Friday, January 25, 2008

Food of Kelantan - Part 1

Some foods are authentic to Kelantan and some of them I rarely find them outside of the state other than the neighbouring states where the Kelantanese have spread out in search a living or followed their spouse. The South of Thailand being a border nation where people of both nation criss cross the border like there is no border is an exception. Weren't they part of Kelantan once upon a time?

This posting on Kelantan foods should satiate some of the readers desire to see some of the foods they must have missed.

This is a break journey for Kota Bharu In Pictures which will be coming next.
Akok and kerepok lekor being sold around the area where PAS held it weekly Ceramah.
These two ladies were selling several kinds of food including 'nasi tumpang'
Quite a spread of food most are very sweet like the bunga tanjung, jala emas etc.
Tepung Pasong. Traditional Malay food wrapped in conical shaped banana leaf.

The lower part is made of grounded rice sweetened with coconut sugar. The top part is made of santan.

Tepung Bungkus. Grounded rice dough concealing shredded coconut sweetened with cocnut sugar.
Tepung Bungkus with the wrapping opened to show the content.
Cik Mek Molek. Made of sweet potato dough and flour containing sugar which liquify when deep fried.
Three types of Malay kuih wrapped in similar way in banana leaf. Tepung Bungkus manis, ggetah and koci.
Ketupat daun palas. If the gluttinous rice is not sweetened with sugar, it is best taken by dipping in liquified coconut sugar.
Cucur. Fried flour dough. It has a distict shape with raised centre.
Nasi Tumpang. Rice wrapped in conical shaped banana leaf with the lauk comprising of serunding daging, gulai ikan or shrimp sandwiched inside.
Pulut Bakar. Gluttinous rice mixed with santan and grilled over a fire.
Boiled keladi

Ubi Keling

Tapai Beras

Ayam Percik

Solok Lada

Putu Halba

Satay anyone?

bangladeshi buying nasi for breakfast.

More pictures of Kelantan food in Part 2.


Rahman Hariri said...

Thanks for the nice pics of kelantanese food. This is one aspect I missed the most having gone to school in PChepa in the 70s. I missed all the jala emas, the taik itik, tepung pasong and the likes and I was looking for them at the various Pasar Ramadhans in KL. Unfortunately while one can easily get ayam percik anywhere, but not some of the other delicacies of Kelantan.

Fauziah Ismail said...

Pak Zawi
You don't need text to tell us how good these food are. Pictures alone suffice.
My first introduction to Jala Emas was on my first solo trip to Kota Bharu in 1986. Also Tahi Itik. The one thing I find unique about Kelantanese delicacies and dishes is that they are all sweet although it needn’t be.
With such high sugar intake, I wonder if Kelantan tops the list with the most number of diabetics.
p/s What about the blue-coloured rice? I like the lauk pauk that go with it, not so much the rice.

irfan said...

ketupat daun palas and cucur are my favorite kelantan's food.

Zawi said...

rahman hariri,
This seems the first time you commented on my blog. As susch I would wish you a word of welcome.
Anybody who has tested the food of Kelantan will always have lingering memories of them. I guess th exquisite taste and varieties make them delectable. Kelantan beckons you to come back.

Zawi said...

Looks can be deceiving sometimes so remember the idioms that the goodness of a pie is in the eating or something like that which I cant seem to remember exactly. Anyway the tepung pasung is my favourite. Only thing is they make them so small nowadays such that I miss the tepung pasung of old.
The nasi will and lauk pauk will be served last. The ones shown here are just the appetizers hahahaha. A teaser of sort.

Zawi said...

They are still available so no problem to enjoy them. Personally I miss the roti pau they made in the shapes of elephants, fish and whatever other shapes they could think of. I guess they stopped making them along time ago since I have not seen any of them a long time ago.
Since this is the first time you made a comment, I wish you welcome and please come again.

Akmal said...

Pak Zawi,
Hui sedap make tepong pasong weh.
Thank god I am coming home. I am missing all that very much, I am counting down the days hahaha.
Over here, such foods can only bve found in Pasar Malam, but I am telling you, not even half of foods in your pictures can be found in Seksyen 16's Tuesday's Night Market. To rely on that to end my craving, NO WAY! Heheh.
Nice posting Pak. Looking forward Part 2 for food, Part 3 for KB and Part 1 for Pasir Mas :)
Keep well.

Zawi said...

Kelek cepatla kalu telior dooh gak.
Paling penting harga makanan tersebut tak la mahal sangat.
Nanti bila tengok makanan dalam Pasar Besar Siti Khadijah, lagi la membuat kita ingin balik serta merta. Mungkin saya kena buat Kelantan Foods Part 2 sebelum KB in Pictures Part 3?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

whoaaa...i didnt expect to bump into such scrumptious local culinary entry tonight. those pics were lovely no less but being a rice-person, the nasi tumpang and the last pic appeals to me the most.

gapo dio nasik tumpang tu pak zawi? can it be eaten with sambal belacan just to add some spiciness to it? takpon cincalok ke, budu ke, lea & perrins ke...

Awang said...

The picture tell me that we Malaysians pride ourselves on our desserts.Even outside of celebrations,there is never a shortage of sweet Malay desserts being sold all year round.Some can be found in Kuching but with differ name and best buy is keropok leko.

Syana said...

Pak Zawi :o)

I wish you can see me smile! I just love the food you listed here. All are my favourites! hehehe

We're going back during the CNY break and I can't wait to get some nasi tumpang, yum!

However, I have not eaten Tepung pasong before this. Syana nak cari nanti.

Mama Syana selalu buat kuih muih tradisional Kelantan sebab Abah Syana suka makan yang homemade. Sebab2 ni la kena diet hehehe

TQ for this delicious entry :o) Take care :o)

cakapaje said...

Salam Pak Zawi,

Ambo terkeliur doh! Hmm...rindu bonar manisan kelate.

While many of the food can be found in KL, some still need the Kelantanese touch. Nasi kerabu, nasi tumpang, jala emas, ketupat palas (sweetened and to be eaten with sambal tumis daging...oolala!), tepung bungkus and kelantan dodol, mama mia! Thank you Pak Zawi...especially for making me salivate :)

LadyZ said...

Salam Zawi,
Nice pics of Kelantanese food. Although at first, I find the food a bit sweet and the dessert too sweet for my made-in-Melaka tongue, I got accustomed to the taste now i.e after going back-and-forth to KB for the last 33 years. Hubby is from KB. I specially like the specially prepared nasi tumpang bought from the small market near Kubang Pasu. As for dessert, I'd prefer to get from my sis-in-law's (biras actually) Mum, Mak Nik Yam. Her kueh are not so sweet, they are just nice and more suitable for people from outside Kelantan, like me. Zawi, please visit this site to see the pictures.
She also makes the Royal murtabak, have you tried it? Well, her expertise has been passed on to her daughters and one of them (my SIL) will be a guest of Chef Wan in Ole-ole Chef Wan. I was informed that she will be preparing the murtabak. It will be shown on TV9 on 23 FEB at 12:00 noon. Sorry Zawi, ni bukan nak advertise tapi just to share the good food of Kelantan.

Zawi said...

Never cooked the nasi tumpang myself but looking at the way the rice is packed I guess the following produres were done.
The rice is cooked on the soft side almost the same way as cooking for nasi himpit. Wile still hot and soft, the soft rice is poured into a cone made of banana leaf (pisang tenggala. The first pour is followed by a layer of serunding and another layer of rice is placed and interlace with lauk which is usually gulai ikan or udang. Another final layer of rice is placed to fill up the cone. Since the rice used was still very hot, it will blanch the banana leaf. Some pressure is applied on the rice to compress it.
I will post a picture of its content in part 2.
Since the content already contains the 'lauk' and the rice is still very soft, it can be taken on its own. No need for belacan, budu or cincalok.

Zawi said...

We have too many desserts and as Fauziah said it, most are too sweet. Many makers are moderating on their sugar content to suit the taste of their customers. So you see 'tepung pelita' ain't floating on a thick layer of liquid sugar anymore.
'Kerepok leko' is a registered Trade Mark of Trengganu. The Kelantanese call their as 'kerepok gotel'. Unfortunately the word 'gotel' is always associated with another activity, so it isn't as popular used as it should be.

Zawi said...

I did see you smile when you gave me that :o).
Since you are coming back this CNY, eat them to your heart's content and of course home cooked ones are better. But to make just a few sometimes won't be worth it.
Take a Friday morning and go to Dewan Pas and you can get all those sweet dishes while you listen to the ceramah. Given another chance I would like to go there again, not just to buy the food and take pictures but to listen to the ceramah which is almost similar to an election campaign except for Tok Guru who is more subdued in the way he reach across to his audience. He is an orator in his subdued way.

Zawi said...

It is good that God sent you to Kota Bharu at least once in your lifetime. Now you realized how nice to know and enjoy those Kelantanese food.

Zawi said...

Lady Z,
Oh your other half is from KB too. Kb is your other home then.
Kubang Pasu must have been the original source of nasi tumpang as it is near the old palaces and the best kuihs are made for the royalties.
The murtabak Di Raja is definitely great.
I will take note of the time of the telecast. Always proud to see a fellow Kelantanese on TV.
Been using some of Raykinzoku's picture in my illustrations. I suspect Raykinzoku is En. Nazri of The Star as I saw one of his pictures had me in it and that picture was taken while we were doing an article for Liong Siok Hui of The Star's Weekender.
Ray is definitely a great photographer.

LadyZ said...

I'm not sure if raykinzoku is with the Star but have a peep at his pics on his graduation (engineering?) in Japan taken a few years ago:
Another site will tell you more about him.
I don't know him but I admire his pictures, they are great. Ans so are yours too. Will be waiting for your next mouth-watering pictures in "Foods of Kelantan Part 2" and other pictures of Kota Bharu/Kelantan. Ada gambar Pasir Mas tak?

Zawi said...

If Raykinzoku is an engineer then it can't be him. I enjoy his pictures too.
Pasir Mas will be done as a seperate blog after I am done with KB and Kelantanese foods. There is already rumblings from Pasir Mas about me doing Kota Bharu which is not my town since I am from Pasir Mas. Well I am doing it for Kelantan and not for any particular towns. Might as well do all the towns to complete the series. It will be from my perspective. Then people will know about Kelantan.
Thanks for the info about Ray.

Pi Bani said...

Alamak, silap timing lah singgah sini. Perut dah memang tengah lapar ni. Each picture look so tempting! But frankly, I don't really go for some of the kuih-muih which are rather too sweet for my taste. Yang kurang manis alright....

zaitgha said...

adoi la Pak Zawi....when i looked at the pictures, i remembered those ladies in sarong and basin full of seafood, on top of it the rattan thingy full of these sweet food...selling house to house and my late mum would buy the seafood from them in the morning....though we were there for more than 10 years but none of us acquired the taste of sweet desserts from there....but all of us love the nasi dagang, nasi berlauk and lesser sweet tepung i long to go visit KB again but the hubby is very tight with deadlines until end of the year.....

Zawi said...

Jamah je la jangan makan banyak sangat. The Kelantanese love it very sweet but things are changing. I dont like the sweet ones either but the tepung pasung is just nice, just a tinge of sweetness.

Zawi said...

The sight of the food is bringing back memories huh? Yes those ladies will walk for miles peddling anything from cooked food to ayam kampung balancing the food in a basin on their head while their hand hold something else and a handbag slung over their shoulder. All they wanted to do is just earn a few ringgit to support their family. Most customers will buy something out of sympathy.
Find time to come back. If you can't long enough time, come for short stays but come more often. After all LCCT KLIA is just a few minutes drive from your home and it is definitely affordable. If you are lucky, the lowest priced ticket is just slightly higher than the bus fare.
Come back for th enasi kerabu, nasi dagang and nasi berlauk in the next post hahahaha.

a malaysian in riyadh said...

Is there a Kubang Pasu in Kelantan too? That is quite a revelation. My late grandma used to prepare the nasi tumpang and sell it to the train passengers when the KTM train stopped at the Palekbang station.

So, whenever we visited them, nasi tumpang was always on the menu, together with the multi-layered and multi-coloured conical sponged cake wrapped in "oil" paper.

For us kids, it's always fun to discover "udang di dalam nasi". Another fun thing is to snip snip snip the rolls of laksam. I refused to eat if others snipped them for me. I must do it myself.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

awesome. really, this nasik tumpang looks interesting, sounds interesting, but couldnt be me in the clip. oh, i mean...should taste deliciously interesting too.

will certainly look forward for the sequel. thanks pak Z.

Zawi said...

There is a Kubang Pasu in Kelantan just like there is a Kota Bharu in Perak. Kubang Pasu in Kota Bharu is the area on the other side of Masjid Muhammadi. Most people there are have the title Nik. That was before.
'Nasi tumpang udang' is indicated on the wrapper with some strips of banana leaf at the cone end. One without that marker is with 'lauk ikan'
Do you remember the price your grandma charge her nasi tumpang in those days? Must be less than 50 sen compared to RM1 and over in some places.
Ahh it is so nostalgic. I am reliving my young life again when nasi kerabu cost 10 sen and they taste so much better than now.

Zawi said...

Revealation of nasi tumpang in the sequel hahahaha. So stay put and dont change channels LOL.
Unfortunately it can only last a day before it gets bad otherwise I could bring you some to taste it. Well just enjoy reading about it. There is an alternative that you can try, try eating ketupat nasi with udang masak lemak or ikan masak lemak. It wont be exactly the same but thats the nearest you can get.

U.Lee said...

Hello Zawi, was busy trying to dodge the current stock market going bonkers, past 5 days! Betul kelang kabote! Forgot about my blog too see the market jatuh like ripe chimpedak. I got hit a few too!
Wow! I love your photos of the Kelantan foods.
It was between early 70's to middle 80's I was a regular visitor to your State, sometimes weekly too, thus quite familiar with what I see here.
I still remember I had that 'tapai beras' in Kuala Krai...hey! Cannot fool around with that, can get mabuk if one too many, ha ha.
Pulut bakar...ketupat daun palas, tepong bungkus...I remember a friend taking me to the pasar malam downtown Kota Bahru and I tried some. Love them.
But my all time favourite Kelantan dish is ayam percik! Itu la best!
For nasi lemak, I'll vote for the Malay stall opposite Merlin Hotel, Alor Star. But ayam percik, ikan percik...? Nowhere else but Kelantan.
Zawi, when and if I drop by Kelantan visit you, you can carry me on your motor cycle and take me to makan the above.
Zawi, one of the best rojak I have eaten was in Kota Bahru...
Beautiful pics, zawi. Well taken too.
Best regards, Lee.

Zawi said...

Sorry to hear the market tumbling in Canada. Yesterday the market seems good. Well in this business you win some and you lose some. Afterall it is the same money that is revolving. Somebody must lose for somebody else to gain.
When you were in Kelantan you have been mixing around with the Malays here so no wonder you are familiar with Kelantan Foods.
Can't take you on my bike cos you are a big man. We can ride on a bike each. I still have the scrambler and you can ride on that. Riding a bike in Kota Bharu is easier as we are experiencing traffic jams especially during school holidays. Parking is a problem too. Above all it is easy to stop anywhere when we find something interesting to see or eat.
Most of the old eating places are not there anymore. The original operator ,ay have died and the children did't carry on the business. You will have so much to catch up when u r here.

kc said...

i agree, kelantan has abundance of exotic (name) lauk pauk and kuih muih for that matter :)

u.lee wants to be the pembonceng? ohh please dont! hehehe

a malaysian in riyadh said...

I love to play these riddles involving Kelantan Food with our daughter:

Papa: Tahi apa yang sangat sedap dimakan?
Ainaa: Mana ada.

Papa: Kuih apa yang lagi kedut lagi best?
Ainaa: Semua kuih kedut tak best, tapi siku papa lagi kedut lagi best kena squeeze.


NaNa said...

Pak Zawi,

I love nasi tumpang but it's not easy to get good ones these days.

Having a Kelantanese mum, we grow up with these kind of food... with slight modification to suit my dad's tastebuds. The pics really buat I terliur.

By the way, I used to buy murtabak from somebody by the name of Mak Nik Yam also(the house is in Banggol). I hope it's the same person as mentioned by ladyz. Too bad that she stopped making them now. They are really good. The best that I've ever tasted.

Zawi said...

Some exotic names has already been mentioned by some guests and I will post pictures of those sweets mentioned in the next post.
U Lee can be a 'pembonceng' on my bike, his weight will make it easy for me to do a wheelie and we will go into the Malaysian Book of records for being the oldest Mat Rempit.

Zawi said...

Hahaha that is a good way to educate our yours so that they wont forget their root. May I use those lines for my intro to Foods of Kelantan Part 2?

Zawi said...

If you buy them from Pasar Kubang Pasu the nasi tumpang are still acceptable in taste. The White House Kopi Tiam sells them too. They can still be considered authentic. The one in the picture which I bought 2 'bungkus' werent good by any standard.
As for murtabak, buy them during the puasa month as more makers make them.
I think not many people know that akok is made from the white of eggs while bunga tanjung and jala mas are made from egg yolk only(yellow part of the egg)

a malaysian in riyadh said...

By all means. Need not ask for permission. Anyone can come up with those lines. Can't wait to see and read more Foods of Kelantan.

Zawi said...

TQ. Wait till part 2 appears and you will know how I use the lines.

LadyZ said...

Please allow me to reply to Nana...

The Mak Nik Yam I mentioned earlier lives at Jalan Kelocor at Kg Kubang Pasu (this kampung previously known as Kg Jalan atas Banggol). You could have bought your murtabak from the same Mak Nik Yam. She still sells her murtabak, though her daughters and assistants are helping her.

Thank Zawi ....

Raden Galoh said...

Salam pakZawi...

Yummy...really yummy... that Tepung pasong I never taste but I bet it tastes delicious...

You've brought the variety of the Kelantanese delicacies into the open, and surely this will be my dictionaru whenever I travel to Kelantan, someday... Have tasted some others while hubby was attached to a company in KT for two years. Love them since, except for the swet-sweet type ones...can't chew 'em, too sweet that it hurt my gumline...

Thank you for sharing this wonderful photo I'm hungry Pak! Gonna get my luch, hope you enjoy yours too and have a great weekend ya.

Zawi said...

Thanks for enlightening nana which I obviously couldn't as I don't buy much murtabak in KB. Hope you are clear now nana.

Zawi said...

D (Raden Galoh)
I love tepung pasung but I like the bigger ones not the minuscules ones they are selling nowadays.
Those are just some of them and more will be coming when I fisinish taking pictures of them tomorrow (Saturday).
The best way to promote Kelantan is by the variety of her foods and kuihs. How I wish people from overseas are reading this post too. Maybe I should talk to people in TDC Kelantan to do it the way I did. Raykinzoku should be able to help too.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

nahh, it wouldnt taste the same. but by having the JJCM-spirit, if this particular dish is worth the journey, i'm there!

satu lagi pak Z, there's this one kelantanese snack i discovered last year called Etak. do you know anything about it?

Mior Azhar said...

Pak Zawi,
One of my favourite post. And I have had a taste of Nasi Tumpang last December during the Pesta Makanan Warisan in Dataran Merdeka (I think it was the day when a few of you had a meet with Awang Goneng at Kino).
And I like Nasi Tumpang. Something different and delicious too. Mmg tak de kat KL nih.

Zawi said...

Kampung Kasa Pasir Mas where I live is wellknown for etak. It is the place where etak is sold all year round. Etak will be featured in Part 2. Harap bersabar ya Kerp.

Zawi said...

You are a very lucky man to have tasted nasi tumpang in KL and doesn't have to come all the way to Kelantan. I first tasted mine when I was about 6 yrs old. Later in my teen, I failed to find it and I thought they have forgotten how to make it anymore until one day in 1974 I found it again being sold in the pasar of Pasir Putih. Now it is found almost everywhere again because it has become popular again.
We really missed you at the signing of GUIT at Kino. When Zabs came we thought it was you and infact I called out to Zabs as Mior until he corrected me. Hope to meet you one day Sir. My bisan is also a Mior and he is from Kamunting Perak, while his wife is a Latun. Every girls in the family will be named a Latun something and my daughter inlaw is keeping up the tradition. It will be easy to know that you are related when you find another Latun in your midst.

Azmy Omar said...


See.. I told you. Malaysians love food so much. They are all happy when you offer them pics. of food... not to mention the real one.

In your next posting remember to include 'tepong tukir' and 'lompat tikam'. Also, the three types of Nasi Kerabu ( Nasi Ulam ) - Nasi Kerabu biasa, Nasi Kerabu Hitam, and Nasi Kerabu Kuning.. PLUS the 'etok' of course.

Good work. I always love Kelantan food.

azmy SIS68

Zawi said...

T H Azmy,
Thanks to your idea, they love it immensely.
What is tepung tukir? Is it putu bamboo? Next posting will cover the rest like the nasi, taik and whatever else I can find.
Do you know any food that is only found in our Pasir Mas?

Maverick SM said...

I haven't been to Kota Baru for more than 20 years. The food is so tempting... I miss it.

Zawi said...

Remember what they used to say? The way to a man's heart is via their stomach, I guess I got you there. Just come back for the food. Kelantan needs you.

Zabs said...

Salam Zawi,
Semua nampak sedap. Tengok gambar pun dah terliur. Kalau dah ada depan mata tentu tak boleh tahan selera tu...

Zawi said...

Kalau belum pernah rasa memang teringin nak rasa. Masa saya mula balik Kelantan dulu la, rasa nak makan hari-hari semua kuih muih yang ada. Lama-lama jemu juga. Yang manis-manis tu tak bolehla selalu makan sangat, bahaya.
Tungu Part 2 lagi mengancam.

irfan said...

salam pak zawi,

we meet again...well, sorry for the late tell the truth, i have never seen those pau made in the shapes of elephant and fish...they must be delicious plus the great "shape"...

Zawi said...

The pau doesn't contain any 'inti' inside, just a plain one only that it was made in the shape of animals and fish. The last time I saw it was when I was still a small boy at the old Pasir Mas market where the present bangunan Serangakia Mas is. I guess you were no where in this world yet.
Anyway people wont be doing it in the shape of animals anymore due to religious taboo.
Thanks for coming back.

Mat Salo said...

Bang Zawi..

Actually been waiting for Part IV before posting a comment. Dare I hope Part IV is "Meks of Kelante?" He-he...

Brilliant travelogue, brilliant story-telling, great pictures! Now you wanna make me drop everything and head-up to White House to pekena roti bakar and kopi-o. The telur 0.5 masak oso... (dua butir)

Thumbs Up!

Zawi said...

mat salo,
Been going round the whole of KB but can't find any beauty to photograph. I guess they don't come out during the day time or they lepak at places that I don't seem to find. I will get some pics in the next episode hahahaha.
Well you can take the next flight to KB and return the same night to KL if you dont have too much time and still have ample time to enjoy roti bakar with Kopi O and 2 biji teloq separuh masak at the White House. The Kopi, roti and teloq will be on me ofcourse but not the flight hehehehe.

Berisman said...

As soon as I see these lovely and seductive 'kueh mueh' from Kelantan, my knees become weak.My only way to confront the temptation is to succumb to it:-)
Thanks for the lovely photos.Let me tell you my little secret.My favourite kueh is kueh pasong(my kampong folks call it tepong kelosong).I can eat five kelosong easily.When I go home to Kelantan,I only limit 3 days (except Raya);otherwise I will get fat or get diabetes in no time!

Btw,I had great time enjoying almost all the tasty Kelantan kueh from Pasar Pasir Mas when I was JKR district engineer for Pasir Mas/Tumpat in 1978-1980.

Do you know Nasir Ibrahim? He was AO for Pejabat Pertanian Pasir Mas during my time there.

Zawi said...

Pak Adib,
Everybody loves the taste of tepong pasong. Can still recall the taste of the ones made by my late grandmother. The size was bigger and the kepala santan is thicker too. Nowadays they are made smaller and taking 5 of them hardly satisfy your crave for it.
Nice to know that you were distrct engineer for Pasir Mas/Tumpat. I guess during those period I was nowhere near Kelantan yet as I only came back to Kelantan in 1984 and Gua Musang was my base. Came back to PM only after I retired in 2006. Before that I was a weekend husband to my wife who returned earlier than me to Pasir Mas. We used to joke rhat we were going back to Kelantan from Gua Musang, signifying how detached the town is frm the rest of the state.

ahmad said...

saye ni dah 5 tahun tak balik mesia sebab study kat negare orang.. tambah tambah pulak tgh lapar.. menitis air mate saye melihat gambar2 tersebut..

Zawi said...

Kesiannya. Sabar la Ahmad. Ini adalah satu pengorbanan anda untuk diri anda dan negara.
Kalau teringin sangat minta la sedara disini kirimkan makanan yang tahan lama dengan pos. Hadapi lah cabaran dengan tabah.

amoi said...

sedapnye semua mknan ni...
lapar la pulak...

Zawi said...

Memang sedap, kalau lum pernah rasa datang la nanti.

J2Kfm said...

hey, searching around for Kelantan food. going there for work tomoro.

must haves?

Pak Zawi said...

Welcome to kelantan.
Go to Pasar Siti Khadijah on the ground floor from the Pantai Timur entrance. Don't look into the drains or on the floor as my people's understanding of rubbish where rubbish should be is still low. give yourself a try of a bit of everything. Just tell the seller you want to try a bit each then you won't be buying too much and wasting the food should you don't like them.

Anonymous said...

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william said...

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fazalina said...

salam, actually my mum was kelantanese. so I can cook some of the foods but I really need to know more and more about our mother land foods cause I m going to write recipes about kelantan s food so I do need some help please. alhamdullilah these short school holiday, i m going to take my family back to kelantan and pedana resort will be the place to stay...p/s ado sain-sain kelate buleh email sayo deh...kecik tapok tangen padeng bola ambo tadohkn..

fazalina hj ismail said...

salam, actually my mum was kelantanese. so I can cook some of the foods but I really need to know more and more about our mother land foods cause I m going to write recipes about kelantan s food so I do need some help please. alhamdullilah these short school holiday, i m going to take my family back to kelantan and pedana resort will be the place to stay...p/s ado sain-sain kelate buleh email sayo deh...kecik tapok tangen padeng bola ambo tadohkn..