit shopping malls anyway.

I've been visiting and reading quietly when I can - so much to catch up with lah! Hahahah. But I do enjoy your blog - so keep up the good work!



Akmal said...

I don't know if I said that you do have the knack, but anyway I want to say this; told you so :D
Citizens' views about places, travel, holidays, is more honest. Pamphlets and brochures can always bluff their way out. We give what is due to it. Sucks and cool is not interchangeable, you know what I mean?
Anyway, just keep what you are doing right now. But perhaps you should come up with a sidebar gadget linking to all the travelblog and notes you've come up with previously, simply because it is pretty useful to travellers who google things out. Know what I mean? :)

Zawi said...

kl traveller,
The mini gathering is on Saturday 4th September 08 9.30 AM Hikaya Kopitiam. There is wireless internet connection there and I think it is free. Let us meet there even if there just the two of us. My number is 019 9125647.
Please help to publicize it. I think Elviza should be able to attend. Let us get KBGuy too.

Zawi said...

I will be doing my bit but we need others to do the same about Malaysia. Just post as many pictures as possible. They will help us to promote Malaysia to the world.

Zawi said...

I Know you have said it before.
About the gadget on the side bar, aren't you supposed to do it for me? You know I am not good with it hehehehe.
Frankly your idea is a good one. We will do it soon.

Berisman said...

Pak Zawi,
I know the feeling:-) That is the reward for being a blogger.When readers(like the lady from Old Bighty) found our writings useful to them,all our efforts are paid in full.You have have done an excellent job promoting Malaysia,especially Kelantan.

Encore, my friend!

KakChik said...

She'a absolutely right Pak Zawi. I still remember the first time I read your blog was on the topic of Kota Bharu where you drive your bike around and took photos of development in Kelantan. That was around 12 general election.
Your writing was so good and still is. And I enjoyed it so much.

Zawi said...

Pak Adib,
Spot on. That was how I felt when I read the comment from Tracy. How I wish she would come back to this post and respond to it.
Another wish is for somebody from Tourism Malaysia to acknowledge our effort in promoting Malaysia.
Terima kasih seribu Berisman. Beraya di Beris ko tahun ni?

Zawi said...

Thanks for the memory of the rideabout. I really enjoyed doing that post. Yes it was around the 12th GE. I also remember you wrote seeing the celebration by the winners late into the early morning.
Sorry la for not visiting your library yet. Just can't find the courage to drop in yet. One day soon I hope.

Anonymous said...


Pak Zawi;

I don't usually like to visit personal blog, but after I went through all your postings.. it is to my great pleasure to acknowledge that someone can write such good insights in his point of view.

Looking forward for other posting as such from you Pak Zawi.

Regarding Tracy's comment, well who can say the opposite of that? You are one of a kind! I think your sincerity is the main reason for such an insight about places and life.

Still.. looking forward to meet you, Kl traveller, KB Guy, the pretty lad Elvira and other blogger.


Zawi said...

After all the others heaped praises on me I thought there wont be another way to say the same thing again. You proved me wrong and as Berisman said it, it was like being rewarded with all the gold in this world.
I will just continue writing the only way I know how to do it, staright from the heart with the simplest of words available in my limited vocabulary. Just bear with me the loose grammar and the wrong spellings as I am a mere mortal who has failed to make the cut to be professional writers.
Let us all meet up on the 4th of October 9.30 AM at Hakaya Kopitiam Jalan Kebun Sultan Desa Cemerlang. I will try to bring my grand daughter Balkis so that she could meet up with Elviza's Luqman. The friendship will continue till the next generation.
Selamat Hari Raya.

KakChik said...

It's ok la Pak Zawi. This library will always be here (biiznillah) and you can come anytime when you have the courage.

I have an Eid card for you to collect at my Keluargaku Sayang's blog. Please accept it as a friendship token.

Happy Eid Mubarak!

Zawi said...

Thank you very much for the card.
Selamat Hari Raya untuk anda sekeluarga.

Puteri said...

Wahhh, she must have found your post thru Google search! Good for you!

Puteri said...

The ketupat looks good! Now I have a hankering for some ketupat. :-(

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, Zawi!

Zawi said...

Yeah it seems to be a Google search and Google will of course direct them to Bloggers.
I presume you second comment was meant for the next post but was mistakenly posted on my Thank You Tracy.
You will have to wait for another trip home to satiate your craving for ketupat. I guess you can do some modification with the wrapper and come out with something with a semblance to ketupat.
Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Hello Zawi!
Well, what a surprise to read all these comments!! You should feel very proud of yourself indeed.
While Malaysia Tourism do promote Malaysia (Truly Asia!!), it does tend to show the glamour and the luxury hotels etc. This does not appeal to people like myself and my husband. We enjoy eating in the same places as the local people - give me daging rendang over a KFC any day!! I also find Malaysian festivals colouful and exciting, such as now with Hari Raya - it is so nice to see everybody in their best outfits! Much like we do at Christmas in the UK I guess!
For a tourist to really experience a country - even a small part of it, then we must see life as lived and seen through the eyes of the local people - otherwise why bother to travel at all if all you want is to stay in a luxury hotel and not leave its grounds. Not for me Zawi! Your blog is firmly bookmarked and I shall use it as my Malaysia travel guide at all times so please keep up the good work. I have a good friend in KB so you never know I might get to meet you one day!!
Salamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to you.

Zawi said...

It was beyond belief to see you respond to this post.
Do I need to say more?
Please enjoy the remaining of your stay in Malaysia. You will always be welcomed to Kelantan.